Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar

I am getting so excited for the Holiday season! Thanksgiving just passed, but I can’t help of thinking about all things holly jolly Christmas!!! Anyone else? Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I just have always loved the whole feeling it brings around this time, and since I now have a little family of my own, I am even more excited to start many fun traditions with them. So, starting this year I am starting our tradition of advent calendars. There are so many cute options to either buy or make out there and I wanted to give it a try at making my own instead of buying and came up with these adorable Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar. I love the colors and the sweet but Christmasy look they bring! Not hard to make, just may take a little time but I have provided ways to help speed up the process, and having some little helpers or even a big helper would be very helpful! You can follow the steps below to make one of your own, I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!




Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar:




Supplies Needed:

  • Paper towel tubes (or similar items, like toilet paper rolls) About 3.
  • White paper (can be regular printer paper or card stock.)
  • Assorted colors of card stock paper (I found lovely colors of bright pink, magenta, red, lime green, and turquoise from Hobby Lobby.)
  • Scissors, pencil, glue (glue stick, Elmers glue and hot glue gun can be used.)
  • String of choice (ribbon, string, etc.) I got my silver ropse like string from Hobby Lobby.
  • Optional: peppermint candy template.
  • Optional: Iridescent Shreds (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
  • Assorted small goodies, confetti, or to-do paper slips.



Gather all your supplies together and then start by making all the pieces for these little peppermint candies. To do this, first take your paper towel tubes and cut small sections out of it so that it measure about  2 inches. You could also use toilet paper tubes. I ended up using two paper towel tubes and 2 toilet paper tubes to do this project.

Then, you need to trace onto white cardstock the circle of the now cut pieces from the paper towel tube. Make sure to make enough circles for the front and bottom of each tube and to trace and cut all these out faster, I simply folded up my paper into the width I needed for each circle and then folded it down through the paper in that width as much as I could. Traced and then cut the circles out while still folded. This allows for quick circles instead of tracing the whole paper and cutting each one out individually.  Also measure the width of the cut pieces and make long strips in the white cardstock, you will be wrapping around the width with these, using the quick method above. And finally, using this picture or this one as a template. Either copy the shape of the peppermint swirls or print one out in the desired size and then cut out and use as a template to make your own swirls in desired colors. I highly suggest using the quick method I mentioned above as cutting out 6 little swirls for each candy is a lot of little pieces! And those little or big helper hands you got are perfect for all this cutting.


Cut everything out and make sure that you have enough for all 24/25 advent calendar pieces. I made 6 of the swirl pieces for each candy piece just like in the first template picture and made it so that I had about 5 candies in each color. Gather all your supplies together once again when all done. Example of how all your supplies should look below.


Now, that everything is ready you can begin assembling the Peppermint candies. Start by taking your cut tube pieces and using glue to wrap the strips around them. Cut off any excess paper. I used a glue stick for this step. Allow all to dry before next step.


Then, while those are drying take the circle pieces you made out of white cardstock and use glue (I used Elmers glue for this step) to glue on a color of swirls for each candy piece just like in the template you used. Again I had 6 swirls on each of my candies, try to place them all around the circle like the template. And again let completely dry.  Once dry, take those peppermint tops and attach them to the cut tubes. Only apply the top piece to each peppermint candy at this point. I attached them with tape, by placing a nice size of tape through the whole candy piece and attached extra tape to the tube. About 3 pieces of clear tape for each one, making diagonal placements for each.


Once those are all done, remember only one side at this point,


Optional to either leave your candies like this or add the extra cute candy wrapper ends. If you don’t want to add them, then simply pass that step and go to the attachment of the string. If you do, start by taking some more white cardstock or whatever white paper you have been using and use this picture as a template or something to just look at and trace to make the wrapper ends shapes. Use the quick method from above to speed up this process, remember you need to have two wrapper end pieces for each candy. First trace out one and make sure it is a good size, and then use as a template to make the rest.


Then when these are all cut out, fold the long bottom ends and then optionally, use the iridescent shreds to make three strips in each wrapper end with a glue stick. This makes your wrapper ends really come to life and resemble that wrapper look. You could also use the clear strips instead of the iridescent to do this. Yours should look something like the picture below. This is a tedious step that can take awhile but with help can go by faster and it really adds a great touch to these peppermint candies. They look cute as well without this step so the choice is yours.


When those are all done, using /either a sharp knife or a single hole punch, make a small hole at the an end of each candy piece. The wholes should be opposite from each other and preferably by a white section of the candy. If you are using a sharp knife, I suggest using a pin to stick a tiny hole in desired spot and then poke a hole through.

Next, using hot glue gun, take your wrapper ends and attach a piece close by each hole on your candy. Let all of them completely harden before doing final steps.


Now, with those holes you made in your tubes, take your desired string and begin pushing it through the holes, making a fun pattern with the colors and spacing them out a little from each other. If you are having trouble getting your string into the whole, simply make the hole a little bigger.


Now you are almost done!!! Turn all the cuties around and insert desired goodies into each. Many have mini goodies like candy or toys, confetti or like object, and/or strips of paper with the Christmas activity that day entices.  Mine include a little bit of each of those. I made some fun iridescent confetti with the strips I used from above for the wrappers. I inserted some fun Christmas inspired Emojis from our Holiday Emojis 5 Ways post, and finally added a paper of a different activity or treat for each day, you can go here advent-calendar-activity-ideas for a list of ideas for activities. (The picture below shows without the string so that you could see better what I had inside.)


And now finally, the last step is to cover the back or bottom of each candy piece (the side that is not covered.) You can either use the  same circles from before that you made on top and attach the same way on bottom, OR use a thinner paper like tissue paper, to make matching circles and then attach. This is recommended as the tissue paper will be easier to bust through and open each day of your advent calendar, rather than ruining the whole candy piece to open them. Again, the option is yours, and whether you want to add the candy piece swirls to the back or not!


Oh and also another optional last step is to write a number on each of the candy pieces, so that you know which candy to open each day. I just took a silver paint pen and wrote a number on the front side of each candy piece. You could also do it on-top and with a sharpie or desired writing tool, or even add some glitter to them and use this glitter tape I found rom Target….

To trace and cut out each number and put on top.

You can decorate or hang these cuties up anywhere you’d like. Like above your fireplace.


On your Christmas tree, this picture is a mini Christmas tree.


Or even on your window or sliding door.


The choices for limitless. I really hope you have fun with this project and are inspired to make Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar of your own!

We have also thought of other “ways” to use these cute peppermint candies besides for your advent calendar. The first is to make them into Christmas Ornaments!

Simply take an ornament hook or some string and attach to the back of your peppermint ornaments using some super glur or hot glue gun, and then you have some adorable peppermint candy ornaments.

You could also use these candies as name cards for your Christmas Dinner table.

And simply as Christmas decor.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a great Christmas. What is your favorite thing to do during Christmas time? I love dancing to Christmas music all month long and all the fun winter activities! Stay tuned for more fun Christmas DIYs all month long on our countdown to Christmas!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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