Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is in only 5 days! This year has gone by so fast and I wanted to share with you before the day is here, my Christmas Table Setting 2016. Around Christmas time is a really wonderful time. I love so much about it especially decorating and just feeling the full holiday spirit. I believe the Christmas Table is very important much like the Thanksgiving Table. It is where we all gather around with our loved ones and enjoy a special day. So, the table should be just as special. I have put together this table for my family to enjoy and sit around. I have the details for you below to create a similar table setting of your own. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Merry Everything!



Christmas Table Setting:


My Christmas Table was actually pretty simple and easy to put together and still have a colorful an elegant look to it. I first decided on a color scheme, and decided to go around the colors of red, lime green, blues, gold, andΒ pinks. I felt these would be bold and still have a color scheme close to the traditional Christmas colors.

I at first started with a table setting that had a few different things on it to make up a fun centerpiece with my Β color scheme. It’s fun to put together the centerpiece. It is what really makes the table. This version consisted of different trees, ornament balls and other random items.

Then, I decided to simplify it and do an all trees centerpiece. These were all fun different colors and sizes and materials! My first centerpiece had some trees and other items, but decided to do just trees and add a bunch of fun ones that still fit my color scheme! And I really love it. Both ways are great though.

These trees I either made or found all around at different stores. The start of this Christmas tree centerpiece started when I found these two trees below from Target. I was in the Bullseye section where they have a ton of fun items you could use to decorate your table. These trees come in a package of two. One large and one small and the smaller one is all glittery. You can choose from Pink, blue, green, and red. I bought the blue pack and ended up keeping my glitter one as is and actually painting the larger one in all white since I didn’t really care for the design on the larger one but loved the shape.

And then the love of everyones and using bottlebrush trees, I knew I had to find some to add to my table! At first they weren’t as easy to find as I thought they’d be and then I found a small pack of tiny ones from Target, but didn’t like the color of them and tried to paint them and they came out just bleh and then I ran into a lovely box of ones that fit my color scheme perfectly at Michaels. And the best part is the set was 70% off and I ended up getting it for only $7.00, a great price and buy. They had a few other color options as well, so hopefully you would find whatever fits your color scheme right.

My tree centerpiece also included my Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas that I made. I originally was going to have these as placecards for the rest of the table setting and then I decided that since I was already making a full tree centerpiece, I might as well add them to it. They fit the theme and added a fun, different tree look to the centerpiece.

Follow the link above to make some pinatas of your own, even if you don’t want to use them as a centerpiece decor, they are lots of fun and we have 4 other ways to use them.

Finally, I made some trees with fun Christmas accessories I had around the house. Really be creative and first see what you already have and then go buy other items that would work great. I ended up using first some glitter tape to make a tree. First made a cone shape out of construction paper and then wrapped it with the glitter tape. You can find a similar cone making tutorial here, and I found a bunch of fun gltiter tape from Target and Hobby Lobby.

I then also made some trees from these fun garlands found also from either Target or Michaels.

And used either cones from above or some foam cones to wrap these around and glue on with some Β hot glue. I really loved the look of these and you can find a lot of other fun garlands or other Christmas like items to make trees of your own. Really have fun with it.

All of these different and colorful trees put together make for a beautiful Christmas tree centerpiece. Make sure you stay close to a color scheme so that you don’t just have a bunch of random colors and just play around with how you arrange them on your table to get them all to flow beautifully and really work well together.

I added these trees all on a red table runner that I found at Michaels the year before on clearance. Keeping my theme colors going, having just the red as the runner really helped all the other colors pop and the whole centerpiece really come together. As it would have a little different look if I used another color like white or so. You can also find great table runners at Pier 1, World Market, Target, Home Goods and even Walmart.

Also, I at first had a white tablecloth on my table and then all of this centerpiece, then I decided no tablecloth and to use the beauty of the natural brown wood of my table. Both ways work great but each one again gives you a little different look. So play around with it and decide which way works best for you.

Then to go with this beautiful centerpiece, I decided to do more subtle place settings and used only the colors gold from my scheme and white. This allows for the centerpiece to stand out even more, but you could also keep all the bold colors going and bring those into the place setting. The choice is yours and each way would work great. I found these Cheers plates from Target and really loved the look of them. Added a white plate below them so that the table wouldn’t have a paper plate look. Also found some gold silverware again from Target (I did not realize until now how much I got from Target, Target it my weakness) that I just LOVE as it fits my theme and they allow me to use plastic utensils instead of my silver silverware at home that doesn’t match, but these were a little pricier since they have a classier look than regular plastic utensils and are more durable. And gold glasses again from the Bullseye section at Target! I was able to use gold a lot, that I love and create a fun and old Christmas Table Setting.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and details to our Christmas Table Setting and are inspired to create one of your own. Especially a Christmas tree centerpiece of your own! We would love to see any creations you come up with like ours. Have fun and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the ones you love.


Be Happy & Creative!


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