DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose key chain

With all of the excitement around the new Live-Action Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie (and if you haven’t seen it yet….what are you doing? Like seriously?? It’s AMAZINGGG!!! Even my boyfriend who is a not so much of a Disney fan but will sit through stuff for me, loved the movie and said it was one of the best he has seen in awhile!!!) there are a TON of Beauty and the Beast stuff in all stores including the Dollar Store. While I was looking through the store the other day for Easter basket items for my little man, I came across this Beauty and the Beast Sun Catcher set. Totally a Dollar store thing and something that is for little kids to paint and then watch the sun shine through. However, I bought one for myself because I really liked the Enchanted Rose sun catcher and thought I could do something with it. Well I did and ended up making this DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose Key chain, it was super easy and ended up actually coming out really cute. It was just meant to be a key chain! You can follow my easy steps below to make your own, but be sure to head to a Dollar Store quick as I am sure they won’t be selling them too much longer, definitely not past Spring time. If you do miss this item, I found the same item on Amazon and Ebay but way pricier. I will update this post if I find any else cheaper.

  • Disney Beauty and the Beast Sun Catcher kit from the Dollar Store.
  • Acrylic Paint in light blue and green, optional: red or pink.
  • Extra paintbrushes, if you don’t like the ones the kit comes with.
  • Key chain accessory- You can either head to a craft store like Michaels and get a lobster claw, split ring, and jump rings and put together your own keychain or buy already put together ones from here, orΒ here.
  • Optional: Mod Podge


The process to make this DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose key chain is super easy once you have all of the items needed from above. If you just wanted to add this to your other keychains without all the accessories like the lobster claw, I suggest just going to Michaels and buying a split ring and either jump rings or a chain of jump rings already together or this to add to your set. Once you figure out what you want to do you can move on to painting the key chain.

This is what the suncatchers look like. You can either use their paintbrush or one of your own. I used a small tip paintbrush to easily get all the details in. The paints they provide are cheap and they only give you the colors like on the box of pink, yellow, brown and tan. I didn’t want to use those colors and paint it in my own instead and I used the paint colors of light blue for the vase, red-ish pink for the rose and green for the stem and leaves. You can use any colors you wish but I believe that these colors worked really well and really made the enchanted rose come to life.

I didn’t really care for the other suncatcher, for this project so I just saved it for my niece to paint but if you like her I’d love to see what you do with her! My main focus was the enchanted rose.

After I painted in the red and green, it looks really nice like this but decided to keep going with the light blue so that the writing on the back didn’t show through. Also, when painting in the rose I noticed that even with my small tip paintbrush the paint kept getting all on the black lines. But it is really easy to wipe off and keep going. Just be careful wiping off and use the tip of your finger.

The blue really completes this Beauty and the Beast key chain to me, and I like the colors way better than just yellow and pink that they insist you use but again you can use whatever colors you wish. The blue paint I had to carefully apply a coat and then do another to cover up any smears that caused on the plastic. But after two coats the blue looks great, just be sure to let the first coat dry before adding another or it’ll just keep smearing more. Also, know that using acrylic paint on this will stop it from being a “suncatcher” as my intent is only for a key chain. If you want it to still have the suncatcher feel then I suggest using Americana Gloss Enamels paint instead which can be found at most craft stores including Michaels. When it is all dry, you have the option to then add a quick coat of Mod Podge to protect the paint and give it a nice glossy feel. If you don’t use mod podge a lot and so you wouldn’t need a lot the Dollar store actually has small bottles about the same size of paints, of mod podge.

Then, you can begin attaching the key chain accessory to your new Enchanted Rose key chain! These come with a hole in the top which makes it perfect to attach a jump ring into either way making your own or a pre-bought one. Just open one jump ring attach and close again. I used jewelry pliers to help open and close mine, but if you don’t have any regular pliers could work or a similar object you have around the house. Β And then you now have a beautiful DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose key chain!!!

I loved the key chain with my dark red purse I got from Old Navy! But it really looks cute on any bag!!

And it looks especially cute with my Beauty and the Beast stained glass ears, all ready to head to a Disney park!

You can find these ears soon available in our new shop opening at the end of May!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun DIY Beauty and the Beast project! I love my new key chain and hope you do as well! Β Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with, with these key chains. Be sure to go see the movie if you haven’t already, it is definitely worth it!


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