5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects

I love making crafts and especially working with dough or clay. I recently fell in love with marbled clay. I learned how to do it, how easy it was and was just amazed at the easy marbled effect how beautiful you can make it with different colors. I was inspired to create as many cool crafts with this method as possible! So, I have for you my first 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and these are all super fun and easy to make and make for great gifts or beautiful items to keep for yourself. I will show you first how to make marbled clay, from both bought and homemade clay. Then I will give you my 5 projects, and how to make them as well as other ideas. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful new year.




5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects:



Supplies Needed for the Marbled Clay:

  • Air Dry or OvenBake White Clay, you want a large one (I will let you know which one is recommended for each project below.) OR the recipe to make your own clay which is below.
  • Assorted colors of air-dry or oven-bake clays, I got mine that come in small packets at Michaels and range from 1-3 dollars (Picture below.)
  • Rolling Pin

Directions to make Marbled Clay:

Start by, taking the clay colors you want to use. You should pick between 2-4 colors for each marbled clay. You need at least two and you don’t want to have too many. If you would rather make your own clay, you can follow these steps and I just kept some of my white clay (about half) and took small pieces out of the remaining half and used food coloring dye to dye the clay in colors I wanted to use.

Now, no matter which clay you are using take each color and knead it until smooth and roll into long strips with your hands, by rubbing and moving back and forth.

Stick all the colors you are using for that project together and then start twisting them together.

Then you want to carefully mix the colors together being sure not to mix too much or too long as the colors will start to just blend together instead of staying separate and creating the marbled look. This is especially for the homemade clay. Then take your rolling pin and on top of parchment paper start to roll out your clay into a flat piece, this is where you will really see the beautiful marbled clay take place and transform.

There are so many beautiful color combinations you can come up with and use.

And then that’s it. You have some beautiful marbled clay, play around with the colors and have fun with it. You can really create some cool marbled clay colors. Now you are ready to make some cool projects. Once your clay is made these projects are pretty easy to put together.

Project 1: Marbled Clay Flower/Succulent Pots

This is the hardest clay project out of all of them. The rest are pretty easy to do and this one takes a little more patience and focus, but still fairly easy to do. I suggest using air dry clay for this project but both can be used.

Start by taking your marbled clay and flattening it out as much as you can with a rolling pin. You want a nice size of clay so that when rolled out it is a pretty big piece.

This is because you need to then take a knife and cut the clay making a long rectangle like shape close to the height of your succulent pot, try to make it a little longer though.


Then take that now cut strip of marbled clay and you are going to begin wrapping it around your pot and pushing it in to stick to your pot. I used small terracotta pots and the clay sticks to them well.

If you find that the strip of clay doesn’t reach all the way around your pot, that’s okay, simply take some of your clay scraps from when you cut out your strip and cut a new small strip to the size needed and place it in and carefully try to smooth the other clay into it to look like it all belongs together. If you find that it is looking clumpy or weird you could then take your rolling pin and carefully roll on the lumps to help smoothing it out, (You might need to then adjust some of the other clay.)

I then took some white air-dry clay and rolled some pieces out with my hands and flattened it a bit, and began covering the top part or rim of my pot. Make sure the hole at the bottom of your pot is not covered by any clay.

When you are satisfied with your marbled pot look, leave it to harden and when that is done I suggest then covering it with a nice layer of Mod Podge and then filling in your desired flower or succulents (even though my picture shows I have mine in before.)

Project 2: Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders

These are fun to make a provide a nice and colorful way to display your Polaroid pictures.

You want to start making these by taking the made marbled clay and first rolling a good portion of it into a ball like shape with your hands. Then decide if you want to make the square or round picture holders. Super easy next steps for the round ones, all you do is roll into a ball…

then make a crease into the top with one of your Polaroid frames (you can find info to the mini Polaroids used here), by wedging them into the clay carefully a bit to create a nice opening.

Then, re-shape the round shape a bit, sit your Polaroids again inside to make sure that they fit and you made a deep enough opening and that the Polaroid sits up straight. If it leans a little then you have your opening too wide. You want it to be snug. And if you feel as the balls are too big or too small, easily adjust by either taking away or adding more clay. These can really be any size you wish, mine ended up being around 2- 2 1/2 inches.

When you are satisfied with the shape, either sit to dry for air-dry or pop into the oven for oven-bake clay. And then you have some nice round marbled clay picture holders. You don’t have to use these mini Polaroids but their sizes work great.

Now, if you rather make the square picture holders, these are a little more tricky as to get the perfect square or cube shape is difficult. Mine definitely didn’t come out perfect but got mine as square as I could.

From the rolled clay, start  flattening each side with your palms, rotating it and moving it around to start to see the cube like shape.

Make an indentation from the Polaroids like with the round picture holders, and then re-shapen again.

I ended up looking around at what I had in my house to help me flatten each side and help me really get a cube like shape.

Make sure to keep your opening though, and make sure the Polaroids still fit before either again leaving to dry or baking in the oven.

**I suggest adding a nice layer of Mod Podge to all the finished products to give it a nice and glossy protective layer.

You can find other ways to use these Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders here as well as some other ideas for these mini Polaroid pictures.

Project 3: Marbled Clay Disney & Normal Keychains

I couldn’t make some marbled clay keychains without making a few Disney ones. These are all pretty simple to make once you have your clay made. I took some various sized circle cookie cutters and used them to first make normal circle marbled clay keychains.

I ended up using a circle cookie cutter that was about 2 in. or so I recommend this set for many projects and I used the second smallest one for these keychains. You want to make sure you are cutting out your favorite areas in the marbled clay or making sure the marble looks good in the small space of the circle before cutting through.

Once circles are all cut out make a small circle at the top of your circle but not too close to the rim (or too far either) you want to make sure you do this before the clay hardens. A straw can be used to make this small hole.

Then when hardened, you need to buy some key chain items from the store, Michaels is where I found mine. You need a key ring and a jump ring.

First attach a jump ring to your clay hole opening and then attach the split rings to the jump ring. You want to buy a size for the jump rings that is wide enough for the width of your clay plus some for this to work properly. The picture below shows me using two jump rings since I at first bought a too small jump ring size, so here is a quick fix if you do so as well.

And then you can choose to leave as is or add some fun to them and personalize them. I loved using a gold paint pen to write initials on the top and/or to color in the rim of the circles with.

Now, the same goes for the Disney ones I created. Instead of just one circle though, I also made two way smaller circles (with the smallest circle from the circle collections above) and attached one to each side of the larger circle to create Mickey/Minnie heads. Make sure the smaller circles are pushed in and connected to the larger circle before hardening, so that they don’t just fall off.

Then leave to harden and then decorate as you wish like above with the regular circle key chains. Don’t forget to again make a small hole for the key chain accessories.

To make Minnie, use a knife to make a bow by connecting two triangle like shapes out of your clay (I suggest using another or different marbled clay color or a solid color) and adding it to the middle of the two ear shapes.

I really loved how cute these Minnie Mouse Heads came out. Play around with the colors and have fun with them. These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers or to keep as your own. You can really do any shape you wish or even letters, etc. I got a huge tub of various cookie cutters from Ross (@ 7.99) that are perfect for this project and many others.

Project 4: Marbled Clay Ornaments

These are much like the key chains instead of adding key chain accessories you attach either a type of ribbon or an ornament hook through the small hole and attach to your tree.

This is where all the fun items in my cookie cutter tube really come in handy and make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You can go here and here for even more DIY Ornament ideas.

Or you can even use these as gift tags! Make the same way except instead of adding ornament hook or string, attach your gift ribbon through the hole and position on the top of your gift with their initials or name on it, like so…

You can really create some fun gift tags that no one has ever seen before! And a double whammy, whoever you give these gift tags to, can then keep them and make into an ornament or keychain of their own since it has their initials already on it!

Project 5: Marbled Clay Jewelry Bowl

And finally, for our marbled clay projects we have these beautiful jewelry (or whatever you want to use them for) bowls. Again once you have made your marbled clay these are pretty easy to make. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s marbled clay bowls.

Roll your clay out to be a good size but make sure your clay is a good thickness still. This is important so that you do have a good structure for your bowl and helps keep it from cracking or falling apart easily which would be more common to thinner bowls.

Using a large circle shape, like the rim of another bowl or whatever size you desire for your bowl (cookie cutter) trace of a circle onto your clay with a knife.

Then, actually use the inside of another oven safe bowl to help form the shape of the bowl and bake to harden. This project definitely calls for the oven-bake clay and not the air-dry. Follow the directions on the clay package for baking instructions.

When it has hardened let cool and then optional to take some paint and paint the rim of the bowl in desired matching color. Gold, silver, black, white are always fun colors to help any colors pop. Play around with the sizes and colors these are really fun to make and are beautiful little accessories to have or to give as a gift.

You can even add an extra personalization and add writing to the middle of the bowl, like “hers” or a name or whatever you want.

And don’t forget to add a nice layer of Mod Podge to the finished product after everything else has completely hardened and dried.

*For a bonus ideas:

While making these projects, I made a really beautiful marbled clay but the project didn’t turn out so well and I ended up having broken pieces of my beautiful clay and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I decided to take some of the scrap pieces and thought they would be cute to use as identifiers for flower pots or your garden, I used a gold paint from to write the plant or item name and just be sure to give them a nice Mod Podge covering to protect it.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and are inspired to create some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you make with these, we would love to see them. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


Be Happy & Creative!


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