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Hello everyone!

A Little about us at Creatively Jazzy. Creatively Jazzy started in the summer of 2015, though we are new, our mission is to provide you with the inspiration you need. Sharing our take on life and the ways you can think outside the box and love being who you are! Loving and enjoying every detail and all of what life has to offer. Located in Washington, our team is filled with big hearts and creative minds seeking to intrigue the minds of many. As a DIY blog we will give you many colorful,fun, and creative ideas from travel to Event Planning, Disney and all the fun stuff in-between.



Jasmine Holford (Jazzy) – Founder/Director of Content/Creative


I am a new mother to a baby boy named Aidan.  With my new life, I am balancing learning to be a stay at home mom, and keeping my true passions such as art. When I am not running around with my hair pulled out I am either exploring and randomly dancing, drinking wine or some type of drink, or just relaxing and catching up on a TV show.  Being a new stay at home mom has changed me a lot, and with it I hope to inspire others in my situation and not in my situation through this blog. Some of my passions include travel & exploring, sweets, drawing, laughing, dancing and helping others. I feel that this DIY has finally gave me what I love to do and what I was meant to do.

Location: Born in California. Currently in Seattle, WA for now.

What do I do when no one is watching? Dance around my house, and wish I was Beyonce!!

Who is my biggest inspiration? My Grandmother, she continues to fight and keep a smile on her face and a big heart even when life around her is going crazy and falling apart. She always has the best advice for everyone and loves everyone for who they are.

What do I hold close to my heart? My baby boy & Family.

What is my favorite Holiday? Christmas!!!

Who do I believe I would be best friends with? Kristen Wiig or Taraji P. Henson.


Currently looking for lovely people to work and collaborate with!!

-We are always accepting submissions, wanting to hear your story, and looking for more people to join our team.  As well as, always welcoming friends, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our other platforms. Thanks for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to say hi!