Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie Night

We have made it to our 12th Disney movie night! It is getting really close to our Walt Disney World trip and we are getting more and more anxious. We have had some great movie nights and have had a great time putting all of them together. We have a few more to do and before our trip, we won’t get to all of the movies we wanted to, but we have accomplished a lot starting just in July of last year. Through it all, this movie night was one of my favorites. For one, I just looooooove this movie so much and always have since I was a little girl. Most people do love this movie and especially with the new real-life Beauty and the Beast coming out the excitement around this movie is crazy, so the time was just right to have a Beauty and the beast Disney movie night. I mean, I couldn’t have been the only one to get all emotional when Disney released the final trailer for the movie…right!?!? Anyways, we had a lot of fun, sung all the songs together and ate some great food. You can follow the details to our movie night below. I hope you enjoy and I honestly can’t wait for March 17th to come any sooner. This movie night is also great just to have to celebrate the new real-life and remind your kiddos or even yourself of the magic of the original one and then go see the new one!!! Sounds like a great weekend to me. If you missed our past Disney movie nights you can catch them here.



Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie Night:



Let’s start with the details to the food that we had.

Our main item of food was Croque Monsieur Rollups from Disney you can find the link here. These were super easy to make and fit the French theme perfectly. I wanted to keep most food items French inspired and Disney really helped with these rollups as the kids loved them, were crazy easy to make and were delicious.

Next, we had a French onion soup dip with baguettes. Fits the theme and was a fun side food for our movie night. You can find the recipe here.  Fairly easy to make, the onion can be too strong for some people so keep that in mind. Our family loved it, especially with the baguettes.

For every movie night we have to have a popcorn mix that matches the theme of the movie. It just makes sense and I actually have A LOT of fun making them. For this popcorn mix, it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be, but it had the potential and was still delicious.  It consisted of popped popcorn, that was then mixed with melted yellow melting chocolate (which you can find at Michaels or Walmart) and white morsels. I intended to also add red rose candies that you can find in the same section as the other two items above, but just really didn’t get around to getting them. This would of really helped make the popcorn mix pop and give that Beauty and the beast feel. So hopefully you could add these to your mix, they are a little pricey, but even adding only 4 of them would make the difference. We still enjoyed ours though and either way works. Have fun with your popcorn mix, it is a way to be creative and have fun with your food.

Following along, of course I tried “the grey stuff” it’s delicious. You can find many recipes online for this. I used this recipe, didn’t listen to my mother and follow the directions exactly and so mine turned out not to be quite grey a little more brown but oh is it so delicious, it really is. Especially with vanilla wafers, you’ve gotta try it. Keep in mind that this recipe makes A LOT! We didn’t eat even half of it even with 5 adults, a teenager and 4 kids! However, this did really get us even more excited for our Be Our Guest reservation at Magic Kingdom and I am definitely trying their grey stuff! Here is another The grey stuff recipe.

Finally, for drinks, I had champagne and strawberries for the adults and sparkling cider and strawberries for the kiddos. This added to the classiness of the theme and everyone enjoyed drinking them. The yellow of the drinks and red of the strawberries continued the theme and made it all great as a finishing touch. Another option is to have tea, especially in a teapot and cup like Mrs. Potts and Chip! I got the idea from here, and to give it an extra touch you can make the strawberries into roses like here.

Some other fun ideas I found around the web were these, this, this, these, and these. I just looked at the lyrics to the “Be Our Guest” song in detail and looked up various recipes to stuff they said and figured out what worked best for my family.

Now let’s move on to the decorated table that the food was on.

I first laid down a yellow tablecloth, connected a white tablecloth on the wall to the bottom/end of the yellow on the table to use as a backdrop. Then I got a blue tablecloth and scrunched it up and made curtains out of it by attaching ties to each corner and attaching pins to it on the backdrop, like so…

Then, I began placing all the items. Started with some of the containers that the food would be on, so that I would know where they would go and where to arrange everything else. I loved the gold tray we used for the rollups. Fit the theme lovely and was a cheap buy from Party City.

After that, I printed and cut out various characters from the movie and taped them in different locations around the table. I would place a piece of tape at the bottom of each character and then another towards the top usually to another item to help keep them up.

I also printed out the words, “Be Our Guest” in a pretty font and taped it to the middle of the white backdrop. This adds fun to the theme and helps invite everyone into the movie night.

One of my favorite decorated pieces for this movie night was the rose area. I took some of my old books and stacked a few in a pile. On top I took a red rose from the dollar store, cut it up a bit to get some loose leaves and put a long, skinny vase on top that I had lying around but you can find similar ones from the dollar store, Walmart, etc.  and then let some loose petals fall around the books and I also found a hand mirror from the dollar store that worked perfect and set it at the base of the books! This set up everything for the theme of the movie!!!! You could also use a real rose or even make one out of paper, I have a link for that below.

You can find another beautiful DIY enchanted rose project here.

Another pile of books was added to the back of my table close to the wall just to add some more of that theme around the table.  As well as a white teapot and teacup to represent Mrs. Potts and Chip! Or you can even use this new set from the new live-action movie.

You can find more decoration ideas for your Beauty and the Beast Disney movie night here, here, here, and here.

Finally, I always like to have a couple activities for the kiddos to do that involves the theme. Including coloring and activity pages, and a fun craft and/or activity for the whole family. Here are some fun crafts that are beauty and the beast inspired: This, this, and these. And of course the best family activity is to go see the new real-life movie when it comes out and/or take the family to a library.

In all, this Beauty and the Beast movie night was a lot of fun to put together and to enjoy with my family. Most decorations are super quick and easy to put together and/or get. I hope you are inspired to have a movie night of your own with your family. Cheers to the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, and hope to see everyone at the Beauty and Beast showing in March. Stay tuned for our next movie night which will be Princess and the Frog!

As we are getting closer to our date to WDW, if you have been there before, please feel free to share with us some of your favorite places to eat and other things you love most about WDW, we would love to hear from you. Keep your days magical!


Be Happy & Creative!


P.S. we are opening a new shop soon and incorporating a lot of Disney inspired items so stay tuned for that, you can get sneak peeks on our instagram at creativelyjazzy! A lot more sneak peeks coming soon on there especially after our WDW trip. Also for more Disney fun check out our post on Disney Luggage Tags to help you get ready for your next Disney trip!