Changes to Our Blog This Year

Hello Everyone!

Creatively Jazzy hasn’t been around that long, we started as a lifestyle blog a year and a half ago and then found our niche in DIY. Since I was a little girl I have always been creative and love making stuff and that’s when I realized that my best category is obviously DIY. DIY can really be anything and well, this year we are changing things up a little bit. There are some changes to our blog this year and we are going to keep going with progressing this DIY blog but also bringing in other aspects. My family and I have always had a love for Disney, and so I am a huge Disney fan. We have made some Disney DIYs but we are going to start a shop selling Disney inspired items and other fun things. Moving our blog into a place where you can find DIY ideas or have the option to buy items you love instead of making them. So, this means we will continue to do some strictly DIYs but also give you lovely stuff to buy, and an option to DIY or Buy the same item.

I hope this makes sense and that you love what this year brings. We are super excited and can’t wait to grow and develop more into the DIY, Blogging, and Disney communities!

We already have a few amazing items lined up for our shop and will be giving more information on that shortly. You can check out Instagram for some sneak peeks.

So cheers to the new year and meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities. Like always, we love to hear from you and welcome any questions, feedback, stories, and are open for people joining our team!


Be Happy & Creative!


P.S. are you up to date on all our previous Disney DIYs? You can find many of them here. And be sure to stay in touch and follow our Pinterest here.