Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas

Christmas is on it’s way and will be here in no time! This time of the year is always a special time for me. I just love the whole vibe that December brings, besides the cold lol. As a part of my countdown to Christmas I decided to try out making my own mini Piñatas that my family could open up after dinner. I came up with these Christmas tree mini pinatas. They are so cute and can be used in a couple fun ways I will show you below. They are a bit time consuming, especially depending on how many you want to make, but totally worth it! You can make these really any size and colors you wish, you can follow my steps below to make some of your own to enjoy this holiday season. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!




Christmas Tree Mini Piñatas:




Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard (Can be thick or thin)
  • Scissors, tape, glue (I used Elmers and hot glue gun), pen
  • This template
  • Assorted colorful paper ( I used metallic two-sided wrapping paper from the Dollar Store, and metallic gold tissue paper), wrapping paper, tissue paper, crepe streamers, etc. are all good materials to use.


To start, you need to print out this template or print out a template you desire to use. You can adjust the sizes of the trees if you wish, I ended up using the second biggest tree for all of my mini Piñatas which turned out to be about 11.5 inches big including the tree stem. You only need to print one out, cut it out and use as a tracer for all your pinatas. Trace as many as you need onto your cardboard and remember for one Piñata you’ll need two of these templates. One for the front and one for the back. So, if you wanted to make 5 pinatas, you need 10 of these tree templates traced onto your cardboard.


When that is all done you can then begin tracing out all the side pieces for your Piñatas. I made this guide for your reference so that you don’t have to do all the measuring and figuring out. So, you can either print it out and use as tracers, copy the dimensions or do it yourself! And once again keep in mind for one Piñata how many sides of each piece you’ll need. I included the number of each side on the guide for you. Your pile should start to look like this…


Then when you have everything all traced and then cut out, make sure you have all your pieces and then you can begin putting the Piñatas together.

Lay one of your tree shapes down, and using your got glue gun or similar item to then take the long side pieces and attach those to the side, one at a time. Like so…


Then when those are on tight, I like to then add on top the second tree shape and then slowly add in all the other small side pieces, and leaving on section open. You want to make sure that you do this so that you can add in the goodies. I left open one of the front sides of my tree. This allowed for enough room to fit in some goodies and a quick covering when done.

**As an optional step, you can close up your Piñatas and have your guest just bust them open anyway they can, OR when putting together the pinata shape, using tape or glue, attach a long piece of string (really any type can be used) to the full length of one long side and make sure that it goes from the top to the bottom of your Piñata and out the side of where you left your opening. When closing this opening up, keep that string hanging out slightly, you can cut off any excessive string you may have. This string allows for you and your guests to pull on it and easily open up these mini Piñatas.


You can leave any section open that you wish, just this part worked best for me. I also liked to keep going and put together all my Piñatas and then went back and filled them up and then closed them up. You can fill and close and then move on to the next one as well, the choice is yours.

You could also wait until after the last step to fill in your goodies as well. I found some perfect items to help fill your Piñatas up from Target. The Bullseye section has many, many perfect items. I thought these ones fit nicely. As well as some candy.


After your Piñatas are put together, then you move onto decorating them. I used different items to do this. The first was this metallic two sided wrapping paper from the Dollar Store. One side was hot pink and the other was silver. This was fun to use for the colors, but the material can be a little tricky to work with as it rips very easily. But I had fun playing around with the colors. I also used a more matte metallic gold tissue paper to decorate which was a lot easier to use and worked well for this project. Really you can use whatever material you wish, many people like to use crepe streamers to make their Piñatas. These papers are some fun options to try out.

Now, to decorate. Use your pinatas or the tracers from above as a tracer to trace each of the sides onto your desired paper and then attach to your Piñatas. I recommend, to make this step go by faster, to trace one part out for each side and then fold your paper up so that when going to cut them out you get a couple of pieces in one step rather than doing each one at a time. This really helps make it all go by faster especially if you are making a lot.


And once again remember you need two sides for most parts, however, for covering up the sides of the pinatas I also suggest measuring out the width of the pinatas and making a long strip of desired paper that you can then take and wrap and glue all around your Piñatas, making indents where needed instead of separately cutting out each side.

Then for a final step, make some more triangle shapes for the front of your Piñatas, this time without the stem of the tree part.


Then take that triangle shape and cut up into even sections. And then fringe each of those pieces with your scissors. Then place each one, starting with the biggest piece onto your pinata, only gluing the top section that you didn’t fringe and placing it down. As you add more sections, you want to slightly overlap the one below, covering up the glued area. Like so…


And then you are done! You have the option to fringe the back and sides if you wish and you could skip the step from above to cover the Piñatas before adding fringe to them. The choices are all up to you on how you want to put these together, the end results will all come out the same and don’t forget to patch up your opening piece of your pinatas when all done!


I made some in all gold, some in all silver, some in all pink and them mixed some up to have pink and silver or silver and gold! Mix them up and have fun with it!


I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas and are inspired to make some of your own for the Holidays!


The whole family is sure to love these and you can really add in any goodies you wish that fit inside. I decided to use my pinatas as name cards this year for my dinner table.


I simply just set them on each plate and quickly made paper name tags and wrote everyone’s name on them and you can either attach to the Piñata or leave it sitting on top.


After your Christmas dinner, everyone can open up their Piñatas and enjoy the goodies!


You could also use these as ornaments. Just simply take an ornament hook or even string and attach to the top back side of the Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas, and then you have these adorable Pinata ornaments that everyone can then at the end of the day take off the tree and enjoy.


An even cooler option would be to use these mini Piñatas as gift tags for your Christmas gifts!

A lot like the two options above, but for this simply attach a type of string or ribbon to the back of your Piñatas with hot glue gun, making a loop and then attach their name to it by using a similar name tag as in the table namecard from above and then when wrapping their gift, put the gift ribbon through your Piñata loop like you would a normal gift tag and you are set to go!

Another fun idea would be to use the smallest tree template to have extra mini Piñatas and turn them all into an advent calendar for you and your family! You could keep a flap loose so that you would have to ruin them and keep them for other years! Plan on trying this out next year.

OR simply just hand out to your guests to enjoy! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and it is filled with lots of love, family, friends, and all you wish for. Merry Christmas! Look for our other fun Holiday DIYs on the blog all month long. And you saw glimpses of our Christmas table this year from the pictures above so, stay tuned for the full details on that.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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