Cotton Candy Ornaments

I just love the Holidays, especially decorating for Christmas and really getting into the Holiday Spirit! Now that I have a family of my own and a tree of my own I get to decorate it however I want and with whatever I want. I have a lot of hand me down ornaments from family members and ones I have had since I was a little girl. Since I had my own family I began making some of my own ornaments and I love it so much I am now doing it every year. At least adding one new ornament to the tree. Bought and made. Doing this with your kids can be lots of fun and then they can take some of the ones they made when they are older and start their own tree with their family! This year I made these adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments! Inspired by my love for the treat and the cuteness of them. Pretty simple to make and they add a fun and sweet look to your Christmas tree! You can follow the steps below, hope you enjoy!



Cotton Candy Ornaments:



Supplies Used:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Assorted paint colors and a paintbrush (multi-surface paints recommended) I used light pink, magenta, and light blue
  • Air Dry Clay (White)
  • Ribbon or String


To start, gather your cotton balls (I used about 2-3 for each ornament) and carefully pull each one apart slightly.

Then, gather all your other supplies together to begin to making of the cone part of the Cotton Candy Ornaments. Cotton balls, Q-tips, Clay. If you don’t have Q-tips you could also use another item similar to it. The Q-tip is really used just for the length and shape. Air-dry clay is recommended but you could use oven bake clay just be sure to take out the Q-tip then before hardening it. You don’t want to use the never hardens clay.

After are your supplies are ready, take a nice small portion of your clay and knead it a little bit to get it all loosen up and then flat out, I quickly used a rolling pin to do this. Make it so that it is a good size, not too big.

Place a Q-tip on one edge at the top and then begin rolling the clay around it, like so…

Roll until all the clay is rolled up in a nice blanket like form around the Q-tip.

And then you begin to make the clay smaller and more form fitting to the Q-tip. Start by taking the clay into your hands and rolling them together, hands angled slightly so that they are closer together at the bottom and wider at the top to create a cone like shape. As your are rubbing and rolling, begin taking off some clay and making it smaller and smaller. Especially at the tip there will be excess clay to pull off and then make sure you keep the point a point.

When you feel you have a nice thin cone like shape, you can then begin adding the cotton balls on top. I used a hot glue gun to do this. Put some glue around the top pf your cone, and then throughout the top of the first cotton ball, fluff up a bit and then put some glue around and add another cotton ball, moving it all around and forming a nice Cotton Candy shape!

Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue, and continue to add more glue and move around your cotton balls to create the perfect cotton candy look. Then let harden and dry and you can begin painting it. You can use whatever colors you wish. I felt that the light pink was Β perfect cotton candy color as well as the light blue (turquoise) color. So I made one of each and then made a third one of a mixture of all three (Light pink, light blue, Magenta) colors. So with whatever colors you choose take your paintbrush and begin pushing the color into the cotton balls and painting all around. Make sure you don’t have too much paint in one area as it will take a lot longer to dry.

This part is a lot of fun and you see your Cotton Candy Ornaments start to slowly come together.

The multi-color one was a lot of fun to make and paint. Just randomly begin placing each color all around to create this look.

Let them fully dry, I took random items I had around my house to stand these up so that they could fully dry without laying them down and messing a side up.

When dry, to make them into ornaments. I took some fun looking silver ribbon I had from my gift wrapping box and some more hot glue and down the back side on some of the cotton ball and some of the Q-tip part quickly add some glue and then place the two ends of your cut ribbon on top and let harden.

It’s a little ugly, but I figured this part won’t be showed when up on your tree! But, if you really don’t like how this looks you could also add a little more cotton to the glue area and paint the same color over it to cover it all up and you would just see the top of the loop of your ribbon.

Then you have some adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments to hang on your tree. I love the colors and how girly these came out to be. MyΒ little one even attempted to put it in his mouth as he thought it was real, lol.

These were really fun to make, I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to make some of your own! There are a lot off other fun colors you could use and play around with. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!


Be Happy & Creative!



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