DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2

It is no surprise everyone loves emojis and they are everywhere! My grandma even loves them and cannot text me without adding a ton to the end of her text! We already made a blog post for the first DIY emoji inspired straws and if you haven’t seen them you can check them out here and you can see other fun ways to enjoy these emoji crafts. These DIY emoji inspired straws part 2 are even cuter than before and are perfect for your next event or get-together whatever it may be. You can customize these straws anyway you like and really make them your own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2


DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2:


Supplies Needed:

  • Straws (any work, try to find cute ones that match the rest of your theme, these or these are fun colors to work with for a great price.)
  • Cardboard
  • Assorted paint colors and paintbrushes (This is a great paintbrush set, if you don’t have assorted ones already. The smallest ones are recommended for this project to get the small details.)
  • Pictures of emojis wanted to use for reference
  • Scissors & Tape
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start, you need to figure out what emojis you want to make. Have them as a close reference for you by either having them up on your phone, or even go to google, search them, and print out the ones desired.

Then, you need a nice piece of cardboard, can be thick or thin, and still will work fine. Don’t fuss over finding the perfect piece of cardboard, as I just grabbed a nice flat piece from my recycling bin, look around at what you have around your house. Flatten a cereal box, shoe box, etc. When all set, I then recommend using a pencil to first trace out the shape of the emojis you are going to be making.

Let’s start with my Bridal/Bachelorette set:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 2

These are adorable and just right for any wife-to-be’s and maid of honors out there. These sets includes straws inspired by emojis from both iPhone and Android. If you are good at drawing then start to lightly trace each emoji onto your cardboard. They don’t have to be perfect, can even add a little twist to them if you’d like. For the circle emojis, use something like a bottle cap or whatever you have in the size desired to trace out circles onto cardboard and then begin decorating. You can also use this as a height length for the rest of the emojis that aren’t circles. However, if you aren’t good at drawing then you could either just print the emojis wanted out in the sizes wanted for your straws, around 2in or so and then glue onto cardboard and cut out (there is a preview of this method below), OR print the emojis out and then use a paper to place on top and then to trace them out with a pencil. This method allows you to have the DIY look, and then once painted in the right colors you’d then glue it to cardboard and cut it out again. If you are drawing it right on the cardboard, I suggest, cutting out the shape you drew with your pencil and then painting it in the right colors.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_step 2

Then to attach them to your straws, you can either tape them straight to your straws, OR make a small slip out of paper, that is then glued to the back of your emoji, you can see a more detailed example of this one the part one of these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws. You also have the option to paint the backs of these emojis. I usually just paint mine all black or white, so that I am not leaving the backs showing whatever cardboard box I used.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 5

And then you have some adorably, easy DIY emoji inspired straws! This same method can be used to make any of the next sets of straws, just obviously customized to the emojis wanted. Also, for an even bigger personable touch to these emoji straws, you can even make the emojis, like the bride emoji to look like your bride-to-be, keep the same shape and most features just add small touches like hair, eye, skin color, or any big facial features they might have like a beauty mark, etc. Have fun with these and think of what would look and work great for you and your guests! The last optional step is to apply a nice, layer of Mod Podge over where you have painted (if you used the painted method) so you have a glossy, protective layer.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_Bridal Set 11


I also made a Father’s Day Emoji inspired Set:

However, I have included it’s pictures to show you how you can also use these inspired emojis as cupcake toppers! Made the exact same way instead for these you just tape them onto toothpicks and then insert it into a cupcake or dessert of your choice.

Emoji inspired cupcake toppers (fathersday)

Once again, customize these to your father/husband and they are sure to be a hit! I based these off of my boyfriend. His two favorite things are basketball and eating hamburgers.

emoji inspired basketball cupcake topper

Here is a close-up pf the beer emoji as well.

Emoji inspired beer cupcake topper

These are fun and could also be used for a guys birthday, which moves us onto the next set.

Emoji inspired fathers day cupcake toppers

Birthday Set:

This is a fun set, consisted of two types, inspired by two of my sisters who both have birthdays in the Summer and in August! There are so many different types of sets you can do for birthdays. Going through all the emojis and picking out the ones that really fit the birthday person’s personality and really scream birthday. So, I hope you like.

The first set was for my oldest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set5

This is a fun and typical set for a birthday, switch out the leo symbol for whatever sign needed and you’re good to go.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 3

And these can even be made to use to decorate the top of a cake for their birthday! This cake was delicious by the way and I adapted a recipe from Tortillas and Honey.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set cake toppers

And the second set is for my youngest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 1

As you can see my little sister is a lot more girly than my Oldest sister!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 4

There are even many sets you could make for a birthday boy! Many similar to the Father’s Day ones, but there are also a lot more to choose from.

Summer Set:

Which moves us onto the Summer set I did. These cute emoji inspired straws for Summer are perfect for any party during the Summer time. These ones were a lot of fun to make and really help just get you into the Summer vibes.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set_all

I actually made two sets since there was so many cute summer ones to choose from.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 2, 1

I hate that Summer is going by so fast, so enjoy these while you still can!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 8

These were so fun to make and really make for a great accessory to any Summer Party!

I really enjoyed making all these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2. They are super cute and make a great touch for any party. You can really make a set for any event type that you may have. I hope you have enjoyed these and are inspired to make some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to get out there and explore and try new things. If you have set ideas to share with us, please let us know! And stay tuned for our next set which will include a Fall and Winter set and more!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our posts on DIY Emoji Inspired Straws for the part 1 to these sets if you missed them and our Pinterest Board: Party Time for even more fun event DIYs.