DIY Emoji Inspired Straws

Everyone loves emojis! They are so cute and fun and there really is an emoji for almost any feeling, emotion, activity, etc. So with all the fun associated around them, I decided to make some DIY emoji inspired straws that are super cute and work for many activities, parties, get-togethers, etc. These are fun to make and don’t take much to do at all. Pick out your favorite emojis and get started! I will walk you through my process below, hope you enjoy and have fun!

DIY emoji inspired straws


DIY Emoji Inspired Straws:


These cuties are perfect for your next party! Customize them to your liking and they are sure to be a hit!


Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Assorted paint colors and Paintbrushes (These are perfect for this project and many others.)
  • Straws
  • Paper
  • A type of strong glue



Let’s start with making the emoji faces straws.

DIY emoji inspired straws 6

To start, you need a nice piece of cardboard, not too thick, can be pretty thin if you want and still will work fine. Don’t fuss over finding the perfect piece of cardboard, as I just grabbed a nice flat piece from my recycling bin, look around at what you have around your house. Flatten a cereal box, shoe box, etc. When all set, I recommend using a pencil to trace out circles in the size you desire. I ended up just using the bottom of one of my paint tubes to trace my circles and they are the perfect size. So see what you have that can make a desired circle size or even use a circle tracer if you have one.

DIY Emoji Straws Step 1

Make as many circles for as many emojis you plan to make. When done, I then looked up on google images: emojis. I used this as a copying methodΒ for making the ones desired. There are many, many to choose from. If you are not comfortable with looking at a picture and then drawing that onto the cardboard, I then suggest printing the emoji faces out in the sizes desired, same size as your cardboard circles and then just gluing the faces right onto the cardboard. If you are comfortable simply draw out the faces and then use your paint to paint in the details with the matching colors. Either way will work great, to me drawing them out was a lot more fun and they really aren’t hard to draw at all. Take them a shape at a time. But printing them out is definitely less time consuming.

DIY emoji inspired straws both ways 2

When your emoji face are done (either way) and dried if you painted them. I then took a piece of paper (white printer paper) and cut out little strips about 1/2 inch in width and about 2 inches long. I cut out for as many emojis I had. Then turn your emoji faces around place a straw down the middle (to use as a measuring tool) and then place a strip over the straw and measure out the width need to snug tightly around the straw. I just made little pinches in the paper for where I needed. You can see this process below.

DIY emoji straws steps 3-4

When measured out, I then glued each side of the paper down onto the back of the cardboard, leaving open the shape of the straw like a little bubble. Let dry completely before moving and fitting onto straw. I found that it is better to make the bubble a little smaller than you measure so that the straw will fit nice a snug. Also make sure that you are placing the strip even with the front, what I mean is that make sure the face will be upright and not upside down or anything with the placement of the straw insert.

DIY Emoji Straws Step 6

Once dried, make sure the straws fit nice and snug, if they are a little loose then just adjust the strip by gluing down a little more of the paper on a side. Do this until if fits right.

OR, you can just simply tape the emojis straight to a straw, the decision is yours!

DIY emoji inspired straws 2

And then now you have some adorable emoji straws to enjoy or share at your next party! I hope you enjoyed this DIY project, have fun with it! Also, a last optional step is to apply a nice sing;e coat of mod podge over the front of each emoji. This gives them a nice, glossy finish and helps protect your artwork, especially from liquids the straws will be in!


I also created some emoji inspired girly straws! They are super cute and would really be a great touch to a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Girls Night, Bachelorette Party, etc. You can custom them to what fits perfect for you and your girls or the one it is in honor for like your mother. Hope you enjoy, you can follow my steps below.

DIY emoji inspired girly straws 2

These are made just like the emoji faces above, except they have a lot more details and are all different shapes. Begin by picking out the ones you want to make. Once again you can choose to either print them out in the desired sizes or draw them out right on your cardboard and cut out. The Bow and the Rose were the hardest to do because of the difficult extra parts you have to cut out in cardboard but is doable. These were really fun to make and either way will turn out great.

DIY emoji inspired straws girly both ways 2

If drawing these all really only require a couple colors and quick and simple drawings. Some of mine have a lot of details, which is not needed. You could easily simplify these and they still would turn out great. I recommend if you are drawing them yourself, to draw the outline first on cardboard, cut them out and then paint them and continue the rest of the steps to attach them to straws from above.

DIY Emoji Straws (Girly) Step 1

I also created an extra one to use for Mother’s Day! A simple speech bubble, easy to make and it allows you to write in whatever you desire!

DIY emoji inspired girly straws (mother's day)

These are super cute and are a great addition for a party and a lovely surprise for Mother’s Day fun or any other occasion! There are so many more fun and girly emojis to pick and choose from so explore them and have fun making them. They add a wonderful touch to your straws and beverages.

DIY emoji inspired straws 3

I loved doing this project and making all the emoji inspired straws! I can’t wait to use them for many different occasions. I hope you enjoyed and are inspired to create some of your own. Please feel free to share with us some of your creations, we would love to see them. What are some of your favorite emojis? You can check out a lot of fun emoji products here.

Another fun option for these adorable DIY emoji inspired straws is to use them as cupcake (or other goodie) toppers! Just simply tape the emojis to toothpicks instead of straws and instead the other end of the toothpicks into your dessert, and now you have some adorable emoji inspired cupcake toppers!!

Emoji inspired Cupcake toppers

Bonus: These are actually banana bread baked in cupcake form and then topped with Nutella! Delicious and you can get the recipe here.

emoji face cupcake topper

Have a great Spring and don’t forget to explore and try new things.


Be Happy & Creative


kisses Jazzy

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And or new set of Pizza Love inspired Emojis for National Pizza Party Day! Made the same way except for these I used a thinner piece of cardboard, and they turned out just the same except thinner of course and you don’t have to worry about covering the sides, but this does make them weaker. But shows you can use different materials for this project! Have fun!!

DIY emoji inspired pizza love straws