DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July

It is the weekend before the 4th of July! So, that also means it is the perfect time for a fun weekend craft that is just right for the holiday. I have put together cute DIY mini Pinatas for 4th of July. Pinatas don’t have to be just for birthdays right? These can also be referred to as confetti poppers, or just 4th of July Pinatas. I hope you enjoy your long weekend into the holiday and celebrate the 4th of July with your loved ones. Hope you enjoy, you can follow the simple steps below to make some of your own.

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July:

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 2

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Red, White & Blue crepe streamers (paper), or tissue paper
  • Shape outlines of choice (I have a pdf of the ones I used below)
  • Mixture of confetti, candy and goodies (small size)


To start, figure out and print out the shape outlines that you wish to make. I used stars and a flag outline to make mine. You can use this pdf 4th pinata templates for the same ones or google your own images. I made mine to be about 4in big you can adjust this to your desire. I feel this was the perfect size for mini pinatas that you can still enjoy. Print out and cut out.

After that, take your cardboard, you can really use any type of cardboard. I went into my recycle box and pulled out two boxes of cake mixes that worked perfect for this project, so just use what you have around you. It can be thicker cardboard as well. Then, take a pen or pencil and trace the shape outlines that you printed out onto the cardboard.

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 1

For each shape or as many pinatas that you want to make, remember you need to have the same shape for the top and bottom of each one, so the amount is doubled that you need to trace and cut out.

When those are all cut out, I then cut out long pieces of cardboard about 1in wide. This is the part that will connect the two shape pieces. I then began taking my masking tape and connecting one side of my shapes ( say a star) to the 1 in piece all around the rim, like so…

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 3.2

Make sure to only connect one of the sides at this point, because you need to fill them first with your confetti and other mini candy and goodies. You then have the option to, take some string (any type) and make a pull string that will allow the receiver to take the mini pinata and pull the string and open up their pinata for the goodies. This makes an easy way to open them, you could also skip this step and make a hole in the overall pinata that they then shake the goodies out of, OR just let them go at it and open the pinata anyway they want. So, there are many options, I made a pull string and I did this by simply taking my twine string and taping it from a side of the shape, to the bottom and letting it hang slightly out of the shape, like so…

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 3.1

and then place your goodies into your now box like shape.

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July step 4DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 4

When done, you can then attach the other matching shape with more masking tape to complete the pinata shape.

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July step 5

The next step is to take your red, white and blue paper (depending on whatever one you went with) and start covering one color for each star, or do a combo for the stars, or make a flag for the flag shape. I will show you a more detailed way to make the flag below. For the stars, I started by taking a color say blue and first wrapping the shape in a single layer and then for the second layer, taking pieces of the paper folding it in half and cutting fringes into it with my scissors, like so…

Star pinata steos

To make the flag mini pinata,

flag pinata steps

You also have the option to add little white stars into the blue part of your flag, it is up to you how real like you want your mini pinatas. Then you are done and have some adorable DIY mini pinatas that are perfect for the 4th of July!

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 8

Kids and adults will love this mini treat. You can add whatever inside to meet the likes of your guests. I hope you have enjoyed this craft and are excited for the holiday! Enjoy and don’t forget to explore and try new things! Please share with us any creations you come up with. I plan on bringing these to our 4th of July bbq with family and friends. Do you have any 4th of July traditions you have started with your family/friends?

DIY mini pinatas 4th of july

Happy 4th of July!!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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