Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

We are getting ready for our trip to Disney World next May, by having Disney Movie nights with all our favorite movies. This is to help the countdown and be able to prepare the kids and get everyone excited for the big trip! Our first disney movie night was Jungle Book & Tarzan, you can follow the link for the details to that movie night, and our next one was Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night. Everyone was really excited for this movie night and it turned out a success. I have all the details to the movie night below for you to follow or adapt to have a Findging Nemo/Dory night of your own. I hope you enjoy!


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night:


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 10

Let’s start with the activities we did to lead up to the movie night.  So, of course going to an aquarium is the perfect activity for a Finding Nemo/Dory movie. We went to the Seattle Aquarium the day before the movie night. This was lots of fun and the kids loved it. We got to see so many of the fish and some animals that are in both of the movies. This is a great way for kids to really learn about the fish in the movies and more about the water. If you are not able to make it to an aquarium another activity I recommend is going to a nearby pet/fish store. This way they can still see some real fish in person.

Aquarium collage

Another activity I had for the kids between the movies is coloring/activity pages that were Nemo/Dory themed. You can find many printable pages by either searching on Google or Pinterest and typing in: Finding Nemo/Dory coloring pages. This allows a fun activity for kids between movies because sometimes it’s hard for them to sit still even through one movie.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_coloring pages

Then finally, I made an Ocean Sensory box for the kids. This is great sensory for kids of many ages and allows them to explore sand, water, etc. where many of these animals come from. I got the edible sand idea from Fun-A-Day.                .

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean2

Some other great activity ideas are this fish in a bag slime, Nemo Handprint, Finding Dory Craft, and Pin Nemo on the fish bowl.

Now let’s move onto the decorated food table! We also have our table set-up and decorated in the theme of the night with decor and yummy food. This really helps set the scene for everyone and really get into even more the theme of the movie. Not only is this fun but the kids love it. It’s almost like mini-parties on our Disney Movie Nights. It is up to you how much you want to decorate and set-up for your movie nights, but I hope I provide you with enough information to take any ideas from ours that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 6

Food included:

A fun popcorn mix that had popcorn, jell-o (blue) popcorn, and Dory goldfish. This was a hit with everyone. You can find the Dory Goldfish still in stores right now, but when they stop selling them, regular goldfish will work just as well. The Dory ones just have blue and other color goldfish as well. For the Jell-o popcorn you can find similar methods to making this here. You could also add other fun “sea” like goodies to the mix that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 4 Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_popcorn

We also had, octopus Hank hotdogs. These came out super cute, and the kids loved eating them. You can find a similar how-to here. You could also add them on top of some “sea” shell pasta, or even blue dyed pasta. I just put ours on a plate and the kids dipped them into ketchup.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_octopus hank dogs

Next, we had fish sticks…Now I know that is a little weird because, “fish are friends not food” but it fit the theme and the kids really like them. We called them shark bait (ohh ahh ahh) and so the kids really didn’t quite understand it anyways. I just placed them in a bowl.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_shark bait ooh ahhahh

And finally, on the side, we had a bucket (sand pail) filled with colorful swedish fish candies. This just added a nice sweet touch to the underwater fish theme.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_bucket of fish

As for a beverage, we had “sea” water that contained Blue Hawaiian Punch, 7-up, and Whipped cream as a topping (optional). This helped it resemble sea water. Another fun beverage idea is to just have the sodas, Crush and Squirt!

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_ocean water

Some other fun food ideas are, These finding dory snacks, Crush’s turtle shell pepper, and finding dory cupcakes from Disney.

Now for the table Decor:

To go with the “sea” water, we had orange cups and a finding dory cup from the dollar store that held striped dark blue straws which I found at the Dollar Store. All these colors worked well with the rest of the theme. To some of the straws, I then added small print-out pictures of some of our favorite characters and taped them to the straws. The kids loved picking out their favorite characters.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_Straws

We also had a very cool wave background. This was really simple and easy to make and adds a great touch to the hole themed table! I loved this touch. I simply bought light and dark blue crepe streamers (got mine from Michaels), took strands of each and taped one end to the table, twisted it up and taped the top to the wall. Each end length is not the same and that helps to add the wave effect that I was going for. I then added a few print-outs of some characters from both movies that weren’t necessarily found throughout the rest of the table and just taped them in-between the waves.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 8

At the bottom of the waves where they meet the table, I then added some crunched up brown paper slabs. This added a sand floor look to the theme as well as the light yellow table cover. And on top of the table cover, I sprinkled some of the fake sand I made from the kids activity all around the table to really get the sand bottom feel.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 5

To finish up the decor, I added some print-out purple sea shells (since I couldn’t find any seashells to paint) and placed them around the popcorn bin like how dory’s parents did, as you can see above. Added some figurines around the table, dory plates, and finally our “Now Playing” sign with a Finding Dory picture attached. You can get our blank Now Playing Movie Sign here.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_now playing sign

Another fun decor idea, that I would of loved to do is this ocean ceiling decor. We all really enjoyed this Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night, and I hope you are inspired to have one of you own! Feel free to share with us any fun theme idea you come up with. If you don’t have the finding Nemo movie, you can rent it on on demand and it is available to rent on Netflix. With the Finding Dory just coming out, it is still in theaters so, if you are having this movie night soon, that is one of your only options to watch that movie. If you are watching it later after it is out of theaters, look on-demand, Netflix, red box, etc. to find it if you don’t want to purchase it.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 7

There are of course a bunch more ideas you could add to your movie night, so have fun with it. I try to keep all my ideas to a minimum for what I include because I want the movie nights to stay at fun movie night ideas for the family and not turn too much into a more themed party. Have a great rest of your Summer, get out there and explore and try new things! Stay tuned for our next Disney Movie Night which is Aladdin!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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