Halloween Playlist

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Each year as Fall comes along and October is here, there are so many things people start to get excited for. Around this time one thing I get excited for are Halloween time movies and of course Michael Jackson’s Thriller! The video just has to be watched continuously throughout October, that song screams Halloween time!

Well this year I wanted to make a Halloween Playlist and see what other great songs are out there that fit into this category. So I made a playlist and it is pretty fun. Filled with songs from movies, classics, kid-friendly songs, spooky songs, etc. Perfect to listen to all October long or even for a Halloween party. We will be listening to this playlist at our Halloween party coming up. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan so of course Thriller is number 1 on my playlist, and you will find more of his songs throughout the playlist that fit perfectly for the Halloween theme, including songs from his movie Michael Jackson Ghost! But also other fun and spooky songs, perfect for getting you into the spirit and ready for Halloween!

You can head over to my Youtube channel to view my Halloween Playlist here.

And/or take a look below.


What are some of your favorite Halloween songs? Did I miss some great ones?

I hope you enjoyed this playlist and it inspires you to dance the night away or even to make one of your own! Have fun and dance away to some spooky songs, “It’s close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the dark!” I hope you have a great Halloween.


Be Happy and Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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