Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night

We are on our way, moving fast and already at our fourth Disney movie night. Each movie night is just getting better and more exciting as we get closer to our Disney Trip! If you haven’t seen our other movie nights, you can check them out here: Jungle Book/Tarzan, Finding Nemo/Dory, and Aladdin. We just had our Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night and it was lots of fun and the perfect Disney night for Summer time. I have the details below to our family night, you can check them out below, I hope you enjoy and we provide you with enough information to have a night of your own. The Little Mermaid had always been a favorite movie among many and a fun one to sing along to and it’s fun for the whole family. So, even if you aren’t counting down your days to a disney trip like we are, there are still plenty of other reasons to have a Little Mermaid movie Night!


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night:


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 4

Disney is a magical time and I just love making these movies come to live and really getting the kids to interact with the movies. Let’s start with the details to the Crafts/Activities we did! I didn’t plan as many activities for this movie night as I have before but the kids still had a great time.

First, like always I provided the kids with some coloring/activity pages themed little mermaid. Simply google search: The little mermaid coloring/activity pages and pick and print out the ones desired.

I also made them a Sea sensory bin, I got the idea from Twodaloo.

These mermaid tails would also be super fun!

Now let’s move on to the Decorated Food table and start with the different yummy Food and Drinks we had.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 6

First is the Popcorn mix, we make with every movie night to fit it’s theme. This time the mix included popcorn, some Swedish fish, and some chocolate seashells. This mix was fun and the kids really enjoyed it. To make the chocolate Seashells, I bought a seashell mold from Michaels along with some melting chocolates in white, purple, and blue. Simply follow the instructions on the melting chocolates bag to melt the chocolates. I made some seashells purple, some blue and some blended with white in each color. This is very fun and easy to make. Play with the colors and have fun with it.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 10

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_upclose popcorn mix

To  go with the popcorn mix, I made some cute mermaid tail popcorn holders, of course inspired by Ariel. I bought scrapbook paper from Michaels and Hobby Lobby in different textures of turquoise. Used one sheet of paper to make a holder, using a cone method. You can find similar step-by-step here. Then, with purple paper, I added some seashell bras to the top of my holders. I simply traced out one first with a pencil by just looking at a picture of what Ariel’s looked like and then cut it out and lined it with a black sharpie and then traced that one to make the rest quickly. If you aren’t confident in free-handing the bra, you can use this as a reference to either trace or print out.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_ mermaid popcorn holders

Next, we had Seashell pasta. The shell pasta makes it fun to match this little mermaid theme. There are many shell pasta recipes, but I decided to go with this recipe from Slender Kitchen, a creamy cajun chicken shells pasta. This recipe was easy to make and was very delicious, just a tad spicy. We have kids of different ages and most of them still enjoyed this recipe.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_seashell pasta 2

We also had Seaweed Dip a.k.a Artichoke Dip. You could also make this one that includes artichoke and spinach. The recipe we used comes from my mother who makes this recipe pretty frequently. Everyone just absolutely loves this dip and requires her to bring it to all get-togethers. So, it is definitely a must try especially if you have never had artichoke dip before. And, so of course we all enjoyed this and it fit the theme nicely. This recipe goes great with bread or tortilla chips, the scoop chips work great as they are perfect for dip and look a little like seashells.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_Seaweed Dipartichoke dip

And for a fun, extra, healthy snack, I made seaweed grapes. Basically get green grapes and attach them to kabob sticks and place them together in a bowl or so and they look like seaweed in a sense. Fun and healthy treat a long with the other goodies. You could also make these adorable crabs made out of apples.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_seaweed

For dessert, I made the famous Little Mermaid dessert for many parties. Cookie Oysters. There are many, many ways to make these. The idea is mainly a cookie that looks like a shell or oyster, frosting and a large pearl. The cookies I used are European Cookies, Classic Shortbread, and they work great. I took some vanilla frosting and pink food coloring and bought some pearls from Michaels. Simply spread some frosting on the bottom of a cookie, particularly more to one side, place another cookie right side up on top and smash it a little to make the frosting move, and place one pearl in the middle of the frosting.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_oysters and pearls

These are other fun ideas for this kind of dessert: these, or these and these (link is the most wonderful Little Mermaid themed wedding, but you can see the macarons in it.)

Or these amazing cake pops!

And finally for a drink, we had Sea Water or Ocean water, that included Blue Hawaiian punch, Lemon-lime soda, topped with vanilla ice cream and for a special touch add some Swedish fish in the middle to really look like under the sea water. I got the idea from here.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_sea water

Now let’s finally move onto the decorations we had around our table.

First, I started by placing a blue table cover over the table and one pinned to the wall connect to the table. This way it look like the table is all under water. I then began adding the plates/bowls that would be used for food and drinks around the table in their correct places, so that I could decorate appropriately around them. I used mainly clear or white dishes.

I found a blue cup that I had which looks like it has bubbles in it and used it as a holder for the forks or a.k.a Dinglehoppers!

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_dinglehoppersforks

Once those were in place, I then added some real seashells and some extra chocolate seashells I had all around the table, along with printed out pictures of seaweed and red coral. This really is what starts to set the tone for the under water table! Then to make it more Little Mermaid themed, I added some printed out characters around the table and on to the wall. For all the printed out images I just google searched images in whatever I was looking for, copied and pasted it into a word document, made it to the size desired and then printed them out.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_bubble wall

The wall also included some water bubbles and seaweed. Go here for some other fun underwater creations you can make. The bubbles are just different sized circles of white paper.

To the front of my table, I made a quick wave like border with two shades of blue paper. Here are some more fun decorating ideas that would be perfect for your movie night as well: this, this, and this.

Play around with your table and have fun with it! You can add more or less depending on your liking. I like to make my tables really fun and fit the theme, mainly for the kids to really get into the movie. But, having less can be just as fun or even more almost like a party. I like to keep our Disney movie nights pretty much in the middle of the two. There are so many more fun ideas out there that you could do for a Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 8

In all, I hope you have enjoyed these Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night details and are inspired to have a movie night of your own.  Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. What is your favorite Disney movie? I have so many but we have already watched two of them which is this one and Aladdin! Have a great rest of your Summer and stay tuned for our next movie night which will be Tangled!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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