The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night

Over here at our house, we are all getting super excited as it is getting closer and closer to our WDW trip! If you have been following along at all to all our other movie nights, you know that we started these Disney movie nights last June in celebration of our countdown to our trip. We have had so many, and made great memories. You can find all of our other movie nights here if you’ve missed them. This The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night was another great addition to our list. We had lots of fun singing along to all the songs and eating all the delicious food! You can follow the details to our movie night below, in hopes to inspire you to have one of your own! This movie night is great fun for the whole family, Hope you enjoy.

The Princess and the Frog

Disney Movie Night:


Let’s start with the details to the food we had! This movie night definitely had some of the best food! I mean how can you not with New Orleans themed food. I tried to stay pretty close to the movie for food inspiration, so of course we had some gumbo! We are no experts on gumbo, but do love it and I found this recipe that was pretty simple. A little different than normal gumbo but still very delicious and easy to put together!Image result for the princess and the frog gumbo Tiana is big on her gumbo so we just had to include it in our menu. So, my sister made This gumbo and we put it in a large bowl with a spoon to serve and had some white rice on the side for everyone to put on their plate and then to add some gumbo on top. It was delicious and everyone loved it, even the pickier eaters.  “You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and it puts little smiles on their faces.”

Moving on with the theme of the movie, of course we also had some beignets or “Tiana’s famous Image result for the princess and the frog beignetsbeignets.” These were nowhere on that level but I TRIED! For my first time. You can find a good recipe for them here (as well as some other themed recipes), here and here, just make sure you have all the right ingredients when making these or they won’t come out right.
“I’m gonna need about 500 of your man catching beignets for my ball tonight!”

Then as a side-option decided to make some Garlic Bread, doesn’t exactly go with the theme but it was really good with the food and was an option the kids would eat. I just went to Safeway and got some of their pre put together ones that you just warm up in the oven. But this and this are good recipes if you want to do it from scratch.

If this isn’t for you, You could try Bayou bread or this, these, this and this are other fun options for sides that go with the princess and the frog theme.

Like all other movie nights, we have to have a popcorn mix, because it is a movie night after all. So that was our final side option. The kids always love the popcorn mixes and they are easy to throw together. Just make some popcorn and add some fun themed goodies to it. Like some gummy frogs!

For a dessert option, we had Oreo and pretzel frogs! This dessert is super cute and perfect for the movie. You can find a similar recipe here.

These, this and this are other fun dessert options for this movie night.

And finally, for a drink option. I just threw together some Sprite and Ginger Ale and put it into a bowl. This way it looked like a swamp! Especially with the decorations.

I read that someone also put some scoops of Lime Sherbet with this mix, I wanted to try this out but I could not find the lime sherbet anywhere. So, hopefully you do if you want to try that. This is another cute decorating idea for your Swamp Water.


Now, for the details to the table decor that the food was on. For every movie night, I move my table to be the long way and push it back up against my wall and then I decorate it depending on that movies theme. So, for this movie night, I grabbed a light green and purple table cover from the Dollar Store. The green one I laid on my table and the purple one I attached to the wall right above the table to acts as a backdrop.

I then always get the trays or bowls that the food will be in (even if the food is not ready yet) and just temporary place them all in the positions on the table I want them to go. This way I can begin adding all the other coordinating decorations around or onto them. I know where everything else will go now. I usually always use either white or clear bowls, trays and pans. That way they will always match any movie theme.

Once those are all in place. I then print out a couple theme items like favorite characters, and in this movies case some items that helped bring the movie to life like lily pads and cattails. I did this by going to Google images and searching for what I wanted. Like, the Princess and the Frog characters, or lily pad clip art. I then, copy and paste them into a word document and make them into the size wanted, and then print and cut out and place all around the table and use some tape to help keep ones needed in place.

Here you can see Mama Odie, in charge of the utensil station. “Not bad for a 197-year-old blind lady.” I just bought some yellow plastic silverware from the Dollar Store and added them to a clear glass cup to hold them up.

Here is the Shadow Man and a lily pad occupying our dark green paper plates. Again from the Dollar Store.

And of course the main characters frog Tiana and frog Prince Naveen in the center of the table with some lily pads! “My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important. And neither will I!”

The lily pads and cattails I just put all through out the table to help it really look like a swamp, like the one on their journey. And lastly, I printed out The Princess and the Frog movie title and taped that to our popcorn tub that is usually in the middle of the table! I felt that all of these components really helped bring the movie to life, especially with all the great food! This movie night didn’t have that much decor but it was just enough and super easy to put together. So, I definitely recommend this movie night for a last minute idea you can pull off for your family. A quick trip to the Dollar Store, Grocery Store, and printing some things out and you got yourself a Disney Movie Night!!

I sometimes also have some crafts or games for the kids for the movie nights, however we didn’t get to any this time but some good ideas are to print out some coloring or activity pages. You can find a bunch to choose from by going again to Google Images and searching The Princess and the Frog coloring/activity pages. Also, this, this, these and this are fun ideas for the kids.

I hope you are inspired to have a, The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night of your own! We would love to see any details to your night with your families, so please feel free to share with us.

What is your favorite Disney Movie? Remember to check our list of our movie nights here, if you haven’t already. I know 13 movie nights doesn’t seem like a lot, but with our big family it is! That’s why I try to make them easy to put together but yet still fun and make sure every movie we bring it’s magic. For movies that we didn’t make it to before our trip we just watched during the week like you do for normal movies. But stay tuned as we still have time for another movie night and it will be incorporating a couple princesses. I will be combining the movies Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella as I want my niece to watch these princess movies before the big trip and we don’t have enough time for a movie night for all of them on their own. So, I will be joining them and have a little treat and decor for each movie! So grab your princesses and stay tuned!


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