Sweets Collection DIY Ornaments

I am so excited for the most wonderful time of the year! This year is my first year I am decorating my own tree with my little family. That means we don’t have many ornaments to put on our tree since this is our first year. So I began making my own ornaments for us, and ended up getting a little carried away! I just kept getting more and more ideas and wanted to all of a sudden make everything! These were all so fun to do and they really aren’t hard to do. I will take you through my steps so you can make your own! MY first collection is this Sweets Collection! Of course, it only started as me wanting to make a doughnut ornament (because I like doughnuts!) and ended up being a whole collection!

sweets collection diy ornaments copy

These ornaments are super cute and look so tasty and glittery! Once you get started you aren’t going to want to stop, like what happened to me!

These ornaments are made with salt dough, very easy recipe. I hope you enjoy!


Sweets Collection DIY Ornaments:

sweets collection2


Supplies needed:

To make the salt dough

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water

To make the ornaments

  • Rolling Pin
  • Parchment Paper
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Knife
  • Assorted paint colors, glitter, and paint brushes
  • Straw or similar object
  • String or ribbon
  • Optional: Mod Podge



  1. To make the salt dough, get out a medium size bowl and add two cups of flour and one cup of salt and mix together. Then add a cup of water to the mix and mix together until it starts to form into dough. Get out a sheet of parchment paper and sprinkle some flour on it, and then move the dough over to the parchment paper.
  2. Continue to knead the dough until it is a good consistency, adding more flour if the dough is too sticky. Using a lightly floured rolling pin, you can start rolling out the dough to be about 1/4 inch thickness. Or however thick or skinny you want your ornaments to be.
  3. Then take your cookie cutters or knife and start making the shapes/ designs desired. If you have a cupcake or ice cream or whatever cookie cutter, then this will be super easy, if you don’t that’s fine. For more specific instructions on making these exact ornaments you can follow the steps below. when you have all the ornaments you wish made, place them on a cookie tray and bake at 200 degrees for about two hours. Keep checking on them, since that time depends on your oven. You don’t want them to get too hard or be too soft.


To make the doughnut ornaments: start by taking a chunk of your dough and roll it in-between your hands until you form a thick worm looking dough. Attach the ends together and then knead the dough to be the perfect doughnut shape you wish. Make sure the hole in the middle isn’t too wide or too close, and the doughnut part isn’t flat, you want it to have a little umph that way after it’s done cooking, it will look more like a doughnut shape than just a flat ring.

doughnut shape

Then when they have finished cooking and have cooled, I made pink and white doughnuts with sprinkles, this step is super easy. Just paint the whole doughnut first a tan color and then when that’s dry making either the pink or white, paint around the doughnut making curves around the edge. And then take a small paint brush and make quick little lines for the sprinkles in any other colors you wish. The best idea for all of these ornaments is to look at images online by searching google or something to have a good reference. Glitter is always a cute idea. After all my paint dried, I added a bunch of glitter to each ornament. For this doughnut one, I made one color of the sprinkles all glittery just to give it a little extra shine! Don’t forget to take a straw or similar object to make a hole in the ornament for the string to hang the ornaments. Then that’s it for the doughnuts! These are the easiest out of the sweets collection. Have fun with it and make a chocolate (brown) one too!

doughnut ornaments2

To make the lollipop ornaments: These are also super easy to make. Start by taking a section of your dough, not too much just enough to make a circle. Take the dough, roll it up in a ball and then flatten it with your palms. Creating a flat circle, then round the edges making it a perfect circle in the size that you wish your lollipop to be. then to make the stick part, it would be easy if you have lollipop or cake pop or similar sticks if not that’s fine. Use what you have around you, I used old kabob sticks and just broke a piece off to the size desired. Then stuck it into the bottom of your lollipop and then fixing and securing the dough around the stick to stay in place. What helped me was too take some more dough and add an extra layer to the back of the lollipop to help hold the stick in place. Don’t forget to make a hole for the string, and then it is ready to bake.

lollipop ornaments2

Once it is done, simply paint the lollipop part all over in any color desired, once dried I took another color and made a swirl from the outer side to the middle and then quickly topped it with some matching glitter. Then I also painted my kabob stick white to look more like a lollipop. When everything is all dried I simply added bows to the lollipop stick and then added ribbon to the hole to hang on the tree. They came out super cute and almost look good enough to eat!

lollipop ornaments

To make the Ice cream cone Ornaments: these actually aren’t as hard to make as they look. Let’s start with the single scoop cone. Take a piece of your dough and make a flat circle in the size desired like with the lollipop. Round out the edges, then sit aside. Take some more dough and and flatten it with your palms and then start to form a triangle shape. Think of a cone when making it, place the circle part at the top of the triangle piece so that it is overlapping it slightly. It should start to look like a scoop on a cone. Make sure they are stuck together, then take a small amount of more dough and make another flat circle for the cherry (optional) and stick it overlapping slightly on top of the scoop. Don’t forget to make a hole with a straw or similar object for the string to hang it.

ice cream piece

Once done baking and cooled, then just simply start painting in each piece. For the scoop, I first painted it all white, then made some dark brown paint color and made a chocolate drizzle around the top edge, just by painting a few lines to look like it is dripping down and a few splatter drips. Then filled the rest of the scoop with colorful sprinkles. For the cone part, I painted it a yellow color first, then took a lighter tan paint color and made lines like a cone on it and then quickly covered those lines with gold glitter (optional). It is best to look at an image on google or such for an example and ideas for how you want to decorate your ice cream cone. To top off my ice cream, I painted my cherry red and covered it in red glitter which gave it a really cute and girly touch.


For the triple scoop cone, this was made almost the same way, besides when making the round shape for the scoop part, I brought out the bottom edges and flattened the bottom to make the look of layering ice cream (google this for a good example) place each scoop overlapping slightly the one below it and make your cherry and cone the same way as the single scoop. Paint them the same way as well, whatever colors and ice cream flavors that you wish, I went with the Neapolitan ice cream colors and gave them all sprinkles.

ice cream cone ornaments

For the candy ornaments:  Take a small piece of your dough, roll it up in a ball and then flatten it to make a circle shape like you did with the sweets above. Round out the edges and make it to desired size, then set aside. Then take another small piece of your dough, roll up and flatten again, then make a wrapper shape by bringing in the sides slightly and then at the top of this piece make the dough go in a little then up a little and then down a little and then up again, like so.

candy piece

Make two of these and then attach each piece to a side of the circle shape you first made. You should then have a piece that looks like a piece of candy. Don’t forget to make a hole for the string to hang it on.

When done baking, let cool and then begin painting it. I just simple pick a color and painted the whole thing in that color and then picked another color and gave the middle circle part a few stripes. I then added glitter to one piece on the stripes, and on another piece to the edges of the candy. This is all up to you how you want to decorate it.

cndy ornaments

To make the cupcake and cake ornaments: These two are a little harder to make. Let’s start with the cupcake. Begin by making a flat circle shape like you have been doing with the previous sweets, in the desired size of the frosting part that you wish. Then instead of keeping it a circle, flatten the bottom and make smaller curves all around the rest of the circle, creating your frosting, Like so.

cupcake piece

Set this piece aside and then take another piece of dough, flatten it again with your palms and then flatten the the bottom, sides and top making a more square shape, but bring in the sides slightly transforming a square shape into a more upside down trapezoid shape. Attach the two pieces by slightly overlapping the frosting on top. You should see a cupcake formed, and then (optional) make a cherry for the top like you did before with the ice cream cone. Make sure all pieces are attached before baking it.

Once done, paint your cupcake however you’d like. Easiest to look at images on google for ideas and inspiration, I simply painted my frosting part in pink and then gave it a few darker colored sprinkles. Made the bottom part stripped white and blue and added silver glitter to the white stripes and then made a dark pink cherry. Have fun with it! I would love to see a lot of different designed cupcakes.

cupcake and cake ornaments

For the cake,  I had to look at images of cake slices on google while making this ornament. This image is a great idea to look at while making and painting the ornament. If you look closely at the shape of the cake slice, you see that it is basically a triangle with a rectangle below it. Take a nice piece of your dough, flatten it out, if not already flattened, and then with a knife, begin tracing out the shape of the cake slice. I first made the angles triangle shape, and then attached the angles rectangle shape and smoothed out the area where the two meet, making it one shape. You should see a piece made, like so. Don’t forget to make a hole to hang it.

cake shape

When done, paint it however you want and adding glitter wherever wanted. I only added glitter to the side edges for my cake ornament. But you can never have too much glitter, have fun with it!

cake and cupcake ornaments

Then that is it for my sweets collection! Apply a nice layer of mod podge all over each ornament. This gives the ornaments a nice, shiny, protective coat especially the glitter parts. I also gave each ornament a nice, thin, gold string for all the smaller ornaments and thicker ribbon for some of the larger ones. Have fun with it, any type of string or ribbon works for hanging your ornaments. I really loved making, decorating and now enjoying these ornamets. They are so cute and just really add a happy and fun aspect for my tree. I hope these ornaments have inspired you to make you own! Please feel free to share any creations you come up with! Enjoy, and have a sweet and jolly Christmas!

sweets collection3


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


P.S. stay tuned for more of our salt dough ornament collections (next coming on the blog is our emoji collection) and check out our Pinterest board: Holly Jolly Christmas for more fun DIY ideas.