Easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft

October is here and with Halloween on it’s way, I have this totally fun and easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft that you can do with your kiddos! It is really super quick and easy to do. With only a few supplies, which most can be found around your home, you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with a hint of Disney. Your kids are sure to love this project. Ideal for toddlers but also for a little older kiddos as well. My two year old loved this project and I can’t wait to do more Halloween crafts with him! For older kids, they love that they can do most of this project all on their own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

To start, Gather all of your supplies and have them ready at your working table. Make sure to print your Mickey ghost to the size you want your project to be. I made mine take up most of the page on a word document, and this size ended up being perfect.

Then, cut out the print out of the Mickey Mouse ghost, and cut out a nice section from your cardboard that the Mickey ghost will fit on. If you use a cereal box like I did, each of the big sides are perfect for this project and you can make two Mickeys with one box.

Trace the print out of Mickey ghost onto your cardboard. Then cut out. Keep the print out of Mickey ghost for a step later in this project.

Now that you have the foundation for your project, your child can them begin decorating it with the cotton balls. Just place some glue down and stick the cotton balls on top. Fill the cardboard up and try to get it to not show any of the cardboard. This part is obviously the fun part for your kiddos. Mine was so excited to do a craft with very little of my help. We made it into a little learning activity as well by counting how many cotton balls were used. Have fun with it!

You could also have some Halloween movies, shows, or music playing. Or even have some Halloween treats to eat while making your craft.

Once you have the cardboard filled with the cotton balls, let dry a few minutes, in the meantime you can then take the print out of Mickey ghost and cut out the face. Then take those face pieces and trace onto your black craft paper and cut out.

Your kiddos can then take those pieces and glue them in place on top of the cotton balls. It is easy for them if you put the print out right next to the cardboard Mickey ghost to compare where the face should be.

Once all dried, they are all done! So quick and easy!! If you also want to make a Minnie Ghost all you have to do is take some red craft paper and cut out a cute bow. Then place either above the eyes or on the side on one of the ears, like so….

I really hope you are inspired to make this craft with your little ones this Halloween season. Don’t forget to hang up your Mickey ghost craft so your kids can see it everyday! Stay tuned as I will be doing a couple more projects this month until Halloween is officially here. In the meantime here is a few fun coloring pages your kids will love.

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DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl

Lately I have been pretty obsessed with marbled clay. The obsession started this last Winter when I wanted to try it out for the first time and ever since then I have been hooked and trying to create all the fun DIYs I can think of. First, I came up with 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and really loved how they all came out. But, I wanted MORE! Within this new year we have been tranitioning our blog to become a dream of mine which is not just a DIY blog but a DIY blog that is greatly Disney influenced or inspired and not only that but a shop as well. All of this will be debuting soon hopefully at the end of May, so stay tuned! Super excited about that! So, with all of that in the works obviously the next marbled clay project had to be a DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl, right!? I love playing around with all the colors and seeing them blend so beautifully together. These jewelry bowls are super easy to make and make for great keepsakes or gifts for that Disney lover! So, follow the steps below for a cute Mickey Mouse inspired accessory.


  • Various colors of oven-bake clay: I get mine mostly from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, they have a great selection. For this project I used the colors black, white, yellow, pink, and purple.
  • Rolling pin
  • Oven-safe bowl (and preferably the size you want your bowl to be)
  • Knife
  • Medium-sized circle cookie cutter, I used one from this set and this set is a good option as well, you can use whatever you have though around 2 inches in diameter.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start this fun project, take all the clay colors you wish to use for your bowl. I wanted to use bright and fun colors that somewhat represented Disney/Mickey. You can use whatever colors you wish though, honestly it is really fun playing around with all the colors.

Take a good portion of the clay, about 1/3 or so of the single packets of clay. If you want a certain color to stand out more than the others then add more, and same for the other way, if you want only a little of a color to show add less.  You can see in the pictures below that I had pretty thin worm-like black clay strips. Knead and then roll each clay color into a long worm-like shape with your palms.

When all colors are rolled, place them all together to form a thick worm-like shape, and then gently twist together a couple times.

Like so…and then roll the two ends together to form a ball like shape.

From here, you can begin rolling the clay flat with your rolling pin, suggested to do this on top of parchment paper. You don’t want to roll around and spread the clay too much together as they will start to just blend together and create one blob of a color rather than seeing all the pretty clay colors. So, try to roll it out in a couple strokes to be a good bowl thickness. Not too thin, but can be as thick as you like.

When you are satisfied with the marbled clay look and it’s thickness, you then take an oven-safe bowl, that is preferably also the size you want your bowl to be. If not, then two different bowls/objects can be used. I took one of my large mugs and used it to trace a large circle into my clay with a knife. I liked the size of the mug versus the oven-safe bowl because it fit almost perfect on my clay and I didn’t have to cut much off.

And then you will have a nice circle like this…

Be sure to look on both side of the clay to see which side you want on the top and which side for the bottom. When I turned my circle around I thought it was so cool and looked like a Flamingo or some tropical bird!! Next, you want to take your oven safe bowl and fit your clay into it nice and snug.

Now before baking it, to make this jewelry bowl not just a jewelry bowl but a Mickey Mouse Jewelry bowl, you need to make two ears! To do this, I just simply took two swabs of my black clay and kneaded and rolled them into a ball and then rolled flat with my rolling pin to be about the same thickness as my bowl. Then, using the medium-sized circle cutter from above cut out two circles for the ears. I decided to do black to really get that Mickey feel, but again you can use any colors you wish!

You could also then take these circles and use the object you traced for the circle of your clay to make an indent of the rim into the ears so that when they are baked they can be glued on that way and not come into the jewelry bowl. The option is yours.

Then place the bowl and the two ears on a cookie sheet in the middle rack and bake according to the package directions. Most clay usually says like 275 degrees for 15 minutes or so. Some ovens may be different so be sure not to over bake your clay but also be sure you have baked it long enough. When you take out your bowl, it should be hot and a little hardened. As it starts to cool it will become harder.

When your clay has cooled, you want to take your hot glue gun and attach the ears to each end of the top of your bowl. Carefully add glue to the portions the ears will go and then attach, making sure to keep them even to each other, and you don’t want them to come too far in, but enough to balance nicely. I then also added some extra glue to the back of the ear where the ear and bowl connect to give it an extra hold.


Or if you decided to make the ears the other way, add the glue to the edge of each ear and then carefully attach to each top end of the bowl again being sure to keep them even to each other. When all glued in place and hardened, optional to add a nice coating of Mod Podge to your bowl. Doing a coat or two to the front and back of the bowl. Allow each coat to dry before doing the next.

This is what the back of your bowl will look like either way you make the ears.

And then you have a lovely and colorful DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl that is ready for all your Disney jewelry or any other items you wish!

This accessory is a great item for my dresser and I can’t wait to make more and give them as gifts! I hope you have enjoyed this fun Disney inspired DIY project and are excited to make one of your own. Please feel free to share any fun color combos you come up with, we would love to see them.

Are there any other Disney inspired jewelry bowls you’d like to see? Let us know!


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Candy Piece Pumpkins

It is almost Halloween already! I can’t believe that Fall is going by so fast, feels like it was just Summer, like yesterday (hehe). Anyways, I have a last minute DIY pumpkin decorating idea. These candy piece pumpkins are an adorable way to decorate your pumpkins, and it is very easy to do so they make the perfect last minute no-carve decorating idea. It is almost Halloween so grab some small round pumpkins, paint, cardboard, and you are ready to go. You can follow the easy steps below to make some of your own. These were so fun to make and to see candy pieces come to life from a pumpkin! I hope you enjoy, and any little ones you may have would enjoy this project as well, I mean who doesn’t love candy and wouldn’t love to see a pumpkin transform into one!?




Candy Piece Pumpkins:



Supplies Needed:

  • Round pumpkins (the rounder and smoother the better)
  • Assorted acrylic paint colors (in whatever colors you want your candy to be)
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardboard
  • Roll of metallic wrapping paper (Got mine from the dollar store that had one side bright pink and the other side silver)
  • Hot glue gun



To start, take you round pumpkins and paint each one in desired color.

Then take some cardboard, I usually just go to my recycling bin and use what I can find in there like an old cereal box, etc. Preferably one that has a white inside, easier to paint over. Trace with a pen or pencil a leaf or tulip like shape to be the end of the candy pieces. Use this, this or this as a reference. Cut out and then paint in matching pumpkin colors. Make sure you measure them out to be proportional to your pumpkins. depending on their size the bigger or smaller these need to be. Before moving on to the next step, I suggest putting them up to your pumpkin and making sure they look right and adjusting the size if not. I had to do mine over a couple times to get the right size.


Now, when your pieces are all dried, take your metallic wrapping paper if using (I suggest using highly, as the texture of this wrapping paper really adds the perfect touch for these pumpkins to look like real candy wrappers) and first trace four pieces of a candy piece side you made out of cardboard and cut out.

Then using your hot glue gun glue two pieces of the metallic wrapping paper on both sides of a painted cardboard piece and then glue onto a side of your pumpkin and repeat on the other side.


Then, optionally, I feel this step is what really gives these candy piece pumpkins that candy like touch. Take your metallic wrapping paper again and this time using the inside of it so that it is showing the silver side, cut out a bunch of different shaped pieces to resemble the lighting changes in the candy wrapping. A great reference for this is this picture, you can see what I mean below, and be sure to add this touch to the pumpkin and the wrapper parts.


Then you are all done! That simple and that cute!!



Have fun with the colors and get inspiration from your favorite candy or by googling: Candy pieces.

I made mine with the stem part sticking down, you can remove your stems using a sharp knife or you can angle your pumpkins so that the stem part is holding up your pumpkins showing the bottom round side of the pumpkins. Like so…

candy-pumpkins-back-view candy-piece-pumpkins_way-2

This is a easy way you can display your new Candy Piece Pumpkins! Have a wonderful Halloween and the rest of your Fall/Autumn. Please feel free to share with us any candy piece pumpkins you decorate, we would love to see them!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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