5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects

I love making crafts and especially working with dough or clay. I recently fell in love with marbled clay. I learned how to do it, how easy it was and was just amazed at the easy marbled effect how beautiful you can make it with different colors. I was inspired to create as many cool crafts with this method as possible! So, I have for you my first 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and these are all super fun and easy to make and make for great gifts or beautiful items to keep for yourself. I will show you first how to make marbled clay, from both bought and homemade clay. Then I will give you my 5 projects, and how to make them as well as other ideas. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful new year.




5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects:



Supplies Needed for the Marbled Clay:

  • Air Dry or OvenBake White Clay, you want a large one (I will let you know which one is recommended for each project below.) OR the recipe to make your own clay which is below.
  • Assorted colors of air-dry or oven-bake clays, I got mine that come in small packets at Michaels and range from 1-3 dollars (Picture below.)
  • Rolling Pin

Directions to make Marbled Clay:

Start by, taking the clay colors you want to use. You should pick between 2-4 colors for each marbled clay. You need at least two and you don’t want to have too many. If you would rather make your own clay, you can follow these steps and I just kept some of my white clay (about half) and took small pieces out of the remaining half and used food coloring dye to dye the clay in colors I wanted to use.

Now, no matter which clay you are using take each color and knead it until smooth and roll into long strips with your hands, by rubbing and moving back and forth.

Stick all the colors you are using for that project together and then start twisting them together.

Then you want to carefully mix the colors together being sure not to mix too much or too long as the colors will start to just blend together instead of staying separate and creating the marbled look. This is especially for the homemade clay. Then take your rolling pin and on top of parchment paper start to roll out your clay into a flat piece, this is where you will really see the beautiful marbled clay take place and transform.

There are so many beautiful color combinations you can come up with and use.

And then that’s it. You have some beautiful marbled clay, play around with the colors and have fun with it. You can really create some cool marbled clay colors. Now you are ready to make some cool projects. Once your clay is made these projects are pretty easy to put together.

Project 1: Marbled Clay Flower/Succulent Pots

This is the hardest clay project out of all of them. The rest are pretty easy to do and this one takes a little more patience and focus, but still fairly easy to do. I suggest using air dry clay for this project but both can be used.

Start by taking your marbled clay and flattening it out as much as you can with a rolling pin. You want a nice size of clay so that when rolled out it is a pretty big piece.

This is because you need to then take a knife and cut the clay making a long rectangle like shape close to the height of your succulent pot, try to make it a little longer though.


Then take that now cut strip of marbled clay and you are going to begin wrapping it around your pot and pushing it in to stick to your pot. I used small terracotta pots and the clay sticks to them well.

If you find that the strip of clay doesn’t reach all the way around your pot, that’s okay, simply take some of your clay scraps from when you cut out your strip and cut a new small strip to the size needed and place it in and carefully try to smooth the other clay into it to look like it all belongs together. If you find that it is looking clumpy or weird you could then take your rolling pin and carefully roll on the lumps to help smoothing it out, (You might need to then adjust some of the other clay.)

I then took some white air-dry clay and rolled some pieces out with my hands and flattened it a bit, and began covering the top part or rim of my pot. Make sure the hole at the bottom of your pot is not covered by any clay.

When you are satisfied with your marbled pot look, leave it to harden and when that is done I suggest then covering it with a nice layer of Mod Podge and then filling in your desired flower or succulents (even though my picture shows I have mine in before.)

Project 2: Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders

These are fun to make a provide a nice and colorful way to display your Polaroid pictures.

You want to start making these by taking the made marbled clay and first rolling a good portion of it into a ball like shape with your hands. Then decide if you want to make the square or round picture holders. Super easy next steps for the round ones, all you do is roll into a ball…

then make a crease into the top with one of your Polaroid frames (you can find info to the mini Polaroids used here), by wedging them into the clay carefully a bit to create a nice opening.

Then, re-shape the round shape a bit, sit your Polaroids again inside to make sure that they fit and you made a deep enough opening and that the Polaroid sits up straight. If it leans a little then you have your opening too wide. You want it to be snug. And if you feel as the balls are too big or too small, easily adjust by either taking away or adding more clay. These can really be any size you wish, mine ended up being around 2- 2 1/2 inches.

When you are satisfied with the shape, either sit to dry for air-dry or pop into the oven for oven-bake clay. And then you have some nice round marbled clay picture holders. You don’t have to use these mini Polaroids but their sizes work great.

Now, if you rather make the square picture holders, these are a little more tricky as to get the perfect square or cube shape is difficult. Mine definitely didn’t come out perfect but got mine as square as I could.

From the rolled clay, start  flattening each side with your palms, rotating it and moving it around to start to see the cube like shape.

Make an indentation from the Polaroids like with the round picture holders, and then re-shapen again.

I ended up looking around at what I had in my house to help me flatten each side and help me really get a cube like shape.

Make sure to keep your opening though, and make sure the Polaroids still fit before either again leaving to dry or baking in the oven.

**I suggest adding a nice layer of Mod Podge to all the finished products to give it a nice and glossy protective layer.

You can find other ways to use these Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders here as well as some other ideas for these mini Polaroid pictures.

Project 3: Marbled Clay Disney & Normal Keychains

I couldn’t make some marbled clay keychains without making a few Disney ones. These are all pretty simple to make once you have your clay made. I took some various sized circle cookie cutters and used them to first make normal circle marbled clay keychains.

I ended up using a circle cookie cutter that was about 2 in. or so I recommend this set for many projects and I used the second smallest one for these keychains. You want to make sure you are cutting out your favorite areas in the marbled clay or making sure the marble looks good in the small space of the circle before cutting through.

Once circles are all cut out make a small circle at the top of your circle but not too close to the rim (or too far either) you want to make sure you do this before the clay hardens. A straw can be used to make this small hole.

Then when hardened, you need to buy some key chain items from the store, Michaels is where I found mine. You need a key ring and a jump ring.

First attach a jump ring to your clay hole opening and then attach the split rings to the jump ring. You want to buy a size for the jump rings that is wide enough for the width of your clay plus some for this to work properly. The picture below shows me using two jump rings since I at first bought a too small jump ring size, so here is a quick fix if you do so as well.

And then you can choose to leave as is or add some fun to them and personalize them. I loved using a gold paint pen to write initials on the top and/or to color in the rim of the circles with.

Now, the same goes for the Disney ones I created. Instead of just one circle though, I also made two way smaller circles (with the smallest circle from the circle collections above) and attached one to each side of the larger circle to create Mickey/Minnie heads. Make sure the smaller circles are pushed in and connected to the larger circle before hardening, so that they don’t just fall off.

Then leave to harden and then decorate as you wish like above with the regular circle key chains. Don’t forget to again make a small hole for the key chain accessories.

To make Minnie, use a knife to make a bow by connecting two triangle like shapes out of your clay (I suggest using another or different marbled clay color or a solid color) and adding it to the middle of the two ear shapes.

I really loved how cute these Minnie Mouse Heads came out. Play around with the colors and have fun with them. These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers or to keep as your own. You can really do any shape you wish or even letters, etc. I got a huge tub of various cookie cutters from Ross (@ 7.99) that are perfect for this project and many others.

Project 4: Marbled Clay Ornaments

These are much like the key chains instead of adding key chain accessories you attach either a type of ribbon or an ornament hook through the small hole and attach to your tree.

This is where all the fun items in my cookie cutter tube really come in handy and make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You can go here and here for even more DIY Ornament ideas.

Or you can even use these as gift tags! Make the same way except instead of adding ornament hook or string, attach your gift ribbon through the hole and position on the top of your gift with their initials or name on it, like so…

You can really create some fun gift tags that no one has ever seen before! And a double whammy, whoever you give these gift tags to, can then keep them and make into an ornament or keychain of their own since it has their initials already on it!

Project 5: Marbled Clay Jewelry Bowl

And finally, for our marbled clay projects we have these beautiful jewelry (or whatever you want to use them for) bowls. Again once you have made your marbled clay these are pretty easy to make. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s marbled clay bowls.

Roll your clay out to be a good size but make sure your clay is a good thickness still. This is important so that you do have a good structure for your bowl and helps keep it from cracking or falling apart easily which would be more common to thinner bowls.

Using a large circle shape, like the rim of another bowl or whatever size you desire for your bowl (cookie cutter) trace of a circle onto your clay with a knife.

Then, actually use the inside of another oven safe bowl to help form the shape of the bowl and bake to harden. This project definitely calls for the oven-bake clay and not the air-dry. Follow the directions on the clay package for baking instructions.

When it has hardened let cool and then optional to take some paint and paint the rim of the bowl in desired matching color. Gold, silver, black, white are always fun colors to help any colors pop. Play around with the sizes and colors these are really fun to make and are beautiful little accessories to have or to give as a gift.

You can even add an extra personalization and add writing to the middle of the bowl, like “hers” or a name or whatever you want.

And don’t forget to add a nice layer of Mod Podge to the finished product after everything else has completely hardened and dried.

*For a bonus ideas:

While making these projects, I made a really beautiful marbled clay but the project didn’t turn out so well and I ended up having broken pieces of my beautiful clay and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I decided to take some of the scrap pieces and thought they would be cute to use as identifiers for flower pots or your garden, I used a gold paint from to write the plant or item name and just be sure to give them a nice Mod Podge covering to protect it.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and are inspired to create some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you make with these, we would love to see them. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


Be Happy & Creative!


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Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and one important thing about Fall time and coming together for Thanksgiving with your family and friends is remembering or realizing what all you are thankful for. Thanksgiving can mean many different things to people but we can be certain that what you have to be thankful for really comes in to play when you are sitting at that table and looking at all those faces. I recently (last year) started a tradition with my family. Not just my family at home but my whole immediate family. Last year I asked everyone what they were thankful for that year and made my first Thanksgiving Thankful Tree (which you can find here) and I really just loved the whole idea and getting everyone to really think about what that year brought and what they were majorly thankful for. I loved it so much I decided to keep the tradition going and instead of using the same tree, I took the same idea and decorated it in a completely different and fun way for my Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016! You can follow the very easy steps below to create a thankful tree of your own. I hope you enjoy.




Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016:




Supplies Needed:

  • White card stock paper
  • Assorted paint colors
  •  Leaf template
  • String, Scissors, Tape
  • What your family members are thankful for



To start, you need to ask your family members (that you wish to use) or friends, what they are thankful for this year. I try to make sure that they really think about it and give me more than the typical  “Family” and “Friends” answers. Once you have those, find a leaf template that you like. You can use this template here or you can go to Google and search: Leaf templates and print and cut out the ones you like. Have as many leaves for as many people you plan to have on your thankful tree.

Once you have them all printed and cut out, take your assorted paint colors and paint the outer rim of each leaf. I used a light pink, magenta, gold and light turquoise paint colors and just painted them so that I had a color for each of the different leaves. Let dry. I used these colors because they matched the rest of my theme colors I have going on for my Thanksgiving table setting.


Then, you can begin writing what each person is thankful for on different leaves, I like to use quote marks and then add a – and there name at the bottom and then the year on the back.


Once that is all done, you have the option to use these leaves anyway you want to display. You can do the traditional tree method and hang them from tree branches much like I did on last years, or do a different and fun way and hang them from your chandelier like I did this year!


I took some string; clear fish line type string is recommended but I used what I had lying around the house which was white sewing string, and some tape and taped one end of the string to the back of the leaves and cut different lengths for each string and taped them to my light fixture making a leaf chandelier.


The different lengths for your string is recommended to create a great chandelier look instead of having them all the same length and crushed together.


Having this right above your table, in the middle, is then what really brings this whole Thanksgiving Thankful Tree together! When you and your family/friends are sitting at the table and getting ready to enjoy your feast, you look up and see these leaves and see what everyone is thankful for really adds a great touch to your whole get together feeling. And the elegant way they hang really will make any Thanksgiving table theme pop!

I hope you have enjoyed this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016 and are inspired to create one of your own. Please feel free to share with us an creations you make. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving time? Do you have any traditions with your family? Have a happy Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins

Fall is really a wonderful time, with the crisp air, fall colors, clothes, food, family, etc. etc. It is a time to really remember what you have in your life and what to be thankful for. Many times we forget these things and take many for granted. During Thanksgiving, when family and friends come together, then is really when you create some special memories and makes all of Fall even better. So, this year I have created some DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins that are perfect for the meaning of Thanksgiving. These “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” napkins really help add or set the tone to your joyful feast or to even use all through Fall as a reminder of what to be thankful for around you. This was a fun DIY project and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! You can follow the steps below to make your own.




DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins:




(This post may contain some affiliate links.)


Supplies Needed:

  • Blank white cloth napkins (I got mine from here, they work good and are a great price, but I recommend these as it is better to get 100% cotton.)
  • Package of Iron-on transfer paper (These are all good for this project, as well as Michaels carries some of these.) Make sure that if you get the napkins I used above (they are polyester), you don’t get the iron-on paper that recommends only cotton fabrics.
  • Hand Iron
  • Desired design
  • Assorted Multi-Surface paints (make sure to get multi-surface or this project won’t work)



Start by, deciding what design you want to use for your napkins. If you want to use my exact “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” design then you can take the image below and copy and paste it to a word document and size it to the desired size. The size it is now, is about the size I used.


If you want to make your own design/text, you can do this by:

  1. Opening a word or similar document on your computer and typing out the desired text that you want.
  2. Then use the different fonts to go through and play around with the lettering until you are satisfied. You can also find some nice fonts to download and add to your fonts collection at dafonts.com, make sure though that you read their policies as some of them cost, and ones that are free have some restrictions as to how you can use them. They all should have instructions on how to use them as well. If you want a design I suggest doing this with like a paint program or something better that you may have.

(This next step is for both designing your own and if you copied and pasted my design…)

Once you have your desired text all figured out, I suggest copying and pasting your design (or mine) on the same page and trying to fit as many as you can on it. The size I used compared to the napkin and how I folded it, it is actually pretty large so there is room for this to be smaller and still look great! The more you can fit on to your page the more of your iron-on transfer papers you can save. I ended up only being able to fit three onto one page.

Then, when going to print, be sure that you first mirror the page (as all text needs to be in reverse to do the iron-on transfer correctly or it will come up backwards on your napkins.)

  • If you don’t know how to do that, I know that for Windows computers or on Word document you can right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. Choose 3-D Rotation in the left pane. Change the X setting to 180. and then click OK, and Word flips the text in the text box, producing a mirror image and then you just print it out, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.
  • If you are using a Mac to do this, I know that you can select to print like you normally would, click on the third menu and select Layout. In the bottom right, place a check mark next to Flip horizontally. Confirm that it looks OK by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom left. If it looks OK to you, go ahead and Print, always checking that Flip horizontally remains enabled. This easily flips your whole page for you, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.


Now, that you have your design printed out on your transfer paper, you can now take some scissors and cut out each of your texts, so that they are their own personal squares now. Then place a cut out onto one of your cloth napkins (I placed mine in the bottom middle of each napkin, so that when it is folded back up correctly, the design is right there on top.) Be sure to read the directions on your transfer paper package for more directions on how to set this all up nicely.


Then, when you are all ready, you can begin ironing your cutout design. Like the package says, make sure that you apply heat and pressure to every inch of the paper, pressing down for 20 seconds on each section, and fully lifting up the iron before moving to another section.


When you feel like you have done every inch of the paper, for a matte look when it’s hot and you can touch it, take a corner of the paper and nice, and smoothly peel of the paper showing your design now on your napkin! And for a glossy look, wait for it to cool before removing the paper to show your design.

diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-7 diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-8

I thought that this was so fun to do. I just loved the fact that I made a design and then saw it come to life on my new napkins right before me! It really is a fun project and you could do this project with so many other designs.


My minds been flowing with more fun cloth napkin ideas I could do! But, that’s not if for these lovely napkins. You have the option to either leave the napkins like this as is with just your design on white napkins or you can spice them up a little with the extra steps I added to mine. If you want to add that extra umph to yours you can follow the steps below! Either way though you will have some awesome new DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins to enjoy for this coming Fall.


For these more colorful Thanksgiving napkins, you can follow the easy steps below!

Get all your materials out and together on a flat surface that has been covered with newspaper or another similar item to protect your surface. You’ll need: cup of water, paintbrushes, assorted multi-surface paint colors, and your cloth napkins.

*Before doing the first step, I recommend using a regular napkin to dampen and then practice mixing your colors on, so that you are sure on what you want and have had practice before doing the final colors on your cloth napkins.


The first step is to take your already made napkins from above and dampen up the area of the cloth napkin that you plan on painting. For mine, I was only doing the lower bottom part of my cloths. So, I took a foam brush and used it to dip into some water and then damped the whole desired area.  Make sure you do enough so that it stays damp while you are painting.


Start with one color and then continue to add another color at a time. I started with my light pink color first and the method to paint mine I used was starting at one corner of the damp area on the cloth and dipped my paintbrush into the paint and a little into the water and then lightly do a quick flick from the area where you want your paint to be. I also, made random dots around the cloth in each color and used my finger to help smudge and blend out the color. Your cloth being damp is what makes this possible and gives you a watercolor like feel. Continue to add a color at time, using similar methods and blending and adding in to the color before! You really want to treat this like you are painting with watercolors using your hands to make art!



Keep adding more colors as you feel needs, blending and blotting and flicking away.


Let completely dry when you are finished as it looks a little different when dry and then if you feel anything needs adjusting or more touch of color then add to it! Once satisfied, I then took my dark pink and yellow paint and used these to carefully paint the outline border of the cloth napkins. Carefully do this to not get any paint on the parts of the cloth left white and the parts that are already painted can easily be blended in if you do accidentally get paint on.


And then did the same on other napkins but using the dark pink and gold paints. I couldn’t decide which one yellow or gold to use so I decided to do both. Some with one color and some with the other. You can use whatever colors you wish don’t have to be these but with the colors used on the napkin I felt the dark pink really helped pull it all together.


Then, once again when dry, you have some beautiful Thanksgiving “Eat Drink & Give Thanks” napkins.


*Before use I suggest, taking all your painted napkins and washing them….

A wonderful colorful table setting can then be made around these napkins. You can also follow my steps to creating a matching table setting for your guests here.

I really hope you have enjoyed these DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins and are inspired to make your own!! Please feel free to share with us any color combos you come up with! What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I love the family coming together and remembering what all we are thankful for. Have a great rest of your Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways

Continuing on with my other DIY Emoji Straw sets, and with the Holiday season approaching us, I am sharing with you DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways. Meaning these sets and ways are all Holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) themed, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do these emojis, ultimately you can use whatever emojis you wish.  This craft is a lot of fun, especially picking out the emojis that match the desired theme or guest! There are numerous ways to have fun with these emojis, I hope you enjoy the 5 ways we have come up for you!




DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways:


Lets start with the Holiday Emojis Way Number 1: (Holiday Emoji Straws)


This is the same method as the other emoji straws I have made, you can find the how-to for them here at the part 1 and here at the part 2. These are a cute touch to any event or party, and help really liven up the party. Guest will love these fun characters, you can pick and use any emojis based on your theme.

The main items needed are: Straws, tape, cardboard, and either various acrylic paints or print outs of desired emojis in about 1 in. size.



Directions: For any emoji straws, basically you have the choice to either pick emojis out by using google images and searching emojis, copying onto a document, make to be about 1 in. and print out and glue onto a piece of cardboard and then cut out OR to take some acrylic paints and by looking at pictures of the emojis desired, paint them straight onto a piece of cardboard. Be sure to apply a nice layer of Mod Podge one the ones hand drawn. You should decide this based on your artistic abilities and timing preference. If you are good at tracing an image, painting and have some time to spare, I’d recommend painting them yourself as the ones painted have an extra personal touch. If you aren’t so artistic and/or on a time budget, I suggest printing them out. You can see both of these examples on my DIY Emoji Straws Part 1 & 2 above. If you aren’t liking how the printed ones are looking, try printing onto nicer paper, like photo paper or cardstock.


Take your emojis and your straws, and using tape, tape them to the top of your straws, leaving a nice amount for a mouth and making sure no tape is showing.



Way Number 2: (Holiday Emoji Magnets)


This is a new way, I have tried. I feel like this adds great character to your fridge, office, desk, locker, etc. wherever you can put magnets! Very easy to do and as the seasons change you can change out the magnets.


Start by, making the emojis the same way as in Way Number 1.

Then, instead of attaching to straws, you will need a roll of magnetic tape or round ceramic magnets or magnetic tacky dots. All of these have a peel and stick back, but I always add a little amount of hot glue down and then attach the magnets, for extra strength and hold.

And simply, add to your fridge or desired surface! And you are ready for the holidays. Use to hold up any Holiday pictures or cards!


Way Number 3: (Holiday Emoji Ornaments) 


This step is similar to Way Number 2, however instead of attaching to magnets, you are attaching them to either string (like ribbon or whatever you have) or ornament hooks.


Make the emojis explained the same way in Way Number 1, but maybe making them a little bigger since they will be ornaments. This is all up to you depending on what size you want. Use hot glue gun to attach either string or ornament hook to the back of your emojis, make sure when hardened that it is snug in place and will hold. Then decorate your tree!


Way Number 4: (Holiday Emoji Cupcake Toppers)


This way is much like Way Number 1, except instead of straws you are attaching your emojis onto toothpicks. It’s that simple. Make the emojis the same way in Way Number 1 (you could make them a little bigger for cupcake toppers if wanted) and then simply using tape, tape toothpicks onto the back of your emojis. These make for a fun way to serve your cupcakes or any Holiday treat!


Way Number 5: (Holiday Emoji Place Cards)

Finally, the last way to have fun with these Holiday emojis is to use them as place cards for your holiday table! Once again, very easy to do. All you have to do is make the desired emojis, same way as in Way Number 1, instead this time I highly recommend doing a much larger size than 1 in. I made mine to be about 3 in. or so. These are a fun and personable touch to your Holiday table.


I also recommend, using paint pens to then add the name of each person for their place card. Make this fun by picking ones that remind you of them or just randomly putting a name to an emoji. This way allows you to bring emojis into your holiday decorating in a very fun, expressing way.


I hope you have enjoyed all the fun ways to use these DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways and are inspired to make some of your own this Holiday season! Have fun with it, what are some of your favorite emojis and how would you incorporate them in one of these projects? Please feel free to share with us any creations you make. This could also be a fun project to do with the whole family. Who doesn’t love emojis? Everyone will have fun picking out their own or favorite. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Doormat

Fall is here now. With the weather is cooling down, it’s time to get ready for all the fun fall and winter festivities! In honor of the weather getting chillier, I have made a DIY Doormat that is perfect for your front door during Fall and Winter. This “Come in & Cozy Up!” doormat is a cute and fun welcoming for your guest that you are sure to love and it helps everyone feel welcome. I have seen many DIY Doormats all over Pinterest and have always wanted to make my own and since it is Fall, I decided now was the perfect time. I wanted to be able to use this doormat through Fall & Winter time, and maybe even more but that was my original goal and since when you think of Fall and Winter you usually think of different color schemes and things associated with them. So, I didn’t want to use typical fall or winter colors, but rather a fun color scheme that would work for both. You can follow my easy steps below to make your own doormat. I hope you enjoy!




DIY Doormat:




(This post may contain some affiliate links.)


Supplies Used:

  • Blank Doormat (I got mine from Amazon here, and I also occasionally see some at Target.)
  • Assorted paint colors (I recommend getting acrylic paint and Multi Surface kind if you can.) I used folkart multi-surface paints (Patina, lavender, white.) You can find a nice set here or buy individual ones at Walmart.
  • Assorted Paintbrushes (A medium size and a smaller size to get any smaller areas, I used this set and love the different options it gives me.)
  • Print out of desired text and/or design (explained more below.)
  • Optional: Pins



First, you need to figure out what text and/or design you want on your doormat. If you want to do my exact design follow these full steps and if not then substitute with your own.

I started by, going to Word and typing out the text I wanted, “Come in & Cozy Up” making it pretty large to fit the width of the paper, but not too big at this point where I couldn’t see all the text together. I then played around with the different fonts until I was satisfied. I ended up using Smoothie Shoppe font I downloaded from fonts.com and a regular Calibri font for just the & symbol.  Then, I made all of the text super large, the come in, cozy up ended up being about 595 and the & ended up being about 620. I played around with these and was satisfied with this size and how they looked compare to the length of the doormat. Make sure you like the size before you begin the painting step.

After you have your desired sizes and they are printed out and cut out (make sure you don’t throw away the “scraps”), you can begin placing the text in the desired layout. I played around with mine for awhile, until I ended with my end result. Another way to make sure you are going to like the final look is to print the text also in the colors you plan on using. This way, when you are arranging the text trying to figure out your perfect layout, you can make sure your colors will look nice as well in that layout.

At first, I used the cutout colored letters to figure out my layout…


…and then replaced them with the outline or rest of the paper that I cut them out of to use for tracing in the letters. I ended up using something close to the layout above, rather than the layout below, and honestly it could’ve still been adjusted a little better. I am a perfectionist that way, but I still liked how my doormat came out.


Once, I had my text all in place for where I wanted them to go, I then got my paint and paintbrushes ready with some water for changing colors. This is where you can use pins to pin down the letters so that they stay in place as you are filling in the paint.


I ended up painting the “Come in” part in a light sea-foam green like color (maybe closer to light blue too), a light lavender paint for the “Cozy up” and white for the & symbol and arrow. I painted about 3 layers of paint for all the writing, letting the paint to have mostly dried before doing another layer. Using multi-surface paint makes this easier to do as painting on a doormat can be a little tricky. If you are using regular paint you may need to do more layers. I found if I used a multi-surface paint first and then applied a regular acrylic paint on top (say I didn’t have my desired color in multi-surface paint) it worked better. So, keep this all in mind when making your own.



I made the & symbol a bigger font size than the rest of the writing, because I really wanted it to stand out. I originally wanted to paint in my “&” symbol and then make a cool design off of the end tail, but then decided that, that would be too much and that’s when I came up with the idea to do a cute little arrow next to “come in”. I felt that this gave the mat a cute touch to the text and helped filled my blank space on the mat. Of course, you can decide to leave that detail out or add in your own. If you just want to do “Come in & Cozy up” then make sure that you evenly space out the lettering and the layout with the mat so that you don’t have an odd amount of space on one portion of the mat.


This DIY Doormat was a lot of fun to make and really sparked more ideas for other doormats! Have fun with it and I hope this has inspired you to make a “Come in & Cozy up” doormat of your own. I love the text and feel like it is so cute and welcoming especially for this chilly weather coming up. Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with this. Have a wonderful Fall, and don’t forget to get out there and explore!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our post on DIY Mr. & Mrs. Pillows for another home DIY and our Pinterest board: Fall Time Fun for more Fall DIY ideas!


Tangled Disney Movie Night

Moving along on our way through our Disney Movie Nights marathon until our trip to WDW, our last movie night was Tangled! It was very magical and extra special because not only did we have a Tangled Disney Movie Night but also celebrated my little sisters birthday simultaneously. We did this because she loves Rapunzel and that is her character in our family. So, this movie night ended up being a little extra special compared to the other Disney nights we have had. I really loved the decorations and how the whole scenery came together, was almost like we were in the movie! So, below I have the details to our movie night as well as some extra fun ideas that we didn’t get to do. This movie night was lots of fun, I hope you enjoy!


Tangled Disney Movie Night:



Let’s start with the crafts/activities we had:

Like all other movie nights, I provided coloring/activity pages themed tangled. To find your own just simply search on google images or Pinterest– Tangled coloring/activity pages.

We also had a silly game that everyone had fun with. I simply bought some yellow crepe streamers and then “Tangled” the birthday girl in it and the other kids and they had to try to get out of it. It was fun to watch and got everyone giggling.

And we had, Pascal party blowers, I got the idea from here, and they are easy to make and a fun add to the party/movie night and they have other fun ideas as well.

I also wanted to make some flower crowns, especially one for the birthday girl and just completely ran out of time. Some cool ideas I was looking at are this one and using either purple and yellow flowers or any ones you want. And I thought it would be a great idea to go outside and create some amazing chalk art with the kids! Really get into the movie and the details.


At the end of the movie, we did a really fun and magical activity to tie up the movie night! I had previously had these Flying Wish Paper, which basically you write on a small piece of paper a dream or wish and then crumble it up, un-crumble it, roll into a long tube and then use matches to carefully light the paper, and then while outside you watch your wish/dream go off into the sky! The whole family absolutely enjoyed this last bit and it really fit well in with the movie. Sort of like the floating lanterns in Tangled. So, I highly recommend this for you and your family especially after a Tangled Disney Movie Night. You can find a similar item here and here.


Now for the details on the food we had:

Our main course was bread braid. I feel it was the perfect food option for Tangled. The braid resembles Rapunzel and the recipe we used was from Easy Life Hacks and it included spaghetti in the middle which was just perfect since spaghetti is also perfect for Rapunzel as it could represent her hair as well. This recipe was very delicious and a hit for the whole family. There are quite a few of us, so we ended up making two of these braids. You could also do two different braids as there are many, many options to choose from including a dessert bread braid. Have fun with it, sure to be delicious.


We also had, a fruit platter with a fruit dip in the middle. Include any fruits you wish, my sister loves fruit so I included this and it could also be Maximus’s fruit platter, especially if you have apples, since he eats those. Have fun with it, the fruit dip recipe I got from here. And this is a healthy side option and a platter allows you to have options if there are picky eaters.


Like always, we had to have our themed popcorn mix.


This one was fun and it included purple popcorn (made from melted purple chocolate, you can find the recipe I used here) white edible pearls, and cut up strands of these new yellow sweet & sour twizzlers, they make perfect braids for Rapunzel! I love coming up with these different popcorn mixes for each movie, and the kids really like the treats.


For a dessert option, I made these mini purple ombre cakes, with the sun symbol in yellow chocolate on top. I originally wanted to make these cones for a fun dessert, but went with the mini cakes instead. I got the idea from here and actually was pretty easy to make, just make sure you have the right supplies, especially a cake cutter for the perfect circles in the size you want. I found these Cake Boss circle cutters from Michaels that worked great! I then just bought 2 boxes of vanilla cake, you can also hand make your own and for each box, split the batter up into two portions after you have mixed all ingredients together, and then using purple food dye, start with one pan and add a few drops and keep adding more in each pan after, creating 4 shades of purple and then bake, a little less time than the box says since you split the batter. Just keep an eye on it and then let fully cool, cut into circles and then assemble light to dark or whatever connecting each piece with some frosting. I used yellow melting chocolate and this mold that when in all yellow looks close to the sun symbol. Mine came out nowhere near perfect but they were still delicious!


For a drink, we had a yellow punch or magical golden flower punch which consisted of pineapple juice, frozen orange juice and lemonade cans, water and Gingerale in equal parts.


And now for the decorations we had on and around the table:

I first laid down a yellow table cover on the table, and attached a purple table cover to the wall touching the table. After that, I began placing down the dishes for food or marking the areas where the food would be. I used all white or clear dishes for the food/drinks. Once I knew where I wanted the food, I then began placing everything else around it, like printed and cut out figures of different characters, wanted Flynn poster, etc.

One of my favorite aspects of this movie night was the Rapunzel Food Tier Tower that I made. I had seen different versions on Pinterest and decided to make my own. There are various ways to do this, for mine I first made three different sized circles from thick cardboard. This was easy to do using a large circle cutter. I made my sizes and 2-3 inches bigger than the one before starting at about 5in for the smallest one. I painted the smallest two white and the largest circle green. Then I took a paper towel tube (or you could use two toilet paper tubes) cut it in half and then using hot glue gun attached one piece to the middle of the largest circle, placed the middle size circle evenly on top with more glue, glued the second piece of cardboard on top of that, and then finished by attaching the smallest piece of cardboard to that. Then you easily have a tier.


Now for decorating it up to be Rapunzel’s Tower, I first found on google images a picture of brown brick wall. Copied and pasted the image to a word document, made it to the size I felt would fit around the paper towel tube and then printed it out. If sizing is wrong after you cut it out, think about how much longer you need, adjust and re-print, if too big, just simply cut to right size. Glue the brick around each piece of the paper towel tubes.


It helps when making this tower to look at a picture of the real tower from the movie. Just google images it. The next step in decorating was to make the top of the tower. I did this by taking a piece of purple paper and attaching the ends to make a tube like shape. This should fit nicely on top of your smallest circle tier if you are using a regular sized construction paper and connect it the long way.I found a nice image of the Rapunzel tower and made it bigger and printed it out and then taped it around the purple tube, this way it look like the actual tower in 3D form. Then I googled images a purple brick, did the same steps as before instead this time after cutting it out I made a cone like shape with the image and then attached it to the top of the purple tube I just made, like so…


I then cut out the main windows of the tower, and then took yellow crepe streamers cut it into three strands, tied it like a braid and used it as Rapunzels hair and wrapped it around the food tier  starting from the cut out window. You can add more or less details as you wish, I loved how my tier came out and it really helped set the tone for the movie and make it come to life. This and this are other great tower tier ideas.

I also had 3d paper flowers, in purple and pink and three different sizes. I found a template through google here, printed it out, and then cut them out and used them as tracers to trace onto my purple and pink paper. I cut them all out and then turned up each petal, to make it 3d. I then (optional) quickly took some lighter shades of pink and purple and made even smaller similar shape flowers to have as the middle of the flower. I spread these all over the table and it really helps liven it up even more!


My favorite decoration piece was the lantern banners I made! I took this template, printed a bunch out in a decent size, cut out, then took a bunch of yellow paper, made similar tube shapes like I did for the tower and then found a stencil of the sun symbol traced it onto purple paper, cut out and glued one onto each tube in the middle, and then attached all the lanterns varying each one onto string using tape. You can use any string you’d like. I ended up making two banners, the same length and then attached them slightly above my table to resemble lanterns going through the town. My idea came from here.


I felt as though this was the decoration piece that brought everything together and helped really feel like we were in the movie! I also fell in love with this lantern from Designs by Miss Mandee, it is a free printable and totally cute! I just didn’t get the chance to use it, but would look great on this table as well.

Finally, onto the purple background, I printed out a decent sized picture of the castle, to look like it’s off in the distance, taped it to the bottom of the wall where it meets the table and then quickly cut out a bunch of tiny different sized lantern like shapes and taped them to the wall to look like they are floating away from the castle and towards Rapunzel’s tower. And had a print-out of “Best Day Ever” in the middle of it all!


I had so much fun putting all these decorations together and watching my table come to life and into the move Tangled! This is sure to be a hit with the family. I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and are inspired to have a Tangled Disney Movie Night of your own. Remember I made this movie night extra special, you don’t have to include as many details to still have a magical movie night. I usually try to stay in the middle between a party and simple movie night. Whatever your level, have fun with it and feel free to share with us any creations you come up with or your own movie nights! It’s all about having fun and really getting into each movie and preparing everyone for WDW. Even if you aren’t planning a trip soon to a Disney place these movie nights are still fun to have especially if you are a Disney lover.


Some fun extra ideas we recently started to slowly incorporate in our movie nights, is DisneyBounding like outfits. Either wearing a fun shirt with that movie or character or really doing the Disney bounding with matching all your outfit to a character.

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their Summer and is getting ready for Fall, remember to get out there and explore!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. if you haven’t checked out our other Disney Movie Nights you can here, and our Pinterest board: Disney Creations for even more Disney fun!


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night

We are on our way, moving fast and already at our fourth Disney movie night. Each movie night is just getting better and more exciting as we get closer to our Disney Trip! If you haven’t seen our other movie nights, you can check them out here: Jungle Book/Tarzan, Finding Nemo/Dory, and Aladdin. We just had our Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night and it was lots of fun and the perfect Disney night for Summer time. I have the details below to our family night, you can check them out below, I hope you enjoy and we provide you with enough information to have a night of your own. The Little Mermaid had always been a favorite movie among many and a fun one to sing along to and it’s fun for the whole family. So, even if you aren’t counting down your days to a disney trip like we are, there are still plenty of other reasons to have a Little Mermaid movie Night!


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night:


Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 4

Disney is a magical time and I just love making these movies come to live and really getting the kids to interact with the movies. Let’s start with the details to the Crafts/Activities we did! I didn’t plan as many activities for this movie night as I have before but the kids still had a great time.

First, like always I provided the kids with some coloring/activity pages themed little mermaid. Simply google search: The little mermaid coloring/activity pages and pick and print out the ones desired.

I also made them a Sea sensory bin, I got the idea from Twodaloo.

These mermaid tails would also be super fun!

Now let’s move on to the Decorated Food table and start with the different yummy Food and Drinks we had.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 6

First is the Popcorn mix, we make with every movie night to fit it’s theme. This time the mix included popcorn, some Swedish fish, and some chocolate seashells. This mix was fun and the kids really enjoyed it. To make the chocolate Seashells, I bought a seashell mold from Michaels along with some melting chocolates in white, purple, and blue. Simply follow the instructions on the melting chocolates bag to melt the chocolates. I made some seashells purple, some blue and some blended with white in each color. This is very fun and easy to make. Play with the colors and have fun with it.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 10

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_upclose popcorn mix

To  go with the popcorn mix, I made some cute mermaid tail popcorn holders, of course inspired by Ariel. I bought scrapbook paper from Michaels and Hobby Lobby in different textures of turquoise. Used one sheet of paper to make a holder, using a cone method. You can find similar step-by-step here. Then, with purple paper, I added some seashell bras to the top of my holders. I simply traced out one first with a pencil by just looking at a picture of what Ariel’s looked like and then cut it out and lined it with a black sharpie and then traced that one to make the rest quickly. If you aren’t confident in free-handing the bra, you can use this as a reference to either trace or print out.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_ mermaid popcorn holders

Next, we had Seashell pasta. The shell pasta makes it fun to match this little mermaid theme. There are many shell pasta recipes, but I decided to go with this recipe from Slender Kitchen, a creamy cajun chicken shells pasta. This recipe was easy to make and was very delicious, just a tad spicy. We have kids of different ages and most of them still enjoyed this recipe.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_seashell pasta 2

We also had Seaweed Dip a.k.a Artichoke Dip. You could also make this one that includes artichoke and spinach. The recipe we used comes from my mother who makes this recipe pretty frequently. Everyone just absolutely loves this dip and requires her to bring it to all get-togethers. So, it is definitely a must try especially if you have never had artichoke dip before. And, so of course we all enjoyed this and it fit the theme nicely. This recipe goes great with bread or tortilla chips, the scoop chips work great as they are perfect for dip and look a little like seashells.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_Seaweed Dipartichoke dip

And for a fun, extra, healthy snack, I made seaweed grapes. Basically get green grapes and attach them to kabob sticks and place them together in a bowl or so and they look like seaweed in a sense. Fun and healthy treat a long with the other goodies. You could also make these adorable crabs made out of apples.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_seaweed

For dessert, I made the famous Little Mermaid dessert for many parties. Cookie Oysters. There are many, many ways to make these. The idea is mainly a cookie that looks like a shell or oyster, frosting and a large pearl. The cookies I used are European Cookies, Classic Shortbread, and they work great. I took some vanilla frosting and pink food coloring and bought some pearls from Michaels. Simply spread some frosting on the bottom of a cookie, particularly more to one side, place another cookie right side up on top and smash it a little to make the frosting move, and place one pearl in the middle of the frosting.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_oysters and pearls

These are other fun ideas for this kind of dessert: these, or these and these (link is the most wonderful Little Mermaid themed wedding, but you can see the macarons in it.)

Or these amazing cake pops!

And finally for a drink, we had Sea Water or Ocean water, that included Blue Hawaiian punch, Lemon-lime soda, topped with vanilla ice cream and for a special touch add some Swedish fish in the middle to really look like under the sea water. I got the idea from here.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_sea water

Now let’s finally move onto the decorations we had around our table.

First, I started by placing a blue table cover over the table and one pinned to the wall connect to the table. This way it look like the table is all under water. I then began adding the plates/bowls that would be used for food and drinks around the table in their correct places, so that I could decorate appropriately around them. I used mainly clear or white dishes.

I found a blue cup that I had which looks like it has bubbles in it and used it as a holder for the forks or a.k.a Dinglehoppers!

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_dinglehoppersforks

Once those were in place, I then added some real seashells and some extra chocolate seashells I had all around the table, along with printed out pictures of seaweed and red coral. This really is what starts to set the tone for the under water table! Then to make it more Little Mermaid themed, I added some printed out characters around the table and on to the wall. For all the printed out images I just google searched images in whatever I was looking for, copied and pasted it into a word document, made it to the size desired and then printed them out.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night_bubble wall

The wall also included some water bubbles and seaweed. Go here for some other fun underwater creations you can make. The bubbles are just different sized circles of white paper.

To the front of my table, I made a quick wave like border with two shades of blue paper. Here are some more fun decorating ideas that would be perfect for your movie night as well: this, this, and this.

Play around with your table and have fun with it! You can add more or less depending on your liking. I like to make my tables really fun and fit the theme, mainly for the kids to really get into the movie. But, having less can be just as fun or even more almost like a party. I like to keep our Disney movie nights pretty much in the middle of the two. There are so many more fun ideas out there that you could do for a Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night.

Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night 8

In all, I hope you have enjoyed these Little Mermaid Disney Movie Night details and are inspired to have a movie night of your own.  Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. What is your favorite Disney movie? I have so many but we have already watched two of them which is this one and Aladdin! Have a great rest of your Summer and stay tuned for our next movie night which will be Tangled!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our other Disney Movie Nights if you’ve missed them and our post on Disney Luggage Tags for more Disney fun!


DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2

It is no surprise everyone loves emojis and they are everywhere! My grandma even loves them and cannot text me without adding a ton to the end of her text! We already made a blog post for the first DIY emoji inspired straws and if you haven’t seen them you can check them out here and you can see other fun ways to enjoy these emoji crafts. These DIY emoji inspired straws part 2 are even cuter than before and are perfect for your next event or get-together whatever it may be. You can customize these straws anyway you like and really make them your own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2


DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2:


Supplies Needed:

  • Straws (any work, try to find cute ones that match the rest of your theme, these or these are fun colors to work with for a great price.)
  • Cardboard
  • Assorted paint colors and paintbrushes (This is a great paintbrush set, if you don’t have assorted ones already. The smallest ones are recommended for this project to get the small details.)
  • Pictures of emojis wanted to use for reference
  • Scissors & Tape
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start, you need to figure out what emojis you want to make. Have them as a close reference for you by either having them up on your phone, or even go to google, search them, and print out the ones desired.

Then, you need a nice piece of cardboard, can be thick or thin, and still will work fine. Don’t fuss over finding the perfect piece of cardboard, as I just grabbed a nice flat piece from my recycling bin, look around at what you have around your house. Flatten a cereal box, shoe box, etc. When all set, I then recommend using a pencil to first trace out the shape of the emojis you are going to be making.

Let’s start with my Bridal/Bachelorette set:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 2

These are adorable and just right for any wife-to-be’s and maid of honors out there. These sets includes straws inspired by emojis from both iPhone and Android. If you are good at drawing then start to lightly trace each emoji onto your cardboard. They don’t have to be perfect, can even add a little twist to them if you’d like. For the circle emojis, use something like a bottle cap or whatever you have in the size desired to trace out circles onto cardboard and then begin decorating. You can also use this as a height length for the rest of the emojis that aren’t circles. However, if you aren’t good at drawing then you could either just print the emojis wanted out in the sizes wanted for your straws, around 2in or so and then glue onto cardboard and cut out (there is a preview of this method below), OR print the emojis out and then use a paper to place on top and then to trace them out with a pencil. This method allows you to have the DIY look, and then once painted in the right colors you’d then glue it to cardboard and cut it out again. If you are drawing it right on the cardboard, I suggest, cutting out the shape you drew with your pencil and then painting it in the right colors.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_step 2

Then to attach them to your straws, you can either tape them straight to your straws, OR make a small slip out of paper, that is then glued to the back of your emoji, you can see a more detailed example of this one the part one of these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws. You also have the option to paint the backs of these emojis. I usually just paint mine all black or white, so that I am not leaving the backs showing whatever cardboard box I used.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 5

And then you have some adorably, easy DIY emoji inspired straws! This same method can be used to make any of the next sets of straws, just obviously customized to the emojis wanted. Also, for an even bigger personable touch to these emoji straws, you can even make the emojis, like the bride emoji to look like your bride-to-be, keep the same shape and most features just add small touches like hair, eye, skin color, or any big facial features they might have like a beauty mark, etc. Have fun with these and think of what would look and work great for you and your guests! The last optional step is to apply a nice, layer of Mod Podge over where you have painted (if you used the painted method) so you have a glossy, protective layer.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_Bridal Set 11


I also made a Father’s Day Emoji inspired Set:

However, I have included it’s pictures to show you how you can also use these inspired emojis as cupcake toppers! Made the exact same way instead for these you just tape them onto toothpicks and then insert it into a cupcake or dessert of your choice.

Emoji inspired cupcake toppers (fathersday)

Once again, customize these to your father/husband and they are sure to be a hit! I based these off of my boyfriend. His two favorite things are basketball and eating hamburgers.

emoji inspired basketball cupcake topper

Here is a close-up pf the beer emoji as well.

Emoji inspired beer cupcake topper

These are fun and could also be used for a guys birthday, which moves us onto the next set.

Emoji inspired fathers day cupcake toppers

Birthday Set:

This is a fun set, consisted of two types, inspired by two of my sisters who both have birthdays in the Summer and in August! There are so many different types of sets you can do for birthdays. Going through all the emojis and picking out the ones that really fit the birthday person’s personality and really scream birthday. So, I hope you like.

The first set was for my oldest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set5

This is a fun and typical set for a birthday, switch out the leo symbol for whatever sign needed and you’re good to go.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 3

And these can even be made to use to decorate the top of a cake for their birthday! This cake was delicious by the way and I adapted a recipe from Tortillas and Honey.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set cake toppers

And the second set is for my youngest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 1

As you can see my little sister is a lot more girly than my Oldest sister!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 4

There are even many sets you could make for a birthday boy! Many similar to the Father’s Day ones, but there are also a lot more to choose from.

Summer Set:

Which moves us onto the Summer set I did. These cute emoji inspired straws for Summer are perfect for any party during the Summer time. These ones were a lot of fun to make and really help just get you into the Summer vibes.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set_all

I actually made two sets since there was so many cute summer ones to choose from.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 2, 1

I hate that Summer is going by so fast, so enjoy these while you still can!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 8

These were so fun to make and really make for a great accessory to any Summer Party!

I really enjoyed making all these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2. They are super cute and make a great touch for any party. You can really make a set for any event type that you may have. I hope you have enjoyed these and are inspired to make some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to get out there and explore and try new things. If you have set ideas to share with us, please let us know! And stay tuned for our next set which will include a Fall and Winter set and more!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our posts on DIY Emoji Inspired Straws for the part 1 to these sets if you missed them and our Pinterest Board: Party Time for even more fun event DIYs.


DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds

If you have seen our other posts you know that I am getting ready for an upcoming Disney World trip! My family and I are beyond excited and have been doing many fun activities in preparing us for the trip. One thing that I have started are these DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds. My plan for them is for the Minnie one to collect “Dimes for Disney” and the Mickey one I am collecting all the “Disney Dollars” that my son gets the next 8 months until we go to Disney World. I plan on doing the same for my nieces and nephew that are going with us on the trip. The disney dollars you can find here and they are a way to help get your kids to behave. Giving them disney dollars when they do something good/respectful/helpful and taking them back when they are misbehaving. Whatever amount they have by the time we leave for the trip is the amount they get to spend and pick something at a store in Disney. I think it’s a fantastic idea! And the dimes for disney is more for me, a way to save up some extra money to go towards a trip. I believe a 2-liter bottle filled with dimes equals to around $700. So, that is my goal. You can follow the very easy steps below to make these Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds below, I hope you enjoy!

DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds


DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds:

DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds 3


Supplies Needed:

  • Cleaned and emptied containers (You could really use any container you wish, I used an emptied clorox wipes tube, which works perfect for this craft.)
  • Assorted paintbrushes and paint colors (These are a great set to use for this project and many others, and the colors I used were red, black, white, yellow, and tan.)
  • Tape and Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon (depending on which minnie style you choose (explained more below) I used thick red ribbon with white polk dots from Michaels for mine.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: Mod Podge



To start, take your container and take off any extra paper on the outside and clean the inside out. Make sure to dry it before moving on to the next step.

DIY Mickey Disney Fund 2

When it is clean and white you can begin decorating your containers. Let’s start with making Mickey Mouse. He is divided up in four different sections of color. Start with the bottom section which is his shoes and will be yellow. I first marked lightly with a pencil a line to show me where and how thick each section would be.

The yellow section is the smallest section, I made mine about 2/2.5 in. wide. After your sections are marked, take your tape and place it above your line around the whole container. This allows quick and easy painting and a straight line. Each section needs about two layers of paint but the yellow may need more. Once dry, you can move on to the next section which is black. This section is about 5 in. or so wide. Mark it as you did before and try to keep the line where the black meets the yellow as straight as possible.

Continue this process, going up the next section is red which is about the same length as the black maybe a little bit thicker, follow is tan and again around the same length as the black section. When all is dry, go through and make sure nothing needs to be adjusted or fixed. Let dry again and then you can begin adding in some details.

DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Fund step 4

The first detail is two large white ovals in the middle of the red section like Mickeys buttons. It helps to look at pictures of him while you do this. Make them as even as you can. If you need to, you can lightly with a pencil trace the ovals before painting them in. And again the white will need at least two layers.

The next detail is to make the face. To do this you will be covering most of the tan area you painted. I picked where on my container I wanted to be the front. Then I made the shape of his face lightly in black paint using a really thin paintbrush. you can see the shape below which is almost like two circles connected on top of a bigger circle. Once again looking at what Mickey looks like helps this step a lot. When you are satisfied with the face shape, paint in black everywhere else around it. Like so…

DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Fund step 5

When these details are all done and dried, the next step is to make his ears. To do this I took some cardboard, doesn’t have to be too thick or all fancy. I used an old cardboard from a cereal box, cut it and used it. I traced out two matching circles with the bottom of a cup. These were about 4 in. in diameter. Cut out and paint on both sides in all black. When dried, use your hot glue gun to attach them to the top of your container where the lid is. Make sure you don’t glue the lid shut though.

DIY Micket Disney Fund 3

And then you are done with your Mickey Mouse Disney Fund! To protect your new masterpiece I recommend applying a nice layer of Mod Podge around the whole thing. Then you can begin working on your Minnie Mouse Disney Fund if you are making both.

To make the Minnie Mouse Disney Fund, you begin by starting the exact same way as the Mickey one. She has four sections as well and all are the same colors. However, I ended up making her red section a tad bit thicker than Mickeys. Also for her details, instead of two large ovals Minnie has a bunch of small white polka dots all around the red. Everything else is the same, except to her ears you get to add a cute bow.

DIY minnie mouse disney fund 4

To do this, take your ribbon and make a nice bow, make sure it is tight and then using the hot glue gun attach it to the lid in the middle of the two ears.

You could also decorate your minnie mouse container with other colors. She has many different styles and they would all look just as adorable. I am thinking of trying the one where she has a blue dress and a pink bow and heels! Here are some pictures for your reference below, and you can pick which one to go with. I do recommend this Minnie though if you are also making the Mickey.

Minnie mouses

Finally, once again don’t forget to add a layer of Mod Podge to protect it.

DIY Minnie Disney Fund 2

Now you have two adorably cute DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds that are perfect to help you save up for your next Disney trip! You can now begin collecting either your Disney Dollars or some real money for your trip.

DIY Mickey and minnie funds

You could also add the writing “Disney Fund” or “Disney Dollars” to your containers. Using Craft Smart Paint Pens, works great! I added the words to the back of my containers with a silver paint pen.

DIY Mickey and Minnie Disney Funds 9

I hope you love these as much as I do and are inspired to make some of your own. I plan on making some for my nieces that are a little different, including different Disney characters, so stay tuned for those.

When is your next Disney trip? We would love to hear about how you are preparing for your trip.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. for more Disney trip fun, check out our post on Jungle Book/Tarzan Disney Movie Night for the start of our Disney Movie Countdown!

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

We are getting ready for our trip to Disney World next May, by having Disney Movie nights with all our favorite movies. This is to help the countdown and be able to prepare the kids and get everyone excited for the big trip! Our first disney movie night was Jungle Book & Tarzan, you can follow the link for the details to that movie night, and our next one was Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night. Everyone was really excited for this movie night and it turned out a success. I have all the details to the movie night below for you to follow or adapt to have a Findging Nemo/Dory night of your own. I hope you enjoy!


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night:


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 10

Let’s start with the activities we did to lead up to the movie night.  So, of course going to an aquarium is the perfect activity for a Finding Nemo/Dory movie. We went to the Seattle Aquarium the day before the movie night. This was lots of fun and the kids loved it. We got to see so many of the fish and some animals that are in both of the movies. This is a great way for kids to really learn about the fish in the movies and more about the water. If you are not able to make it to an aquarium another activity I recommend is going to a nearby pet/fish store. This way they can still see some real fish in person.

Aquarium collage

Another activity I had for the kids between the movies is coloring/activity pages that were Nemo/Dory themed. You can find many printable pages by either searching on Google or Pinterest and typing in: Finding Nemo/Dory coloring pages. This allows a fun activity for kids between movies because sometimes it’s hard for them to sit still even through one movie.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_coloring pages

Then finally, I made an Ocean Sensory box for the kids. This is great sensory for kids of many ages and allows them to explore sand, water, etc. where many of these animals come from. I got the edible sand idea from Fun-A-Day.                .

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean2

Some other great activity ideas are this fish in a bag slime, Nemo Handprint, Finding Dory Craft, and Pin Nemo on the fish bowl.

Now let’s move onto the decorated food table! We also have our table set-up and decorated in the theme of the night with decor and yummy food. This really helps set the scene for everyone and really get into even more the theme of the movie. Not only is this fun but the kids love it. It’s almost like mini-parties on our Disney Movie Nights. It is up to you how much you want to decorate and set-up for your movie nights, but I hope I provide you with enough information to take any ideas from ours that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 6

Food included:

A fun popcorn mix that had popcorn, jell-o (blue) popcorn, and Dory goldfish. This was a hit with everyone. You can find the Dory Goldfish still in stores right now, but when they stop selling them, regular goldfish will work just as well. The Dory ones just have blue and other color goldfish as well. For the Jell-o popcorn you can find similar methods to making this here. You could also add other fun “sea” like goodies to the mix that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 4 Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_popcorn

We also had, octopus Hank hotdogs. These came out super cute, and the kids loved eating them. You can find a similar how-to here. You could also add them on top of some “sea” shell pasta, or even blue dyed pasta. I just put ours on a plate and the kids dipped them into ketchup.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_octopus hank dogs

Next, we had fish sticks…Now I know that is a little weird because, “fish are friends not food” but it fit the theme and the kids really like them. We called them shark bait (ohh ahh ahh) and so the kids really didn’t quite understand it anyways. I just placed them in a bowl.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_shark bait ooh ahhahh

And finally, on the side, we had a bucket (sand pail) filled with colorful swedish fish candies. This just added a nice sweet touch to the underwater fish theme.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_bucket of fish

As for a beverage, we had “sea” water that contained Blue Hawaiian Punch, 7-up, and Whipped cream as a topping (optional). This helped it resemble sea water. Another fun beverage idea is to just have the sodas, Crush and Squirt!

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_ocean water

Some other fun food ideas are, These finding dory snacks, Crush’s turtle shell pepper, and finding dory cupcakes from Disney.

Now for the table Decor:

To go with the “sea” water, we had orange cups and a finding dory cup from the dollar store that held striped dark blue straws which I found at the Dollar Store. All these colors worked well with the rest of the theme. To some of the straws, I then added small print-out pictures of some of our favorite characters and taped them to the straws. The kids loved picking out their favorite characters.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_Straws

We also had a very cool wave background. This was really simple and easy to make and adds a great touch to the hole themed table! I loved this touch. I simply bought light and dark blue crepe streamers (got mine from Michaels), took strands of each and taped one end to the table, twisted it up and taped the top to the wall. Each end length is not the same and that helps to add the wave effect that I was going for. I then added a few print-outs of some characters from both movies that weren’t necessarily found throughout the rest of the table and just taped them in-between the waves.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 8

At the bottom of the waves where they meet the table, I then added some crunched up brown paper slabs. This added a sand floor look to the theme as well as the light yellow table cover. And on top of the table cover, I sprinkled some of the fake sand I made from the kids activity all around the table to really get the sand bottom feel.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 5

To finish up the decor, I added some print-out purple sea shells (since I couldn’t find any seashells to paint) and placed them around the popcorn bin like how dory’s parents did, as you can see above. Added some figurines around the table, dory plates, and finally our “Now Playing” sign with a Finding Dory picture attached. You can get our blank Now Playing Movie Sign here.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_now playing sign

Another fun decor idea, that I would of loved to do is this ocean ceiling decor. We all really enjoyed this Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night, and I hope you are inspired to have one of you own! Feel free to share with us any fun theme idea you come up with. If you don’t have the finding Nemo movie, you can rent it on on demand and it is available to rent on Netflix. With the Finding Dory just coming out, it is still in theaters so, if you are having this movie night soon, that is one of your only options to watch that movie. If you are watching it later after it is out of theaters, look on-demand, Netflix, red box, etc. to find it if you don’t want to purchase it.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 7

There are of course a bunch more ideas you could add to your movie night, so have fun with it. I try to keep all my ideas to a minimum for what I include because I want the movie nights to stay at fun movie night ideas for the family and not turn too much into a more themed party. Have a great rest of your Summer, get out there and explore and try new things! Stay tuned for our next Disney Movie Night which is Aladdin!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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