Peace, Love, Joy Holiday Decoration

I am so excited for the Holiday season! For one it is my favorite time of the year, and I just can’t get enough of everything Christmasy! Ever since I was a little girl I absolutely loved when my mother pulled out our Christmas bins, and we decorated the whole house with Christmas decorations and danced to Christmas music while we did. I will always have those memories with me. Now that I have a family of my own, I am even more excited to begin some family traditions, make awesome memories, and decorate my house with my own decor. I have been so used to decorating with my mom and her home, that now when it is time to decorate my own, I don’t know where to start. Of course there are so many cute things in the stores right now that I want to buy, BUT we all have to start slow and build up. So, this year I am starting by making a lot of my own.

With Christmas fastly approaching, I am getting together some Christmas decoration ideas. A lovely one I recently finished is this Peace, Love, Joy Holiday decoration. It is a super easy and elegant Christmas decorating idea. It was really so easy to do and it doesn’t cost much at all to complete this wonderful craft. What I love most about this project is that it allows me to work with what I had around me and the nature outside. You can follow my easy steps below to create your own Holiday Bottles Decoration. I hope you enjoy!

PLJ Holiday Bottles3

Peace, Love, Joy Holiday Decoration


Supplies Used:

  • Empty Wine Bottles (I decided to make three, for three words. You can use however many, it will still look as nice even with one. I also used a mix of clear and green bottles and they came out the same as either one works.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • White paint
  • Tree branches
  • Glitter (Silver and Gold where used on mine, I think red or green would look lovely as well.)
  • Mod Podge



  1. This craft was so easy for me since I had all of these items already, besides the tree branches but you can find these items at any craft store, Target and even some at the Dollar Store and all at low prices. Now to start, I picked out three used wine bottles. I had previously collected ones we used up for future projects. Two were the same size and shape and the one used in the middle is a slightly smaller and different shape. I feel it added an extra umph to it. Using all three the same size and shape would look just as nice though.
  2. Begin by taking off the labels once you have your bottles picked out. This process is easy, just fill your sink up with warm soapy whatever and then I added a little vinegar into it and put the bottles in the water and let them sit there for awhile like around an hour or so. When ready, take the bottles out and then I began scraping off the labels using a tool from my kitchen. It should come off pretty easily after soaking it, so you can use most objects to help you get it off.
  3. Then when they are dried, heat up your hot glue gun and when you have decided on what words you want on your bottles you can begin writing out the letter with your glue gun. I just used my regular hand writing, you can try to do a pretty font by looking at the words written out on a word document in the font you like. I wanted somewhat Christmas like words, that’s why I went with Peace, Love, and Joy. I believe those words are a lot of what Christmas is about and how I want my home to be. Try to evenly space out the letters and make them the same size, and repeat that on each bottle.                                                                                                                                 joy bottle
  4. When your words have dried, and they are a nice thickness all across you can then begin painting them in white around the whole bottle. I had to do two coats of the white paint after each have dried and then added some touch ups. This makes sure that the bottles is covered in all white and you can’t see any streaks or the bottle. While these are drying you can begin working on your tree branches.                        PLJ Holiday Bottles
  5. Have fun going outside and picking some cool looking branches, or you can even go buy some fake ones from a craft store. Either way works. I found three branches that looked completely different. I believe this also adds some umph to the overall look. But, once again either way works, They can all look the same too!
  6. To make my branches pretty, I took my mod podge and painted it all over the branches and then applied either my silver or gold glitter to a branch. I decided to do two silvers and one gold. You could do all the same color or even all three different colors. I really like how mine look with just the gold in the middle. Both versions came out super lovely with the glitter.  I really loved how they came out.             PJL glitter branch
  7. Once your branches are all glittered out and dried, you can then place one branch in each bottle. Arrange them so that when all placed together the branches flow together instead of are just poking each other or looking too clumped. I only added one branch each to a bottle because each branch contained mainly littler branches and pieces. Once you have placed your branches inside, you can make the decision to make them fuller by adding more branches to each bottle or leave as is.                                                                                                                   PLJ Holiday Bottle Branches  

      PJL holiday bottles4

And then you are done with this lovely Holiday decoration. Simple steps and super easy to do. In no time you will have these holiday pieces to spark up your Christmas/Holiday decor. I am so excited for mine and can’t wait until I get to decorate my home with all of my Christmas decorations.

      PLJ Holiday Bottles2

I plan on placing these on my mantle, have fun with it. Where would you put yours? I hope you have enjoyed this project and it has inspired you to create your own! Have a great holiday filled with Peace, Love, and Joy!


Be Happy and Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Easy Holiday Ornament Wreath

As the holidays are approaching and Christmas is getting closer, I have been excited to start making my own Christmas decorations since I don’t have much of any recently moving into my own place with my boyfriend and our baby. I get so excited around this time of year, always so happy and joyful. I have always wanted to make my own Ornament wreath and finally got to do it. I love the look of them and the different variations you can do. I was able to find and get all the supplies from the Dollar Store, besides already having a glue gun and with all the items I got they only cost about $8 total. This DIY project is easy just can take a little time gluing all the ornaments in place, and it is fun to do,

You can follow the steps I took below to make your own ornament wreath, I hope you enjoy!


      ornament wreath 5


Easy Holiday Ornament Wreath


      ornament wreath 2


Supplies Needed:

  • Two different size ornaments and colors (I found two sizes of red and gold ornaments from the dollar store that had three shades glitter, a matte look, and a shiny look. You can use whatever colors you like or that match your other decor.)
  • A Wire wreath frame (Other types can be used)
  • Small gold and red jingle bells
  • A Glue gun
  • Optional: Gold wreath hanger


      Ornaments for OW



  1.  To start, take your wire wreath frame and all your ornaments out of the packages. Think about how you want to arrange the ornaments, I decided that since I had only two colors that I just wanted to mic the mall up, the different sizes, colors, and looks.Ornament wreath prt. 1
  2. I heated up my glue gun and just started by taking an ornament putting glue around the bottom or hook of the ornament and gluing it to the wreath. I kept doing this adding all the different pieces next to, on top, and all around each other. Buying one red and gold in each size was just enough to fill the wreath. There will be a couple of small holes or places where you can see the wire and at this step that’s OK.ornament wreath prt. 3
  3.  The next step is to take your jingle bells and starting gluing those the same way all around the wreath wherever there is a gap or you see the wire. I used all of these as well for my wreath. It all came out to be the perfect amount.                                                                  ornament wreath prt. 4                                      ornament wreath prt. 5
  4. When it is all dried, make sure all pieces are glued down tightly so that they won’t fall off and mess up other ornaments. Just add more glue to the back to get them to stay. Once, that is dried then you can take your wreath hanger and hang it up on your door for everyone to see your beautiful creation!

       ornament wreath prt. 7

       ornament wreath prt. 6

I had fun making this ornament wreath, I hope this has inspired you to go make your own! Have fun with it and be creative. There are a lot of cheap goodies at the Dollar Store that you could incorporate into your wreath or other decoration projects. It is a great place to start when making something especially for the holidays. Hope your holidays are filled with joy and love!

       ornament wreath 4


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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