Thanksgiving Table Setting

Can’t believe that Halloween has already come and passed this year! Now, it is time to get ready for all things Thanksgiving. There is so much to love about Thanksgiving, and one of my favorites is the family gathering around and remembering who and what all we are thankful for. The Thanksgiving table is a huge part of Thanksgiving. It is where everyone comes to join around and share memories, smiles, and laughter with. Now that I have started a family of my own, my goal is to create a beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting every year with a different theme, colors, and feeling. Last year, I made my first table setting with typical Thanksgiving/Fall colors with a touch of glitter. You can find the details to that table here. This year however, is a little more colorful or a lot more colorful than last years. I absolutely love my color scheme this year and it really adds a fun feeling for Thanksgiving but still brings the meaning of Thanksgiving to the table as well. You can find all the lovely details to my Thanksgiving Table Setting 2016 below, hope you enjoy!




Thanksgiving Table Setting:



Let’s start with the color scheme of this years table setting. I brought the colors Gold, Light Pink, Dark Pink (almost Magenta?), Peach/Tan, White, and Turquoise all together to create this setting. All of these colors were used for my pumpkins and then for all the other components and accessories some or most of the colors were used.

So, I created my pumpkin centerpiece first. I have seen many, many different painted pumpkin color schemes all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided to give it a try. I collected various different sized and shaped real and fake pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins ranged from small to tiny. I went to a pumpkin patch to collect some cool or cute looking pumpkins and then found the other fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store and Target. The Dollar Store ones included the typical foam orange ones and then I found these tiny foam ones that looked way closer to real ones than the other ones and really loved these! They come in a dark orange color. Some people like to use all real pumpkins, but I really liked working with a mixture of both. They both provide their benefits and actually worked well together and give you more texture to play with.


I made the colors random, starting with painting a few light pink, white, gold, and Tan/Peach. About 2-3 each making a larger one a color and a tiny one or two  a matching color.


I then decided to add a little more pop of color, than just this mutual tone color scheme and added a few pumpkins in the Dark Pink, Turquoise and light Orange.


Each pumpkin, both real and fake ones required about 3-5 coats of paint. Depending on the color of paint and the pumpkin. Make sure each layer dries before applying the next and I recommend adding a final layer of Mod Podge to each pumpkin when desired color is reached. When you have your pumpkins all picked out and painted, This is your Thanksgiving Table Setting centerpiece. You can add more to it with numerous items. A cute personal touch and where the fake pumpkins come in handy are to take some picture holders, much like these and stick some throughout your pumpkins right into the fake ones and and some pictures to the top. You can use any pictures and sizes you wish, I used these cute DIY Polaroid Pictures that you can find the how-to for. I really loved this idea and the personal-ness of them. The Polaroids really give your guest/family a glimpse into the past especially if you use old pictures from previous Thanksgivings.


This creates an adorable centerpiece that everyone is sure to love. You could also add things like candles, either in-between the pumpkins or at each end. Or even, other various Fall items like leaves, flowers, vines, etc. Have fun with it especially the arrangement and make sure it all flows nicely and you have a balance throughout the whole centerpiece.

Following along, I used a white tablecloth to put the pumpkin centerpiece on.  Once I had that all in place, I then began adding the personal seat settings around the table.


This includes, Two sizes of white plates and in-between them I used sheets from mambi Sheets that can be found at Michaels (make sure to look for the buy one get one half off deals or buy one get one free). My table setting included for four people, so I used two different sheets and placed them every other on my table. One that matched my dark pink pumpkin color and the other a white one with black dots that provided a nice matching but different texture to the table. I made the sheets to be about 8 inches in diameter using a large circle cutter.


Next, I added my DIY Thanksgiving Napkins and silverware. Follow the link for the how-to on the napkins. These were so fun to make and the colors matched beautifully with the rest of the table setting and really provide that Thanksgiving feel even through all the bright colors. Besides the pumpkins these were my favorite accessory for my Thanksgiving table. Make sure you begin making these with enough time to spare as starting out may take awhile, also depending on how many you want to make. As you go along though they get easier and faster to make.


Now, for my place cards, these are always fun to come up with. This year I had two ideas. The first is a different but again personal and effect way. I used the DIY Polaroid Picture method from above for the centerpiece, but used them as place cards by using the person the seat belonged to’s picture and placed on-top of the plate setting.


I really loved this place setting idea and everyone is sure to love finding their face on these adorable mini Polaroids. You can use any picture, ones from previous years of them or even recent ones you like.

The next idea was, Emoji Place cards! This idea came from my DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways Post.


Follow the link for more directions, you can personalize the Emojis to fit your guests or use Thanksgiving themed ones. The list goes on and on for ways to use these. These make a fun and different idea for your table that your guest/family are sure to love.  Especially using ones like this football to give your guys at the table a little more manly feel against all the other colorful and pink table decorations. And you can see in the picture below as well that I used both this Emoji method and the Polaroid picture method by having the Polaroids as my centerpiece and the Emojis as place cards. Have fun with it!


Finally, one of the last touches, I added this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree leaves to my light fixture above the table to make a leaf chandelier. This came out a lot cooler and lovelier than I expected! I really recommend adding this last touch as, it really brings the whole table together and with that final Thanksgiving touch. While everyone is seated at the table, you see all of these personal touches of what family means, with your loved ones around you and you look up and see what everyone is thankful for, really ties it all together! Our table was for four but my chandelier included what everyone was Thankful for, from family close and far away.


These also included the theme colors since the outline colors of the leaves included the Turquoise, light pink, dark pink, and gold colors. Used white string and tape to hang and attach to my light fixture. I would recommend using clear fish string though. Follow link above for more instructions.


I was very pleased with how this colorful Thanksgiving Table Setting came out.


Not too much but just enough of the right colors everywhere. I hope my family enjoys it as much as I do and that you are inspired to create one of your own! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends and a great rest of your Fall.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and one important thing about Fall time and coming together for Thanksgiving with your family and friends is remembering or realizing what all you are thankful for. Thanksgiving can mean many different things to people but we can be certain that what you have to be thankful for really comes in to play when you are sitting at that table and looking at all those faces. I recently (last year) started a tradition with my family. Not just my family at home but my whole immediate family. Last year I asked everyone what they were thankful for that year and made my first Thanksgiving Thankful Tree (which you can find here) and I really just loved the whole idea and getting everyone to really think about what that year brought and what they were majorly thankful for. I loved it so much I decided to keep the tradition going and instead of using the same tree, I took the same idea and decorated it in a completely different and fun way for my Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016! You can follow the very easy steps below to create a thankful tree of your own. I hope you enjoy.




Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016:




Supplies Needed:

  • White card stock paper
  • Assorted paint colors
  •  Leaf template
  • String, Scissors, Tape
  • What your family members are thankful for



To start, you need to ask your family members (that you wish to use) or friends, what they are thankful for this year. I try to make sure that they really think about it and give me more than the typical  “Family” and “Friends” answers. Once you have those, find a leaf template that you like. You can use this template here or you can go to Google and search: Leaf templates and print and cut out the ones you like. Have as many leaves for as many people you plan to have on your thankful tree.

Once you have them all printed and cut out, take your assorted paint colors and paint the outer rim of each leaf. I used a light pink, magenta, gold and light turquoise paint colors and just painted them so that I had a color for each of the different leaves. Let dry. I used these colors because they matched the rest of my theme colors I have going on for my Thanksgiving table setting.


Then, you can begin writing what each person is thankful for on different leaves, I like to use quote marks and then add a – and there name at the bottom and then the year on the back.


Once that is all done, you have the option to use these leaves anyway you want to display. You can do the traditional tree method and hang them from tree branches much like I did on last years, or do a different and fun way and hang them from your chandelier like I did this year!


I took some string; clear fish line type string is recommended but I used what I had lying around the house which was white sewing string, and some tape and taped one end of the string to the back of the leaves and cut different lengths for each string and taped them to my light fixture making a leaf chandelier.


The different lengths for your string is recommended to create a great chandelier look instead of having them all the same length and crushed together.


Having this right above your table, in the middle, is then what really brings this whole Thanksgiving Thankful Tree together! When you and your family/friends are sitting at the table and getting ready to enjoy your feast, you look up and see these leaves and see what everyone is thankful for really adds a great touch to your whole get together feeling. And the elegant way they hang really will make any Thanksgiving table theme pop!

I hope you have enjoyed this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016 and are inspired to create one of your own. Please feel free to share with us an creations you make. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving time? Do you have any traditions with your family? Have a happy Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our post on our Thanksgiving Table Setting 2016 for all of our fun Thanksgiving ideas and our Pinterest Board: Fall Time Fun for even more fall DIY ideas!

DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins

Fall is really a wonderful time, with the crisp air, fall colors, clothes, food, family, etc. etc. It is a time to really remember what you have in your life and what to be thankful for. Many times we forget these things and take many for granted. During Thanksgiving, when family and friends come together, then is really when you create some special memories and makes all of Fall even better. So, this year I have created some DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins that are perfect for the meaning of Thanksgiving. These “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” napkins really help add or set the tone to your joyful feast or to even use all through Fall as a reminder of what to be thankful for around you. This was a fun DIY project and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! You can follow the steps below to make your own.




DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins:




(This post may contain some affiliate links.)


Supplies Needed:

  • Blank white cloth napkins (I got mine from here, they work good and are a great price, but I recommend these as it is better to get 100% cotton.)
  • Package of Iron-on transfer paper (These are all good for this project, as well as Michaels carries some of these.) Make sure that if you get the napkins I used above (they are polyester), you don’t get the iron-on paper that recommends only cotton fabrics.
  • Hand Iron
  • Desired design
  • Assorted Multi-Surface paints (make sure to get multi-surface or this project won’t work)



Start by, deciding what design you want to use for your napkins. If you want to use my exact “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” design then you can take the image below and copy and paste it to a word document and size it to the desired size. The size it is now, is about the size I used.


If you want to make your own design/text, you can do this by:

  1. Opening a word or similar document on your computer and typing out the desired text that you want.
  2. Then use the different fonts to go through and play around with the lettering until you are satisfied. You can also find some nice fonts to download and add to your fonts collection at, make sure though that you read their policies as some of them cost, and ones that are free have some restrictions as to how you can use them. They all should have instructions on how to use them as well. If you want a design I suggest doing this with like a paint program or something better that you may have.

(This next step is for both designing your own and if you copied and pasted my design…)

Once you have your desired text all figured out, I suggest copying and pasting your design (or mine) on the same page and trying to fit as many as you can on it. The size I used compared to the napkin and how I folded it, it is actually pretty large so there is room for this to be smaller and still look great! The more you can fit on to your page the more of your iron-on transfer papers you can save. I ended up only being able to fit three onto one page.

Then, when going to print, be sure that you first mirror the page (as all text needs to be in reverse to do the iron-on transfer correctly or it will come up backwards on your napkins.)

  • If you don’t know how to do that, I know that for Windows computers or on Word document you can right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. Choose 3-D Rotation in the left pane. Change the X setting to 180. and then click OK, and Word flips the text in the text box, producing a mirror image and then you just print it out, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.
  • If you are using a Mac to do this, I know that you can select to print like you normally would, click on the third menu and select Layout. In the bottom right, place a check mark next to Flip horizontally. Confirm that it looks OK by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom left. If it looks OK to you, go ahead and Print, always checking that Flip horizontally remains enabled. This easily flips your whole page for you, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.


Now, that you have your design printed out on your transfer paper, you can now take some scissors and cut out each of your texts, so that they are their own personal squares now. Then place a cut out onto one of your cloth napkins (I placed mine in the bottom middle of each napkin, so that when it is folded back up correctly, the design is right there on top.) Be sure to read the directions on your transfer paper package for more directions on how to set this all up nicely.


Then, when you are all ready, you can begin ironing your cutout design. Like the package says, make sure that you apply heat and pressure to every inch of the paper, pressing down for 20 seconds on each section, and fully lifting up the iron before moving to another section.


When you feel like you have done every inch of the paper, for a matte look when it’s hot and you can touch it, take a corner of the paper and nice, and smoothly peel of the paper showing your design now on your napkin! And for a glossy look, wait for it to cool before removing the paper to show your design.

diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-7 diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-8

I thought that this was so fun to do. I just loved the fact that I made a design and then saw it come to life on my new napkins right before me! It really is a fun project and you could do this project with so many other designs.


My minds been flowing with more fun cloth napkin ideas I could do! But, that’s not if for these lovely napkins. You have the option to either leave the napkins like this as is with just your design on white napkins or you can spice them up a little with the extra steps I added to mine. If you want to add that extra umph to yours you can follow the steps below! Either way though you will have some awesome new DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins to enjoy for this coming Fall.


For these more colorful Thanksgiving napkins, you can follow the easy steps below!

Get all your materials out and together on a flat surface that has been covered with newspaper or another similar item to protect your surface. You’ll need: cup of water, paintbrushes, assorted multi-surface paint colors, and your cloth napkins.

*Before doing the first step, I recommend using a regular napkin to dampen and then practice mixing your colors on, so that you are sure on what you want and have had practice before doing the final colors on your cloth napkins.


The first step is to take your already made napkins from above and dampen up the area of the cloth napkin that you plan on painting. For mine, I was only doing the lower bottom part of my cloths. So, I took a foam brush and used it to dip into some water and then damped the whole desired area.  Make sure you do enough so that it stays damp while you are painting.


Start with one color and then continue to add another color at a time. I started with my light pink color first and the method to paint mine I used was starting at one corner of the damp area on the cloth and dipped my paintbrush into the paint and a little into the water and then lightly do a quick flick from the area where you want your paint to be. I also, made random dots around the cloth in each color and used my finger to help smudge and blend out the color. Your cloth being damp is what makes this possible and gives you a watercolor like feel. Continue to add a color at time, using similar methods and blending and adding in to the color before! You really want to treat this like you are painting with watercolors using your hands to make art!



Keep adding more colors as you feel needs, blending and blotting and flicking away.


Let completely dry when you are finished as it looks a little different when dry and then if you feel anything needs adjusting or more touch of color then add to it! Once satisfied, I then took my dark pink and yellow paint and used these to carefully paint the outline border of the cloth napkins. Carefully do this to not get any paint on the parts of the cloth left white and the parts that are already painted can easily be blended in if you do accidentally get paint on.


And then did the same on other napkins but using the dark pink and gold paints. I couldn’t decide which one yellow or gold to use so I decided to do both. Some with one color and some with the other. You can use whatever colors you wish don’t have to be these but with the colors used on the napkin I felt the dark pink really helped pull it all together.


Then, once again when dry, you have some beautiful Thanksgiving “Eat Drink & Give Thanks” napkins.


*Before use I suggest, taking all your painted napkins and washing them….

A wonderful colorful table setting can then be made around these napkins. You can also follow my steps to creating a matching table setting for your guests here.

I really hope you have enjoyed these DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins and are inspired to make your own!! Please feel free to share with us any color combos you come up with! What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I love the family coming together and remembering what all we are thankful for. Have a great rest of your Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways

Continuing on with my other DIY Emoji Straw sets, and with the Holiday season approaching us, I am sharing with you DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways. Meaning these sets and ways are all Holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) themed, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do these emojis, ultimately you can use whatever emojis you wish.  This craft is a lot of fun, especially picking out the emojis that match the desired theme or guest! There are numerous ways to have fun with these emojis, I hope you enjoy the 5 ways we have come up for you!




DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways:


Lets start with the Holiday Emojis Way Number 1: (Holiday Emoji Straws)


This is the same method as the other emoji straws I have made, you can find the how-to for them here at the part 1 and here at the part 2. These are a cute touch to any event or party, and help really liven up the party. Guest will love these fun characters, you can pick and use any emojis based on your theme.

The main items needed are: Straws, tape, cardboard, and either various acrylic paints or print outs of desired emojis in about 1 in. size.



Directions: For any emoji straws, basically you have the choice to either pick emojis out by using google images and searching emojis, copying onto a document, make to be about 1 in. and print out and glue onto a piece of cardboard and then cut out OR to take some acrylic paints and by looking at pictures of the emojis desired, paint them straight onto a piece of cardboard. Be sure to apply a nice layer of Mod Podge one the ones hand drawn. You should decide this based on your artistic abilities and timing preference. If you are good at tracing an image, painting and have some time to spare, I’d recommend painting them yourself as the ones painted have an extra personal touch. If you aren’t so artistic and/or on a time budget, I suggest printing them out. You can see both of these examples on my DIY Emoji Straws Part 1 & 2 above. If you aren’t liking how the printed ones are looking, try printing onto nicer paper, like photo paper or cardstock.


Take your emojis and your straws, and using tape, tape them to the top of your straws, leaving a nice amount for a mouth and making sure no tape is showing.



Way Number 2: (Holiday Emoji Magnets)


This is a new way, I have tried. I feel like this adds great character to your fridge, office, desk, locker, etc. wherever you can put magnets! Very easy to do and as the seasons change you can change out the magnets.


Start by, making the emojis the same way as in Way Number 1.

Then, instead of attaching to straws, you will need a roll of magnetic tape or round ceramic magnets or magnetic tacky dots. All of these have a peel and stick back, but I always add a little amount of hot glue down and then attach the magnets, for extra strength and hold.

And simply, add to your fridge or desired surface! And you are ready for the holidays. Use to hold up any Holiday pictures or cards!


Way Number 3: (Holiday Emoji Ornaments) 


This step is similar to Way Number 2, however instead of attaching to magnets, you are attaching them to either string (like ribbon or whatever you have) or ornament hooks.


Make the emojis explained the same way in Way Number 1, but maybe making them a little bigger since they will be ornaments. This is all up to you depending on what size you want. Use hot glue gun to attach either string or ornament hook to the back of your emojis, make sure when hardened that it is snug in place and will hold. Then decorate your tree!


Way Number 4: (Holiday Emoji Cupcake Toppers)


This way is much like Way Number 1, except instead of straws you are attaching your emojis onto toothpicks. It’s that simple. Make the emojis the same way in Way Number 1 (you could make them a little bigger for cupcake toppers if wanted) and then simply using tape, tape toothpicks onto the back of your emojis. These make for a fun way to serve your cupcakes or any Holiday treat!


Way Number 5: (Holiday Emoji Place Cards)

Finally, the last way to have fun with these Holiday emojis is to use them as place cards for your holiday table! Once again, very easy to do. All you have to do is make the desired emojis, same way as in Way Number 1, instead this time I highly recommend doing a much larger size than 1 in. I made mine to be about 3 in. or so. These are a fun and personable touch to your Holiday table.


I also recommend, using paint pens to then add the name of each person for their place card. Make this fun by picking ones that remind you of them or just randomly putting a name to an emoji. This way allows you to bring emojis into your holiday decorating in a very fun, expressing way.


I hope you have enjoyed all the fun ways to use these DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways and are inspired to make some of your own this Holiday season! Have fun with it, what are some of your favorite emojis and how would you incorporate them in one of these projects? Please feel free to share with us any creations you make. This could also be a fun project to do with the whole family. Who doesn’t love emojis? Everyone will have fun picking out their own or favorite. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

P.S. check out our posts on DIY Emoji Ornaments for more emoji inspiration and our other DIY Emoji Straws Part 1 & 2 if you haven’t already.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is a fun season for decorating, especially DIYs. There are so many ways to decorate and things you can do. I made a roundup of my DIY fall decorations that I made this year. They are all easy to do and don’t require a lot of money to do so. Ideas perfect for next fall or Thanksgiving. These ideas are to inspire you, and to show you that it doesn’t take much to make your own decorations if that’s the route you want to take. People often believe it requires lots of skill and money to make their own decor. All these ideas you can get most of the items from the dollar store and they still look nice and not cheap and tacky. Hope you enjoy!


Easy Fall Decorating Ideas


Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Think outside the box and literally outside for all things Fall. Fall is about nature, the beautiful colors, leaves, pumpkins, etc. and so for inspiration go to the outdoors and bring what you love outside inside. I can’t wait for next year to make even more of my own Fall items. What are some of your favorite fall decoration pieces? Where do you get your inspiration from? I’d love to hear from you. I hope I have inspired you to create a beautiful Fall! Have a great rest of your year!


thanksgiving table setting5

1. Our Thanksgiving Table Setting for this year, is this super glittery and elegant table setting. Sure to spice up your home and entertain your guest. This table decor is easy and does cost much at all to achieve, you can go here for the how-to.


ghwgh sign

2. A great add to the table setting is this Gather here with Grateful Hearts sign, simple DIY sign that brings together the meaning if Thanksgiving. Go here for the how-to. This sign is perfect to match with our next decoration.


Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 4

3. Our Thanksgiving Thankful Tree. A great tradition I am starting with my family, everyone writes what they are thankful for on a leaf and it is hung onto the tree. This DIY is super easy and a great way to express gratitude. Go here for the how-to.


Falling in love garland

4. Next we have our Falling In Love fall garland, this simple DIY is a lovely add-on for your Fall decoration. Your home should be homey and full of love and the fall leaves really spice up the home and add a touch of fall. Go here for the how-to.


jack-o-lantern pumpkin jar

5. This cute little guy is a great decoration piece to add to your home. Easy to do and such a cute piece. Fill him with candy or other goodies and you are good to go. Great Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween decoration. Go here for the how-to.


DIY give thanks poster

6. Then we have our Eat Drink and Give Thanks sign. I love this sign and that saying. I have it up in my kitchen and it is a perfect reminder of what Thanksgiving is about. The easy DIY steps can be found here.


Fall Leaf Luminiares

7.  Our latest project was our mini fall leaf luminaries, they are so cute and simple to make. Are sure to brighten up your home as a cute decor. You can go here for the how-to.

fall mantle 3

8. And finally we have a lovely Fall mantle. This is super easy to do and doesn’t cost much at all. All items can be found at Dollar Stores, and crafts stores for cheap and/ or pick up some from the nature outside and it still looks elegant and nice. Adds a great warm fall feeling. In this decor for my mantle I have some fake fall leaves, real pine cones, and then just a candelabra, white candles and a fake mini pumpkin in the middle. IT all comes together very well with the brick mantle.

That’s it for this year, next year we will be bringing much more, hope you enjoyed and that these have inspired you for your Thanksgiving decoration or plan for next years fall season.  What are some of your favorite fall decoration items? Hope you thanksgivings are filled with much joy and love and food of course! Happy Holidays


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


P.S. stay tuned for some more Holiday decoration ideas coming up for the Christmas season, and you can check out our Pinterest board: Fall Time Fun for some great inspiration and our Fall Bucket List for Fall inspiration!


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Desserts Perfect for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just in a couple of days! This time of year is always a fun time for food, family, love, and all things fall. Thanksgiving dinner is also my favorite part and then the desserts are always an extra icing on top. If you are running behind this year and don’t have desserts yet planned out or ready don’t worry. We have some great ideas for you that are super easy and all so very delicious! You can’t go wrong with any of them, all your guest will be sure to love them. So no more stressing out, we are hear to help. We have a cake, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cake, bread and the classic pumpkin pie.

Hope you enjoy!


       Desserts Perfect for Thanksgiving


Desserts Perfect for Thanksgiving:


  1. Our first dessert and one of my favorites is the (chocolate) Kahlua Cake with Pumpkin Spice Glaze. This cake is so amazing and rich and just plain delicious! The pumpkin spice is not an overload, so if some don’t like it that’s not a problem and you can easily adjust the pumpkin spice to your liking or not include it at all and use a regular glaze and you’ll still have an amazing cake for your thanksgiving dessert. You can go here for the how-to it is really simple just need some cooling time before you can put on the glaze and enjoy it!                                            kahlua cake with pumpkin glaze                                                                                  
  2. Then we have some delicious No-Bake Cookies (oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter are the main ingredients) these are a long time family favorite and are easy to make, no baking so you can easily continue making your other thanksgiving food. My mom’s recipe has always been my favorite, you can go here for the how-to. These cookies melt in your mouth. no bake cookies 1                                                                               
  3. Another family favorite has been our amazingly delicious Mud Pie, my boyfriends family asked me to make them two this year for Thanksgiving! Just one bite and you are seriously hooked! It may be cold and you re thinking I don’t want ice cream right now…but you should! This isn’t a cake just for the summer it’s perfect for any occasion. You can go here for the how-to, just allow yourself a couple hours for setting time, can even make the night before or in the morning and keep it in your freezer until go time.delicioussummermudpie                                                                               
  4. One of my all the time favorites is the banana bread, and I recently made it even better by adding nutella to it! So good, and this would be a great dessert if you want to go a little healthier but still have something yummy to eat. My boyfriend finished ours within a couple days, if that. the nutella really adds an even more delicious touch to the already good banana bread.  You can go here for the how-to.    banana bread with nutella2                                                                               
  5. Then we have some super cute owl cupcakes that are perfect for fall! these cute creatures are sure to make everyone happy especially the little ones. We have red velvet cupcakes, and the how-to to make these cute owls. You can go here and add some great entertainment to your thanksgiving party. You can easily make these owls any color you wish, don’t have to be purple, I just thought they were super cute in purple. White would also be really cute and classy or a really cute idea I recently saw is to instead of making them owls make them turkeys! Use brown colored frosting, same eyes and beak but instead add candy feathers much like this one here. Play around with them and have fun.       Purple Owl Cupcakes                                                                               
  6. And finally, a recipe I found from another blogger that combined two of my favorites around Thanksgiving time, pumpkin pie and cheescake. You can go here for the how-to to make delicious pumpkin cheesecake bars. Everyone is sure to love them! Yo ucan’t really go wrong with pumpkin pie and cheesecake, right?!                    So easy to make and with the right amount of pumpkin flavor, these pumpkin cheesecake bars taste exactly like a cheesecake that crossed paths with a pumpkin pie – the best of both worlds!


That’s it for this years favorite desserts perfect for Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed and that these desserts have inspired you to try them out this year and make your own! Please feel free to share with us your creations, and we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and lots of love and yummy food.


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


P.S. check out our post on our Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas for more Thanksgiving inspiration and ideas for next year!


Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is a great time for gathering around the table with your loved ones and enjoying a great meal and being thankful for what you have. A dining table can provide so much more than just somewhere to sit. It can provide memories, stories, join friends and family, and bring together the meaning of Thanksgiving. So I believe that a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting is important. There are so many ways you can dress up your table for the holidays and this year now that I have a dining table of my own, I have put together a pretty cheap, lovely and easy table setting for Thanksgiving. Filled with a bunch of glitter, cheer, and fall.

You can follow my steps below to create a beautiful table setting of your own, enjoy!

Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting


Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting:


For this Thanksgiving table setting it was very easy to put together and doesn’t cost much at all. I was able to get many objects from the dollar store, used what I had around the house, and the rest didn’t cost me much at all. I whipped together this table setting within a couple hours, because of all the paint drying, it took longer. But I started with the leaf place mats that I got from the dollar store. They have many different options of leaves and other Thanksgiving related place mats. I used only orange and red for my table, then for the rest I coordinated around those colors. I wanted this Thanksgiving table to look cute and classy. I feel that I pulled that off with the white accessories and the pretty glitter used throughout the table. This setting allows room to add more and work with many different color schemes.

thanksgiving table setting 1

So, I started by placing a white tablecloth on my table (a light tan/beige also works) a lovely texture would look great as well. Then I placed my leaf place mats and on top of that simple white plates. If you have lovely embroidered white plates and matching smaller Thanksgiving looking plates that would look really nice.  I then previously had a package of ornament like place cards from Pier 1 that I had got on sale for 50% off. They have many cute options to choose from. These place cards easily matched my color scheme and had glitter on them to match the table centerpiece. So, they worked out perfectly.

thanksgiving table placecard setting

I then took some of my regular silverware and painted the stems of them white just to give them a more vibrant and cute look than just using silver ones. I also felt like they matched the rest of the table setting more. You could also use a more colorful matching color to do this. That would work great as well. Try not to go too crazy with colors though, pick a couple and stay close to and around those. I had some tan cloth napkins and used those to tone off the white on white and give the setting some more thanksgiving like colors.

thanksgiving table setting5

I then took some clear glasses for my drink ware. If you have more elaborate ones that would look nice as well. I feel like the clear glasses mix it up a bit to like I said before not be too white on white and not have too many clashing colors, or a color overload. Work with what you got and make it work!  You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, unless you really want to. Otherwise, play around and be creative, think of what you have and either use them as is or make them able to work by either adding paint, using it in a different way or spicing it up in some way.

thanksgiving table setting2

Now for the table centerpiece. I had a lot of fun making and getting this part together. I had some fake leaves lying around from another Fall project I had worked on. I took those and decided to add some glitter to my table. I used only two colors, red and gold glitter. I took the fake leaves, spread Mod Podge all over them and then sprinkled glittered on them. They came out so beautiful, and vibrant! I loved the colors and they scream fall. You can get fake leaves at many places; dollar stores, craft stores, target, etc. and the glitter in all the same place as well.

thanksgiving table3

I then took a small pumpkin I had, and decided to make it matching by painting it all white and then giving it a lovely gold glitter top. I simply placed my Mod Podge again in the areas that I wanted the glitter to go. I spread it all around the stem and the top of the pumpkin and then dragged my painted brush down in quick, little stroke to give it a nice dripping, streaking look. I loved the way my pumpkin came out as well. Super cute and glittery and so Fall/Thanksgiving! Allow time for these to dry well before moving them around and placing them in the right spots on your table.

thanksgiving table glitter pumpkin

I finally then took some pine cones and instead of keeping them normal, I decided to paint them all white. This completed my cute and classy table look and really just matched and tied everything together. Keeping them normal just threw off the whole look and color scheme. I sat my pumpkin in the middle and then on each side to the left and right I scattered the leaves and pine cones, arranging them to flow nicely.  Have fun with it and create a beautiful Fall table setting. To easily do this, I just took a small tub of white paint and dipped the pine cones in them. These took the longest to dry so give them enough time or you could have white paint dripping all over. I used different sized pine cones big, medium and small ones and that helped create a lovely effect. Arrange everything like so, so that it all flows together and you will have a lovely, glittery, easy, and perfect Thanksgiving table setting for this year or any year. You and your guests are sure to love it!

thanksgiving table pumpkin

To spice it all up even more I added two white candles to the end of each side and that really brighten ups and adds a lovely aspect. This is optional, the table still looks great without them. But, I love candles and there are always a great touch especially for your dining table. You could also use candle sticks and tall long white candles or even a matching fall color candle. I hope you have fun with decorating your table, it really can be fun.

thanksgiving table setting3

thanksgiving table setting

I hope this has inspired you to decorate and glitter up your own table for Thanksgiving! Wish some turkey and all the other yummy foods, this table will be complete. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family and plenty of yummy food and good times. Please feel free to share with us your Thanksgiving table settings if you followed ours and some of your favorite stemware for your table. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Adding our Thanksgiving Thankful Tree is a great add to this table setting and really bringing together your home for the Holidays.


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Gather Here With Grateful Hearts

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us and will be here in no time! I have always liked the saying, “Gather Here With Grateful Hearts” and thought I’d create my own sign with that saying to put by my dining table. The saying goes perfect with my new Thanksgiving Thankful Tree that I have as a centerpiece on my table. They will all help bring together a perfect and warm family table for Thanksgiving. With the fall colors, leaves, and things to be thankful for, they both really help set a tone.

Below I have a free printable for you to print out your own Gather Here With Grateful Hearts sign or you can follow my easy steps to create one of your own! I hope you enjoy and that your Thanksgiving is filled with family, love, and lots of turkey!


Free Printable: Gather Here With Grateful Hearts


Click the link below or use the picture below to print your own out.

Gather Here Printable


Gather here with grateful hearts




DIY Gather Here With Grateful Hearts sign:


       Thanksgiving table1


Supplies Used:

  • Canvas board or piece of cardboard in the size you want your sign to be
  • Paint: I used white, deep red, green, orange, two shades of yellow, and a tan color (have fun with it and add as many fall colors as you like.)
  • Paint Brushes: Best to have pretty small ones so that it is easier to paint in the letters and details (I worked with three different sizes)
  • Optional: Frame for your board
  • Optional: Print outs of the font and size you desire



  1. I began by figuring out what canvas board I wanted to use to put the saying on. I previously had a package of 8×10 canvas boards that were already white. You also could use a piece of cardboard or even a foam board from the Dollar Store. If not already white than just simply paint the background white or any color of choosing.
  2. Then, now that I know the size of my canvas, I went onto Word and made out the words, “Gather here with grateful hearts” and played with the fonts and ended up using three different fonts. A nice somewhat normal one for the Gather and Grateful, a similar one but a little curvier font for the here, and for the with and hearts I used a really pretty cursive font. Those fonts were Baskerville, Times italic, and Snell Roundhand. Play with it and figure out which fonts look best for you. You could even use only one font or two or four, it’s all up to you just make sure that it flows.
  3. Once you have your fonts picked out, I then printed them out in the appropriate sizes. I made mine all around 120-160 size font that fit perfectly for an 8×10 size board. I then cut them out and traced the letters onto my board. You could also freehand this yourself. I would suggest using a ruler to evenly space out each word and letter so that it looks as nice as you can by free-handing it.    gather here prt.4
  4. When you have your words written or traced out, I then began painting in the words. I ended up using my green, deep red, and black paints for the words. I feel those colors help them stand out against the other colors on the board. And when those are done and dried, I then took some small leaves and lightly traced around them in the blank spaces on the board. Then I, took my yellows, orange, and red paints and with a paint brushes made a lot of small dots to replace the shape of the leaves, and then painted some more dots that come out from it a little more to create a beautiful dotted leaf art painting.                                                                                                                                         ghwgh sign
  5. Then when everything has dried you then have the option to either leave your board as is or spice it up a little by adding a frame to it. I used a frame I had around the house that somewhat matched with the painting to give my sign an extra umph to it. And then, I hung it by my dining table to look great with my other DIY Thanksgiving Projects.

       Thanksgiving Table2

Either way you use this sign, I hope it has inspired you to create more and to have a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends. Happy thanksgiving!


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


P.S. check out our post on the DIY Eat Drink & Give Thanks sign, and our Pinterest board: Fall Time Fun for some more Thanksgiving DIY fun!

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

As the Holiday Season is approaching and it is the time of family, love, giving, and remembering what you are thankful for, I wanted to start some traditions of my own with my new little family. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for some of those traditions to begin.  The first tradition that I started was the Thankful Tree for around thanksgiving time. I have seen some examples of people making their own. There are many ways a thankful tree can be made. I loved the whole idea and what it meant. So I knew it was the perfect tradition to start not just with my little family but my bigger family as well.

The idea for a Thankful tree or a gratitude tree is for the family and/or friends to give thanks in a new, creative, and visual way. Whoever involved, they share what they are most thankful for (specifically this year). It is best displayed center stage or in a common area like dining room (table) for Thanksgiving as your loved ones gather around and can take in and learn what each other are grateful for.  I believe this is a beautiful idea. A way for loved ones to see what each other is thankful for and can take as a step towards learning and loving not only each other but others as well. A way for people to really realize what they have and should be thankful for everyday, what blessings you have in life. Each year you can see what changes or stays the same for each person. This is also a great way to teach your kids or any children involved about being thankful and how things such as family, and health are things that people don’t always think of to feel gratitude towards until they need to. So, my personal goal is to, help open my loved ones minds to really think about some things they are thankful for and in tradition as I keep this going for my family, my children learn to be grateful even for the little things and help me keep this tradition going.

This DIY craft is pretty simple to do, some steps may take a little time to do if you decide you want to do them. You can follow my steps below for ways to make a Thanksgiving Thankful Tree of your own. It is the perfect touch for your Thanksgiving decorations. I hope you enjoy!

Thankful Tree Display

Supplies Needed:

  • Different Color Construction Paper (I got Fall colors scrapbook paper from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Twine (I found a cheap roll from the Dollar Store that works perfectly.)
  • Either a print out of different leaves to trace or leaf cutters
  • Sharpie
  • Branches
  • Vase
  • Rocks
  • Optional: Paint


  1.  To start, either print-out different leafs from online, use a leaf shape cutter, draw your own or use real leaves. I used these cool leaves that worked perfect for printing out and tracing onto my colored paper. I just made them to the size I wanted and then printed it out, cut them each out that I wanted to use, and then traced different leaves onto different colored paper. For each color I traced about four leaves and used some nice fall leaf colored paper (orange, yellow, green, red). However you decide to trace your leaves is fine. And if you google, leaf outline and go to images you get many different leaf options to use and pick of your liking.

Thankful Tree Prt.1

2.  I then cut all the leaves out. The best tool for the next part would be to use a hole punch, but if you are like me and don’t have one, I just used my scissors to make a hole at the top of each leaf by poking it with one of the scissor ends and twisting it until a nice length hole forms to fit the twine through.

Thankful Tree prt. 2

3. When all holes are made you can then start taking your twine, cutting a nice length off for each leaf.  I didn’t make these very long at all but long enough for the leaves to hang down a little and tied a small not at the top. Like so,

Thankful Tree prt. 3

4. Then, you can start working on your branches. I went outside and looked around at all the fallen branches on the ground. I found a nice branch that curved and had many small branches on it. This makes for a perfect piece because it adds a cute look and enough places to hang your leafs on, and helps it look more like a real mini tree. You then have the option to leave them as is, or paint them. I decided I wanted to paint my branch an off-white, tan color.  To add a more sophisticated look to it, than just keeping it as is. But, either way depending on your other decorations and your taste, works fine. You could also go buy some fake branches from a craft store (curly willow) seems to be a favorite and places like Hobby Lobby have some affordable and neat options.

Thankful Tree prt. 6

5. Once the branches were dried, I then found a vase lying around the house. A nice vase from the store or even a Thanksgiving one would look great. I placed the branches inside and then placed some small rocks all around it so that it would stand-up in the vase.  You then again have the option to paint the rocks (ideal for a clear vase like mine) or leave them as is as well. After playing around with my vase and other decor, I decided that painting my rocks black would add a great touch to the sophisticated look I was going with before.

Thankful Tree Decorations

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 4

6. There are different ways you can then add what everyone is thankful for on your leaves. This year my little family is going away to New York for Thanksgiving and so I decided to ask my loved ones to describe something you are really thankful for this year using one word or so. This way, I just wrote what each person said on the leafs and then wrote their name and the year on the back. Now, we have a Thanksgiving Thankful Tree to look at through the month of November and the rest of Fall not just on Thanksgiving. Another option is to wait until Thanksgiving, have your tree somewhere for everyone to see with the leafs in a small bowl or container and sharpies on the side for everyone to go and write what they are thankful for themselves and then place onto the tree. Then everyone takes it in when everyone is done and maybe someone read them out loud. From there, you can either give each person their leaf to take home and remember what they are thankful for or keep the leaves for next year and when making new ones (optional) you read them to the person and see what has changed or stayed the same for what they are most thankful for.

Thankful tree table

I just wrote nicely with a black sharpie on all the leaves, you could also find a nice font you like and try to copy that or use stencils.

Thankful Tree Family Leaf

I asked my 5 year old niece what was something that she was thankful for. At first she wasn’t sure what I meant so I described it to her. She then told me that she would think about it and get back to me. So, a couple minutes later she comes to me and says, “I thought of it!” and excitedly she says, “RECESS!” this just made my heart smile, I thought it was the cutest thing. And this is definitely a great memory we will be able to look back on and laugh about.

Thankful Tree recess leaf

I am so happy with the way my Thankful Tree turned out and am excited for this tradition to start. I hope I have inspired you to make your own for your family. Have fun with it and use what you have around you. There are many different ways to make a Thankful Tree, make it your own and feel free to share any creations you come up with.

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree5


Be Happy and Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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Kahlua Cake With Pumpkin Spice Glaze

That title may come off strong but this cake is oh so delicious and flavorful.  This recipe is a twist of my mother’s Kahlua cake she has been making since I was little. I always loved it. So simple and delicious, no frosting needed.  So, since the fun Fall Season is coming and I having been craving to make my mom’s Kahlua cake, I decided to try a twist with Pumpkin spice glaze and spice it up a bit for the season.

kahlua and pumpkin spice

This recipe is really simple to make, just takes some time baking and waiting for it to cool. But, it is totally worth it in the end. You can follow the steps I took below to make your own Kahlua Cake with Pumpkin Spice Glaze.  Hope you enjoy!


Kahlua Cake With Pumpkin Spice Glaze:

kahlua cake with pumpkin glaze

Ingredients Used:

For the cake:

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix (no pudding)
  • 1 box (3.75 oz) chocolate pudding mix
  • 2 cups of sour cream
  • 4 eggs
  • 3/4 cups vegetable oil
  • 1/3 cups of Kahlua
  • 1 6oz package of chocolate chips

For the glaze:

  • 1 cup of powdered sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons  of Kahlua
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice (You can go up to 1 Tablespoon if you really like the taste of the spice.) If you want the pumpkin spice if you want a regular glaze just use the first two ingredients.

Kahlua cake supplies



  • To start, put all the cake ingredients in a  bowl besides the chocolate chips. Mix at a low speed for about 2 minutes until it is well combined.

kahlua cake prt. 2

  • Fold in chocolate chips.
  • Put the batter in a greased bundt pan and bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

kahlua cake prt. 5

  • While the cake is baking, you can make the glaze.
  • First, whisk together the powdered sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Then, add in the Kahlua and whisk some more until you get a smooth glaze. You can taste the glaze to make sure it is at a level of spice flavor you want. Remember, that the glaze alone will be stronger when not on the cake. But, keep in mind the cake starts to overpower the flavor after awhile.

kahlua glaze

  • Once the cake is done baking and completely cooled (make sure it is not warm at all since it will make the glaze start to melt) pour the glaze over the top of the cake by moving back and fourth around the whole cake.

Kahlua cake glazing

  • Then you are ready to serve and enjoy! This cake is seriously moist and oh so delicious. I recommend anyone to try this especially if you have never tried a Kahlua cake before.

kahlua cake with pumpkin spice glaze

For an alternative to this version of the Kahlua cake, you could also try replacing the regular Kahlua with the Seasoned Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Liquor, and give this cake an even more pumpkin spice kick! Or even just leave out the spice all together and have a regular Kahlua cake.

I hope you enjoyed this twist of the Kahlua cake and it was all you imagined. Fun little treat to take you into the Fall season. Very simple and easy to make.


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy

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