Thanksgiving Table Setting

Can’t believe that Halloween has already come and passed this year! Now, it is time to get ready for all things Thanksgiving. There is so much to love about Thanksgiving, and one of my favorites is the family gathering around and remembering who and what all we are thankful for. The Thanksgiving table is a huge part of Thanksgiving. It is where everyone comes to join around and share memories, smiles, and laughter with. Now that I have started a family of my own, my goal is to create a beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting every year with a different theme, colors, and feeling. Last year, I made my first table setting with typical Thanksgiving/Fall colors with a touch of glitter. You can find the details to that table here. This year however, is a little more colorful or a lot more colorful than last years. I absolutely love my color scheme this year and it really adds a fun feeling for Thanksgiving but still brings the meaning of Thanksgiving to the table as well. You can find all the lovely details to my Thanksgiving Table Setting 2016 below, hope you enjoy!




Thanksgiving Table Setting:



Let’s start with the color scheme of this years table setting. I brought the colors Gold, Light Pink, Dark Pink (almost Magenta?), Peach/Tan, White, and Turquoise all together to create this setting. All of these colors were used for my pumpkins and then for all the other components and accessories some or most of the colors were used.

So, I created my pumpkin centerpiece first. I have seen many, many different painted pumpkin color schemes all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided to give it a try. I collected various different sized and shaped real and fake pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins ranged from small to tiny. I went to a pumpkin patch to collect some cool or cute looking pumpkins and then found the other fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store and Target. The Dollar Store ones included the typical foam orange ones and then I found these tiny foam ones that looked way closer to real ones than the other ones and really loved these! They come in a dark orange color. Some people like to use all real pumpkins, but I really liked working with a mixture of both. They both provide their benefits and actually worked well together and give you more texture to play with.


I made the colors random, starting with painting a few light pink, white, gold, and Tan/Peach. About 2-3 each making a larger one a color and a tiny one or two  a matching color.


I then decided to add a little more pop of color, than just this mutual tone color scheme and added a few pumpkins in the Dark Pink, Turquoise and light Orange.


Each pumpkin, both real and fake ones required about 3-5 coats of paint. Depending on the color of paint and the pumpkin. Make sure each layer dries before applying the next and I recommend adding a final layer of Mod Podge to each pumpkin when desired color is reached. When you have your pumpkins all picked out and painted, This is your Thanksgiving Table Setting centerpiece. You can add more to it with numerous items. A cute personal touch and where the fake pumpkins come in handy are to take some picture holders, much like these and stick some throughout your pumpkins right into the fake ones and and some pictures to the top. You can use any pictures and sizes you wish, I used these cute DIY Polaroid Pictures that you can find the how-to for. I really loved this idea and the personal-ness of them. The Polaroids really give your guest/family a glimpse into the past especially if you use old pictures from previous Thanksgivings.


This creates an adorable centerpiece that everyone is sure to love. You could also add things like candles, either in-between the pumpkins or at each end. Or even, other various Fall items like leaves, flowers, vines, etc. Have fun with it especially the arrangement and make sure it all flows nicely and you have a balance throughout the whole centerpiece.

Following along, I used a white tablecloth to put the pumpkin centerpiece on.  Once I had that all in place, I then began adding the personal seat settings around the table.


This includes, Two sizes of white plates and in-between them I used sheets from mambi Sheets that can be found at Michaels (make sure to look for the buy one get one half off deals or buy one get one free). My table setting included for four people, so I used two different sheets and placed them every other on my table. One that matched my dark pink pumpkin color and the other a white one with black dots that provided a nice matching but different texture to the table. I made the sheets to be about 8 inches in diameter using a large circle cutter.


Next, I added my DIY Thanksgiving Napkins and silverware. Follow the link for the how-to on the napkins. These were so fun to make and the colors matched beautifully with the rest of the table setting and really provide that Thanksgiving feel even through all the bright colors. Besides the pumpkins these were my favorite accessory for my Thanksgiving table. Make sure you begin making these with enough time to spare as starting out may take awhile, also depending on how many you want to make. As you go along though they get easier and faster to make.


Now, for my place cards, these are always fun to come up with. This year I had two ideas. The first is a different but again personal and effect way. I used the DIY Polaroid Picture method from above for the centerpiece, but used them as place cards by using the person the seat belonged to’s picture and placed on-top of the plate setting.


I really loved this place setting idea and everyone is sure to love finding their face on these adorable mini Polaroids. You can use any picture, ones from previous years of them or even recent ones you like.

The next idea was, Emoji Place cards! This idea came from my DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways Post.


Follow the link for more directions, you can personalize the Emojis to fit your guests or use Thanksgiving themed ones. The list goes on and on for ways to use these. These make a fun and different idea for your table that your guest/family are sure to love.  Especially using ones like this football to give your guys at the table a little more manly feel against all the other colorful and pink table decorations. And you can see in the picture below as well that I used both this Emoji method and the Polaroid picture method by having the Polaroids as my centerpiece and the Emojis as place cards. Have fun with it!


Finally, one of the last touches, I added this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree leaves to my light fixture above the table to make a leaf chandelier. This came out a lot cooler and lovelier than I expected! I really recommend adding this last touch as, it really brings the whole table together and with that final Thanksgiving touch. While everyone is seated at the table, you see all of these personal touches of what family means, with your loved ones around you and you look up and see what everyone is thankful for, really ties it all together! Our table was for four but my chandelier included what everyone was Thankful for, from family close and far away.


These also included the theme colors since the outline colors of the leaves included the Turquoise, light pink, dark pink, and gold colors. Used white string and tape to hang and attach to my light fixture. I would recommend using clear fish string though. Follow link above for more instructions.


I was very pleased with how this colorful Thanksgiving Table Setting came out.


Not too much but just enough of the right colors everywhere. I hope my family enjoys it as much as I do and that you are inspired to create one of your own! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends and a great rest of your Fall.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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