Easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft

October is here and with Halloween on it’s way, I have this totally fun and easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft that you can do with your kiddos! It is really super quick and easy to do. With only a few supplies, which most can be found around your home, you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with a hint of Disney. Your kids are sure to love this project. Ideal for toddlers but also for a little older kiddos as well. My two year old loved this project and I can’t wait to do more Halloween crafts with him! For older kids, they love that they can do most of this project all on their own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

To start, Gather all of your supplies and have them ready at your working table. Make sure to print your Mickey ghost to the size you want your project to be. I made mine take up most of the page on a word document, and this size ended up being perfect.

Then, cut out the print out of the Mickey Mouse ghost, and cut out a nice section from your cardboard that the Mickey ghost will fit on. If you use a cereal box like I did, each of the big sides are perfect for this project and you can make two Mickeys with one box.

Trace the print out of Mickey ghost onto your cardboard. Then cut out. Keep the print out of Mickey ghost for a step later in this project.

Now that you have the foundation for your project, your child can them begin decorating it with the cotton balls. Just place some glue down and stick the cotton balls on top. Fill the cardboard up and try to get it to not show any of the cardboard. This part is obviously the fun part for your kiddos. Mine was so excited to do a craft with very little of my help. We made it into a little learning activity as well by counting how many cotton balls were used. Have fun with it!

You could also have some Halloween movies, shows, or music playing. Or even have some Halloween treats to eat while making your craft.

Once you have the cardboard filled with the cotton balls, let dry a few minutes, in the meantime you can then take the print out of Mickey ghost and cut out the face. Then take those face pieces and trace onto your black craft paper and cut out.

Your kiddos can then take those pieces and glue them in place on top of the cotton balls. It is easy for them if you put the print out right next to the cardboard Mickey ghost to compare where the face should be.

Once all dried, they are all done! So quick and easy!! If you also want to make a Minnie Ghost all you have to do is take some red craft paper and cut out a cute bow. Then place either above the eyes or on the side on one of the ears, like so….

I really hope you are inspired to make this craft with your little ones this Halloween season. Don’t forget to hang up your Mickey ghost craft so your kids can see it everyday! Stay tuned as I will be doing a couple more projects this month until Halloween is officially here. In the meantime here is a few fun coloring pages your kids will love.

Thanks for stopping by!


The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night

Over here at our house, we are all getting super excited as it is getting closer and closer to our WDW trip! If you have been following along at all to all our other movie nights, you know that we started these Disney movie nights last June in celebration of our countdown to our trip. We have had so many, and made great memories. You can find all of our other movie nights here if you’ve missed them. This The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night was another great addition to our list. We had lots of fun singing along to all the songs and eating all the delicious food! You can follow the details to our movie night below, in hopes to inspire you to have one of your own! This movie night is great fun for the whole family, Hope you enjoy.

The Princess and the Frog

Disney Movie Night:


Let’s start with the details to the food we had! This movie night definitely had some of the best food! I mean how can you not with New Orleans themed food. I tried to stay pretty close to the movie for food inspiration, so of course we had some gumbo! We are no experts on gumbo, but do love it and I found this recipe that was pretty simple. A little different than normal gumbo but still very delicious and easy to put together!Image result for the princess and the frog gumbo Tiana is big on her gumbo so we just had to include it in our menu. So, my sister made This gumbo and we put it in a large bowl with a spoon to serve and had some white rice on the side for everyone to put on their plate and then to add some gumbo on top. It was delicious and everyone loved it, even the pickier eaters.  “You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and it puts little smiles on their faces.”

Moving on with the theme of the movie, of course we also had some beignets or “Tiana’s famous Image result for the princess and the frog beignetsbeignets.” These were nowhere on that level but I TRIED! For my first time. You can find a good recipe for them here (as well as some other themed recipes), here and here, just make sure you have all the right ingredients when making these or they won’t come out right.
“I’m gonna need about 500 of your man catching beignets for my ball tonight!”

Then as a side-option decided to make some Garlic Bread, doesn’t exactly go with the theme but it was really good with the food and was an option the kids would eat. I just went to Safeway and got some of their pre put together ones that you just warm up in the oven. But this and this are good recipes if you want to do it from scratch.

If this isn’t for you, You could try Bayou bread or this, these, this and this are other fun options for sides that go with the princess and the frog theme.

Like all other movie nights, we have to have a popcorn mix, because it is a movie night after all. So that was our final side option. The kids always love the popcorn mixes and they are easy to throw together. Just make some popcorn and add some fun themed goodies to it. Like some gummy frogs!

For a dessert option, we had Oreo and pretzel frogs! This dessert is super cute and perfect for the movie. You can find a similar recipe here.

These, this and this are other fun dessert options for this movie night.

And finally, for a drink option. I just threw together some Sprite and Ginger Ale and put it into a bowl. This way it looked like a swamp! Especially with the decorations.

I read that someone also put some scoops of Lime Sherbet with this mix, I wanted to try this out but I could not find the lime sherbet anywhere. So, hopefully you do if you want to try that. This is another cute decorating idea for your Swamp Water.


Now, for the details to the table decor that the food was on. For every movie night, I move my table to be the long way and push it back up against my wall and then I decorate it depending on that movies theme. So, for this movie night, I grabbed a light green and purple table cover from the Dollar Store. The green one I laid on my table and the purple one I attached to the wall right above the table to acts as a backdrop.

I then always get the trays or bowls that the food will be in (even if the food is not ready yet) and just temporary place them all in the positions on the table I want them to go. This way I can begin adding all the other coordinating decorations around or onto them. I know where everything else will go now. I usually always use either white or clear bowls, trays and pans. That way they will always match any movie theme.

Once those are all in place. I then print out a couple theme items like favorite characters, and in this movies case some items that helped bring the movie to life like lily pads and cattails. I did this by going to Google images and searching for what I wanted. Like, the Princess and the Frog characters, or lily pad clip art. I then, copy and paste them into a word document and make them into the size wanted, and then print and cut out and place all around the table and use some tape to help keep ones needed in place.

Here you can see Mama Odie, in charge of the utensil station. “Not bad for a 197-year-old blind lady.” I just bought some yellow plastic silverware from the Dollar Store and added them to a clear glass cup to hold them up.

Here is the Shadow Man and a lily pad occupying our dark green paper plates. Again from the Dollar Store.

And of course the main characters frog Tiana and frog Prince Naveen in the center of the table with some lily pads! “My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important. And neither will I!”

The lily pads and cattails I just put all through out the table to help it really look like a swamp, like the one on their journey. And lastly, I printed out The Princess and the Frog movie title and taped that to our popcorn tub that is usually in the middle of the table! I felt that all of these components really helped bring the movie to life, especially with all the great food! This movie night didn’t have that much decor but it was just enough and super easy to put together. So, I definitely recommend this movie night for a last minute idea you can pull off for your family. A quick trip to the Dollar Store, Grocery Store, and printing some things out and you got yourself a Disney Movie Night!!

I sometimes also have some crafts or games for the kids for the movie nights, however we didn’t get to any this time but some good ideas are to print out some coloring or activity pages. You can find a bunch to choose from by going again to Google Images and searching The Princess and the Frog coloring/activity pages. Also, this, this, these and this are fun ideas for the kids.

I hope you are inspired to have a, The Princess and the Frog Disney Movie Night of your own! We would love to see any details to your night with your families, so please feel free to share with us.

What is your favorite Disney Movie? Remember to check our list of our movie nights here, if you haven’t already. I know 13 movie nights doesn’t seem like a lot, but with our big family it is! That’s why I try to make them easy to put together but yet still fun and make sure every movie we bring it’s magic. For movies that we didn’t make it to before our trip we just watched during the week like you do for normal movies. But stay tuned as we still have time for another movie night and it will be incorporating a couple princesses. I will be combining the movies Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella as I want my niece to watch these princess movies before the big trip and we don’t have enough time for a movie night for all of them on their own. So, I will be joining them and have a little treat and decor for each movie! So grab your princesses and stay tuned!


P.S. check out our post DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl for some more Disney magic, as well as our Pinterest Board: Disney Creations!

DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl

Lately I have been pretty obsessed with marbled clay. The obsession started this last Winter when I wanted to try it out for the first time and ever since then I have been hooked and trying to create all the fun DIYs I can think of. First, I came up with 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and really loved how they all came out. But, I wanted MORE! Within this new year we have been tranitioning our blog to become a dream of mine which is not just a DIY blog but a DIY blog that is greatly Disney influenced or inspired and not only that but a shop as well. All of this will be debuting soon hopefully at the end of May, so stay tuned! Super excited about that! So, with all of that in the works obviously the next marbled clay project had to be a DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl, right!? I love playing around with all the colors and seeing them blend so beautifully together. These jewelry bowls are super easy to make and make for great keepsakes or gifts for that Disney lover! So, follow the steps below for a cute Mickey Mouse inspired accessory.


  • Various colors of oven-bake clay: I get mine mostly from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, they have a great selection. For this project I used the colors black, white, yellow, pink, and purple.
  • Rolling pin
  • Oven-safe bowl (and preferably the size you want your bowl to be)
  • Knife
  • Medium-sized circle cookie cutter, I used one from this set and this set is a good option as well, you can use whatever you have though around 2 inches in diameter.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start this fun project, take all the clay colors you wish to use for your bowl. I wanted to use bright and fun colors that somewhat represented Disney/Mickey. You can use whatever colors you wish though, honestly it is really fun playing around with all the colors.

Take a good portion of the clay, about 1/3 or so of the single packets of clay. If you want a certain color to stand out more than the others then add more, and same for the other way, if you want only a little of a color to show add less.  You can see in the pictures below that I had pretty thin worm-like black clay strips. Knead and then roll each clay color into a long worm-like shape with your palms.

When all colors are rolled, place them all together to form a thick worm-like shape, and then gently twist together a couple times.

Like so…and then roll the two ends together to form a ball like shape.

From here, you can begin rolling the clay flat with your rolling pin, suggested to do this on top of parchment paper. You don’t want to roll around and spread the clay too much together as they will start to just blend together and create one blob of a color rather than seeing all the pretty clay colors. So, try to roll it out in a couple strokes to be a good bowl thickness. Not too thin, but can be as thick as you like.

When you are satisfied with the marbled clay look and it’s thickness, you then take an oven-safe bowl, that is preferably also the size you want your bowl to be. If not, then two different bowls/objects can be used. I took one of my large mugs and used it to trace a large circle into my clay with a knife. I liked the size of the mug versus the oven-safe bowl because it fit almost perfect on my clay and I didn’t have to cut much off.

And then you will have a nice circle like this…

Be sure to look on both side of the clay to see which side you want on the top and which side for the bottom. When I turned my circle around I thought it was so cool and looked like a Flamingo or some tropical bird!! Next, you want to take your oven safe bowl and fit your clay into it nice and snug.

Now before baking it, to make this jewelry bowl not just a jewelry bowl but a Mickey Mouse Jewelry bowl, you need to make two ears! To do this, I just simply took two swabs of my black clay and kneaded and rolled them into a ball and then rolled flat with my rolling pin to be about the same thickness as my bowl. Then, using the medium-sized circle cutter from above cut out two circles for the ears. I decided to do black to really get that Mickey feel, but again you can use any colors you wish!

You could also then take these circles and use the object you traced for the circle of your clay to make an indent of the rim into the ears so that when they are baked they can be glued on that way and not come into the jewelry bowl. The option is yours.

Then place the bowl and the two ears on a cookie sheet in the middle rack and bake according to the package directions. Most clay usually says like 275 degrees for 15 minutes or so. Some ovens may be different so be sure not to over bake your clay but also be sure you have baked it long enough. When you take out your bowl, it should be hot and a little hardened. As it starts to cool it will become harder.

When your clay has cooled, you want to take your hot glue gun and attach the ears to each end of the top of your bowl. Carefully add glue to the portions the ears will go and then attach, making sure to keep them even to each other, and you don’t want them to come too far in, but enough to balance nicely. I then also added some extra glue to the back of the ear where the ear and bowl connect to give it an extra hold.


Or if you decided to make the ears the other way, add the glue to the edge of each ear and then carefully attach to each top end of the bowl again being sure to keep them even to each other. When all glued in place and hardened, optional to add a nice coating of Mod Podge to your bowl. Doing a coat or two to the front and back of the bowl. Allow each coat to dry before doing the next.

This is what the back of your bowl will look like either way you make the ears.

And then you have a lovely and colorful DIY Mickey Mouse Jewelry Bowl that is ready for all your Disney jewelry or any other items you wish!

This accessory is a great item for my dresser and I can’t wait to make more and give them as gifts! I hope you have enjoyed this fun Disney inspired DIY project and are excited to make one of your own. Please feel free to share any fun color combos you come up with, we would love to see them.

Are there any other Disney inspired jewelry bowls you’d like to see? Let us know!


P.S. be sure to check out our other DIY Marbled Clay Projects if you haven’t already and our Pinterest board: Disney Creations for even more Disney inspiration.

DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose key chain

With all of the excitement around the new Live-Action Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie (and if you haven’t seen it yet….what are you doing? Like seriously?? It’s AMAZINGGG!!! Even my boyfriend who is a not so much of a Disney fan but will sit through stuff for me, loved the movie and said it was one of the best he has seen in awhile!!!) there are a TON of Beauty and the Beast stuff in all stores including the Dollar Store. While I was looking through the store the other day for Easter basket items for my little man, I came across this Beauty and the Beast Sun Catcher set. Totally a Dollar store thing and something that is for little kids to paint and then watch the sun shine through. However, I bought one for myself because I really liked the Enchanted Rose sun catcher and thought I could do something with it. Well I did and ended up making this DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose Key chain, it was super easy and ended up actually coming out really cute. It was just meant to be a key chain! You can follow my easy steps below to make your own, but be sure to head to a Dollar Store quick as I am sure they won’t be selling them too much longer, definitely not past Spring time. If you do miss this item, I found the same item on Amazon and Ebay but way pricier. I will update this post if I find any else cheaper.

  • Disney Beauty and the Beast Sun Catcher kit from the Dollar Store.
  • Acrylic Paint in light blue and green, optional: red or pink.
  • Extra paintbrushes, if you don’t like the ones the kit comes with.
  • Key chain accessory- You can either head to a craft store like Michaels and get a lobster claw, split ring, and jump rings and put together your own keychain or buy already put together ones from here, or here.
  • Optional: Mod Podge


The process to make this DIY Beauty and the Beast Rose key chain is super easy once you have all of the items needed from above. If you just wanted to add this to your other keychains without all the accessories like the lobster claw, I suggest just going to Michaels and buying a split ring and either jump rings or a chain of jump rings already together or this to add to your set. Once you figure out what you want to do you can move on to painting the key chain.

This is what the suncatchers look like. You can either use their paintbrush or one of your own. I used a small tip paintbrush to easily get all the details in. The paints they provide are cheap and they only give you the colors like on the box of pink, yellow, brown and tan. I didn’t want to use those colors and paint it in my own instead and I used the paint colors of light blue for the vase, red-ish pink for the rose and green for the stem and leaves. You can use any colors you wish but I believe that these colors worked really well and really made the enchanted rose come to life.

I didn’t really care for the other suncatcher, for this project so I just saved it for my niece to paint but if you like her I’d love to see what you do with her! My main focus was the enchanted rose.

After I painted in the red and green, it looks really nice like this but decided to keep going with the light blue so that the writing on the back didn’t show through. Also, when painting in the rose I noticed that even with my small tip paintbrush the paint kept getting all on the black lines. But it is really easy to wipe off and keep going. Just be careful wiping off and use the tip of your finger.

The blue really completes this Beauty and the Beast key chain to me, and I like the colors way better than just yellow and pink that they insist you use but again you can use whatever colors you wish. The blue paint I had to carefully apply a coat and then do another to cover up any smears that caused on the plastic. But after two coats the blue looks great, just be sure to let the first coat dry before adding another or it’ll just keep smearing more. Also, know that using acrylic paint on this will stop it from being a “suncatcher” as my intent is only for a key chain. If you want it to still have the suncatcher feel then I suggest using Americana Gloss Enamels paint instead which can be found at most craft stores including Michaels. When it is all dry, you have the option to then add a quick coat of Mod Podge to protect the paint and give it a nice glossy feel. If you don’t use mod podge a lot and so you wouldn’t need a lot the Dollar store actually has small bottles about the same size of paints, of mod podge.

Then, you can begin attaching the key chain accessory to your new Enchanted Rose key chain! These come with a hole in the top which makes it perfect to attach a jump ring into either way making your own or a pre-bought one. Just open one jump ring attach and close again. I used jewelry pliers to help open and close mine, but if you don’t have any regular pliers could work or a similar object you have around the house.  And then you now have a beautiful DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose key chain!!!

I loved the key chain with my dark red purse I got from Old Navy! But it really looks cute on any bag!!

And it looks especially cute with my Beauty and the Beast stained glass ears, all ready to head to a Disney park!

You can find these ears soon available in our new shop opening at the end of May!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun DIY Beauty and the Beast project! I love my new key chain and hope you do as well!  Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with, with these key chains. Be sure to go see the movie if you haven’t already, it is definitely worth it!


P.S. for more Beauty and the Beast fun check out our Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie Night, and our Pinterest board: Disney Creations for even more magical fun.

Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie Night

We have made it to our 12th Disney movie night! It is getting really close to our Walt Disney World trip and we are getting more and more anxious. We have had some great movie nights and have had a great time putting all of them together. We have a few more to do and before our trip, we won’t get to all of the movies we wanted to, but we have accomplished a lot starting just in July of last year. Through it all, this movie night was one of my favorites. For one, I just looooooove this movie so much and always have since I was a little girl. Most people do love this movie and especially with the new real-life Beauty and the Beast coming out the excitement around this movie is crazy, so the time was just right to have a Beauty and the beast Disney movie night. I mean, I couldn’t have been the only one to get all emotional when Disney released the final trailer for the movie…right!?!? Anyways, we had a lot of fun, sung all the songs together and ate some great food. You can follow the details to our movie night below. I hope you enjoy and I honestly can’t wait for March 17th to come any sooner. This movie night is also great just to have to celebrate the new real-life and remind your kiddos or even yourself of the magic of the original one and then go see the new one!!! Sounds like a great weekend to me. If you missed our past Disney movie nights you can catch them here.



Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie Night:



Let’s start with the details to the food that we had.

Our main item of food was Croque Monsieur Rollups from Disney you can find the link here. These were super easy to make and fit the French theme perfectly. I wanted to keep most food items French inspired and Disney really helped with these rollups as the kids loved them, were crazy easy to make and were delicious.

Next, we had a French onion soup dip with baguettes. Fits the theme and was a fun side food for our movie night. You can find the recipe here.  Fairly easy to make, the onion can be too strong for some people so keep that in mind. Our family loved it, especially with the baguettes.

For every movie night we have to have a popcorn mix that matches the theme of the movie. It just makes sense and I actually have A LOT of fun making them. For this popcorn mix, it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be, but it had the potential and was still delicious.  It consisted of popped popcorn, that was then mixed with melted yellow melting chocolate (which you can find at Michaels or Walmart) and white morsels. I intended to also add red rose candies that you can find in the same section as the other two items above, but just really didn’t get around to getting them. This would of really helped make the popcorn mix pop and give that Beauty and the beast feel. So hopefully you could add these to your mix, they are a little pricey, but even adding only 4 of them would make the difference. We still enjoyed ours though and either way works. Have fun with your popcorn mix, it is a way to be creative and have fun with your food.

Following along, of course I tried “the grey stuff” it’s delicious. You can find many recipes online for this. I used this recipe, didn’t listen to my mother and follow the directions exactly and so mine turned out not to be quite grey a little more brown but oh is it so delicious, it really is. Especially with vanilla wafers, you’ve gotta try it. Keep in mind that this recipe makes A LOT! We didn’t eat even half of it even with 5 adults, a teenager and 4 kids! However, this did really get us even more excited for our Be Our Guest reservation at Magic Kingdom and I am definitely trying their grey stuff! Here is another The grey stuff recipe.

Finally, for drinks, I had champagne and strawberries for the adults and sparkling cider and strawberries for the kiddos. This added to the classiness of the theme and everyone enjoyed drinking them. The yellow of the drinks and red of the strawberries continued the theme and made it all great as a finishing touch. Another option is to have tea, especially in a teapot and cup like Mrs. Potts and Chip! I got the idea from here, and to give it an extra touch you can make the strawberries into roses like here.

Some other fun ideas I found around the web were these, this, this, these, and these. I just looked at the lyrics to the “Be Our Guest” song in detail and looked up various recipes to stuff they said and figured out what worked best for my family.

Now let’s move on to the decorated table that the food was on.

I first laid down a yellow tablecloth, connected a white tablecloth on the wall to the bottom/end of the yellow on the table to use as a backdrop. Then I got a blue tablecloth and scrunched it up and made curtains out of it by attaching ties to each corner and attaching pins to it on the backdrop, like so…

Then, I began placing all the items. Started with some of the containers that the food would be on, so that I would know where they would go and where to arrange everything else. I loved the gold tray we used for the rollups. Fit the theme lovely and was a cheap buy from Party City.

After that, I printed and cut out various characters from the movie and taped them in different locations around the table. I would place a piece of tape at the bottom of each character and then another towards the top usually to another item to help keep them up.

I also printed out the words, “Be Our Guest” in a pretty font and taped it to the middle of the white backdrop. This adds fun to the theme and helps invite everyone into the movie night.

One of my favorite decorated pieces for this movie night was the rose area. I took some of my old books and stacked a few in a pile. On top I took a red rose from the dollar store, cut it up a bit to get some loose leaves and put a long, skinny vase on top that I had lying around but you can find similar ones from the dollar store, Walmart, etc.  and then let some loose petals fall around the books and I also found a hand mirror from the dollar store that worked perfect and set it at the base of the books! This set up everything for the theme of the movie!!!! You could also use a real rose or even make one out of paper, I have a link for that below.

You can find another beautiful DIY enchanted rose project here.

Another pile of books was added to the back of my table close to the wall just to add some more of that theme around the table.  As well as a white teapot and teacup to represent Mrs. Potts and Chip! Or you can even use this new set from the new live-action movie.

You can find more decoration ideas for your Beauty and the Beast Disney movie night here, here, here, and here.

Finally, I always like to have a couple activities for the kiddos to do that involves the theme. Including coloring and activity pages, and a fun craft and/or activity for the whole family. Here are some fun crafts that are beauty and the beast inspired: This, this, and these. And of course the best family activity is to go see the new real-life movie when it comes out and/or take the family to a library.

In all, this Beauty and the Beast movie night was a lot of fun to put together and to enjoy with my family. Most decorations are super quick and easy to put together and/or get. I hope you are inspired to have a movie night of your own with your family. Cheers to the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, and hope to see everyone at the Beauty and Beast showing in March. Stay tuned for our next movie night which will be Princess and the Frog!

As we are getting closer to our date to WDW, if you have been there before, please feel free to share with us some of your favorite places to eat and other things you love most about WDW, we would love to hear from you. Keep your days magical!


Be Happy & Creative!


P.S. we are opening a new shop soon and incorporating a lot of Disney inspired items so stay tuned for that, you can get sneak peeks on our instagram at creativelyjazzy! A lot more sneak peeks coming soon on there especially after our WDW trip. Also for more Disney fun check out our post on Disney Luggage Tags to help you get ready for your next Disney trip!

Changes to Our Blog This Year

Hello Everyone!

Creatively Jazzy hasn’t been around that long, we started as a lifestyle blog a year and a half ago and then found our niche in DIY. Since I was a little girl I have always been creative and love making stuff and that’s when I realized that my best category is obviously DIY. DIY can really be anything and well, this year we are changing things up a little bit. There are some changes to our blog this year and we are going to keep going with progressing this DIY blog but also bringing in other aspects. My family and I have always had a love for Disney, and so I am a huge Disney fan. We have made some Disney DIYs but we are going to start a shop selling Disney inspired items and other fun things. Moving our blog into a place where you can find DIY ideas or have the option to buy items you love instead of making them. So, this means we will continue to do some strictly DIYs but also give you lovely stuff to buy, and an option to DIY or Buy the same item.

I hope this makes sense and that you love what this year brings. We are super excited and can’t wait to grow and develop more into the DIY, Blogging, and Disney communities!

We already have a few amazing items lined up for our shop and will be giving more information on that shortly. You can check out Instagram for some sneak peeks.

So cheers to the new year and meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities. Like always, we love to hear from you and welcome any questions, feedback, stories, and are open for people joining our team!


Be Happy & Creative!


P.S. are you up to date on all our previous Disney DIYs? You can find many of them here. And be sure to stay in touch and follow our Pinterest here.


Disney Frozen Movie Night

My family and I have been slowly moving through some of our favorite Disney movies and having movie nights for a countdown until our first family trip to Walt Disney World! You can find all of our previous movie nights here. We had to get a Disney Frozen Movie night in before Winter was over and we did just that.  Many kids and adults love Frozen including my niece and so this movie night was a lot of fun and included the most singing out of almost everyone in the group. A Frozen movie night is fun and easy to put together. There are so many fun ideas you can find on Pinterest and even just roaming different stores you can still find a bunch of Frozen items you could use for a party or movie night. I have the details to our movie night below for you, hope you enjoy!



Disney Frozen Movie Night:


I am going to start with the details to the food we had for our movie night:

There wasn’t a lot of food but just enough for a movie night and they all fit the theme really well. As a fun aspect and main food item we decided to “finish each others SANDWICHES!” and for a quick last minute sandwich option we decided to have grilled cheese sandwiches. You can have really any sandwich you and your family wish and you can’t really go wrong with a sandwich as even for picky eaters you can easily adjust. Little ones love grilled cheese or PB&J sandwiches and are really easy to put together.

We like to try to include some health(ish) food items as well as some goodies for our kids and our selves. We were able to have somewhat healthy grilled cheeses by using 7-grain whole wheat bread and we had them with Colby cheese and they were really delicious.

We also had Carrots and Dip, with some chips and their purpose was for “Sven Snacks” and these serve as a healthy snack option to have. Surprisingly our little ones really love carrots and so they work perfect and we don’t have to force them to eat them.

Next we had, a Frozen popcorn mix. For every movie night we HAVE to include a popcorn mix that matches the movies theme, it’s just right. They are really fun to throw together and are fun and delicious to eat. This Frozen mix included: popcorn, frozen graham crackers (I found a box of these at safeway but I know they are at other stores as well), pretzel sticks, and mini marshmallows. The idea of this mix was  to have a somewhat “do you wanna build a snowman” feel to it.

There was also Frozen Jell-O, You can find Frozen boxes at most grocery stores and Walmart. The idea was to have these as cubes of ice much like the ones Kristoff cuts and sells. We didn’t make it to cutting the jell-o up but still served its purpose and the kids love jell-o. Just another fun snack to have that fits the theme. You could also use their clear Frozen jell-o.

For a dessert option, we had these Olaf brownie cake bites. I found a box of these that came with all the supplies needed from Burlington.  You can also find it here. I let my niece help me make these so they didn’t come out perfect but still turned out great and she was really excited that she would help and watch Olaf come to life.  They were really delicious

And Finally for drink, we had a yummy and simply frozen punch that consisted of blue Hawaiian punch and ginger ale with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy!

That’s all the food items we had and they worked great but here are some other great ideas: These, this, this, and these.

Now, for the details to the decorations we had. These are usually somewhat simple and mainly include just decorating the table that the food is on. I first placed a light blue table cover on the table and a white table cover on the wall connected and behind the table. Then I began placing all the items on the table. I usually start by adding all the bowls or containers for the food so that I know where to place everything else even if the food is not in it yet or ready. And these containers always somehow match the theme (I usually use white or clear ones.) Then for around the table, I usually print-out various characters from the movie and place them around the table. Well for this movie my niece had so many Frozen toys or figurines I used both print out and her toys to decorate the table.

I also scattered some snowflake confetti all around the table as well as a few larger marbled chocolate snowflakes. I like finding paper cups and plates that match each theme, since these make for easy clean-up and really help add to the theme. And finally for decor, I cut out a bunch of paper snowflakes, just like the ones you made as a kid for Christmas to go on your windows and made them in various sizes and taped a bunch of them to the white table cover on the wall. This created a really awesome background for the table and really helped bring the theme together. Especially since it was in-front of a window and the snowflakes glowed a little.

This decor, was super easy to throw together and yet still gave off a great frozen movie theme.

Finally for our Disney frozen movie night, I try to usually include a couple activities for the kids that go with the movie. I always print-out a few coloring or activity pages for my nieces. You can do this by going to google images and searching the movie and coloring or activity pages so i.e. Frozen coloring pages and printing out the ones wanted. for this movie night, I also made some fake snow for all the kids to play with. You can find a similar recipe to what I made here.

I also quickly took some white foam cups and drew snowman faces on them and created a snowman bowling game for the kids and they really loved playing this after the movie. You can find the idea here.

That’s it for our Disney Frozen movie night! You can find a bunch more ideas like this, this, these and these, but I hope you have enjoyed our ideas and are inspired to have a frozen movie night of your own! Have a great rest of your Winter, and stay tuned for our next Disney movie night which will be one of my favorites Beauty and the Beast!!! Also, if you haven’t seen them already, you can check out all of our other movie nights here.


Be Happy & Creative!


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5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects

I love making crafts and especially working with dough or clay. I recently fell in love with marbled clay. I learned how to do it, how easy it was and was just amazed at the easy marbled effect how beautiful you can make it with different colors. I was inspired to create as many cool crafts with this method as possible! So, I have for you my first 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and these are all super fun and easy to make and make for great gifts or beautiful items to keep for yourself. I will show you first how to make marbled clay, from both bought and homemade clay. Then I will give you my 5 projects, and how to make them as well as other ideas. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful new year.




5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects:



Supplies Needed for the Marbled Clay:

  • Air Dry or OvenBake White Clay, you want a large one (I will let you know which one is recommended for each project below.) OR the recipe to make your own clay which is below.
  • Assorted colors of air-dry or oven-bake clays, I got mine that come in small packets at Michaels and range from 1-3 dollars (Picture below.)
  • Rolling Pin

Directions to make Marbled Clay:

Start by, taking the clay colors you want to use. You should pick between 2-4 colors for each marbled clay. You need at least two and you don’t want to have too many. If you would rather make your own clay, you can follow these steps and I just kept some of my white clay (about half) and took small pieces out of the remaining half and used food coloring dye to dye the clay in colors I wanted to use.

Now, no matter which clay you are using take each color and knead it until smooth and roll into long strips with your hands, by rubbing and moving back and forth.

Stick all the colors you are using for that project together and then start twisting them together.

Then you want to carefully mix the colors together being sure not to mix too much or too long as the colors will start to just blend together instead of staying separate and creating the marbled look. This is especially for the homemade clay. Then take your rolling pin and on top of parchment paper start to roll out your clay into a flat piece, this is where you will really see the beautiful marbled clay take place and transform.

There are so many beautiful color combinations you can come up with and use.

And then that’s it. You have some beautiful marbled clay, play around with the colors and have fun with it. You can really create some cool marbled clay colors. Now you are ready to make some cool projects. Once your clay is made these projects are pretty easy to put together.

Project 1: Marbled Clay Flower/Succulent Pots

This is the hardest clay project out of all of them. The rest are pretty easy to do and this one takes a little more patience and focus, but still fairly easy to do. I suggest using air dry clay for this project but both can be used.

Start by taking your marbled clay and flattening it out as much as you can with a rolling pin. You want a nice size of clay so that when rolled out it is a pretty big piece.

This is because you need to then take a knife and cut the clay making a long rectangle like shape close to the height of your succulent pot, try to make it a little longer though.


Then take that now cut strip of marbled clay and you are going to begin wrapping it around your pot and pushing it in to stick to your pot. I used small terracotta pots and the clay sticks to them well.

If you find that the strip of clay doesn’t reach all the way around your pot, that’s okay, simply take some of your clay scraps from when you cut out your strip and cut a new small strip to the size needed and place it in and carefully try to smooth the other clay into it to look like it all belongs together. If you find that it is looking clumpy or weird you could then take your rolling pin and carefully roll on the lumps to help smoothing it out, (You might need to then adjust some of the other clay.)

I then took some white air-dry clay and rolled some pieces out with my hands and flattened it a bit, and began covering the top part or rim of my pot. Make sure the hole at the bottom of your pot is not covered by any clay.

When you are satisfied with your marbled pot look, leave it to harden and when that is done I suggest then covering it with a nice layer of Mod Podge and then filling in your desired flower or succulents (even though my picture shows I have mine in before.)

Project 2: Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders

These are fun to make a provide a nice and colorful way to display your Polaroid pictures.

You want to start making these by taking the made marbled clay and first rolling a good portion of it into a ball like shape with your hands. Then decide if you want to make the square or round picture holders. Super easy next steps for the round ones, all you do is roll into a ball…

then make a crease into the top with one of your Polaroid frames (you can find info to the mini Polaroids used here), by wedging them into the clay carefully a bit to create a nice opening.

Then, re-shape the round shape a bit, sit your Polaroids again inside to make sure that they fit and you made a deep enough opening and that the Polaroid sits up straight. If it leans a little then you have your opening too wide. You want it to be snug. And if you feel as the balls are too big or too small, easily adjust by either taking away or adding more clay. These can really be any size you wish, mine ended up being around 2- 2 1/2 inches.

When you are satisfied with the shape, either sit to dry for air-dry or pop into the oven for oven-bake clay. And then you have some nice round marbled clay picture holders. You don’t have to use these mini Polaroids but their sizes work great.

Now, if you rather make the square picture holders, these are a little more tricky as to get the perfect square or cube shape is difficult. Mine definitely didn’t come out perfect but got mine as square as I could.

From the rolled clay, start  flattening each side with your palms, rotating it and moving it around to start to see the cube like shape.

Make an indentation from the Polaroids like with the round picture holders, and then re-shapen again.

I ended up looking around at what I had in my house to help me flatten each side and help me really get a cube like shape.

Make sure to keep your opening though, and make sure the Polaroids still fit before either again leaving to dry or baking in the oven.

**I suggest adding a nice layer of Mod Podge to all the finished products to give it a nice and glossy protective layer.

You can find other ways to use these Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders here as well as some other ideas for these mini Polaroid pictures.

Project 3: Marbled Clay Disney & Normal Keychains

I couldn’t make some marbled clay keychains without making a few Disney ones. These are all pretty simple to make once you have your clay made. I took some various sized circle cookie cutters and used them to first make normal circle marbled clay keychains.

I ended up using a circle cookie cutter that was about 2 in. or so I recommend this set for many projects and I used the second smallest one for these keychains. You want to make sure you are cutting out your favorite areas in the marbled clay or making sure the marble looks good in the small space of the circle before cutting through.

Once circles are all cut out make a small circle at the top of your circle but not too close to the rim (or too far either) you want to make sure you do this before the clay hardens. A straw can be used to make this small hole.

Then when hardened, you need to buy some key chain items from the store, Michaels is where I found mine. You need a key ring and a jump ring.

First attach a jump ring to your clay hole opening and then attach the split rings to the jump ring. You want to buy a size for the jump rings that is wide enough for the width of your clay plus some for this to work properly. The picture below shows me using two jump rings since I at first bought a too small jump ring size, so here is a quick fix if you do so as well.

And then you can choose to leave as is or add some fun to them and personalize them. I loved using a gold paint pen to write initials on the top and/or to color in the rim of the circles with.

Now, the same goes for the Disney ones I created. Instead of just one circle though, I also made two way smaller circles (with the smallest circle from the circle collections above) and attached one to each side of the larger circle to create Mickey/Minnie heads. Make sure the smaller circles are pushed in and connected to the larger circle before hardening, so that they don’t just fall off.

Then leave to harden and then decorate as you wish like above with the regular circle key chains. Don’t forget to again make a small hole for the key chain accessories.

To make Minnie, use a knife to make a bow by connecting two triangle like shapes out of your clay (I suggest using another or different marbled clay color or a solid color) and adding it to the middle of the two ear shapes.

I really loved how cute these Minnie Mouse Heads came out. Play around with the colors and have fun with them. These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers or to keep as your own. You can really do any shape you wish or even letters, etc. I got a huge tub of various cookie cutters from Ross (@ 7.99) that are perfect for this project and many others.

Project 4: Marbled Clay Ornaments

These are much like the key chains instead of adding key chain accessories you attach either a type of ribbon or an ornament hook through the small hole and attach to your tree.

This is where all the fun items in my cookie cutter tube really come in handy and make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You can go here and here for even more DIY Ornament ideas.

Or you can even use these as gift tags! Make the same way except instead of adding ornament hook or string, attach your gift ribbon through the hole and position on the top of your gift with their initials or name on it, like so…

You can really create some fun gift tags that no one has ever seen before! And a double whammy, whoever you give these gift tags to, can then keep them and make into an ornament or keychain of their own since it has their initials already on it!

Project 5: Marbled Clay Jewelry Bowl

And finally, for our marbled clay projects we have these beautiful jewelry (or whatever you want to use them for) bowls. Again once you have made your marbled clay these are pretty easy to make. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s marbled clay bowls.

Roll your clay out to be a good size but make sure your clay is a good thickness still. This is important so that you do have a good structure for your bowl and helps keep it from cracking or falling apart easily which would be more common to thinner bowls.

Using a large circle shape, like the rim of another bowl or whatever size you desire for your bowl (cookie cutter) trace of a circle onto your clay with a knife.

Then, actually use the inside of another oven safe bowl to help form the shape of the bowl and bake to harden. This project definitely calls for the oven-bake clay and not the air-dry. Follow the directions on the clay package for baking instructions.

When it has hardened let cool and then optional to take some paint and paint the rim of the bowl in desired matching color. Gold, silver, black, white are always fun colors to help any colors pop. Play around with the sizes and colors these are really fun to make and are beautiful little accessories to have or to give as a gift.

You can even add an extra personalization and add writing to the middle of the bowl, like “hers” or a name or whatever you want.

And don’t forget to add a nice layer of Mod Podge to the finished product after everything else has completely hardened and dried.

*For a bonus ideas:

While making these projects, I made a really beautiful marbled clay but the project didn’t turn out so well and I ended up having broken pieces of my beautiful clay and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I decided to take some of the scrap pieces and thought they would be cute to use as identifiers for flower pots or your garden, I used a gold paint from to write the plant or item name and just be sure to give them a nice Mod Podge covering to protect it.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and are inspired to create some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you make with these, we would love to see them. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


Be Happy & Creative!


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Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is in only 5 days! This year has gone by so fast and I wanted to share with you before the day is here, my Christmas Table Setting 2016. Around Christmas time is a really wonderful time. I love so much about it especially decorating and just feeling the full holiday spirit. I believe the Christmas Table is very important much like the Thanksgiving Table. It is where we all gather around with our loved ones and enjoy a special day. So, the table should be just as special. I have put together this table for my family to enjoy and sit around. I have the details for you below to create a similar table setting of your own. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Merry Everything!



Christmas Table Setting:


My Christmas Table was actually pretty simple and easy to put together and still have a colorful an elegant look to it. I first decided on a color scheme, and decided to go around the colors of red, lime green, blues, gold, and pinks. I felt these would be bold and still have a color scheme close to the traditional Christmas colors.

I at first started with a table setting that had a few different things on it to make up a fun centerpiece with my  color scheme. It’s fun to put together the centerpiece. It is what really makes the table. This version consisted of different trees, ornament balls and other random items.

Then, I decided to simplify it and do an all trees centerpiece. These were all fun different colors and sizes and materials! My first centerpiece had some trees and other items, but decided to do just trees and add a bunch of fun ones that still fit my color scheme! And I really love it. Both ways are great though.

These trees I either made or found all around at different stores. The start of this Christmas tree centerpiece started when I found these two trees below from Target. I was in the Bullseye section where they have a ton of fun items you could use to decorate your table. These trees come in a package of two. One large and one small and the smaller one is all glittery. You can choose from Pink, blue, green, and red. I bought the blue pack and ended up keeping my glitter one as is and actually painting the larger one in all white since I didn’t really care for the design on the larger one but loved the shape.

And then the love of everyones and using bottlebrush trees, I knew I had to find some to add to my table! At first they weren’t as easy to find as I thought they’d be and then I found a small pack of tiny ones from Target, but didn’t like the color of them and tried to paint them and they came out just bleh and then I ran into a lovely box of ones that fit my color scheme perfectly at Michaels. And the best part is the set was 70% off and I ended up getting it for only $7.00, a great price and buy. They had a few other color options as well, so hopefully you would find whatever fits your color scheme right.

My tree centerpiece also included my Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas that I made. I originally was going to have these as placecards for the rest of the table setting and then I decided that since I was already making a full tree centerpiece, I might as well add them to it. They fit the theme and added a fun, different tree look to the centerpiece.

Follow the link above to make some pinatas of your own, even if you don’t want to use them as a centerpiece decor, they are lots of fun and we have 4 other ways to use them.

Finally, I made some trees with fun Christmas accessories I had around the house. Really be creative and first see what you already have and then go buy other items that would work great. I ended up using first some glitter tape to make a tree. First made a cone shape out of construction paper and then wrapped it with the glitter tape. You can find a similar cone making tutorial here, and I found a bunch of fun gltiter tape from Target and Hobby Lobby.

I then also made some trees from these fun garlands found also from either Target or Michaels.

And used either cones from above or some foam cones to wrap these around and glue on with some  hot glue. I really loved the look of these and you can find a lot of other fun garlands or other Christmas like items to make trees of your own. Really have fun with it.

All of these different and colorful trees put together make for a beautiful Christmas tree centerpiece. Make sure you stay close to a color scheme so that you don’t just have a bunch of random colors and just play around with how you arrange them on your table to get them all to flow beautifully and really work well together.

I added these trees all on a red table runner that I found at Michaels the year before on clearance. Keeping my theme colors going, having just the red as the runner really helped all the other colors pop and the whole centerpiece really come together. As it would have a little different look if I used another color like white or so. You can also find great table runners at Pier 1, World Market, Target, Home Goods and even Walmart.

Also, I at first had a white tablecloth on my table and then all of this centerpiece, then I decided no tablecloth and to use the beauty of the natural brown wood of my table. Both ways work great but each one again gives you a little different look. So play around with it and decide which way works best for you.

Then to go with this beautiful centerpiece, I decided to do more subtle place settings and used only the colors gold from my scheme and white. This allows for the centerpiece to stand out even more, but you could also keep all the bold colors going and bring those into the place setting. The choice is yours and each way would work great. I found these Cheers plates from Target and really loved the look of them. Added a white plate below them so that the table wouldn’t have a paper plate look. Also found some gold silverware again from Target (I did not realize until now how much I got from Target, Target it my weakness) that I just LOVE as it fits my theme and they allow me to use plastic utensils instead of my silver silverware at home that doesn’t match, but these were a little pricier since they have a classier look than regular plastic utensils and are more durable. And gold glasses again from the Bullseye section at Target! I was able to use gold a lot, that I love and create a fun and old Christmas Table Setting.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and details to our Christmas Table Setting and are inspired to create one of your own. Especially a Christmas tree centerpiece of your own! We would love to see any creations you come up with like ours. Have fun and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the ones you love.


Be Happy & Creative!


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Cotton Candy Ornaments

I just love the Holidays, especially decorating for Christmas and really getting into the Holiday Spirit! Now that I have a family of my own and a tree of my own I get to decorate it however I want and with whatever I want. I have a lot of hand me down ornaments from family members and ones I have had since I was a little girl. Since I had my own family I began making some of my own ornaments and I love it so much I am now doing it every year. At least adding one new ornament to the tree. Bought and made. Doing this with your kids can be lots of fun and then they can take some of the ones they made when they are older and start their own tree with their family! This year I made these adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments! Inspired by my love for the treat and the cuteness of them. Pretty simple to make and they add a fun and sweet look to your Christmas tree! You can follow the steps below, hope you enjoy!



Cotton Candy Ornaments:



Supplies Used:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Assorted paint colors and a paintbrush (multi-surface paints recommended) I used light pink, magenta, and light blue
  • Air Dry Clay (White)
  • Ribbon or String


To start, gather your cotton balls (I used about 2-3 for each ornament) and carefully pull each one apart slightly.

Then, gather all your other supplies together to begin to making of the cone part of the Cotton Candy Ornaments. Cotton balls, Q-tips, Clay. If you don’t have Q-tips you could also use another item similar to it. The Q-tip is really used just for the length and shape. Air-dry clay is recommended but you could use oven bake clay just be sure to take out the Q-tip then before hardening it. You don’t want to use the never hardens clay.

After are your supplies are ready, take a nice small portion of your clay and knead it a little bit to get it all loosen up and then flat out, I quickly used a rolling pin to do this. Make it so that it is a good size, not too big.

Place a Q-tip on one edge at the top and then begin rolling the clay around it, like so…

Roll until all the clay is rolled up in a nice blanket like form around the Q-tip.

And then you begin to make the clay smaller and more form fitting to the Q-tip. Start by taking the clay into your hands and rolling them together, hands angled slightly so that they are closer together at the bottom and wider at the top to create a cone like shape. As your are rubbing and rolling, begin taking off some clay and making it smaller and smaller. Especially at the tip there will be excess clay to pull off and then make sure you keep the point a point.

When you feel you have a nice thin cone like shape, you can then begin adding the cotton balls on top. I used a hot glue gun to do this. Put some glue around the top pf your cone, and then throughout the top of the first cotton ball, fluff up a bit and then put some glue around and add another cotton ball, moving it all around and forming a nice Cotton Candy shape!

Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue, and continue to add more glue and move around your cotton balls to create the perfect cotton candy look. Then let harden and dry and you can begin painting it. You can use whatever colors you wish. I felt that the light pink was  perfect cotton candy color as well as the light blue (turquoise) color. So I made one of each and then made a third one of a mixture of all three (Light pink, light blue, Magenta) colors. So with whatever colors you choose take your paintbrush and begin pushing the color into the cotton balls and painting all around. Make sure you don’t have too much paint in one area as it will take a lot longer to dry.

This part is a lot of fun and you see your Cotton Candy Ornaments start to slowly come together.

The multi-color one was a lot of fun to make and paint. Just randomly begin placing each color all around to create this look.

Let them fully dry, I took random items I had around my house to stand these up so that they could fully dry without laying them down and messing a side up.

When dry, to make them into ornaments. I took some fun looking silver ribbon I had from my gift wrapping box and some more hot glue and down the back side on some of the cotton ball and some of the Q-tip part quickly add some glue and then place the two ends of your cut ribbon on top and let harden.

It’s a little ugly, but I figured this part won’t be showed when up on your tree! But, if you really don’t like how this looks you could also add a little more cotton to the glue area and paint the same color over it to cover it all up and you would just see the top of the loop of your ribbon.

Then you have some adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments to hang on your tree. I love the colors and how girly these came out to be. My little one even attempted to put it in his mouth as he thought it was real, lol.

These were really fun to make, I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to make some of your own! There are a lot off other fun colors you could use and play around with. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!


Be Happy & Creative!



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