5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects

I love making crafts and especially working with dough or clay. I recently fell in love with marbled clay. I learned how to do it, how easy it was and was just amazed at the easy marbled effect how beautiful you can make it with different colors. I was inspired to create as many cool crafts with this method as possible! So, I have for you my first 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and these are all super fun and easy to make and make for great gifts or beautiful items to keep for yourself. I will show you first how to make marbled clay, from both bought and homemade clay. Then I will give you my 5 projects, and how to make them as well as other ideas. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful new year.




5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects:



Supplies Needed for the Marbled Clay:

  • Air Dry or OvenBake White Clay, you want a large one (I will let you know which one is recommended for each project below.) OR the recipe to make your own clay which is below.
  • Assorted colors of air-dry or oven-bake clays, I got mine that come in small packets at Michaels and range from 1-3 dollars (Picture below.)
  • Rolling Pin

Directions to make Marbled Clay:

Start by, taking the clay colors you want to use. You should pick between 2-4 colors for each marbled clay. You need at least two and you don’t want to have too many. If you would rather make your own clay, you can follow these steps and I just kept some of my white clay (about half) and took small pieces out of the remaining half and used food coloring dye to dye the clay in colors I wanted to use.

Now, no matter which clay you are using take each color and knead it until smooth and roll into long strips with your hands, by rubbing and moving back and forth.

Stick all the colors you are using for that project together and then start twisting them together.

Then you want to carefully mix the colors together being sure not to mix too much or too long as the colors will start to just blend together instead of staying separate and creating the marbled look. This is especially for the homemade clay. Then take your rolling pin and on top of parchment paper start to roll out your clay into a flat piece, this is where you will really see the beautiful marbled clay take place and transform.

There are so many beautiful color combinations you can come up with and use.

And then that’s it. You have some beautiful marbled clay, play around with the colors and have fun with it. You can really create some cool marbled clay colors. Now you are ready to make some cool projects. Once your clay is made these projects are pretty easy to put together.

Project 1: Marbled Clay Flower/Succulent Pots

This is the hardest clay project out of all of them. The rest are pretty easy to do and this one takes a little more patience and focus, but still fairly easy to do. I suggest using air dry clay for this project but both can be used.

Start by taking your marbled clay and flattening it out as much as you can with a rolling pin. You want a nice size of clay so that when rolled out it is a pretty big piece.

This is because you need to then take a knife and cut the clay making a long rectangle like shape close to the height of your succulent pot, try to make it a little longer though.


Then take that now cut strip of marbled clay and you are going to begin wrapping it around your pot and pushing it in to stick to your pot. I used small terracotta pots and the clay sticks to them well.

If you find that the strip of clay doesn’t reach all the way around your pot, that’s okay, simply take some of your clay scraps from when you cut out your strip and cut a new small strip to the size needed and place it in and carefully try to smooth the other clay into it to look like it all belongs together. If you find that it is looking clumpy or weird you could then take your rolling pin and carefully roll on the lumps to help smoothing it out, (You might need to then adjust some of the other clay.)

I then took some white air-dry clay and rolled some pieces out with my hands and flattened it a bit, and began covering the top part or rim of my pot. Make sure the hole at the bottom of your pot is not covered by any clay.

When you are satisfied with your marbled pot look, leave it to harden and when that is done I suggest then covering it with a nice layer of Mod Podge and then filling in your desired flower or succulents (even though my picture shows I have mine in before.)

Project 2: Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders

These are fun to make a provide a nice and colorful way to display your Polaroid pictures.

You want to start making these by taking the made marbled clay and first rolling a good portion of it into a ball like shape with your hands. Then decide if you want to make the square or round picture holders. Super easy next steps for the round ones, all you do is roll into a ball…

then make a crease into the top with one of your Polaroid frames (you can find info to the mini Polaroids used here), by wedging them into the clay carefully a bit to create a nice opening.

Then, re-shape the round shape a bit, sit your Polaroids again inside to make sure that they fit and you made a deep enough opening and that the Polaroid sits up straight. If it leans a little then you have your opening too wide. You want it to be snug. And if you feel as the balls are too big or too small, easily adjust by either taking away or adding more clay. These can really be any size you wish, mine ended up being around 2- 2 1/2 inches.

When you are satisfied with the shape, either sit to dry for air-dry or pop into the oven for oven-bake clay. And then you have some nice round marbled clay picture holders. You don’t have to use these mini Polaroids but their sizes work great.

Now, if you rather make the square picture holders, these are a little more tricky as to get the perfect square or cube shape is difficult. Mine definitely didn’t come out perfect but got mine as square as I could.

From the rolled clay, start  flattening each side with your palms, rotating it and moving it around to start to see the cube like shape.

Make an indentation from the Polaroids like with the round picture holders, and then re-shapen again.

I ended up looking around at what I had in my house to help me flatten each side and help me really get a cube like shape.

Make sure to keep your opening though, and make sure the Polaroids still fit before either again leaving to dry or baking in the oven.

**I suggest adding a nice layer of Mod Podge to all the finished products to give it a nice and glossy protective layer.

You can find other ways to use these Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders here as well as some other ideas for these mini Polaroid pictures.

Project 3: Marbled Clay Disney & Normal Keychains

I couldn’t make some marbled clay keychains without making a few Disney ones. These are all pretty simple to make once you have your clay made. I took some various sized circle cookie cutters and used them to first make normal circle marbled clay keychains.

I ended up using a circle cookie cutter that was about 2 in. or so I recommend this set for many projects and I used the second smallest one for these keychains. You want to make sure you are cutting out your favorite areas in the marbled clay or making sure the marble looks good in the small space of the circle before cutting through.

Once circles are all cut out make a small circle at the top of your circle but not too close to the rim (or too far either) you want to make sure you do this before the clay hardens. A straw can be used to make this small hole.

Then when hardened, you need to buy some key chain items from the store, Michaels is where I found mine. You need a key ring and a jump ring.

First attach a jump ring to your clay hole opening and then attach the split rings to the jump ring. You want to buy a size for the jump rings that is wide enough for the width of your clay plus some for this to work properly. The picture below shows me using two jump rings since I at first bought a too small jump ring size, so here is a quick fix if you do so as well.

And then you can choose to leave as is or add some fun to them and personalize them. I loved using a gold paint pen to write initials on the top and/or to color in the rim of the circles with.

Now, the same goes for the Disney ones I created. Instead of just one circle though, I also made two way smaller circles (with the smallest circle from the circle collections above) and attached one to each side of the larger circle to create Mickey/Minnie heads. Make sure the smaller circles are pushed in and connected to the larger circle before hardening, so that they don’t just fall off.

Then leave to harden and then decorate as you wish like above with the regular circle key chains. Don’t forget to again make a small hole for the key chain accessories.

To make Minnie, use a knife to make a bow by connecting two triangle like shapes out of your clay (I suggest using another or different marbled clay color or a solid color) and adding it to the middle of the two ear shapes.

I really loved how cute these Minnie Mouse Heads came out. Play around with the colors and have fun with them. These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers or to keep as your own. You can really do any shape you wish or even letters, etc. I got a huge tub of various cookie cutters from Ross (@ 7.99) that are perfect for this project and many others.

Project 4: Marbled Clay Ornaments

These are much like the key chains instead of adding key chain accessories you attach either a type of ribbon or an ornament hook through the small hole and attach to your tree.

This is where all the fun items in my cookie cutter tube really come in handy and make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You can go here and here for even more DIY Ornament ideas.

Or you can even use these as gift tags! Make the same way except instead of adding ornament hook or string, attach your gift ribbon through the hole and position on the top of your gift with their initials or name on it, like so…

You can really create some fun gift tags that no one has ever seen before! And a double whammy, whoever you give these gift tags to, can then keep them and make into an ornament or keychain of their own since it has their initials already on it!

Project 5: Marbled Clay Jewelry Bowl

And finally, for our marbled clay projects we have these beautiful jewelry (or whatever you want to use them for) bowls. Again once you have made your marbled clay these are pretty easy to make. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s marbled clay bowls.

Roll your clay out to be a good size but make sure your clay is a good thickness still. This is important so that you do have a good structure for your bowl and helps keep it from cracking or falling apart easily which would be more common to thinner bowls.

Using a large circle shape, like the rim of another bowl or whatever size you desire for your bowl (cookie cutter) trace of a circle onto your clay with a knife.

Then, actually use the inside of another oven safe bowl to help form the shape of the bowl and bake to harden. This project definitely calls for the oven-bake clay and not the air-dry. Follow the directions on the clay package for baking instructions.

When it has hardened let cool and then optional to take some paint and paint the rim of the bowl in desired matching color. Gold, silver, black, white are always fun colors to help any colors pop. Play around with the sizes and colors these are really fun to make and are beautiful little accessories to have or to give as a gift.

You can even add an extra personalization and add writing to the middle of the bowl, like “hers” or a name or whatever you want.

And don’t forget to add a nice layer of Mod Podge to the finished product after everything else has completely hardened and dried.

*For a bonus ideas:

While making these projects, I made a really beautiful marbled clay but the project didn’t turn out so well and I ended up having broken pieces of my beautiful clay and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I decided to take some of the scrap pieces and thought they would be cute to use as identifiers for flower pots or your garden, I used a gold paint from to write the plant or item name and just be sure to give them a nice Mod Podge covering to protect it.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and are inspired to create some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you make with these, we would love to see them. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


Be Happy & Creative!


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DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 ways

It is now Fall, a wonderful time of the year and with all the festivities, I wanted to share with you some ideas I thought of for DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 ways! You can decorate with these Polaroid pictures from Fall to Winter to anytime. I love a DIY project that is easy, fun and can be used many ways and that is exactly what this project holds. I have always loved the Polaroid picture look but never have had a Polaroid camera and this DIY allows you to create your own little Polaroid cuties yourself. If you do have a Polaroid camera yourself, you could also simply just use those Polaroids and use them in these ways. You can follow all the easy steps below for the 5 ways, I hope you enjoy!




DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 Ways:




Let’s start with making the Polaroid Pictures themselves first.

For all of the Polaroid pictures, You’ll need: 

  • Set of Reflections wooden Polaroid frames.
  • Various acrylic paints (preferably multi-purpose) in colors of choice and white.
  • Paintbrushes (I recommend various sizes for different details.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Desired photos cropped and cut to be about 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 (I saved all the pictures I wanted to use in a folder on my laptop and then used PicMonkey to crop each photo, and then copied and pasted them to a word document, resized them to be about the sizes above and then printed them out using photo paper.)


Once, you have your desired pictures printed out and cut out, following similar steps that I did above, take your wooden Polaroid frames and place one ontop of each photo and make sure the size fits. Adjust by trimming pictures a little or a lot or printing new ones out. I had to print a couple new ones out because I didn’t like how the picture fit into the frame, so I re-adjusted the whole picture, or didn’t like how the picture looked all together and printed out a new image. The choice is yours.

Then, take your white paint and begin painting all of the frames you will be using. I had to do about 2-3 layers of paint, waiting until each layer dried before doing another.

To spice up your Polaroids even more, I had some of my Polaroids in all white and then some with some color block details. I really liked how these all came out. Play with the colors and have fun with it. As you can see some of my frames had a touch of color either at the top right corner or bottom left corner. And, you could also leave them as is in the wood form if you prefer that or even completely color them all in one color, the list goes on for ways you could paint these, like even a fun rainbow frame.


You may need a couple layers of each color you paint, make sure your frames have completely dried before moving on to the next step. It is up to you if you want to paint the backside of the frames as well. I will let you know below for which ways, the backside can be seen.

Next, when all the frames have dried, turn your frames over, take your hot glue gun and carefully trace a thin line of glue all around close to the inner square and quickly and carefully (backside-up) place a photo on-top and press firmly. Let dry about 30 seconds.

And then you have some adorable little Polaroid pictures! For each of the ways below, you could also add some fun touches to your Polaroids, like a fun quote, emoji, or names.


Now let’s move on to the 5 ways you can decorate with these cuties!

Way number 1: (Marbled Clay Block Picture Holders)


For this project you will also need:

  • Oven-Baked or Air-Dry Clay (I got mine from Michaels and used a large white clay, and smaller pink and blue clays and the Craftsmart and Sculpey brand.)
  • Your hands and a Knife.


Make sure you have oven-bake or air-drying clay as non-hardening clays or modeling clays will not work for this project. Take your white clay out of it’s packaging and begin by pulling apart about 1/3 of the clay (you want to have a larger amount of white than the other colors or of whatever your main color is) and then take about 2 pieces of rectangles of each of the blue and pink clays or whatever colors you are using.

Use your hands to then knead and roll the clay, getting them to each become softer so they are easier to manage. Roll each into a long string, like so…


Place them side-by-side, and then start twisting them together, getting them to start blending with each other.


Then, flatten out and begin sculpting into a cube like shape.

For a larger cube, you want it to be around  1 in. by 1 in. or bigger if you choose and for my smaller cubes they were about 1/2 in. by 1/2 in. or so. Depending on what you want to make, take out more clay until when re-shapen to a cube it is the desired size.


After that, begin to really try to make the cube as cube as you can. Really flattening and straightening each square side. I began taking random objects I had around the home to help flatten each side and using my knife to help.


Also using the knife, use the un-jagged edge to place a slit down the middle of the cube, not going to low, about halfway through and wiggling the knife a little back and forth to make a nice slit opening. You want this slit to be wide enough to fit the Polaroid frame in, but not too wide.


Re-shape your cube a little more if needed after adding the slits, when you are satisfied you can either bake or leave to air-dry, depending on what clay you bought. Read directions on your clay package for oven directions. When hardened and cooled, add a nice layer or two of mod Podge for a clear, glossy coating and then make sure your Polaroids fit in nicely.


I hope you enjoyed this way and are inspired to make some marbled picture holders of your own! Also, depending on where you plan to place these holders once made, the back of the Polaroids may show, so you may want to paint the backsides as well.

Way number 2: (Christmas Ornaments)

This way is very easy to do after you’ve already made all of your Polaroids.

For this project you will also need:

  • Some sort of string (I used ribbon) or Ornament hooks.
  • Hot glue gun


Take your Polaroid picture and turn it to the back and a nice size of your ribbon (about 4 in. or so) or hook and your hot glue gun and use your hot glue to make a good size glue area in the middle of the top of the Polaroid and then quickly, carefully attach your ribbon or hook to it. Make sure it is in the glue well and let harden and cool. Add more glue to the top of it if you feel needs more attachment.


The above picture shows that I am giving my family the option to hang theirs on their tree or put on their refrigerator with the magnetic tape, but this way only needs the ribbon hot glued down (the magnets way you can find below). Apply to all desired Polaroids and then hang beautifully on your Christmas tree!


For these Christmas Ornaments, it would be cute to add a Christmasy quote or saying to the bottom of your Polaroids, like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays“,  “All I want for Christmas is you” etc. whatever you like and feel fits with selected picture.

**As a bonus idea around the holidays or any gift giving event, you could also make the mini polaroid pictures just like this method but instead of a ornaments make them into gift tags! Simply attach the gift ribbon through the polaroid loop and you have these adorable gift tags. Add names or leave blank, or whatever else you want.

These definitely make for adorable gift giving accessories and really personable. Share your favorite memory with your loved one, they are sure to treasure forever. Find more gift wrapping ideas, here.

Way number 3: (Thanksgiving (or any holiday) Place cards)


I really like the personal touch you can add to any Event or Holiday table with this way! Fairly easy to do. There are different ways you could go about doing this.

The first idea I had was to make the Polaroids like normal, maybe adding pictures from past thanksgivings and/or just the person whose seat it is. Then also adding a cute Thanksgiving quote or saying and their name or just their name or just a quote! “I am thankful for” and then there name is a super cute and personable thanksgiving touch for your guest or even leave a blank area for them to write what they are thankful for or something a little more funny like, “gobble til you wobble” or “I’m here for the pie”, have fun with it. you could also not add anything at all and just have your Polaroids.


Next, once you have a tablescape planned out and/or put together, take your Polaroids and then there are various small items you could use to place on top of plate or napkin to help hold up your Polaroid pictures. I used small marbled clay block holders from above, or you could use other small thanksgiving items (look around at Michaels or even Dollar Store), or  just a plate, table item itself. Be creative with it.


Or lay them flat on your plates…


And then you have adorable Polaroid place cards. I really love this personable touch and idea. Use them for Christmas time as well!

Another great idea for your table setting is to add them to the centerpiece itself as well. See pictures below and/or check out our Thanksgiving Table Setting!

diy-polaroid-pictures-5-ways_bonus diy-polaroid-pictures-5-ways_bonus-way

Way Number 4: (Magnets)


You may have seen something like this before, using way smaller Polaroid pictures, but this size is still a great size to use and of course are easier to see. Which can be used on any magnetic area you wish, fridge, strip, office, desk, locker, etc. to make a great memory.

You’ll need:


This is super easy to do. Once your Polaroids are made, take your hot glue gun and your magnetic strip and cut a piece off, then cut a thin strip from that piece, and then that piece in half, like so…


Peel off the backing to reveal the sticky side (I like to be protective and add hot glue down before placing the sticky side on the craft.) Sometimes, the regular stickiness on the magnets doesn’t hold for too long on some materials. So, attach a little glue to the back, top of your Polaroid and then place the sticky strip side down. Hold in place and then let cool and harden. Really you can apply the magnetic strip however you like, and then attach them to your fridge or desired metal area!


Another fun magnet craft you can find here on our DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways.

Way Number 5: (Picture collage for your wall)

This last way is a fun decorative way. Instead of all these other ways, you can just simply use these frames as frames and make a picture collage on your wall! Have some blank space on your wall and make a nice collage of pictures.


You can arrange these anyway. To attach them to your wall, I got mounting tape (can use a different like object or tape) only a small amount needed for these to attach since they are small and light.

This, This, and This are fun ways you could arrange your Polaroids.


And then you have an adorable Polaroid picture collage for your home, office, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the ways you can use these Polaroid frames and are inspired to make some of your own! These all would make great gifts for the Holidays, I am giving some away this year myself! Please feel free to share with us any DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 Ways creations you come up with.  What is your favorite time of the year? I love all seasons really but something about Winter time gets me in such a holly mood, besides the weather sometimes.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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DIY Doormat

Fall is here now. With the weather is cooling down, it’s time to get ready for all the fun fall and winter festivities! In honor of the weather getting chillier, I have made a DIY Doormat that is perfect for your front door during Fall and Winter. This “Come in & Cozy Up!” doormat is a cute and fun welcoming for your guest that you are sure to love and it helps everyone feel welcome. I have seen many DIY Doormats all over Pinterest and have always wanted to make my own and since it is Fall, I decided now was the perfect time. I wanted to be able to use this doormat through Fall & Winter time, and maybe even more but that was my original goal and since when you think of Fall and Winter you usually think of different color schemes and things associated with them. So, I didn’t want to use typical fall or winter colors, but rather a fun color scheme that would work for both. You can follow my easy steps below to make your own doormat. I hope you enjoy!




DIY Doormat:




(This post may contain some affiliate links.)


Supplies Used:

  • Blank Doormat (I got mine from Amazon here, and I also occasionally see some at Target.)
  • Assorted paint colors (I recommend getting acrylic paint and Multi Surface kind if you can.) I used folkart multi-surface paints (Patina, lavender, white.) You can find a nice set here or buy individual ones at Walmart.
  • Assorted Paintbrushes (A medium size and a smaller size to get any smaller areas, I used this set and love the different options it gives me.)
  • Print out of desired text and/or design (explained more below.)
  • Optional: Pins



First, you need to figure out what text and/or design you want on your doormat. If you want to do my exact design follow these full steps and if not then substitute with your own.

I started by, going to Word and typing out the text I wanted, “Come in & Cozy Up” making it pretty large to fit the width of the paper, but not too big at this point where I couldn’t see all the text together. I then played around with the different fonts until I was satisfied. I ended up using Smoothie Shoppe font I downloaded from fonts.com and a regular Calibri font for just the & symbol.  Then, I made all of the text super large, the come in, cozy up ended up being about 595 and the & ended up being about 620. I played around with these and was satisfied with this size and how they looked compare to the length of the doormat. Make sure you like the size before you begin the painting step.

After you have your desired sizes and they are printed out and cut out (make sure you don’t throw away the “scraps”), you can begin placing the text in the desired layout. I played around with mine for awhile, until I ended with my end result. Another way to make sure you are going to like the final look is to print the text also in the colors you plan on using. This way, when you are arranging the text trying to figure out your perfect layout, you can make sure your colors will look nice as well in that layout.

At first, I used the cutout colored letters to figure out my layout…


…and then replaced them with the outline or rest of the paper that I cut them out of to use for tracing in the letters. I ended up using something close to the layout above, rather than the layout below, and honestly it could’ve still been adjusted a little better. I am a perfectionist that way, but I still liked how my doormat came out.


Once, I had my text all in place for where I wanted them to go, I then got my paint and paintbrushes ready with some water for changing colors. This is where you can use pins to pin down the letters so that they stay in place as you are filling in the paint.


I ended up painting the “Come in” part in a light sea-foam green like color (maybe closer to light blue too), a light lavender paint for the “Cozy up” and white for the & symbol and arrow. I painted about 3 layers of paint for all the writing, letting the paint to have mostly dried before doing another layer. Using multi-surface paint makes this easier to do as painting on a doormat can be a little tricky. If you are using regular paint you may need to do more layers. I found if I used a multi-surface paint first and then applied a regular acrylic paint on top (say I didn’t have my desired color in multi-surface paint) it worked better. So, keep this all in mind when making your own.



I made the & symbol a bigger font size than the rest of the writing, because I really wanted it to stand out. I originally wanted to paint in my “&” symbol and then make a cool design off of the end tail, but then decided that, that would be too much and that’s when I came up with the idea to do a cute little arrow next to “come in”. I felt that this gave the mat a cute touch to the text and helped filled my blank space on the mat. Of course, you can decide to leave that detail out or add in your own. If you just want to do “Come in & Cozy up” then make sure that you evenly space out the lettering and the layout with the mat so that you don’t have an odd amount of space on one portion of the mat.


This DIY Doormat was a lot of fun to make and really sparked more ideas for other doormats! Have fun with it and I hope this has inspired you to make a “Come in & Cozy up” doormat of your own. I love the text and feel like it is so cute and welcoming especially for this chilly weather coming up. Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with this. Have a wonderful Fall, and don’t forget to get out there and explore!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder

It is Summer time and that means it is also the perfect time to enjoy watermelon and all things watermelon! I have been needing a utensil holder for my kitchen and haven’t come across one that I liked, so I decided to try to make one of my own. Since it is Summer time, I decided on this DIY watermelon utensil holder!! It came out super cute and really is a nice, cute kitchen accessory perfect for the warm weather. This cute fruit piece isn’t just for Summer though, it can be enjoyed all year around 😉 . You can follow the very easy steps below to make one of your own, I hope you enjoy!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder


DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder:


DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 3

Supplies Needed:

  • Quaker Oats Oatmeal Tube- That has been emptied out, or when done using. (However, depending on size wanted different items can be used.)
  • Assorted Paint Colors & Paintbrushes- I recommend these paintbrushes, the assorted paintbrushes help with different details. Colors used are: Green, Light Green, Pink, Red, Black, and White.
  • Scissors & Tape
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start, make sure that the tube is all cleaned out of oats or whatever was in it before. I didn’t want the full height of the oatmeal tube, so I used scissors to cut it down about 2-3 inches from the top. If you weren’t able to do this without having jagged or uneven edges then simply use sandpaper to even it out and/or your scissors.

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 1

Next step is to paint the entire tube with white paint. Inside and outside, I had to do about 2-3 layers of paint outside and 2 inside to cover the markings on the tube from before. Let each layer dry mostly before doing the next and make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Once everything is dry, start the first layer of the watermelon which is the green. To do this, take your tape and mark the area at the bottom of the tube where the green will go,I also lightly marked with a pencil where all the layers would go, helpful visual for when applying the tape. Like so…

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 3 DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 4

Continue to paint all the other layers, adding a thinner layer of light green next, then about the same layer of pink and finally a nice thick layer of the red. Let fully dry. You don’t have to have these exact colors as mine, but I did love how this combo came out!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 7

Once all layers are dry, make sure none of them need adjusting or another layer of paint before moving on to the next step. Try to get them as straight as you can.

Then, you can begin adding in some black seeds to the red area of your watermelon. I suggest using your thinest paintbrush that you have to do this. Place as many or as few as you’d like, I made quick raindrop like marks for my seeds. Again let fully dry before moving on to next step, which is to optionally apply a nice layer of Mod Podge to the whole holder. This gives it a clear and glossy protective layer, which is especially helpful for the paint since it being a utensil holder.

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 12

And then you have an adorably cute kitchen utensil holder that is just perfect for Summer or any watermelon lovers!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 14

Hope you are inspired to make one of your own. I really enjoy mine and hope you do too as well. We should be able to accessorize our kitchen for the Summer and I feel like this is a great start. Don’t forget to get out there and explore and try new things this Summer. What is your favorite Summer time activity? I love anything involving the beach and fun in the sun!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 10


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar

Summer is on it’s way, and many are getting anxious for it with some nice weather that’s been happening lately, especially me. One trend that I love around summer is the love of pineapples and things pineapples. There really is just something about them, and stuff with them are just even cuter. So, I hope you enjoy this DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar and you get to decorate your home with this nice, and lovely pineapple project!

Papier-Mache is a fun technique many people use. It always you to make a shape using paper and glue basically. You can mold whatever you like with the right tools and the creativity. This project includes using a balloon as a base to make the round shape of the pineapple. It is fun and super easy to do. you can follow my steps below to make one of your own, and this project doesn’t NEED to be a cookie jar. You can do whatever you want with it. Keep it a full pineapple, make another project, etc. Hope you enjoy!


DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar


DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar: 


Supplies Used:

  • Bunch of News Paper
  • A Type of Glue- I used Mod Podge, wallpaper paste is usually used.
  • Balloon
  • Assorted Paint colors- You can decorate your pineapple however you want, I decided to stick with an elegant white look. Using regular yellow and green colors of a pineapple would look great as well, or even make some up of your own!
  • Assorted Paintbrushes- for different details in the painting process, as well as a sponge brush is used for applying the glue. This set of paintbrushes gives you the perfect range and is a great price for this project and many others.
  • Cardboard & Scissors



To start, take your bunch of newspaper and some scissors and cut it up into medium sized rectangles. no need for a perfect size or anything, just cut the newspaper up into strips basically. Then, blow up your balloon to be the size you wish your pineapple to be. I didn’t fully blow my ballon up, to get to my size. Try making or having a more oval shape than a rounder shape, if can.

When your balloon is all set, you can begin the papier-mache process. Take your sponge brush and apply a small amount of mod podge with it on your balloon. spread it evenly and then apply strips of newspaper on top and then coat the newspaper again on top with some more mod podge (or whatever glue you are using.) Keep doing this all around your balloon until it is covered.
DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 1

Let dry slightly, and then keep applying layers following this process. I ended up doing about 7 layers total. This gave the pineapple thickness, which helps it stay firm and be a great holder, like a cookie jar should be. When you are at your final layer, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. ALSO, when I was letting mine dry, since it is a ball shape, I attached a piece of string to the tied part of the balloon and let it hang freely to dry. This allowed me to be hands-free and not have to hold it, and let me put it down without ruining it or taking off some glue. Mod Podge dries fairly fast and wallpaper paste is pretty thick, so don’t typically have to worry about drippings.

Now, as your pineapple base is drying you can begin working on the top part of the pineapple (you can even begin during the different drying steps as well.) Take some extra newspaper and roll up and then twist together a nice rope. Then, cut out the top to your balloon (where it is tied), let air out and cut out a small hole at the top. Dip your newspaper rope into some glue and spread it around the whole thing, and then stick it into the hole at the top, allowing a nice small portion to stick out. Preferably the length you wish your pineapple leafs to be.

Then, start by taking a piece of cardboard, and start tracing out your pineapple leaves with a pencil. You can do this many ways. For the leaves I didn’t use that thick of cardboard, but you can use whatever you have around, like a cereal box, etc. I think drawing out a flat piece of leaves is the easiest way to do it, I wanted to try tiering some different sized leaf pieces however, so whatever way works, even your own, all will look nice. So, start by cutting out a couple large leaves and then taking a hot glue gun and gluing them around your base.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 3

I easily did this by bending a small portion of the end of the leaf and using that as the connector to the stem. Continue adding tiers until you get to the top. Think of how a pineapple looks, even pull up a picture or even look at a real one to get inspiration and ideas from. Make sure your leaves are getting smaller as you get closer to the top.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 4

Go back and add in pieces of leaves as you go, and feel need it. Filling in holes. To top off the leaves, I made a small piece that I then glued to stand straight up on the top of the stem, rather than on the side like the rest.

Then, to make the cookie jar be able to stand up straight and not roll over, take your scissors and first cut a small opening at the bottom of the pineapple. Make sure to get it as straight in the middle as possible. Then you can begin adjusting the hole and making it bigger, until you get the right/perfect balancing. Your hole can be as big as you wish, When satisfied, take another piece or cardboard, this can be any thickness, and trace the same size circle and then glue it to the rim of the bottom.

Let fully dry and make sure it is all connected well before moving further, apply more glue as needed.  Next, you need some yarn or a type of string. I grabbed what I had around the house, can be any color as it will be covered up with paint anyways.  Start making a pineapple texture by gluing your string in pieces all diagonal going one way, and then all diagonal the other way, like so…

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 5

Then you can begin painting your pineapple cookie jar however you desire. I decided to paint my pineapple all white and then paint the leaves a nice dark turquoise color. These colors really popped together. I strayed away from the normal colors, and I just loved the white pineapple. You can do this anyway! I was also thinking of painting my leaves a gold color. I think that would look really cool. So have fun with it.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 6

Once you paint the base, you should see the lines of the string pop out and show an awesome pineapple like texture.  Once again, make sure your pineapple fully dries before you move onto the next step.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 7

To make the opening, to have a cookie jar, use a knife to make a slit into the pineapple about 1/3 from the top, and then use scissors to cut all the way around the pineapple. This creates a top and bottom part. Try to make it as straight as possible the first time cutting it as you don’t want to keep cutting each side to get it straight because that will make the two pieces not stick well together anymore.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar 2

Mine is not perfect, but I love it! I think this is a super cute project. this DIY paper-mache pineapple jar is just what I needed to brighten up my home for the Summer days ahead. Doesn’t even have to be used as a cookie jar, whatever is needed!

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar 3

I also created a similar pineapple tier-stand craft!

pineapple cookie jar and pineapple tier stand

Simply, cut three different sized circles out of a foam board (doubled and glued together) You can get a foam board from the dollar store. Then I found a nice, long stick from outside, stripped it’s extra twigs off, then in the middle of all my circles, I made a hole. I started by placing the biggest circles at the bottom and evenly balanced it and applied a nice amount of hot glue to get it to keep in place. Then added the middle circles a nice distance apart and glued them in place from the middle both on top and bottom. And then finally the smallest pieces to the top, leaving a nice amount of a stem above it to attach the leaves like you did above. Make sure these are sturdy and all glues in place before moving onto the next step. If you don’t like the cut look of your foam board, edges, you can either paint over them or add some newspaper pieces around them and then paint over it the color desired. I attached some leaves just like above, except this time I painted them a nice sea foam green color. This gave the two a nice balance together.And they both look great together for your next pineapple party!

Pineapple party 5

I really hope you enjoy this project, this DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar and are left with some adorable pineapple crafts. Have fun with it and please feel free to share any creations you come up with! What do you love about summer? Stay tuned for this complete guide to some fun pineapple party ideas! Have a great summer!!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Fruit Bowl (Papier-Mache)

This DIY Fruit Bowl papier-mache is a fun but time consuming DIY craft. A balloon is used to act as a mold for this papier-mache bowl. The process of making this bowl can be used for any occasion or holiday. I chose to paint it to fit the theme for Spring time, but can be painted many other cool ways, even in simple colors or one color. Papier-mache is basically a mixture of paper and glue that hardens when it dries. A process that is a great tool and used for many things and uses. Same as the balloon, it is used for many projects and makes a great tool. I call this a fruit bowl, but can be used to really hold anything you’d like, besides liquids…eventually it would start to weaken and so fourth. So, have fun with this project and I hope you are inspired to make one of your own. I hope you enjoy! Remember it is very time consuming  and there are a lot of steps with using the papier-mache method. But, the end result is totally cute and worth it.

DIY Fruit Bowl papier-mache

DIY  Fruit Bowl (Papier-mache):

DIY fruit bowl (papier-mache) 1

Supplies Used:

  • A balloon
  • Newspaper, Optional: tissue paper
  • A Type of glue (from glue to Mod Podge, to wallpaper paste can be used) I used a crafting glue as well as mod podge.
  • Assorted paints colors (if you are making one just like mine, then pink, yellow, white and black) and paint brushes in different sizes.
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Fine-grade sandpaper
  • Scissors



To start, take your newspaper or like paper and cut some of it up into little 1-2in strips. Enough to have a good pile, you will use a lot of this to make the bowl. You can just cut out more as you need more.

Papier-mache bowl step 1

Once your newspaper is cut up, you can then get your glue ready in a small bowl, so that it is easier to use and then blow up  your balloon to make a firm base for the papier-mache.

papier-mache bowl step 2

Then take your strips and either soak them in your glue/wallpaper paste or individually begin applying some glue to the balloon and covering with newspaper, adding more glue and newspaper as you fill the balloon. Covering the layer underneath with another layer doing the same process until you have about 4-5 layers. Make sure to leave the area around the knot bare.

Papier-mache bowl step 3

Papier-mache bowl step 4

When you are done layer the balloon with the papier-mache, leave it in a warm place until it is completely dry and hardens. Using scissors, burst the balloon and remove it. I cut a hole in the top of my balloon and let the air out and it slowly starts to crack and peel off on it’s own. This is a pretty cool step, you get to see your new created shape made from a balloon that is not there anymore.

papier-mache bowl step 5

Trim the papier-mache bowl to the desired height with your scissors. This can be adjust more as you go on and realize you want to take more off.

Papier-mache bowl step 8

Take your cardboard and cut it to be a strip, around 5in wide or so. Fold it (bend it) to make it round (a ring) and measure it to the bottom of the bowl, make sure it is an appropriate size and will fit to your bowl. Adjust the size to your liking. Then about 2in down from the top, draw a line 2in down from the top of the cardboard, across the length of the cardboard and then above that line cut the cardboard into a bunch of strips or use a cardboard that has a folded flap and cut it to be 2in long and then across the whole strip, cut it up in little strips, like so.

Papier-mache bowl step 7

When ready, secure the cardboard ends together. I used hot glue gun to do this, but you can also use masking tape.

Papier-mache bowl step 9

Stand the bowl so that it stands upright with the bottom of the bowl now facing you. Center the cardboard ring over it.

Papier-mache bowl step 10

I first used my hot glue gun again to secure the ring of the cardboard to the bowl, and then bent the strips outwards and used the masking tape to attach the strips to the bowl.  Make sure it is a snug fit and that you don’t have the bowl sticking out away from the ring.

Papier-mache bowl step 9.5

Then, cover the bowl and the new part in further layers of papier-mache, around 2-3 more layers. This time, I used larger strips of newspaper to do this. Make sure to fix any touch-ups needed at this point, like pieces of newspaper sticking out or not sticking, and be sure to check on the inside of the bowl as well.

Papier-mache bowl step 11

Again leave to dry completely and harden.

Roll up a sheet of newspaper or tissue paper and twist together tightly to make rope like pieces, long enough to go around the rim and the bottom of the bowl. I first rolled up some tissue paper and then twisted it tightly to form a twisted rope. The length of one tissue paper is not long enough to go around the rim of the bowl, so two were needed for the top and about one and 1/4 were needed for the bottom.

diy fruit bowl step 17

Using masking tape, attach the ropes to the top and bottom of the bowl. Also, optional to add a rope to the bottom of the connected piece. Depending on the look you want. You could also use, a hot glue gun to do this instead, or both the masking tape and hot glue gun. After I twisted my ropes, I dipped them in the same glue I was using before, covered it with my finger. this allowed for the twisted part to stay together a bit easier and connect to the bowl a bit easier.

diy fruit bowl step 18

So, place it in the correct place and then secure it and even the lumpiness as best you can with some masking tape. It doesn’t matter the color, or what the rope looks like because it will be covered.

diy fruit bowl step 19

Cover the ropes with more layers of papier-mache and let dry.  You don’t have cover the whole bowl, just the areas where the ropes are. So, for the top go from the side, cover the rope, to the inside. Same for the bottom.

diy fruit bowl 20.1

diy fruit bowl 21

Then (optional) lightly rub down with a fine-grade sandpaper, then prime inside and outside the bowl with two coats of white paint. Allow to dry.

fruit bowl step 23

Now you can decorate the bowl inside and out with acrylic paints however you like. If you want to decorate it exactly like mine then you can further follow my steps below. If you do your own, don’t forget to finish it with a coat of  clear varnish, one such as Mod Podge or such and let dry.

If you want to decorate your bowl the same way as mine, then start by painting only the outside bowl part pink. I used a light pink paint color found at Target. I did two coats of paint. Let dry.

diy fruit bowl step 27

Once dry, then you can begin painting on different sized white flowers almost like daisy’s all over the pink area. These are easy to make, start by painting a yellow dot for the center, and then make about 5 white petals coming off of it. They don’t have to be perfect, have fun with it, make them all different sizes. I ranged from some small, some medium, and some larger. You could even make them all the same size, etc. Let dry. Once I finished making the flowers all around the bowl, I then went back and did a quick touch-up to all the flowers, making the white, whiter and the yellow darker.

DIY fruit bowl final steps

Then, you can move down to the stand of the bowl. Attach a piece of masking tape around the middle of the stem, about half the width of the original width. This way you will have three sections. You will be painting the top section above the masking tape all black, and the section below the masking tape all black. Then when done, remove the masking tape carefully and you then will have a striped section of black, white, black. You could do this part in any colors you wish, I just really like the black and white contrast with the rest of the bowl. Makes it all really pop out.

DIY fruit bowl final step

And then finally, I painted the bottom and top edges in yellow. Make any paint adjustments needed, and touch-ups. As well as, painting another layer of white paint on the inside (or desired color). And then when everything is dry just apply a nice thin layer of varnish (mod Podge) to give it a nice, shiny, protective layer.

DIY fruit bowl inside

Then you are done, and you now have a beautiful fruit bowl! Or a bowl for any need you have. I feel so excited to have my bowl , especially knowing that I made it all by hand. I just love the colors and the cute and fun aspect of it. This was a long and fun project but I hope you enjoyed it. I got the idea from an old Papercrafts & Origami book.

diy fruit bowl papier-mache

Please feel free to share any creations you come up with, we would love to see them. What do you think of papier-mache? Is the process to long for you? Have you made any other papier-mache crafts before? Hope your Spring is a great one and you create many fun projects.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Mr. and Mrs. Pillows

It is no surprise that I love the mustache and lips, his and hers, Mr. and Mrs., etc. stuff. I have even posted other DIYs involving them. For awhile now, I have been wanting some pillows that had the mustache and lips on it with the Mr. and Mrs. However, every time I finally found some they would either be too expensive, couldn’t find the other matching pillow, or just wouldn’t look right. Finally, I decided why not just make my own! That way, I can afford it, and they will be exactly what I am looking for. At first I thought, that would be too difficult. But, then I really thought about it and figured out an easy way to make some pillows of my own, sequins and all, and no-sew!

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Pillows

This project is super easy and really does not cost much at all to buy the supplies needed. And yes it really is no-sew. However, this project can be done by sewing instead if that’s what you prefer and are a good sewer. I was really so happy and proud of myself when I was done making these! I had wanted them for so long, and now I have some totally cute ones, made by myself. Now, that’s an accomplishment. My boyfriend wouldn’t of believed me, when I said I made them myself if he hadn’t seen me working on them. He was a previous pillow I made for my sister that did not come out so well, and was so shocked to see how well I had made these ones. I learned many lessons from the previous pillow experience, through all the blood, tears, and burning (lol). So, I taught myself a way to accomplish these DIY Mr. and Mrs. Pillows without a sewing machine or my mom’s help (she’s a pro at sewing and where I get some of my creativeness from!)

mr and mrs pillows 4


You can follow my easy process below to make some of your own DIY Mr. and Mrs. Pillows, perfect for a gift (Valentine’s Day, Wedding Gift, Bridal gift, birthday, etc.), your bedroom, couch, chair, whatever you want! You could also switch it up and do His & Hers instead, Mrs. & Mrs. (Mr. & Mr.), Mine & Yours, Use your names/nicknames, etc.

Hope you enjoy!


DIY Mr and Mrs Pillows:


mrs and mrs


Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric (Any color wished, I got 2 yards of white cotton and had a good amount left over, $6 for it at Walmart.)
  • Sequins (The ones that are connected already to each other, I got mine for a dollar each at Target and used colors red, black, and gold.)
  • Hot glue gun (you can find great ones from Hobby Lobby.)
  • Fiber-Fill (For a good price at Walmart)
  • Ruler and Scissors
  • Optional: If you aren’t good at hand drawing, I suggest printing out templates of lips, mustache, and lettering in the size wanted on pilows, this way you can lightly trace them, instead of free-hand drawing them. Just use google images.)

pillow supplies



To start, take your fabric, lay it out on the table. I used a crease that was already in my fabric to half it there, and then made the measurements around that. So measured the width, and length I wanted my pillows to be and then cut them out, but make sure you cut the fabric out a couple inches from your measurement marks so that you have some extra fabric to work with when putting the pillow together. I didn’t make these pillows very big the were about 16×10 in. each. I started with one and then when I was done, I made the other. Of course I started with the Mrs. =)

Once your fabric is measured and cut out, then you can begin lightly tracing your design onto the fabric with a pencil. I ma good at drawing so I was able to free hand all of this. I just looked at a similar font I wanted for the writing of Mrs. and then used these Mr. and Mrs. hooks I have to draw similar lips. If you aren’t so good at free-hand drawing, you can google images “Lips Outline” and  “Mrs. Font” to find a lot of cute options. Just copy the one you want onto a document and make it the size you wish and then print it out, cut it out and use it as a tracer. I placed the writing first basically in the middle of the pillow and then the lips right below it.

Mrs. Pillow Step 2

When you have your Mrs. and lips centered and looking good on your fabric you can then start to put on the sequins. Having the sequins that are already connected are really what make this project so easy and come out so cute. If you have individual sequins the project would them be all over the place and a lot harder to glue down all those tiny pieces. I first started with sequining (I don’t believe this is a word! hehe) the lips. Took my red sequins and hot glue gun and traced the hot glue gun with the drawing. I started a section at a time, placing the glue right on where the line is and then quickly place the sequins down perfectly, and continued until there was an outline of lips in red sequins. Cut off where your outline ends, and then you can begin filling in the lips (if you want) the same way as before basically going around and around, eventually your white space gets smaller and the lips get redder. While doing this I at first was going to fill in the whole lips (which is a good option to do) but decided that with having a little space left white, like the lips are open, was actually really cute! So, I left it like that, cut off the excess sequins and then began on filling in the Mrs. You can do this any way you like, leave it as just the outline, fill all the way in, or leave a gap like I did.

Mrs. Pillow step 3

The Mrs. I did the same way pretty much. Took my gold sequins and started with a letter at a time and a section at a time (this is key because if you aren’t used to hot glue guns, the glue dries and hardens pretty fast, so you can’t take your time putting glue everywhere and then filling it all in later.) You can then again decide to wither leave the Mrs. as an outline or fill all the way in.  Don’t forget to add a single sequin for the period (.) after the MRS! Good tip: if you happen to mess up while laying the sequins down, the glue does harden fast, but it also is easy to take apart if you do it right away. Let the glue somewhat harden and then take it off and re-do!

Mrs. Pillow step 5

When everything is glued in place and looks great, let it cool a few minutes and then you can then begin the filing process. First, take your fabric and flip it so that the sequined part is now on the inside.

Mrs. Pillow step 6.1

Then, around where your lines are for your pillow measurements, put glue from your hot glue gun down all along those lines (once again a section at a time) and place the fabric on top right down on it. Pressing firmly as you go. Make sure you leave a hand-sized space left open on one of the smaller sides of the pillow, but glue all other sides down firmly. Once the glue was all cool and hardened I then applied another section around the pillow on the extra fabric just to give it extra hold.

Mrs. Pillow step 7

When your gluing is all done and cooled, put your hand into the area left open, go all the way to the other side of the fabric and pull it out through the whole, so that you are then reversing the fabric and now see your sequin design on top again. Push out all the corners, and then you can begin filling your pillow up with your fiber-fill.

Mrs pillow

How much you add is up to you, just make sure you get enough into all the corners of the pillow. When you are satisfied with the puffiness, then you can again take your hot glue gun and glue the open area sides together (keeping the fabric where the extra sides are still folded in and just glue them together) this way the area will look like the other edges of the pillow, you want to keep that crease look.

Mrs. Pillow step 8

Let the glue dry, and then you are done!!! I decided to add a cute touch of a black sequin above the lips for a beauty mark (optional).

Mrs. Pillow Final look

And then you can begin all the same process for the matching Mr. Pillow. Instead this time if needed searching google images for “mustache outline” and “Mr. Font”and using your black sequins instead of red ones.

Mr. Pillow step 2

This project is really easy, may seem like a lot of steps, but truly it is really easy to do and once you are doing it and seeing for yourself it will come so easy and you will be done in no time and then have some adorable pillows to decorate with and show-off! I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY project and you are inspired to make some of your own! Have fun with it and be creative, play around with the colors, match them to your likes, or your bedroom colors, etc. I really loved the way the gold sequins popped and the gold can be used with many other colors. Like pink lips instead of red, or even pink fabric, black writing or white and gold lips. There are so many ways to create your own Mr. & Mrs. pillows, feel free to share with us any creations you come up with.

DIY mr and mrs pillows 1

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the one(s) you love, and a great year. These pillows are my new favorites in my house, what are some of your favorite pillows? Have you ever made any of your own?


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Box Makeover

My mom was recently moving out of her place and into a new place, so of course she was going through all of her stuff and getting rid of a bunch. I happened to see this box that she was getting rid of. It was ugly and just out of style, but I thought that I could give it a makeover and make it prettier and in style. So, I took it and then starting thinking of what I wanted to do with it.

I decided to use some of my leftover multipurpose shelf liner from my last apartment, to recover the box. Something totally different but it worked perfectly. You can follow the steps I took below to do your own DIY Box Makeover.

DIY Box Makeover

DIY Box Makeover:

Supplies Used:

  • Old/Used box that needs a makeover (If you don’t have one lying around, you could also try family/friends like I did or even scope out garage sales and thrift stores for a cheap one. Any size you want will work, or even shape.)
  • Multipurpose shelf liner (I got mine from target for about $5 and they are rolls that give you plenty to use, and many design options.)
  • Paint (Any color of choice, if you want to change the inside color of the box.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon (I used black ribbon, you can use any color or design you want that you feel fits your box, be creative and have fin with it.)



  • First, take the multipurpose liner and trace the top and bottom of a side of the box with a pencil. If you are using the same multipurpose liner from Target as me, on the back side they have a grid which will make it easier to trace and cut. Cut out as much needed for all sides of the box in one strip. Then do the same for the bottom of the box.
  • I then cut off the ugly handles from the box and threw them away.
  • Once everything is cut out, start applying the liner by simply pulling off the paper on the back side, revealing the sticky side and place it evenly on one side of the box. Smooth it out as best as you can so that there are no bubbles and keep turning the box until all sides are covered. This multipurpose liner is what makes this box makeover so easy, with the sticky backside it allows fast and easy applying.  It is OK to overlap the liner at the bottom, just wrap it down towards the bottom of the box like you are wrapping a present.

DIY Box akeover prt.3

  • Once the sides are covered,  then cover the bottom of the box the same way.
  • From here if you want to recover the inside as well, you have the option to just paint the inside if you are using a dark enough color to cover it, or what I did is just take the same multipurpose liner and painted it with red paint. This covered most of it, I didn’t mind the paper showing through a little.

DIY box makeover prt.4

  • After the paint dried, I then measured and cut the liner to the size of the inside of the box. And applied it the same was as the sides of the box by going in one quick motion from one side, to the bottom, to the end side, and then do the other opposite sides. You also have the option to use the same liner as the outsides without using any paint at all. The option is up to you for what you want to do with your box.

DIY box makeover prt.5

  • Once everything is covered, I then used the tape to tape down some of the edges to make the paper go down smoother.
  • I then took my scissors and poked a hole through the paper where the holes already were in tact on each end of the box. If your box didn’t already come with holes for holders then you might have to make your own if you feel they are needed. I then took my black ribbon, and cut two strips of ribbon a good amount on each.
  • Take one end of the ribbon and stick it through one hole, and pull a good amount out, and do the same for the other side.
  • Then take the two strips on the inside and I then tied a big cute bow.

DIY box ribbon insude

  • You don’t have to make yours so big or a bow at all. You could simply just tie a knot. Make sure you leave a good amount of the loop on the outside of the box though.

DIY box makeover prt.6

  • Once, each side has a handle and bow then you are done! Free to decorate it up anyway you want and can be used for many uses.

DIY box makeover final

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY Box Makeover, and it inspired you to make your own! Feel free to share with us any cool creations you come up with. You could even do a makeover for the upcoming Holidays like a cute Halloween box.


Have fun & be creative!


kisses Jazzy


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