Easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft

October is here and with Halloween on it’s way, I have this totally fun and easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft that you can do with your kiddos! It is really super quick and easy to do. With only a few supplies, which most can be found around your home, you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with a hint of Disney. Your kids are sure to love this project. Ideal for toddlers but also for a little older kiddos as well. My two year old loved this project and I can’t wait to do more Halloween crafts with him! For older kids, they love that they can do most of this project all on their own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

To start, Gather all of your supplies and have them ready at your working table. Make sure to print your Mickey ghost to the size you want your project to be. I made mine take up most of the page on a word document, and this size ended up being perfect.

Then, cut out the print out of the Mickey Mouse ghost, and cut out a nice section from your cardboard that the Mickey ghost will fit on. If you use a cereal box like I did, each of the big sides are perfect for this project and you can make two Mickeys with one box.

Trace the print out of Mickey ghost onto your cardboard. Then cut out. Keep the print out of Mickey ghost for a step later in this project.

Now that you have the foundation for your project, your child can them begin decorating it with the cotton balls. Just place some glue down and stick the cotton balls on top. Fill the cardboard up and try to get it to not show any of the cardboard. This part is obviously the fun part for your kiddos. Mine was so excited to do a craft with very little of my help. We made it into a little learning activity as well by counting how many cotton balls were used. Have fun with it!

You could also have some Halloween movies, shows, or music playing. Or even have some Halloween treats to eat while making your craft.

Once you have the cardboard filled with the cotton balls, let dry a few minutes, in the meantime you can then take the print out of Mickey ghost and cut out the face. Then take those face pieces and trace onto your black craft paper and cut out.

Your kiddos can then take those pieces and glue them in place on top of the cotton balls. It is easy for them if you put the print out right next to the cardboard Mickey ghost to compare where the face should be.

Once all dried, they are all done! So quick and easy!! If you also want to make a Minnie Ghost all you have to do is take some red craft paper and cut out a cute bow. Then place either above the eyes or on the side on one of the ears, like so….

I really hope you are inspired to make this craft with your little ones this Halloween season. Don’t forget to hang up your Mickey ghost craft so your kids can see it everyday! Stay tuned as I will be doing a couple more projects this month until Halloween is officially here. In the meantime here is a few fun coloring pages your kids will love.

Thanks for stopping by!


Disney Frozen Movie Night

My family and I have been slowly moving through some of our favorite Disney movies and having movie nights for a countdown until our first family trip to Walt Disney World! You can find all of our previous movie nights here. We had to get a Disney Frozen Movie night in before Winter was over and we did just that.  Many kids and adults love Frozen including my niece and so this movie night was a lot of fun and included the most singing out of almost everyone in the group. A Frozen movie night is fun and easy to put together. There are so many fun ideas you can find on Pinterest and even just roaming different stores you can still find a bunch of Frozen items you could use for a party or movie night. I have the details to our movie night below for you, hope you enjoy!



Disney Frozen Movie Night:


I am going to start with the details to the food we had for our movie night:

There wasn’t a lot of food but just enough for a movie night and they all fit the theme really well. As a fun aspect and main food item we decided to “finish each others SANDWICHES!” and for a quick last minute sandwich option we decided to have grilled cheese sandwiches. You can have really any sandwich you and your family wish and you can’t really go wrong with a sandwich as even for picky eaters you can easily adjust. Little ones love grilled cheese or PB&J sandwiches and are really easy to put together.

We like to try to include some health(ish) food items as well as some goodies for our kids and our selves. We were able to have somewhat healthy grilled cheeses by using 7-grain whole wheat bread and we had them with Colby cheese and they were really delicious.

We also had Carrots and Dip, with some chips and their purpose was for “Sven Snacks” and these serve as a healthy snack option to have. Surprisingly our little ones really love carrots and so they work perfect and we don’t have to force them to eat them.

Next we had, a Frozen popcorn mix. For every movie night we HAVE to include a popcorn mix that matches the movies theme, it’s just right. They are really fun to throw together and are fun and delicious to eat. This Frozen mix included: popcorn, frozen graham crackers (I found a box of these at safeway but I know they are at other stores as well), pretzel sticks, and mini marshmallows. The idea of this mix was  to have a somewhat “do you wanna build a snowman” feel to it.

There was also Frozen Jell-O, You can find Frozen boxes at most grocery stores and Walmart. The idea was to have these as cubes of ice much like the ones Kristoff cuts and sells. We didn’t make it to cutting the jell-o up but still served its purpose and the kids love jell-o. Just another fun snack to have that fits the theme. You could also use their clear Frozen jell-o.

For a dessert option, we had these Olaf brownie cake bites. I found a box of these that came with all the supplies needed from Burlington.  You can also find it here. I let my niece help me make these so they didn’t come out perfect but still turned out great and she was really excited that she would help and watch Olaf come to life.  They were really delicious

And Finally for drink, we had a yummy and simply frozen punch that consisted of blue Hawaiian punch and ginger ale with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy!

That’s all the food items we had and they worked great but here are some other great ideas: These, this, this, and these.

Now, for the details to the decorations we had. These are usually somewhat simple and mainly include just decorating the table that the food is on. I first placed a light blue table cover on the table and a white table cover on the wall connected and behind the table. Then I began placing all the items on the table. I usually start by adding all the bowls or containers for the food so that I know where to place everything else even if the food is not in it yet or ready. And these containers always somehow match the theme (I usually use white or clear ones.) Then for around the table, I usually print-out various characters from the movie and place them around the table. Well for this movie my niece had so many Frozen toys or figurines I used both print out and her toys to decorate the table.

I also scattered some snowflake confetti all around the table as well as a few larger marbled chocolate snowflakes. I like finding paper cups and plates that match each theme, since these make for easy clean-up and really help add to the theme. And finally for decor, I cut out a bunch of paper snowflakes, just like the ones you made as a kid for Christmas to go on your windows and made them in various sizes and taped a bunch of them to the white table cover on the wall. This created a really awesome background for the table and really helped bring the theme together. Especially since it was in-front of a window and the snowflakes glowed a little.

This decor, was super easy to throw together and yet still gave off a great frozen movie theme.

Finally for our Disney frozen movie night, I try to usually include a couple activities for the kids that go with the movie. I always print-out a few coloring or activity pages for my nieces. You can do this by going to google images and searching the movie and coloring or activity pages so i.e. Frozen coloring pages and printing out the ones wanted. for this movie night, I also made some fake snow for all the kids to play with. You can find a similar recipe to what I made here.

I also quickly took some white foam cups and drew snowman faces on them and created a snowman bowling game for the kids and they really loved playing this after the movie. You can find the idea here.

That’s it for our Disney Frozen movie night! You can find a bunch more ideas like this, this, these and these, but I hope you have enjoyed our ideas and are inspired to have a frozen movie night of your own! Have a great rest of your Winter, and stay tuned for our next Disney movie night which will be one of my favorites Beauty and the Beast!!! Also, if you haven’t seen them already, you can check out all of our other movie nights here.


Be Happy & Creative!


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DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways

Continuing on with my other DIY Emoji Straw sets, and with the Holiday season approaching us, I am sharing with you DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways. Meaning these sets and ways are all Holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) themed, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do these emojis, ultimately you can use whatever emojis you wish.  This craft is a lot of fun, especially picking out the emojis that match the desired theme or guest! There are numerous ways to have fun with these emojis, I hope you enjoy the 5 ways we have come up for you!




DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways:


Lets start with the Holiday Emojis Way Number 1: (Holiday Emoji Straws)


This is the same method as the other emoji straws I have made, you can find the how-to for them here at the part 1 and here at the part 2. These are a cute touch to any event or party, and help really liven up the party. Guest will love these fun characters, you can pick and use any emojis based on your theme.

The main items needed are: Straws, tape, cardboard, and either various acrylic paints or print outs of desired emojis in about 1 in. size.



Directions: For any emoji straws, basically you have the choice to either pick emojis out by using google images and searching emojis, copying onto a document, make to be about 1 in. and print out and glue onto a piece of cardboard and then cut out OR to take some acrylic paints and by looking at pictures of the emojis desired, paint them straight onto a piece of cardboard. Be sure to apply a nice layer of Mod Podge one the ones hand drawn. You should decide this based on your artistic abilities and timing preference. If you are good at tracing an image, painting and have some time to spare, I’d recommend painting them yourself as the ones painted have an extra personal touch. If you aren’t so artistic and/or on a time budget, I suggest printing them out. You can see both of these examples on my DIY Emoji Straws Part 1 & 2 above. If you aren’t liking how the printed ones are looking, try printing onto nicer paper, like photo paper or cardstock.


Take your emojis and your straws, and using tape, tape them to the top of your straws, leaving a nice amount for a mouth and making sure no tape is showing.



Way Number 2: (Holiday Emoji Magnets)


This is a new way, I have tried. I feel like this adds great character to your fridge, office, desk, locker, etc. wherever you can put magnets! Very easy to do and as the seasons change you can change out the magnets.


Start by, making the emojis the same way as in Way Number 1.

Then, instead of attaching to straws, you will need a roll of magnetic tape or round ceramic magnets or magnetic tacky dots. All of these have a peel and stick back, but I always add a little amount of hot glue down and then attach the magnets, for extra strength and hold.

And simply, add to your fridge or desired surface! And you are ready for the holidays. Use to hold up any Holiday pictures or cards!


Way Number 3: (Holiday Emoji Ornaments) 


This step is similar to Way Number 2, however instead of attaching to magnets, you are attaching them to either string (like ribbon or whatever you have) or ornament hooks.


Make the emojis explained the same way in Way Number 1, but maybe making them a little bigger since they will be ornaments. This is all up to you depending on what size you want. Use hot glue gun to attach either string or ornament hook to the back of your emojis, make sure when hardened that it is snug in place and will hold. Then decorate your tree!


Way Number 4: (Holiday Emoji Cupcake Toppers)


This way is much like Way Number 1, except instead of straws you are attaching your emojis onto toothpicks. It’s that simple. Make the emojis the same way in Way Number 1 (you could make them a little bigger for cupcake toppers if wanted) and then simply using tape, tape toothpicks onto the back of your emojis. These make for a fun way to serve your cupcakes or any Holiday treat!


Way Number 5: (Holiday Emoji Place Cards)

Finally, the last way to have fun with these Holiday emojis is to use them as place cards for your holiday table! Once again, very easy to do. All you have to do is make the desired emojis, same way as in Way Number 1, instead this time I highly recommend doing a much larger size than 1 in. I made mine to be about 3 in. or so. These are a fun and personable touch to your Holiday table.


I also recommend, using paint pens to then add the name of each person for their place card. Make this fun by picking ones that remind you of them or just randomly putting a name to an emoji. This way allows you to bring emojis into your holiday decorating in a very fun, expressing way.


I hope you have enjoyed all the fun ways to use these DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways and are inspired to make some of your own this Holiday season! Have fun with it, what are some of your favorite emojis and how would you incorporate them in one of these projects? Please feel free to share with us any creations you make. This could also be a fun project to do with the whole family. Who doesn’t love emojis? Everyone will have fun picking out their own or favorite. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Aladdin Disney Movie Night

We have made it to our third Disney movie night! Which is Aladdin!! I was super, super excited about this movie night because, Aladdin is one of my top favorite Disney movies. I mean, I am pretty convinced that I could be Princess Jasmine. I have even convinced my niece that I am (hehe). So, we had this movie night close to my birthday and I had a blast getting all the details ready for this big night. Our first movie night was Jungle Book/Tarzan and you can follow that link to check out those details if you haven’t already, and our next one was Finding Nemo/Dory! I hope you enjoy the details to this Aladdin Disney Movie Night, I have tried to incorporate as much details for you to create a movie night like this for you and your family. We started our Disney movie nights recently, using it as a countdown and a fun way to get ready and excited for our first trip to Disney World! Each month we will have about 2 movie nights with our favorite movies. For all the other Disney movies we will be watching normally throughout the next 8 months when we can. I hope you enjoy.


Aladdin Disney Movie Night


Aladdin Disney Movie Night:


Aladdin Disney Movie Night 3

For our other two movie nights, we have done some big activities that go with the theme of the movie that night, however for this Aladdin Disney Movie Night, there was no big activity but I did provide the kids with some fun crafts. So, let’s start with the details on those.

Crafts with the kids- 

First, I had my nieces make these cute Jasmine necklaces. I got the idea from here. I ended up finding at Michaels, these glittery purple foam visor hats which were only a $1 and other blank sheets of foam in turquoise and glittery gold. Then I cut the visor a little just to shape it more like Jasmine’s necklace. Then, I cut jewel like shape out of the other foam sheet colors and then gave my niece a glue stick and the items to glue them on the visor however she wanted. She loved it and it actually came out super cute.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_crafts

Then, I prior to the movie night made these genie wishing lamps out of paper bowls from the dollar store, gold paint, and aluminum foil ,(oh and a hot glue gun). I got the idea from here. You can follow theirs for a more detailed and nicer step by step. However, I simply took two bowls, painted the outside all in the gold paint, let dry, glued the rims to each other, used an x-acto knife to cut the flat circle out of one of the sides. Then reattached it with tape, made a handle, top holder, and spout out of aluminum foil by folding up a piece into a small stick and then twisting it together and then forming the shape desired. I suggest looking at a picture of genie’s lamp when doing this. Painted them gold, let dry, and then attached them in the correct places on the lamp with more hot glue. I let them decorate them with small gems and then, the idea is to get some small stones or coins, whatever you have and let your kid write some “wishes” to put into the wishing lamp. I gave my nieces three wishes, they wrote with a metallic sharpie right onto some stones and then put them into their lamps. My niece was super excited for this.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night 9

And finally, I always have coloring pages for the kids to color of the movie we are watching. Simply search: Aladdin coloring pages in either Pinterest or Google to find some great ones you can print off.

These are some other fun crafts to do with your kids: Magic Carpet, bracelets, Cave of wonders.

Now, let’s move onto the decorated food table! I had a lot of fun decorating for this theme. Let’s start with the Food we had

Aladdin Disney Movie Night 6

We had our usual popcorn mix, this time with chocolate gems in turquoise and purple. Those were made by a gem mold I found from Michaels and purple and turquoise Wilton melting chocolates. Really easy to make, just melt the chocolate (follow directions on bag) and then pour it right into the gem mold. The chocolate hardens pretty fast, but I still pop it into the freezer for a little and then clean it and do the other color. Chocolate mixed with popcorn is really a delicious treat. The sweat and salty together is amazing, my boyfriend loved it and almost ate all of it. The popcorn mix is fun to snack on during the whole movie and the other foods in the beginning.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_popcorn

I then made, Chicken Shawarma kabobs which is a Middle Eastern recipe, I found the recipe from The Iron You, and it was delicious!!! We all couldn’t get enough. So, I highly recommend this or another similar recipe. I made brown rice to go with the chicken.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night _Chicken Shawarma

We also had, some gold coin cookies, I found from Disney Family. They have great ideas on recipes and crafts for many movies. I love it, definitely check it out if you haven’t before. These fit the theme perfectly, I only suggest not using as much lemon juice as the recipe says.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_Gold coin cookies

And finally, of course we needed a drink. I made Genie Juice that consisted of Blue Hawaiian Punch and Lemonade. My son went crazy for this for some reason. And to pair with it, I bought turquoise paper cups and printed and cut out small genie lamp silhouette, painted them in gold and then attached them to the cups. You could also use the silhouette to then trace onto glitter gold paper.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_Genie Juice and Cups

Another dessert idea are these Jasmine cupcakes!

And moving on now to the Decorations-

I made a large silhouette of Jasmine’s Palace. I just looked at a picture and traced with a pencil onto a large foam board, and then used an x-acto  knife to then cut it out. Placed this at the back of my table.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_Jasmines Palace

We had our usual “Now Playing” sign, with an aladdin movie picture. You can get the free printable here to printout your own border. Just add the picture of choice to it and then print out and put into a frame.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_Now playing sign

I also made these paper lanterns, that I felt completed the whole theme look. Got the idea from here, but I just found some silhouettes of the shapes I liked, printed them out, cut out an inner similar shape with my x-acto knife and then painted them black, and then placed it over colored paper, glued, and then cut around the shape. A great Moroccan look. I really wish I had found these amazing aladdin lanterns before we had our movie night, thought I’d share with you what I found. These would look great with the rest of this decor.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night_Lanterns

The rest of the decorations included random print outs of main characters from the movie, cut out and placed around the table, and a full page print out of the magic carpet, gems (found from Michaels), some candle lanterns made out of soda cans, I got the idea from here and glitter foam sheet as serve wear placemats.

Here are some other fun ideas I loved, but didn’t get the chance to do: these jars, and this.

Aladdin Disney Movie Night 4

Our Aladdin Disney movie night was very magical and lots of fun. I hope these ideas have inspired you to have an Aladdin movie night of your own. I know that Aladdin and Aladdin:the return of Jafar are available on On-Demand to rent or buy if you don’t have the movie. Also check Netflix, I believe they are available to rent there as well. Have fun with it and please feel free to share with us any fun creations you come up with for your movie night. Hope you are enjoying your Summer!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Kids Butterfly Spring Craft

This DIY Kids Butterfly Spring Craft is a fun and super cute craft for the kiddos. They are super easy to make and there are numerous things to do with them. I love the idea of recycling and making something out of something people would usually throw away or get rid of. The items are simple and kids are sure to have fun making this craft. I made these butterflies with my nieces and nephew and their favorite part was painting them. Then seeing the egg cartons turn into butterflies filled them up with so much excitement. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy. This is a fun project, you can follow the very simple steps below to make your own and I have included different things or ways you can decorate with them.

Kids Butterfly Spring Craft


Kids Butterfly Spring Craft:


Kids Butterfly Spring Craft Main


The Supplies are Simple: (For the general butterflies)

  • Egg Carton
  • Assorted Paint Colors (Preferably Spring colors like pastels, these are one of the brands I use and through Amazon is a great deal!)
  • Paintbrushes (Pair these assorted paintbrushes with the paint colors above and they are perfect supplies for this project and many more!)
  • Craft Pipe Cleaners (I found matching pack of pastel colors from the Dollar Store.)
  • Craft Pom Poms (I used all white for each butterfly, but other colors work as well.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Gun



To start, I just took a clean egg carton from our recycle bin to make these butterflies. I recommend you doing the first step, which is to take your scissors and cut out the butterflies. Cut as many as you want out by cutting out a square of four egg slots, like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft 1

When these are all cut out, I set some newspaper down, along with a paint color for each kid and a paintbrush. Then they began painting away. Painting first all over the front, letting dry, and then painting all over the back and letting dry completely.

Jojo working on Spring butterfly craft

Once all dried, I then took an opposite matching pipe cleaner to the color painted butterflies. You can mix and match these however you like, and even make them all the same colors or however (the kids can help by picking out what color antennas they want). Cut a small piece out and make a Y shape like so…

kids butterfly spring craft 2

I then took my hot glue gun and to the back of the butterflies (which is the part that sticks out, not goes in) I attached the pipe cleaner down the middle of the top half part, like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft step 3

Let dry, and then once sturdy you can adjust the antennas however you like to give em a more realistic look.

Then finally, take your pom poms and hot glue gun. I used about five for each butterfly. Place some hot glue down and then quickly place the pom poms on the front side from the top of the middle section down to where it ends. I recommend doing a dot of glue at a time down the butterfly as the hot glue dries pretty quickly and if you don’t attach the object fast enough it dries and hardens on it’s own. Once again you can use any colors you’d or your kids would like. I decided to make all our butterflies have the same bodies and stuck with white. Let dry.

Kids butterfly Spring Craft 4

Now you are finished with the simple butterfly craft, really easy to make and kids love seeing them come to life. I loved the pastel colors and how they looked. But there are many others ways to spice up your butterflies even more and/or to decorate with them.

Kids butterfly Spring Craft step 4

Optional: We also had a roll of magnetic tape (can be found at craft stores as well as Walmart) and cut small circles to match the back sides and stuck the magnets to them so that now these cuties can hang on your refrigerator or other connecting form. Totally cute! (Below pictures I only have magnets on two of the circle spots but I suggest putting one on all four spots and using hit glue to keep them down tight not just the tape on the back of them.)

Kids Butterfly Spring Craft step 5

You can also add some silly goggly eyes, draw on your own eyes, and an even more fun technique is to cut out small circles of your kiddos head and then attach them to the top of your butterflies ( I used tape), like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft- kids faces and magnets

I thought these were totally cute and the kids absolutely loved seeing there faces on the butterflies! These would then even work out as a super cute gift to give someone like for Mother’s Day, or another Spring time event. Most mothers, grandparents, or other family members would love these as a gift from the little ones. So have fun with it and make them your own! Kids love crafts and making something out of nothing! Try working with what you have around your home before going out and buying supplies, many of these supplies could be switched out with another creative, similar object.

Kids butterfly spring craft jojos face

Another idea for these fun little creatures is to instead of connecting magnets to them you cold connect string or even a string of lights to them and then hang them up to look like they are flying around, especially if you use lights! OR even hang them on a window and these lovelies are sure to look wonderful. You can attach them to your window or sliding glass door, using removable adhesives or tape (but i’m not sure how long the tape would hold compare to their weight.) Be Creative and have fun with them.

kids butterfly spring craft 3 kids butterfly spring craft 4

And lastly a fun idea is to use these butterflies next Easter as some Easter egg holders for the little ones! You can find the how-to for some fun DIY decorative easter eggs here.

kids butterfly spring craft idea

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this fun kids butterfly spring craft and create some wonderful butterflies. You could also do things like more creative/mixed colors of the butterflies, tie dye? Rainbow? Words? make them look like your favorite butterfly, etc. there are so many different ways to do this. So whatever works best for you all. Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with.

What is your favorite butterfly? Any other favorite Spring time craft?


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Tinkerbell Costume

Halloween costumes can be and most are pretty expensive.  You have to make the decision of what to be, and if it is worth buying and paying that much money for it. Or, to make it yourself. With that option you then decide it is is really even cheaper to make it yourself and if you can even do it. In this DIY Halloween Costume it is super easy and even a beginner Do-it-yourselfer can achieve this cute look. After buying or rounding up a couple supplies and goodies, this costume can be made within a couple hours. This costume is also pretty cheap to make, so if you are budgeting this year. This costume is a great idea!

With Halloween arriving in a couple of days, and if you don’t yet have a costume in mind or ready for your little one or even yourself, then I have a great DIY costume idea for you. And if you love Disney and Tinkerbell than this costume is ideal! For one of my nieces I put together a DIY Tinkerbell Costume for her. She told me that she wanted to be a fairy and so I got to work on a Tinkerbell fairy costume. You can follow my easy steps below to complete the whole look. I also have ideas for if you want to do a different type of fairy instead of Tinkerbell. But, why not Tinkerbell!? She is so cute and sassy. This costume is easy to do just takes a little work but the end result is just too cute. I hope you enjoy and that your Halloween is magical!

Tinkerbell costume 1

Supplies Needed:

  • Glittery Green Tulle (2 tubes, I got mine from Hobby Lobby, they had a 50% of sale so I got two for the price of one at $3.99, you can get more or a white tulle if you want a fuller tutu look, I also used white tulle for the pom poms on the shoes.)
  • Ribbon (Glittery white and green ribbons are used in this look, I found a bunch of cute ones from the Dollar Store.)
  • Mod Podge ( I got a large tube from Target for about $6.99 or so (since I use it a lot), but I recently saw at the Dollar Store that they now have small tubes of Mod Podge there!)
  • Green Glitter
  • Old or cheap flats ( My niece had an old pair of black shoes and we used those, Ideal colors are black, white, or green.)
  • Fairy wings ( I found these cute green wings at the dollar store and they work perfectly, also using white ones would look cute.)
  • White tights and a White long sleeve shirt (ideal for states that are a bit chillier.) Both can be found for cheap at Walmart if you don’t already have.
  • Optional: Yellow star fairy wand, and glow stick bracelets. (I thought the wand just added a cute fun touch and the bracelets are cute and fun for my niece and a way for us to better keep track of her during the night while she is trick-or-treating.)

Tinkerbell costume wand


  • I started with making the shoes since they are what need to dry a little but after making. Take your flats and place them on a paper towel or newspaper so that you don’t mess up your work area. Then, get a paint brush and your Mod Podge and start at a section of the shoe, paint on it with the Mod Podge like you normally do with paint and then quickly pour over it with your green glitter. Continue to do this until both shoes are completely covered in green glitter. Then carefully take and set them aside and out of the way to dry. You will finish these once, they have dried.

Tinkerbell Shoes Prt.2

  • While your shoes are drying then you can begin working on the dress. This step is easy but can take a but to do. Start by taking your white glittery ribbon and measure around the chest of your little one or yourself, and cut extra ribbon past that so you will have enough of it to tie a bow. Once you have your ribbon cut the right size, then take your glittery green tulle and measure out one strand that goes from the top of the chest and down to a good length around the knees or so for where you’d want the tutu part of the dress to end. When that strand is cute out, then use that strand to keep measuring out and cutting a bunch of pieces until you have used all of the two tubes of tulle.
  • Then, you can begin making the dress by take a strand of tulle and tieing the top part of one end to the ribbon. You want to make sure you only have a small amount of the end of the tulle hanging out at the top after it is tied around the ribbon. Keep doing this with all strands, pushing them close together until all strands are on the ribbon. Depending one how little or big your little one or yourself are, you may need more tulle.

Tinkerbell costume part.2

  • The next step is to then try it on to make sure it looks how you want. Put on the white long sleeve shirt and white tights. Then tie the end of the ribbons together into a bow around the top of the chest, and then get another piece of ribbon either your white or green glittery one and put it around the waist and tie into a bow like you did at top. I used the green one for my niece since it matched the color of her shoes and so it helped pull the outfit together, either one looks fine though.

Tinkerbell costume dress

  • If you feel like it needs to be fuller, you can just simply keep adding more strands, and push the close together. If you feel it is fine, then you can go back to your shoes and make sure they are dry. Once they are, you can begin making your pom poms. There is white tulle available at the Dollar store. I used that to make my pom poms. I followed the steps from The Melrose Family to make these cute little ones perfect for fitting on the shoes. Once they are made, I then look my hot glue gun (You can get a little one for cheap that works from Hobby Lobby for about $2.99) or another gluing or adhesive method is fine. I put the glue on buckle part and the top of the shoe and placed my pom pom on it. If you don’t have a buckle part then you would place the glue and pom pom on the edge of the top part of the shoe. Let it dry for a couple minutes.

Tinkerbell costume shoes prt.2Tinkerbell costume shoes

  • When you have everything dried, you can begin putting the whole outfit together. Put back on the dress (if you took it off), put on the shoes, and wings, grab your lighted wand, and some glow bracelets (if you have them).

Tinkerbell costume wand 2

  • Then for some fun finishing touches, I simply used one of my hair buns to put her hair into a big bun. If you don’t have one, they are cheap to get and can be found at places like Walmart, or Fashion Stores or even places like Walgreens. Or you could use this method. Also, if you are really good at doing hair styles, have fun with it. Make a super cute braided bun or other fun method. After the bun is made, I then took some more of my white glittery ribbon and tied a big cute bow into her bun.

Tinkerbell costume close-up jojo

Tinkerbell costume 6

  • After the Bun was made I then got some of my makeup blush and gave her some cherry cheeks, also putting some face glitter would be fun for little ones.

Tinkerbell costume 2

Tinkerbell costume 4

Tinkerbell costume 5

And then your Tinkerbell look is complete! Really, only a few quick crafts to make, and the rest is putting the costume all together. Super fun, cute, and easy. DIY Tinkerbell Costume is ready to go! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Halloween costume and it has inspired you to make your own!

“All you need is Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust!”

Tinkerbell costume 3


If you want to be a fairy but not quite Tinkerbell, then you could simply follow majority of these steps but use other colors and don’t make the pom poms for your shoes, unless you really want to. Have fun with it and be creative. Use what you have around you and my best advice is to start at the Dollar Store and see what goodies you can get there. Add some butterflies, or flowers to a pink tutu, make it your own and become a garden fairy, or a rainbow fairy, or another one of Tinkerbell’s fairy friends!

Have a great Halloween and enjoy all the candy and treats!


Be Happy and Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Basketball Halloween Costume

This Basketball Halloween costume is so cute and super easy to accomplish. If you are currently expecting and are having a little boy and/or your spouse loves basketball (or yourself), or you just think this is cute then this is the perfect costume. There are many cute ways to dress up that baby bump for Halloween and this is one you can easily pull off at the last minute. Last year I was pregnant with my baby boy around Halloween and I saw another couple pull off a similar costume and new immediately that I wanted to create one of my own! For one, my boyfriend is a HUGE basketball fan and two I was having a baby boy, so obviously it was the perfect costume for me. What I loved most about the end results of this costume was that with the right hand movements and placements it sometimes looked like an actual basketball instead of a baby bump especially in pictures. I thought that was just so cute and cool!

You can follow the simple steps I took below to make your own easy basketball Halloween costume, I hope you enjoy!



Basketball Halloween Costume for your Baby Bump:

Basketball girl pregnant halloween costume

I decided to start by making my basketball shirt. The other costume like this drew the basketball right onto her belly and that is a totally cute and realistic idea, however, I decided not to do that because I live in Washington and it is a little chilly here around Halloween. So, I decided to make the ball onto a white t-shirt and then place my sports bra over that.

Making the shirt is pretty easy. I took the shirt first, put it on and then got in-front of a mirror and traced with a pen lightly around my baby bump. By doing this allows you to perfectly place the ball on the shirt on your belly bump. After it is traced I then took off the shirt and got ready to paint in the basketball. I began by lightly tracing out where the basketball lines would go. Easiest way to do this is to have an actual ball in-front of you or pull up a picture online to make sure you are doing it as accurate as possible. By making the one line go across the middle of my belly I believe helped me achieve making a perfect basketball.

When you have your ball traced out exactly how you want it, be sure to place something in-between your shirt, like cardboard, so that the paint doesn’t sink through to the back of your shirt and onto your surface. I used a piece of cardboard and ended up with this pretty cool piece of basketball art! Which I now have in my baby boys room.

Basketball shirt process

I used orange and black fabric paint to paint in my ball, really any paint would be fine or even markers or any other art material you want to use. If you plan on keeping your basketball shirt for awhile then the best would be to use fabric paint. This step is the one that will take the longest but it is really easy to draw a basketball and paint it in, only two colors to work with and then just waiting for it to dry.

When your basketball is painted and dried, then you are ready to start putting the rest of the outfit together. You could easily put this outfit together within an hour once you have all the materials needed.

Basketball shirt

I first put on my new basketball shirt and made sure that everything fit perfectly. Then I started to think of a basketballer and what I needed to complete this look. Of course, a sports bra, so I threw one on over my shirt. Then, I got some blue sweats from my sister, basketball shorts would be ideal once again if you are in a warmer state. The sweats worked perfect for me, kept me warm and still gave me that basketball player effect. I then added some basketball shoes on my feet (sneakers), threw my hair into a ponytail, and found a black headband and then my look was complete! It’s really that simple.

pregnant basketballer halloween costume outfit

pregnant basketballer halloween costume

pregnant basketball outfit

So simple yet so cute! I ended up also wearing a black somewhat basketballer looking jacket (since it was cold…) and still was able to complete my look. I got many compliments and many were shocked when they finally realized that there was a baby bump under there not just a basketball drawn onto a shirt! Have fun with it and I hope this easy basketball Halloween costume has inspired a mommy-to-be out there to make an awesome costume. Have fun with your bump and have a great Halloween!


If you make this Halloween costume a cute idea is to dress up your little man next year or so in a similar basketballer Halloween costume. Get a white t-shirt their size, some cute basketball sweats or shorts, a headband, and some matching shoes and you got a cute and easy Halloween costume!

Little man basketball outfit2

My little basketballer is all ready to go! I gave him his mini basketball and he was all set.

Aidan basketballer

aidan bballer3

Whether it is dressing up your baby bump or your little man or girl I hope you have a great Halloween and it is sporty! Please feel free to share any creations you come up with, and remember to have fun and be creative with what you have around you. You don’t have to follow this process step-by-step to accomplish this costume.


Be Happy and Creative!



kisses Jazzy



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