Easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft

October is here and with Halloween on it’s way, I have this totally fun and easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft that you can do with your kiddos! It is really super quick and easy to do. With only a few supplies, which most can be found around your home, you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with a hint of Disney. Your kids are sure to love this project. Ideal for toddlers but also for a little older kiddos as well. My two year old loved this project and I can’t wait to do more Halloween crafts with him! For older kids, they love that they can do most of this project all on their own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

To start, Gather all of your supplies and have them ready at your working table. Make sure to print your Mickey ghost to the size you want your project to be. I made mine take up most of the page on a word document, and this size ended up being perfect.

Then, cut out the print out of the Mickey Mouse ghost, and cut out a nice section from your cardboard that the Mickey ghost will fit on. If you use a cereal box like I did, each of the big sides are perfect for this project and you can make two Mickeys with one box.

Trace the print out of Mickey ghost onto your cardboard. Then cut out. Keep the print out of Mickey ghost for a step later in this project.

Now that you have the foundation for your project, your child can them begin decorating it with the cotton balls. Just place some glue down and stick the cotton balls on top. Fill the cardboard up and try to get it to not show any of the cardboard. This part is obviously the fun part for your kiddos. Mine was so excited to do a craft with very little of my help. We made it into a little learning activity as well by counting how many cotton balls were used. Have fun with it!

You could also have some Halloween movies, shows, or music playing. Or even have some Halloween treats to eat while making your craft.

Once you have the cardboard filled with the cotton balls, let dry a few minutes, in the meantime you can then take the print out of Mickey ghost and cut out the face. Then take those face pieces and trace onto your black craft paper and cut out.

Your kiddos can then take those pieces and glue them in place on top of the cotton balls. It is easy for them if you put the print out right next to the cardboard Mickey ghost to compare where the face should be.

Once all dried, they are all done! So quick and easy!! If you also want to make a Minnie Ghost all you have to do is take some red craft paper and cut out a cute bow. Then place either above the eyes or on the side on one of the ears, like so….

I really hope you are inspired to make this craft with your little ones this Halloween season. Don’t forget to hang up your Mickey ghost craft so your kids can see it everyday! Stay tuned as I will be doing a couple more projects this month until Halloween is officially here. In the meantime here is a few fun coloring pages your kids will love.

Thanks for stopping by!


Disney Frozen Movie Night

My family and I have been slowly moving through some of our favorite Disney movies and having movie nights for a countdown until our first family trip to Walt Disney World! You can find all of our previous movie nights here. We had to get a Disney Frozen Movie night in before Winter was over and we did just that.  Many kids and adults love Frozen including my niece and so this movie night was a lot of fun and included the most singing out of almost everyone in the group. A Frozen movie night is fun and easy to put together. There are so many fun ideas you can find on Pinterest and even just roaming different stores you can still find a bunch of Frozen items you could use for a party or movie night. I have the details to our movie night below for you, hope you enjoy!



Disney Frozen Movie Night:


I am going to start with the details to the food we had for our movie night:

There wasn’t a lot of food but just enough for a movie night and they all fit the theme really well. As a fun aspect and main food item we decided to “finish each others SANDWICHES!” and for a quick last minute sandwich option we decided to have grilled cheese sandwiches. You can have really any sandwich you and your family wish and you can’t really go wrong with a sandwich as even for picky eaters you can easily adjust. Little ones love grilled cheese or PB&J sandwiches and are really easy to put together.

We like to try to include some health(ish) food items as well as some goodies for our kids and our selves. We were able to have somewhat healthy grilled cheeses by using 7-grain whole wheat bread and we had them with Colby cheese and they were really delicious.

We also had Carrots and Dip, with some chips and their purpose was for “Sven Snacks” and these serve as a healthy snack option to have. Surprisingly our little ones really love carrots and so they work perfect and we don’t have to force them to eat them.

Next we had, a Frozen popcorn mix. For every movie night we HAVE to include a popcorn mix that matches the movies theme, it’s just right. They are really fun to throw together and are fun and delicious to eat. This Frozen mix included: popcorn, frozen graham crackers (I found a box of these at safeway but I know they are at other stores as well), pretzel sticks, and mini marshmallows. The idea of this mix was  to have a somewhat “do you wanna build a snowman” feel to it.

There was also Frozen Jell-O, You can find Frozen boxes at most grocery stores and Walmart. The idea was to have these as cubes of ice much like the ones Kristoff cuts and sells. We didn’t make it to cutting the jell-o up but still served its purpose and the kids love jell-o. Just another fun snack to have that fits the theme. You could also use their clear Frozen jell-o.

For a dessert option, we had these Olaf brownie cake bites. I found a box of these that came with all the supplies needed from Burlington.  You can also find it here. I let my niece help me make these so they didn’t come out perfect but still turned out great and she was really excited that she would help and watch Olaf come to life.  They were really delicious

And Finally for drink, we had a yummy and simply frozen punch that consisted of blue Hawaiian punch and ginger ale with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy!

That’s all the food items we had and they worked great but here are some other great ideas: These, this, this, and these.

Now, for the details to the decorations we had. These are usually somewhat simple and mainly include just decorating the table that the food is on. I first placed a light blue table cover on the table and a white table cover on the wall connected and behind the table. Then I began placing all the items on the table. I usually start by adding all the bowls or containers for the food so that I know where to place everything else even if the food is not in it yet or ready. And these containers always somehow match the theme (I usually use white or clear ones.) Then for around the table, I usually print-out various characters from the movie and place them around the table. Well for this movie my niece had so many Frozen toys or figurines I used both print out and her toys to decorate the table.

I also scattered some snowflake confetti all around the table as well as a few larger marbled chocolate snowflakes. I like finding paper cups and plates that match each theme, since these make for easy clean-up and really help add to the theme. And finally for decor, I cut out a bunch of paper snowflakes, just like the ones you made as a kid for Christmas to go on your windows and made them in various sizes and taped a bunch of them to the white table cover on the wall. This created a really awesome background for the table and really helped bring the theme together. Especially since it was in-front of a window and the snowflakes glowed a little.

This decor, was super easy to throw together and yet still gave off a great frozen movie theme.

Finally for our Disney frozen movie night, I try to usually include a couple activities for the kids that go with the movie. I always print-out a few coloring or activity pages for my nieces. You can do this by going to google images and searching the movie and coloring or activity pages so i.e. Frozen coloring pages and printing out the ones wanted. for this movie night, I also made some fake snow for all the kids to play with. You can find a similar recipe to what I made here.

I also quickly took some white foam cups and drew snowman faces on them and created a snowman bowling game for the kids and they really loved playing this after the movie. You can find the idea here.

That’s it for our Disney Frozen movie night! You can find a bunch more ideas like this, this, these and these, but I hope you have enjoyed our ideas and are inspired to have a frozen movie night of your own! Have a great rest of your Winter, and stay tuned for our next Disney movie night which will be one of my favorites Beauty and the Beast!!! Also, if you haven’t seen them already, you can check out all of our other movie nights here.


Be Happy & Creative!


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5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects

I love making crafts and especially working with dough or clay. I recently fell in love with marbled clay. I learned how to do it, how easy it was and was just amazed at the easy marbled effect how beautiful you can make it with different colors. I was inspired to create as many cool crafts with this method as possible! So, I have for you my first 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and these are all super fun and easy to make and make for great gifts or beautiful items to keep for yourself. I will show you first how to make marbled clay, from both bought and homemade clay. Then I will give you my 5 projects, and how to make them as well as other ideas. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful new year.




5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects:



Supplies Needed for the Marbled Clay:

  • Air Dry or OvenBake White Clay, you want a large one (I will let you know which one is recommended for each project below.) OR the recipe to make your own clay which is below.
  • Assorted colors of air-dry or oven-bake clays, I got mine that come in small packets at Michaels and range from 1-3 dollars (Picture below.)
  • Rolling Pin

Directions to make Marbled Clay:

Start by, taking the clay colors you want to use. You should pick between 2-4 colors for each marbled clay. You need at least two and you don’t want to have too many. If you would rather make your own clay, you can follow these steps and I just kept some of my white clay (about half) and took small pieces out of the remaining half and used food coloring dye to dye the clay in colors I wanted to use.

Now, no matter which clay you are using take each color and knead it until smooth and roll into long strips with your hands, by rubbing and moving back and forth.

Stick all the colors you are using for that project together and then start twisting them together.

Then you want to carefully mix the colors together being sure not to mix too much or too long as the colors will start to just blend together instead of staying separate and creating the marbled look. This is especially for the homemade clay. Then take your rolling pin and on top of parchment paper start to roll out your clay into a flat piece, this is where you will really see the beautiful marbled clay take place and transform.

There are so many beautiful color combinations you can come up with and use.

And then that’s it. You have some beautiful marbled clay, play around with the colors and have fun with it. You can really create some cool marbled clay colors. Now you are ready to make some cool projects. Once your clay is made these projects are pretty easy to put together.

Project 1: Marbled Clay Flower/Succulent Pots

This is the hardest clay project out of all of them. The rest are pretty easy to do and this one takes a little more patience and focus, but still fairly easy to do. I suggest using air dry clay for this project but both can be used.

Start by taking your marbled clay and flattening it out as much as you can with a rolling pin. You want a nice size of clay so that when rolled out it is a pretty big piece.

This is because you need to then take a knife and cut the clay making a long rectangle like shape close to the height of your succulent pot, try to make it a little longer though.


Then take that now cut strip of marbled clay and you are going to begin wrapping it around your pot and pushing it in to stick to your pot. I used small terracotta pots and the clay sticks to them well.

If you find that the strip of clay doesn’t reach all the way around your pot, that’s okay, simply take some of your clay scraps from when you cut out your strip and cut a new small strip to the size needed and place it in and carefully try to smooth the other clay into it to look like it all belongs together. If you find that it is looking clumpy or weird you could then take your rolling pin and carefully roll on the lumps to help smoothing it out, (You might need to then adjust some of the other clay.)

I then took some white air-dry clay and rolled some pieces out with my hands and flattened it a bit, and began covering the top part or rim of my pot. Make sure the hole at the bottom of your pot is not covered by any clay.

When you are satisfied with your marbled pot look, leave it to harden and when that is done I suggest then covering it with a nice layer of Mod Podge and then filling in your desired flower or succulents (even though my picture shows I have mine in before.)

Project 2: Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders

These are fun to make a provide a nice and colorful way to display your Polaroid pictures.

You want to start making these by taking the made marbled clay and first rolling a good portion of it into a ball like shape with your hands. Then decide if you want to make the square or round picture holders. Super easy next steps for the round ones, all you do is roll into a ball…

then make a crease into the top with one of your Polaroid frames (you can find info to the mini Polaroids used here), by wedging them into the clay carefully a bit to create a nice opening.

Then, re-shape the round shape a bit, sit your Polaroids again inside to make sure that they fit and you made a deep enough opening and that the Polaroid sits up straight. If it leans a little then you have your opening too wide. You want it to be snug. And if you feel as the balls are too big or too small, easily adjust by either taking away or adding more clay. These can really be any size you wish, mine ended up being around 2- 2 1/2 inches.

When you are satisfied with the shape, either sit to dry for air-dry or pop into the oven for oven-bake clay. And then you have some nice round marbled clay picture holders. You don’t have to use these mini Polaroids but their sizes work great.

Now, if you rather make the square picture holders, these are a little more tricky as to get the perfect square or cube shape is difficult. Mine definitely didn’t come out perfect but got mine as square as I could.

From the rolled clay, start  flattening each side with your palms, rotating it and moving it around to start to see the cube like shape.

Make an indentation from the Polaroids like with the round picture holders, and then re-shapen again.

I ended up looking around at what I had in my house to help me flatten each side and help me really get a cube like shape.

Make sure to keep your opening though, and make sure the Polaroids still fit before either again leaving to dry or baking in the oven.

**I suggest adding a nice layer of Mod Podge to all the finished products to give it a nice and glossy protective layer.

You can find other ways to use these Marbled Clay (Polaroid) Picture Holders here as well as some other ideas for these mini Polaroid pictures.

Project 3: Marbled Clay Disney & Normal Keychains

I couldn’t make some marbled clay keychains without making a few Disney ones. These are all pretty simple to make once you have your clay made. I took some various sized circle cookie cutters and used them to first make normal circle marbled clay keychains.

I ended up using a circle cookie cutter that was about 2 in. or so I recommend this set for many projects and I used the second smallest one for these keychains. You want to make sure you are cutting out your favorite areas in the marbled clay or making sure the marble looks good in the small space of the circle before cutting through.

Once circles are all cut out make a small circle at the top of your circle but not too close to the rim (or too far either) you want to make sure you do this before the clay hardens. A straw can be used to make this small hole.

Then when hardened, you need to buy some key chain items from the store, Michaels is where I found mine. You need a key ring and a jump ring.

First attach a jump ring to your clay hole opening and then attach the split rings to the jump ring. You want to buy a size for the jump rings that is wide enough for the width of your clay plus some for this to work properly. The picture below shows me using two jump rings since I at first bought a too small jump ring size, so here is a quick fix if you do so as well.

And then you can choose to leave as is or add some fun to them and personalize them. I loved using a gold paint pen to write initials on the top and/or to color in the rim of the circles with.

Now, the same goes for the Disney ones I created. Instead of just one circle though, I also made two way smaller circles (with the smallest circle from the circle collections above) and attached one to each side of the larger circle to create Mickey/Minnie heads. Make sure the smaller circles are pushed in and connected to the larger circle before hardening, so that they don’t just fall off.

Then leave to harden and then decorate as you wish like above with the regular circle key chains. Don’t forget to again make a small hole for the key chain accessories.

To make Minnie, use a knife to make a bow by connecting two triangle like shapes out of your clay (I suggest using another or different marbled clay color or a solid color) and adding it to the middle of the two ear shapes.

I really loved how cute these Minnie Mouse Heads came out. Play around with the colors and have fun with them. These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers or to keep as your own. You can really do any shape you wish or even letters, etc. I got a huge tub of various cookie cutters from Ross (@ 7.99) that are perfect for this project and many others.

Project 4: Marbled Clay Ornaments

These are much like the key chains instead of adding key chain accessories you attach either a type of ribbon or an ornament hook through the small hole and attach to your tree.

This is where all the fun items in my cookie cutter tube really come in handy and make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You can go here and here for even more DIY Ornament ideas.

Or you can even use these as gift tags! Make the same way except instead of adding ornament hook or string, attach your gift ribbon through the hole and position on the top of your gift with their initials or name on it, like so…

You can really create some fun gift tags that no one has ever seen before! And a double whammy, whoever you give these gift tags to, can then keep them and make into an ornament or keychain of their own since it has their initials already on it!

Project 5: Marbled Clay Jewelry Bowl

And finally, for our marbled clay projects we have these beautiful jewelry (or whatever you want to use them for) bowls. Again once you have made your marbled clay these are pretty easy to make. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s marbled clay bowls.

Roll your clay out to be a good size but make sure your clay is a good thickness still. This is important so that you do have a good structure for your bowl and helps keep it from cracking or falling apart easily which would be more common to thinner bowls.

Using a large circle shape, like the rim of another bowl or whatever size you desire for your bowl (cookie cutter) trace of a circle onto your clay with a knife.

Then, actually use the inside of another oven safe bowl to help form the shape of the bowl and bake to harden. This project definitely calls for the oven-bake clay and not the air-dry. Follow the directions on the clay package for baking instructions.

When it has hardened let cool and then optional to take some paint and paint the rim of the bowl in desired matching color. Gold, silver, black, white are always fun colors to help any colors pop. Play around with the sizes and colors these are really fun to make and are beautiful little accessories to have or to give as a gift.

You can even add an extra personalization and add writing to the middle of the bowl, like “hers” or a name or whatever you want.

And don’t forget to add a nice layer of Mod Podge to the finished product after everything else has completely hardened and dried.

*For a bonus ideas:

While making these projects, I made a really beautiful marbled clay but the project didn’t turn out so well and I ended up having broken pieces of my beautiful clay and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I decided to take some of the scrap pieces and thought they would be cute to use as identifiers for flower pots or your garden, I used a gold paint from to write the plant or item name and just be sure to give them a nice Mod Podge covering to protect it.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these 5 DIY Marbled Clay Projects and are inspired to create some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you make with these, we would love to see them. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


Be Happy & Creative!


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Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is in only 5 days! This year has gone by so fast and I wanted to share with you before the day is here, my Christmas Table Setting 2016. Around Christmas time is a really wonderful time. I love so much about it especially decorating and just feeling the full holiday spirit. I believe the Christmas Table is very important much like the Thanksgiving Table. It is where we all gather around with our loved ones and enjoy a special day. So, the table should be just as special. I have put together this table for my family to enjoy and sit around. I have the details for you below to create a similar table setting of your own. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Merry Everything!



Christmas Table Setting:


My Christmas Table was actually pretty simple and easy to put together and still have a colorful an elegant look to it. I first decided on a color scheme, and decided to go around the colors of red, lime green, blues, gold, and pinks. I felt these would be bold and still have a color scheme close to the traditional Christmas colors.

I at first started with a table setting that had a few different things on it to make up a fun centerpiece with my  color scheme. It’s fun to put together the centerpiece. It is what really makes the table. This version consisted of different trees, ornament balls and other random items.

Then, I decided to simplify it and do an all trees centerpiece. These were all fun different colors and sizes and materials! My first centerpiece had some trees and other items, but decided to do just trees and add a bunch of fun ones that still fit my color scheme! And I really love it. Both ways are great though.

These trees I either made or found all around at different stores. The start of this Christmas tree centerpiece started when I found these two trees below from Target. I was in the Bullseye section where they have a ton of fun items you could use to decorate your table. These trees come in a package of two. One large and one small and the smaller one is all glittery. You can choose from Pink, blue, green, and red. I bought the blue pack and ended up keeping my glitter one as is and actually painting the larger one in all white since I didn’t really care for the design on the larger one but loved the shape.

And then the love of everyones and using bottlebrush trees, I knew I had to find some to add to my table! At first they weren’t as easy to find as I thought they’d be and then I found a small pack of tiny ones from Target, but didn’t like the color of them and tried to paint them and they came out just bleh and then I ran into a lovely box of ones that fit my color scheme perfectly at Michaels. And the best part is the set was 70% off and I ended up getting it for only $7.00, a great price and buy. They had a few other color options as well, so hopefully you would find whatever fits your color scheme right.

My tree centerpiece also included my Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas that I made. I originally was going to have these as placecards for the rest of the table setting and then I decided that since I was already making a full tree centerpiece, I might as well add them to it. They fit the theme and added a fun, different tree look to the centerpiece.

Follow the link above to make some pinatas of your own, even if you don’t want to use them as a centerpiece decor, they are lots of fun and we have 4 other ways to use them.

Finally, I made some trees with fun Christmas accessories I had around the house. Really be creative and first see what you already have and then go buy other items that would work great. I ended up using first some glitter tape to make a tree. First made a cone shape out of construction paper and then wrapped it with the glitter tape. You can find a similar cone making tutorial here, and I found a bunch of fun gltiter tape from Target and Hobby Lobby.

I then also made some trees from these fun garlands found also from either Target or Michaels.

And used either cones from above or some foam cones to wrap these around and glue on with some  hot glue. I really loved the look of these and you can find a lot of other fun garlands or other Christmas like items to make trees of your own. Really have fun with it.

All of these different and colorful trees put together make for a beautiful Christmas tree centerpiece. Make sure you stay close to a color scheme so that you don’t just have a bunch of random colors and just play around with how you arrange them on your table to get them all to flow beautifully and really work well together.

I added these trees all on a red table runner that I found at Michaels the year before on clearance. Keeping my theme colors going, having just the red as the runner really helped all the other colors pop and the whole centerpiece really come together. As it would have a little different look if I used another color like white or so. You can also find great table runners at Pier 1, World Market, Target, Home Goods and even Walmart.

Also, I at first had a white tablecloth on my table and then all of this centerpiece, then I decided no tablecloth and to use the beauty of the natural brown wood of my table. Both ways work great but each one again gives you a little different look. So play around with it and decide which way works best for you.

Then to go with this beautiful centerpiece, I decided to do more subtle place settings and used only the colors gold from my scheme and white. This allows for the centerpiece to stand out even more, but you could also keep all the bold colors going and bring those into the place setting. The choice is yours and each way would work great. I found these Cheers plates from Target and really loved the look of them. Added a white plate below them so that the table wouldn’t have a paper plate look. Also found some gold silverware again from Target (I did not realize until now how much I got from Target, Target it my weakness) that I just LOVE as it fits my theme and they allow me to use plastic utensils instead of my silver silverware at home that doesn’t match, but these were a little pricier since they have a classier look than regular plastic utensils and are more durable. And gold glasses again from the Bullseye section at Target! I was able to use gold a lot, that I love and create a fun and old Christmas Table Setting.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and details to our Christmas Table Setting and are inspired to create one of your own. Especially a Christmas tree centerpiece of your own! We would love to see any creations you come up with like ours. Have fun and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the ones you love.


Be Happy & Creative!


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Cotton Candy Ornaments

I just love the Holidays, especially decorating for Christmas and really getting into the Holiday Spirit! Now that I have a family of my own and a tree of my own I get to decorate it however I want and with whatever I want. I have a lot of hand me down ornaments from family members and ones I have had since I was a little girl. Since I had my own family I began making some of my own ornaments and I love it so much I am now doing it every year. At least adding one new ornament to the tree. Bought and made. Doing this with your kids can be lots of fun and then they can take some of the ones they made when they are older and start their own tree with their family! This year I made these adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments! Inspired by my love for the treat and the cuteness of them. Pretty simple to make and they add a fun and sweet look to your Christmas tree! You can follow the steps below, hope you enjoy!



Cotton Candy Ornaments:



Supplies Used:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Assorted paint colors and a paintbrush (multi-surface paints recommended) I used light pink, magenta, and light blue
  • Air Dry Clay (White)
  • Ribbon or String


To start, gather your cotton balls (I used about 2-3 for each ornament) and carefully pull each one apart slightly.

Then, gather all your other supplies together to begin to making of the cone part of the Cotton Candy Ornaments. Cotton balls, Q-tips, Clay. If you don’t have Q-tips you could also use another item similar to it. The Q-tip is really used just for the length and shape. Air-dry clay is recommended but you could use oven bake clay just be sure to take out the Q-tip then before hardening it. You don’t want to use the never hardens clay.

After are your supplies are ready, take a nice small portion of your clay and knead it a little bit to get it all loosen up and then flat out, I quickly used a rolling pin to do this. Make it so that it is a good size, not too big.

Place a Q-tip on one edge at the top and then begin rolling the clay around it, like so…

Roll until all the clay is rolled up in a nice blanket like form around the Q-tip.

And then you begin to make the clay smaller and more form fitting to the Q-tip. Start by taking the clay into your hands and rolling them together, hands angled slightly so that they are closer together at the bottom and wider at the top to create a cone like shape. As your are rubbing and rolling, begin taking off some clay and making it smaller and smaller. Especially at the tip there will be excess clay to pull off and then make sure you keep the point a point.

When you feel you have a nice thin cone like shape, you can then begin adding the cotton balls on top. I used a hot glue gun to do this. Put some glue around the top pf your cone, and then throughout the top of the first cotton ball, fluff up a bit and then put some glue around and add another cotton ball, moving it all around and forming a nice Cotton Candy shape!

Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue, and continue to add more glue and move around your cotton balls to create the perfect cotton candy look. Then let harden and dry and you can begin painting it. You can use whatever colors you wish. I felt that the light pink was  perfect cotton candy color as well as the light blue (turquoise) color. So I made one of each and then made a third one of a mixture of all three (Light pink, light blue, Magenta) colors. So with whatever colors you choose take your paintbrush and begin pushing the color into the cotton balls and painting all around. Make sure you don’t have too much paint in one area as it will take a lot longer to dry.

This part is a lot of fun and you see your Cotton Candy Ornaments start to slowly come together.

The multi-color one was a lot of fun to make and paint. Just randomly begin placing each color all around to create this look.

Let them fully dry, I took random items I had around my house to stand these up so that they could fully dry without laying them down and messing a side up.

When dry, to make them into ornaments. I took some fun looking silver ribbon I had from my gift wrapping box and some more hot glue and down the back side on some of the cotton ball and some of the Q-tip part quickly add some glue and then place the two ends of your cut ribbon on top and let harden.

It’s a little ugly, but I figured this part won’t be showed when up on your tree! But, if you really don’t like how this looks you could also add a little more cotton to the glue area and paint the same color over it to cover it all up and you would just see the top of the loop of your ribbon.

Then you have some adorable Cotton Candy Ornaments to hang on your tree. I love the colors and how girly these came out to be. My little one even attempted to put it in his mouth as he thought it was real, lol.

These were really fun to make, I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to make some of your own! There are a lot off other fun colors you could use and play around with. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!


Be Happy & Creative!



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Toy Story Disney Movie Night

“To infinity and beyond!” Around the holidays it’s just right to have a Toy Story Disney Movie Night. Well really it’s just right to anytime but extra right during the holidays! Freeform originally ABC Family is playing all three of the Toy Story movie this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and so what a perfect time to have this movie night. I gathered my family and we had a great time watching these movies and enjoying all the Toy Story festivities. We have had a lot of Disney nights now and this was one of my favorites. We have the details to our movie night below, hope you enjoy! These movie tickets are a great fun idea to help get everyone excited about the movie night.



Toy Story Disney Movie Night:



Let’s start with the details to the food we had.

Like every movie night we have a popcorn mix that revolves around the movies theme, because what is a movie night without some popcorn! This toy story popcorn mix included: popcorn, gummy worms a.k.a. “There’s a snake in my boot!”.

We also had pizza bagels to represent “Pizza Planet“. These provided a quick and easy snack option that fit the theme perfectly and of course the kids loved them. You could also simply just order some pizza or even make your own! I loved this idea.

Next we had rocket melons, to represent buzz lightyear! These were made with kabob sticks and marshmallows and strawberries. Simply cut the strawberries into pieces and cut the end of arrow like pieces and pile all food on like the picture.

Potato chips to represent Mr. Potato head.

And for drinks we had Orange Juice to represent Sunny Side.

And finally, as a dessert option we had Oreo alien cookies. These were delicious and a big hit with everyone! Easy to make as well, simply buy some oreos and some light green melting chocolate (which you can get from Michaels), warm up chocolate according to package directions, halfway dip the oreos into chocolate and then quickly and carefully add the candy monster eye sprinkles like the picture and let harden.

All the food was delicious and I felt fit perfectly with the toy story movie. These sherriff badge cookies are also a great dessert idea, as well as these space treat ideas, these alien jell-o cups or cupcakes and this snack.

Now let’s move onto the decorated table that the food is on.

I first laid down a white tablecloth on my table and then connected to that I attach a light blue tablecloth to the wall. Then, using this cloud template, I printed these out in desired sized and then used it as a tracer to cut and trace onto regular printer paper. Fit as many as you can on one page and then pile a couple pieces of paper behind it (I had about 7 pages total) and cut the clouds out with the paper still all together, this way you get all the clouds you need in one shot.  Then take some tape or glue and attach the clouds to the blue tablecloth like in the movie in Andy’s room. I used this picture for a reference.

This I felt really added a great touch to my decorated table and really set the movie tone. So highly recommend and is easy to put together.

I then began  placing some trays or containers that I knew we would be using for the food on the table in their right places so that I knew where to put all the other table decorations.

I found a smallish box that I had lying around and used that as a decor much like this picture and wrote TOYS on the side and filled the inside with a few of my sons Toy story toy figures.

Having all of this really brings you into the movie and these decorations are so easy to do. If you don’t already have the toys you can follow similar steps in the link above.

And then, I then printed out some more items to help me decorated table. This Toy Story logo, Potato head wanted sign and this pizza planet sign. I put these all around my table to help bring it all together.

I really loved this movie night table and it was a lot of fun to put together! This, this and these are other great ideas for your table as well as these buzz lightyear cups.

We sometimes also have activities or crafts to go with each movie especially for the kids. For this movie we had coloring/activity pages (you can find some by googling toy story coloring/activity pages on google images), and I planned to take the family a huge arcade but unfortunately it snowed and it wasn’t really easy to get the whole gang together and go. But I thought that was a great idea that fit this movie.

This game, this and this craft would also be fun for the kiddos.

I hope you are inspired to have a Toy Story Disney Movie Night of your own with your family! Lots of fun and great memories. These movies are special and great for the kids. Everyone loves them and they really help get in the moods for the holidays and maybe even teach your kiddos to respect and care for their toys more. Or even take them to donate their toys they don’t use anymore for less fortunate children! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and it is filled with lots of love and happiness. Stay tuned for our next Disney movie night which will be Frozen!!


Be Happy & Creative!


P.S. check out our previous Disney Movie Nights if you have missed them and our Pinterest Board: Disney Creations for more Disney fun.

Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas

Christmas is on it’s way and will be here in no time! This time of the year is always a special time for me. I just love the whole vibe that December brings, besides the cold lol. As a part of my countdown to Christmas I decided to try out making my own mini Piñatas that my family could open up after dinner. I came up with these Christmas tree mini pinatas. They are so cute and can be used in a couple fun ways I will show you below. They are a bit time consuming, especially depending on how many you want to make, but totally worth it! You can make these really any size and colors you wish, you can follow my steps below to make some of your own to enjoy this holiday season. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!




Christmas Tree Mini Piñatas:




Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard (Can be thick or thin)
  • Scissors, tape, glue (I used Elmers and hot glue gun), pen
  • This template
  • Assorted colorful paper ( I used metallic two-sided wrapping paper from the Dollar Store, and metallic gold tissue paper), wrapping paper, tissue paper, crepe streamers, etc. are all good materials to use.


To start, you need to print out this template or print out a template you desire to use. You can adjust the sizes of the trees if you wish, I ended up using the second biggest tree for all of my mini Piñatas which turned out to be about 11.5 inches big including the tree stem. You only need to print one out, cut it out and use as a tracer for all your pinatas. Trace as many as you need onto your cardboard and remember for one Piñata you’ll need two of these templates. One for the front and one for the back. So, if you wanted to make 5 pinatas, you need 10 of these tree templates traced onto your cardboard.


When that is all done you can then begin tracing out all the side pieces for your Piñatas. I made this guide for your reference so that you don’t have to do all the measuring and figuring out. So, you can either print it out and use as tracers, copy the dimensions or do it yourself! And once again keep in mind for one Piñata how many sides of each piece you’ll need. I included the number of each side on the guide for you. Your pile should start to look like this…


Then when you have everything all traced and then cut out, make sure you have all your pieces and then you can begin putting the Piñatas together.

Lay one of your tree shapes down, and using your got glue gun or similar item to then take the long side pieces and attach those to the side, one at a time. Like so…


Then when those are on tight, I like to then add on top the second tree shape and then slowly add in all the other small side pieces, and leaving on section open. You want to make sure that you do this so that you can add in the goodies. I left open one of the front sides of my tree. This allowed for enough room to fit in some goodies and a quick covering when done.

**As an optional step, you can close up your Piñatas and have your guest just bust them open anyway they can, OR when putting together the pinata shape, using tape or glue, attach a long piece of string (really any type can be used) to the full length of one long side and make sure that it goes from the top to the bottom of your Piñata and out the side of where you left your opening. When closing this opening up, keep that string hanging out slightly, you can cut off any excessive string you may have. This string allows for you and your guests to pull on it and easily open up these mini Piñatas.


You can leave any section open that you wish, just this part worked best for me. I also liked to keep going and put together all my Piñatas and then went back and filled them up and then closed them up. You can fill and close and then move on to the next one as well, the choice is yours.

You could also wait until after the last step to fill in your goodies as well. I found some perfect items to help fill your Piñatas up from Target. The Bullseye section has many, many perfect items. I thought these ones fit nicely. As well as some candy.


After your Piñatas are put together, then you move onto decorating them. I used different items to do this. The first was this metallic two sided wrapping paper from the Dollar Store. One side was hot pink and the other was silver. This was fun to use for the colors, but the material can be a little tricky to work with as it rips very easily. But I had fun playing around with the colors. I also used a more matte metallic gold tissue paper to decorate which was a lot easier to use and worked well for this project. Really you can use whatever material you wish, many people like to use crepe streamers to make their Piñatas. These papers are some fun options to try out.

Now, to decorate. Use your pinatas or the tracers from above as a tracer to trace each of the sides onto your desired paper and then attach to your Piñatas. I recommend, to make this step go by faster, to trace one part out for each side and then fold your paper up so that when going to cut them out you get a couple of pieces in one step rather than doing each one at a time. This really helps make it all go by faster especially if you are making a lot.


And once again remember you need two sides for most parts, however, for covering up the sides of the pinatas I also suggest measuring out the width of the pinatas and making a long strip of desired paper that you can then take and wrap and glue all around your Piñatas, making indents where needed instead of separately cutting out each side.

Then for a final step, make some more triangle shapes for the front of your Piñatas, this time without the stem of the tree part.


Then take that triangle shape and cut up into even sections. And then fringe each of those pieces with your scissors. Then place each one, starting with the biggest piece onto your pinata, only gluing the top section that you didn’t fringe and placing it down. As you add more sections, you want to slightly overlap the one below, covering up the glued area. Like so…


And then you are done! You have the option to fringe the back and sides if you wish and you could skip the step from above to cover the Piñatas before adding fringe to them. The choices are all up to you on how you want to put these together, the end results will all come out the same and don’t forget to patch up your opening piece of your pinatas when all done!


I made some in all gold, some in all silver, some in all pink and them mixed some up to have pink and silver or silver and gold! Mix them up and have fun with it!


I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas and are inspired to make some of your own for the Holidays!


The whole family is sure to love these and you can really add in any goodies you wish that fit inside. I decided to use my pinatas as name cards this year for my dinner table.


I simply just set them on each plate and quickly made paper name tags and wrote everyone’s name on them and you can either attach to the Piñata or leave it sitting on top.


After your Christmas dinner, everyone can open up their Piñatas and enjoy the goodies!


You could also use these as ornaments. Just simply take an ornament hook or even string and attach to the top back side of the Christmas Tree Mini Pinatas, and then you have these adorable Pinata ornaments that everyone can then at the end of the day take off the tree and enjoy.


An even cooler option would be to use these mini Piñatas as gift tags for your Christmas gifts!

A lot like the two options above, but for this simply attach a type of string or ribbon to the back of your Piñatas with hot glue gun, making a loop and then attach their name to it by using a similar name tag as in the table namecard from above and then when wrapping their gift, put the gift ribbon through your Piñata loop like you would a normal gift tag and you are set to go!

Another fun idea would be to use the smallest tree template to have extra mini Piñatas and turn them all into an advent calendar for you and your family! You could keep a flap loose so that you would have to ruin them and keep them for other years! Plan on trying this out next year.

OR simply just hand out to your guests to enjoy! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and it is filled with lots of love, family, friends, and all you wish for. Merry Christmas! Look for our other fun Holiday DIYs on the blog all month long. And you saw glimpses of our Christmas table this year from the pictures above so, stay tuned for the full details on that.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar

I am getting so excited for the Holiday season! Thanksgiving just passed, but I can’t help of thinking about all things holly jolly Christmas!!! Anyone else? Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I just have always loved the whole feeling it brings around this time, and since I now have a little family of my own, I am even more excited to start many fun traditions with them. So, starting this year I am starting our tradition of advent calendars. There are so many cute options to either buy or make out there and I wanted to give it a try at making my own instead of buying and came up with these adorable Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar. I love the colors and the sweet but Christmasy look they bring! Not hard to make, just may take a little time but I have provided ways to help speed up the process, and having some little helpers or even a big helper would be very helpful! You can follow the steps below to make one of your own, I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!




Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar:




Supplies Needed:

  • Paper towel tubes (or similar items, like toilet paper rolls) About 3.
  • White paper (can be regular printer paper or card stock.)
  • Assorted colors of card stock paper (I found lovely colors of bright pink, magenta, red, lime green, and turquoise from Hobby Lobby.)
  • Scissors, pencil, glue (glue stick, Elmers glue and hot glue gun can be used.)
  • String of choice (ribbon, string, etc.) I got my silver ropse like string from Hobby Lobby.
  • Optional: peppermint candy template.
  • Optional: Iridescent Shreds (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
  • Assorted small goodies, confetti, or to-do paper slips.



Gather all your supplies together and then start by making all the pieces for these little peppermint candies. To do this, first take your paper towel tubes and cut small sections out of it so that it measure about  2 inches. You could also use toilet paper tubes. I ended up using two paper towel tubes and 2 toilet paper tubes to do this project.

Then, you need to trace onto white cardstock the circle of the now cut pieces from the paper towel tube. Make sure to make enough circles for the front and bottom of each tube and to trace and cut all these out faster, I simply folded up my paper into the width I needed for each circle and then folded it down through the paper in that width as much as I could. Traced and then cut the circles out while still folded. This allows for quick circles instead of tracing the whole paper and cutting each one out individually.  Also measure the width of the cut pieces and make long strips in the white cardstock, you will be wrapping around the width with these, using the quick method above. And finally, using this picture or this one as a template. Either copy the shape of the peppermint swirls or print one out in the desired size and then cut out and use as a template to make your own swirls in desired colors. I highly suggest using the quick method I mentioned above as cutting out 6 little swirls for each candy is a lot of little pieces! And those little or big helper hands you got are perfect for all this cutting.


Cut everything out and make sure that you have enough for all 24/25 advent calendar pieces. I made 6 of the swirl pieces for each candy piece just like in the first template picture and made it so that I had about 5 candies in each color. Gather all your supplies together once again when all done. Example of how all your supplies should look below.


Now, that everything is ready you can begin assembling the Peppermint candies. Start by taking your cut tube pieces and using glue to wrap the strips around them. Cut off any excess paper. I used a glue stick for this step. Allow all to dry before next step.


Then, while those are drying take the circle pieces you made out of white cardstock and use glue (I used Elmers glue for this step) to glue on a color of swirls for each candy piece just like in the template you used. Again I had 6 swirls on each of my candies, try to place them all around the circle like the template. And again let completely dry.  Once dry, take those peppermint tops and attach them to the cut tubes. Only apply the top piece to each peppermint candy at this point. I attached them with tape, by placing a nice size of tape through the whole candy piece and attached extra tape to the tube. About 3 pieces of clear tape for each one, making diagonal placements for each.


Once those are all done, remember only one side at this point,


Optional to either leave your candies like this or add the extra cute candy wrapper ends. If you don’t want to add them, then simply pass that step and go to the attachment of the string. If you do, start by taking some more white cardstock or whatever white paper you have been using and use this picture as a template or something to just look at and trace to make the wrapper ends shapes. Use the quick method from above to speed up this process, remember you need to have two wrapper end pieces for each candy. First trace out one and make sure it is a good size, and then use as a template to make the rest.


Then when these are all cut out, fold the long bottom ends and then optionally, use the iridescent shreds to make three strips in each wrapper end with a glue stick. This makes your wrapper ends really come to life and resemble that wrapper look. You could also use the clear strips instead of the iridescent to do this. Yours should look something like the picture below. This is a tedious step that can take awhile but with help can go by faster and it really adds a great touch to these peppermint candies. They look cute as well without this step so the choice is yours.


When those are all done, using /either a sharp knife or a single hole punch, make a small hole at the an end of each candy piece. The wholes should be opposite from each other and preferably by a white section of the candy. If you are using a sharp knife, I suggest using a pin to stick a tiny hole in desired spot and then poke a hole through.

Next, using hot glue gun, take your wrapper ends and attach a piece close by each hole on your candy. Let all of them completely harden before doing final steps.


Now, with those holes you made in your tubes, take your desired string and begin pushing it through the holes, making a fun pattern with the colors and spacing them out a little from each other. If you are having trouble getting your string into the whole, simply make the hole a little bigger.


Now you are almost done!!! Turn all the cuties around and insert desired goodies into each. Many have mini goodies like candy or toys, confetti or like object, and/or strips of paper with the Christmas activity that day entices.  Mine include a little bit of each of those. I made some fun iridescent confetti with the strips I used from above for the wrappers. I inserted some fun Christmas inspired Emojis from our Holiday Emojis 5 Ways post, and finally added a paper of a different activity or treat for each day, you can go here advent-calendar-activity-ideas for a list of ideas for activities. (The picture below shows without the string so that you could see better what I had inside.)


And now finally, the last step is to cover the back or bottom of each candy piece (the side that is not covered.) You can either use the  same circles from before that you made on top and attach the same way on bottom, OR use a thinner paper like tissue paper, to make matching circles and then attach. This is recommended as the tissue paper will be easier to bust through and open each day of your advent calendar, rather than ruining the whole candy piece to open them. Again, the option is yours, and whether you want to add the candy piece swirls to the back or not!


Oh and also another optional last step is to write a number on each of the candy pieces, so that you know which candy to open each day. I just took a silver paint pen and wrote a number on the front side of each candy piece. You could also do it on-top and with a sharpie or desired writing tool, or even add some glitter to them and use this glitter tape I found rom Target….

To trace and cut out each number and put on top.

You can decorate or hang these cuties up anywhere you’d like. Like above your fireplace.


On your Christmas tree, this picture is a mini Christmas tree.


Or even on your window or sliding door.


The choices for limitless. I really hope you have fun with this project and are inspired to make Peppermint Candies Advent Calendar of your own!

We have also thought of other “ways” to use these cute peppermint candies besides for your advent calendar. The first is to make them into Christmas Ornaments!

Simply take an ornament hook or some string and attach to the back of your peppermint ornaments using some super glur or hot glue gun, and then you have some adorable peppermint candy ornaments.

You could also use these candies as name cards for your Christmas Dinner table.

And simply as Christmas decor.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a great Christmas. What is your favorite thing to do during Christmas time? I love dancing to Christmas music all month long and all the fun winter activities! Stay tuned for more fun Christmas DIYs all month long on our countdown to Christmas!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Pocahontas Disney Movie Night

This year has gone by so fast! I can’t believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already and in a little over a month it will be 2017. My family and I started our Disney Movie Nights this last June and we are already on our 9th one, Pocahontas Disney Movie Night. They all have been a lot of fun and this one was no exception. You can check out all of our previous movie nights here if you have missed them. I felt that this was the perfect movie to celebrate around Thanksgiving time or really any time in Fall but really anytime at all! I have always loved this movie since I was a little girl and I was excited that my nieces can now still enjoy the movie as much as I did! Fun for the whole family and this movie night provided some of the best food we have had. You can follow the details below to create a fun and loving Pocahontas movie night of your own. I hope you enjoy!




Pocahontas Disney Movie Night:




Let’s start with the details to the food we had!


I thought the food we had fit the theme perfectly and they were delicious! We usually have a few options of food/snacks to nibble on through the movie and sometimes provide a more main dish type if it fits properly and this time that was Indian Tacos.  These were delicious! We have had them before, but never made them ourselves. Fun to make but take a little while to put together.


My sister’s kids are half Native American and their aunt helped her with this recipe. You can find some similar recipes here and here. Once the Frybread is made, you can pile on top really any toppings you and your family wish. We had chilli, lettuce, cheese, olives, sour cream and hot sauce or taco sauce.

We also had a Harvest Popcorn Mix. Every movie night contains a  popcorn mix that matches the movies theme and this one was my twist on a harvest mix. The picture below is everything I used minus the actual popcorn. You can really add anything you’d like to your harvest mix.


Our mix included: Cheezits, Rollos candies, Caramel Bugles, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and Popcorn! Very delicious and you get a little bit of salty, crunchy and sweet. Here are some other fun mixes you could do, this one, this and this.

As an appetizer type, I made these leaf chips out of tortillas and a template. You could also use leaf cookie cutters, which would be a lot easier. I simply took some large tortillas (Corn or flour can be used) and some leaf templates (can be found by googling images: Leaf templates) and used a sharp knife to trace around the templates and produce leaves. To speed up the process, I folded the tortilla over a couple times and then traced out the template making sure the knife went all the way through each layer. Put them on a baking sheet that was sprayed with cooking spray and then used a little bit of olive oil to brush over the tortillas, sprinkled a little salt and then popped into the oven at 250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. This could range depending on your oven and what tortillas you used. If using corn set at a higher temp and for only 10 minutes and keep checking on them to make sure they don’t burn.


Paired these chips with some pre-made bean dip, but any dip really that you desire works including salsa. I loved how much these leaf chips fit the theme. Here is a similar recipe!

For a dessert option, we had these really easy to make and delicious Acorn Doughnuts.


Simply take some doughnut holes (store bought or homemade), melting chocolate (which can be found at Michaels), chocolate sprinkles, and pretzel sticks and melt your chocolate, dip top of doughnuts into, dip into sprinkles and then top with a pretzel stick and let harden. Then Viola, a delicious dessert snack. These cookies are another great idea.

Finally, we had Water and Apple Juice as our drinking options. I felt that these fit perfectly and followed our nature theme.


Thisthese, these, and this are some other perfect food options you could have at your Pocahontas Disney Movie Night.

Now, let’s move on to the decorated table that the food is on.

To set this table up, I first laid down a light yellow tablecloth onto the table. Then, attached to the wall and the bottom of the of the table was a white tablecloth to provide a nice backdrop.

Then, I placed some printed and cut out characters around the table. You can easily do this by Google searching on images Pocahontas characters. Picking the ones you like, pasting into a document, making into the size desired and printing them out. Cut and tape to your table!


This really helps bring the whole movie theme together, and get the kids excited for what they are about to watch.


As some final touches, I cut out some leaves using a template onto green, orange and dark red construction paper. And placed them around the table, as well as made a “river” out of scrapbook paper I found from Michaels. You can see glimpses of these in all the pictures above.


My favorite and final touches were these sunflowers made out of construction paper. I feel these really bring everything together and were very cute for the table. I simply made two different sized circles in brown paper, and then quickly traced out leaf like shapes onto yellow paper, cut them all out and glued all the right pieces together to make some Sunflowers. This is another decor idea.

For most of our other movie nights, we provide activities or crafts that are usually designed for the kids. This movie night got a little jumbled and we ran out of time, but this, this and these were crafts I planned to do with the kids that make great learning and fun activities as well as this idea.


This movie night was simple but fun and easy to put together, which makes for a perfect family movie night. I hope you are inspired to have a Pocahontas Disney Movie Night of your own with your family. Thanksgiving is more about “Indians” and Pilgrims and coming together to share a meal. One reason I love this movie now is because it helps teach us not exactly history but rather to love one another for who we are, accepting differences, not judging people, and joining different cultures. Many, many people today could really learn from this movie. I am not sure what I loved so much about it as a kid, but I know it’s one that I will continue watching with my family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and rest of your Fall. Stay tuned for our next Disney Movie Night which will be Beauty and the Beast!!! Another one of my all time favorites!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Thanksgiving Table Setting

Can’t believe that Halloween has already come and passed this year! Now, it is time to get ready for all things Thanksgiving. There is so much to love about Thanksgiving, and one of my favorites is the family gathering around and remembering who and what all we are thankful for. The Thanksgiving table is a huge part of Thanksgiving. It is where everyone comes to join around and share memories, smiles, and laughter with. Now that I have started a family of my own, my goal is to create a beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting every year with a different theme, colors, and feeling. Last year, I made my first table setting with typical Thanksgiving/Fall colors with a touch of glitter. You can find the details to that table here. This year however, is a little more colorful or a lot more colorful than last years. I absolutely love my color scheme this year and it really adds a fun feeling for Thanksgiving but still brings the meaning of Thanksgiving to the table as well. You can find all the lovely details to my Thanksgiving Table Setting 2016 below, hope you enjoy!




Thanksgiving Table Setting:



Let’s start with the color scheme of this years table setting. I brought the colors Gold, Light Pink, Dark Pink (almost Magenta?), Peach/Tan, White, and Turquoise all together to create this setting. All of these colors were used for my pumpkins and then for all the other components and accessories some or most of the colors were used.

So, I created my pumpkin centerpiece first. I have seen many, many different painted pumpkin color schemes all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided to give it a try. I collected various different sized and shaped real and fake pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins ranged from small to tiny. I went to a pumpkin patch to collect some cool or cute looking pumpkins and then found the other fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store and Target. The Dollar Store ones included the typical foam orange ones and then I found these tiny foam ones that looked way closer to real ones than the other ones and really loved these! They come in a dark orange color. Some people like to use all real pumpkins, but I really liked working with a mixture of both. They both provide their benefits and actually worked well together and give you more texture to play with.


I made the colors random, starting with painting a few light pink, white, gold, and Tan/Peach. About 2-3 each making a larger one a color and a tiny one or two  a matching color.


I then decided to add a little more pop of color, than just this mutual tone color scheme and added a few pumpkins in the Dark Pink, Turquoise and light Orange.


Each pumpkin, both real and fake ones required about 3-5 coats of paint. Depending on the color of paint and the pumpkin. Make sure each layer dries before applying the next and I recommend adding a final layer of Mod Podge to each pumpkin when desired color is reached. When you have your pumpkins all picked out and painted, This is your Thanksgiving Table Setting centerpiece. You can add more to it with numerous items. A cute personal touch and where the fake pumpkins come in handy are to take some picture holders, much like these and stick some throughout your pumpkins right into the fake ones and and some pictures to the top. You can use any pictures and sizes you wish, I used these cute DIY Polaroid Pictures that you can find the how-to for. I really loved this idea and the personal-ness of them. The Polaroids really give your guest/family a glimpse into the past especially if you use old pictures from previous Thanksgivings.


This creates an adorable centerpiece that everyone is sure to love. You could also add things like candles, either in-between the pumpkins or at each end. Or even, other various Fall items like leaves, flowers, vines, etc. Have fun with it especially the arrangement and make sure it all flows nicely and you have a balance throughout the whole centerpiece.

Following along, I used a white tablecloth to put the pumpkin centerpiece on.  Once I had that all in place, I then began adding the personal seat settings around the table.


This includes, Two sizes of white plates and in-between them I used sheets from mambi Sheets that can be found at Michaels (make sure to look for the buy one get one half off deals or buy one get one free). My table setting included for four people, so I used two different sheets and placed them every other on my table. One that matched my dark pink pumpkin color and the other a white one with black dots that provided a nice matching but different texture to the table. I made the sheets to be about 8 inches in diameter using a large circle cutter.


Next, I added my DIY Thanksgiving Napkins and silverware. Follow the link for the how-to on the napkins. These were so fun to make and the colors matched beautifully with the rest of the table setting and really provide that Thanksgiving feel even through all the bright colors. Besides the pumpkins these were my favorite accessory for my Thanksgiving table. Make sure you begin making these with enough time to spare as starting out may take awhile, also depending on how many you want to make. As you go along though they get easier and faster to make.


Now, for my place cards, these are always fun to come up with. This year I had two ideas. The first is a different but again personal and effect way. I used the DIY Polaroid Picture method from above for the centerpiece, but used them as place cards by using the person the seat belonged to’s picture and placed on-top of the plate setting.


I really loved this place setting idea and everyone is sure to love finding their face on these adorable mini Polaroids. You can use any picture, ones from previous years of them or even recent ones you like.

The next idea was, Emoji Place cards! This idea came from my DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways Post.


Follow the link for more directions, you can personalize the Emojis to fit your guests or use Thanksgiving themed ones. The list goes on and on for ways to use these. These make a fun and different idea for your table that your guest/family are sure to love.  Especially using ones like this football to give your guys at the table a little more manly feel against all the other colorful and pink table decorations. And you can see in the picture below as well that I used both this Emoji method and the Polaroid picture method by having the Polaroids as my centerpiece and the Emojis as place cards. Have fun with it!


Finally, one of the last touches, I added this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree leaves to my light fixture above the table to make a leaf chandelier. This came out a lot cooler and lovelier than I expected! I really recommend adding this last touch as, it really brings the whole table together and with that final Thanksgiving touch. While everyone is seated at the table, you see all of these personal touches of what family means, with your loved ones around you and you look up and see what everyone is thankful for, really ties it all together! Our table was for four but my chandelier included what everyone was Thankful for, from family close and far away.


These also included the theme colors since the outline colors of the leaves included the Turquoise, light pink, dark pink, and gold colors. Used white string and tape to hang and attach to my light fixture. I would recommend using clear fish string though. Follow link above for more instructions.


I was very pleased with how this colorful Thanksgiving Table Setting came out.


Not too much but just enough of the right colors everywhere. I hope my family enjoys it as much as I do and that you are inspired to create one of your own! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends and a great rest of your Fall.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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