Easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft

October is here and with Halloween on it’s way, I have this totally fun and easy Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Craft that you can do with your kiddos! It is really super quick and easy to do. With only a few supplies, which most can be found around your home, you can easily decorate your home for Halloween with a hint of Disney. Your kids are sure to love this project. Ideal for toddlers but also for a little older kiddos as well. My two year old loved this project and I can’t wait to do more Halloween crafts with him! For older kids, they love that they can do most of this project all on their own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

To start, Gather all of your supplies and have them ready at your working table. Make sure to print your Mickey ghost to the size you want your project to be. I made mine take up most of the page on a word document, and this size ended up being perfect.

Then, cut out the print out of the Mickey Mouse ghost, and cut out a nice section from your cardboard that the Mickey ghost will fit on. If you use a cereal box like I did, each of the big sides are perfect for this project and you can make two Mickeys with one box.

Trace the print out of Mickey ghost onto your cardboard. Then cut out. Keep the print out of Mickey ghost for a step later in this project.

Now that you have the foundation for your project, your child can them begin decorating it with the cotton balls. Just place some glue down and stick the cotton balls on top. Fill the cardboard up and try to get it to not show any of the cardboard. This part is obviously the fun part for your kiddos. Mine was so excited to do a craft with very little of my help. We made it into a little learning activity as well by counting how many cotton balls were used. Have fun with it!

You could also have some Halloween movies, shows, or music playing. Or even have some Halloween treats to eat while making your craft.

Once you have the cardboard filled with the cotton balls, let dry a few minutes, in the meantime you can then take the print out of Mickey ghost and cut out the face. Then take those face pieces and trace onto your black craft paper and cut out.

Your kiddos can then take those pieces and glue them in place on top of the cotton balls. It is easy for them if you put the print out right next to the cardboard Mickey ghost to compare where the face should be.

Once all dried, they are all done! So quick and easy!! If you also want to make a Minnie Ghost all you have to do is take some red craft paper and cut out a cute bow. Then place either above the eyes or on the side on one of the ears, like so….

I really hope you are inspired to make this craft with your little ones this Halloween season. Don’t forget to hang up your Mickey ghost craft so your kids can see it everyday! Stay tuned as I will be doing a couple more projects this month until Halloween is officially here. In the meantime here is a few fun coloring pages your kids will love.

Thanks for stopping by!


Pocahontas Disney Movie Night

This year has gone by so fast! I can’t believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already and in a little over a month it will be 2017. My family and I started our Disney Movie Nights this last June and we are already on our 9th one, Pocahontas Disney Movie Night. They all have been a lot of fun and this one was no exception. You can check out all of our previous movie nights here if you have missed them. I felt that this was the perfect movie to celebrate around Thanksgiving time or really any time in Fall but really anytime at all! I have always loved this movie since I was a little girl and I was excited that my nieces can now still enjoy the movie as much as I did! Fun for the whole family and this movie night provided some of the best food we have had. You can follow the details below to create a fun and loving Pocahontas movie night of your own. I hope you enjoy!




Pocahontas Disney Movie Night:




Let’s start with the details to the food we had!


I thought the food we had fit the theme perfectly and they were delicious! We usually have a few options of food/snacks to nibble on through the movie and sometimes provide a more main dish type if it fits properly and this time that was Indian Tacos.  These were delicious! We have had them before, but never made them ourselves. Fun to make but take a little while to put together.


My sister’s kids are half Native American and their aunt helped her with this recipe. You can find some similar recipes here and here. Once the Frybread is made, you can pile on top really any toppings you and your family wish. We had chilli, lettuce, cheese, olives, sour cream and hot sauce or taco sauce.

We also had a Harvest Popcorn Mix. Every movie night contains a  popcorn mix that matches the movies theme and this one was my twist on a harvest mix. The picture below is everything I used minus the actual popcorn. You can really add anything you’d like to your harvest mix.


Our mix included: Cheezits, Rollos candies, Caramel Bugles, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and Popcorn! Very delicious and you get a little bit of salty, crunchy and sweet. Here are some other fun mixes you could do, this one, this and this.

As an appetizer type, I made these leaf chips out of tortillas and a template. You could also use leaf cookie cutters, which would be a lot easier. I simply took some large tortillas (Corn or flour can be used) and some leaf templates (can be found by googling images: Leaf templates) and used a sharp knife to trace around the templates and produce leaves. To speed up the process, I folded the tortilla over a couple times and then traced out the template making sure the knife went all the way through each layer. Put them on a baking sheet that was sprayed with cooking spray and then used a little bit of olive oil to brush over the tortillas, sprinkled a little salt and then popped into the oven at 250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. This could range depending on your oven and what tortillas you used. If using corn set at a higher temp and for only 10 minutes and keep checking on them to make sure they don’t burn.


Paired these chips with some pre-made bean dip, but any dip really that you desire works including salsa. I loved how much these leaf chips fit the theme. Here is a similar recipe!

For a dessert option, we had these really easy to make and delicious Acorn Doughnuts.


Simply take some doughnut holes (store bought or homemade), melting chocolate (which can be found at Michaels), chocolate sprinkles, and pretzel sticks and melt your chocolate, dip top of doughnuts into, dip into sprinkles and then top with a pretzel stick and let harden. Then Viola, a delicious dessert snack. These cookies are another great idea.

Finally, we had Water and Apple Juice as our drinking options. I felt that these fit perfectly and followed our nature theme.


Thisthese, these, and this are some other perfect food options you could have at your Pocahontas Disney Movie Night.

Now, let’s move on to the decorated table that the food is on.

To set this table up, I first laid down a light yellow tablecloth onto the table. Then, attached to the wall and the bottom of the of the table was a white tablecloth to provide a nice backdrop.

Then, I placed some printed and cut out characters around the table. You can easily do this by Google searching on images Pocahontas characters. Picking the ones you like, pasting into a document, making into the size desired and printing them out. Cut and tape to your table!


This really helps bring the whole movie theme together, and get the kids excited for what they are about to watch.


As some final touches, I cut out some leaves using a template onto green, orange and dark red construction paper. And placed them around the table, as well as made a “river” out of scrapbook paper I found from Michaels. You can see glimpses of these in all the pictures above.


My favorite and final touches were these sunflowers made out of construction paper. I feel these really bring everything together and were very cute for the table. I simply made two different sized circles in brown paper, and then quickly traced out leaf like shapes onto yellow paper, cut them all out and glued all the right pieces together to make some Sunflowers. This is another decor idea.

For most of our other movie nights, we provide activities or crafts that are usually designed for the kids. This movie night got a little jumbled and we ran out of time, but this, this and these were crafts I planned to do with the kids that make great learning and fun activities as well as this idea.


This movie night was simple but fun and easy to put together, which makes for a perfect family movie night. I hope you are inspired to have a Pocahontas Disney Movie Night of your own with your family. Thanksgiving is more about “Indians” and Pilgrims and coming together to share a meal. One reason I love this movie now is because it helps teach us not exactly history but rather to love one another for who we are, accepting differences, not judging people, and joining different cultures. Many, many people today could really learn from this movie. I am not sure what I loved so much about it as a kid, but I know it’s one that I will continue watching with my family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and rest of your Fall. Stay tuned for our next Disney Movie Night which will be Beauty and the Beast!!! Another one of my all time favorites!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Thanksgiving Table Setting

Can’t believe that Halloween has already come and passed this year! Now, it is time to get ready for all things Thanksgiving. There is so much to love about Thanksgiving, and one of my favorites is the family gathering around and remembering who and what all we are thankful for. The Thanksgiving table is a huge part of Thanksgiving. It is where everyone comes to join around and share memories, smiles, and laughter with. Now that I have started a family of my own, my goal is to create a beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting every year with a different theme, colors, and feeling. Last year, I made my first table setting with typical Thanksgiving/Fall colors with a touch of glitter. You can find the details to that table here. This year however, is a little more colorful or a lot more colorful than last years. I absolutely love my color scheme this year and it really adds a fun feeling for Thanksgiving but still brings the meaning of Thanksgiving to the table as well. You can find all the lovely details to my Thanksgiving Table Setting 2016 below, hope you enjoy!




Thanksgiving Table Setting:



Let’s start with the color scheme of this years table setting. I brought the colors Gold, Light Pink, Dark Pink (almost Magenta?), Peach/Tan, White, and Turquoise all together to create this setting. All of these colors were used for my pumpkins and then for all the other components and accessories some or most of the colors were used.

So, I created my pumpkin centerpiece first. I have seen many, many different painted pumpkin color schemes all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided to give it a try. I collected various different sized and shaped real and fake pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins ranged from small to tiny. I went to a pumpkin patch to collect some cool or cute looking pumpkins and then found the other fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store and Target. The Dollar Store ones included the typical foam orange ones and then I found these tiny foam ones that looked way closer to real ones than the other ones and really loved these! They come in a dark orange color. Some people like to use all real pumpkins, but I really liked working with a mixture of both. They both provide their benefits and actually worked well together and give you more texture to play with.


I made the colors random, starting with painting a few light pink, white, gold, and Tan/Peach. About 2-3 each making a larger one a color and a tiny one or two  a matching color.


I then decided to add a little more pop of color, than just this mutual tone color scheme and added a few pumpkins in the Dark Pink, Turquoise and light Orange.


Each pumpkin, both real and fake ones required about 3-5 coats of paint. Depending on the color of paint and the pumpkin. Make sure each layer dries before applying the next and I recommend adding a final layer of Mod Podge to each pumpkin when desired color is reached. When you have your pumpkins all picked out and painted, This is your Thanksgiving Table Setting centerpiece. You can add more to it with numerous items. A cute personal touch and where the fake pumpkins come in handy are to take some picture holders, much like these and stick some throughout your pumpkins right into the fake ones and and some pictures to the top. You can use any pictures and sizes you wish, I used these cute DIY Polaroid Pictures that you can find the how-to for. I really loved this idea and the personal-ness of them. The Polaroids really give your guest/family a glimpse into the past especially if you use old pictures from previous Thanksgivings.


This creates an adorable centerpiece that everyone is sure to love. You could also add things like candles, either in-between the pumpkins or at each end. Or even, other various Fall items like leaves, flowers, vines, etc. Have fun with it especially the arrangement and make sure it all flows nicely and you have a balance throughout the whole centerpiece.

Following along, I used a white tablecloth to put the pumpkin centerpiece on.  Once I had that all in place, I then began adding the personal seat settings around the table.


This includes, Two sizes of white plates and in-between them I used sheets from mambi Sheets that can be found at Michaels (make sure to look for the buy one get one half off deals or buy one get one free). My table setting included for four people, so I used two different sheets and placed them every other on my table. One that matched my dark pink pumpkin color and the other a white one with black dots that provided a nice matching but different texture to the table. I made the sheets to be about 8 inches in diameter using a large circle cutter.


Next, I added my DIY Thanksgiving Napkins and silverware. Follow the link for the how-to on the napkins. These were so fun to make and the colors matched beautifully with the rest of the table setting and really provide that Thanksgiving feel even through all the bright colors. Besides the pumpkins these were my favorite accessory for my Thanksgiving table. Make sure you begin making these with enough time to spare as starting out may take awhile, also depending on how many you want to make. As you go along though they get easier and faster to make.


Now, for my place cards, these are always fun to come up with. This year I had two ideas. The first is a different but again personal and effect way. I used the DIY Polaroid Picture method from above for the centerpiece, but used them as place cards by using the person the seat belonged to’s picture and placed on-top of the plate setting.


I really loved this place setting idea and everyone is sure to love finding their face on these adorable mini Polaroids. You can use any picture, ones from previous years of them or even recent ones you like.

The next idea was, Emoji Place cards! This idea came from my DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways Post.


Follow the link for more directions, you can personalize the Emojis to fit your guests or use Thanksgiving themed ones. The list goes on and on for ways to use these. These make a fun and different idea for your table that your guest/family are sure to love.  Especially using ones like this football to give your guys at the table a little more manly feel against all the other colorful and pink table decorations. And you can see in the picture below as well that I used both this Emoji method and the Polaroid picture method by having the Polaroids as my centerpiece and the Emojis as place cards. Have fun with it!


Finally, one of the last touches, I added this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree leaves to my light fixture above the table to make a leaf chandelier. This came out a lot cooler and lovelier than I expected! I really recommend adding this last touch as, it really brings the whole table together and with that final Thanksgiving touch. While everyone is seated at the table, you see all of these personal touches of what family means, with your loved ones around you and you look up and see what everyone is thankful for, really ties it all together! Our table was for four but my chandelier included what everyone was Thankful for, from family close and far away.


These also included the theme colors since the outline colors of the leaves included the Turquoise, light pink, dark pink, and gold colors. Used white string and tape to hang and attach to my light fixture. I would recommend using clear fish string though. Follow link above for more instructions.


I was very pleased with how this colorful Thanksgiving Table Setting came out.


Not too much but just enough of the right colors everywhere. I hope my family enjoys it as much as I do and that you are inspired to create one of your own! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends and a great rest of your Fall.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and one important thing about Fall time and coming together for Thanksgiving with your family and friends is remembering or realizing what all you are thankful for. Thanksgiving can mean many different things to people but we can be certain that what you have to be thankful for really comes in to play when you are sitting at that table and looking at all those faces. I recently (last year) started a tradition with my family. Not just my family at home but my whole immediate family. Last year I asked everyone what they were thankful for that year and made my first Thanksgiving Thankful Tree (which you can find here) and I really just loved the whole idea and getting everyone to really think about what that year brought and what they were majorly thankful for. I loved it so much I decided to keep the tradition going and instead of using the same tree, I took the same idea and decorated it in a completely different and fun way for my Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016! You can follow the very easy steps below to create a thankful tree of your own. I hope you enjoy.




Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016:




Supplies Needed:

  • White card stock paper
  • Assorted paint colors
  •  Leaf template
  • String, Scissors, Tape
  • What your family members are thankful for



To start, you need to ask your family members (that you wish to use) or friends, what they are thankful for this year. I try to make sure that they really think about it and give me more than the typical  “Family” and “Friends” answers. Once you have those, find a leaf template that you like. You can use this template here or you can go to Google and search: Leaf templates and print and cut out the ones you like. Have as many leaves for as many people you plan to have on your thankful tree.

Once you have them all printed and cut out, take your assorted paint colors and paint the outer rim of each leaf. I used a light pink, magenta, gold and light turquoise paint colors and just painted them so that I had a color for each of the different leaves. Let dry. I used these colors because they matched the rest of my theme colors I have going on for my Thanksgiving table setting.


Then, you can begin writing what each person is thankful for on different leaves, I like to use quote marks and then add a – and there name at the bottom and then the year on the back.


Once that is all done, you have the option to use these leaves anyway you want to display. You can do the traditional tree method and hang them from tree branches much like I did on last years, or do a different and fun way and hang them from your chandelier like I did this year!


I took some string; clear fish line type string is recommended but I used what I had lying around the house which was white sewing string, and some tape and taped one end of the string to the back of the leaves and cut different lengths for each string and taped them to my light fixture making a leaf chandelier.


The different lengths for your string is recommended to create a great chandelier look instead of having them all the same length and crushed together.


Having this right above your table, in the middle, is then what really brings this whole Thanksgiving Thankful Tree together! When you and your family/friends are sitting at the table and getting ready to enjoy your feast, you look up and see these leaves and see what everyone is thankful for really adds a great touch to your whole get together feeling. And the elegant way they hang really will make any Thanksgiving table theme pop!

I hope you have enjoyed this years Thanksgiving Thankful Tree 2016 and are inspired to create one of your own. Please feel free to share with us an creations you make. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving time? Do you have any traditions with your family? Have a happy Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Leftover Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving

This is an exciting time of the year with all the Holidays on their way! I am pretty sure most people love or look forward to Thanksgiving, or at least Thanksgiving dinner. Family and friends come together and share a wonderful meal. What could be better than having these perfect DIY Leftover Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving to take home with you after the feast! The next day you can go back to your pie boxes and eat some more of that wonderful dessert you claimed. The pie boxes make for a fun way for your guest to express their deepest food feelings and take home a slice of their favorite dessert. These don’t even have to be JUST for pie, you can shove any dessert or other yummy goodies into these to take home like slices of cake! You can follow the simple steps below to make your. I hope you enjoy!




DIY Leftover Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving:




Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard (any recycled or what you have lying around the house.)
  • White card stock paper (I got a bundle of all white from Michaels.)
  • Design/Text of choice (find mine below.)
  • Scissors, Glue, Printer
  • Optional: Various colors of card stock paper
  • Pie Box Template (this link is the exact one that I used.)



The first step is to figure out the Design/Texts you want to use.  I wanted to have funny quotes related to food and Thanksgiving and felt these ones really fit perfect in that category. You can use whatever you want but if you want to use the ones I did you can download them here diy-leftover-pie-boxes-for-thanksgiving.


When making your own be sure to space out each quote or your designs from each other much like I did in the picture above, so that when going to cut out you can use your pie boxes to trace out the top triangle shape so that they fit perfectly on-top of your boxes.


To make the pie boxes, take the template from above or one of your own and using white card stock paper or whatever color you desire, make sure they are exactly 8.5×11 or same size as your regular printer paper and use those to print out as many templates that you plan to make. This template is great and they provide a great size for pie and easy marks for where you need to fold. Crease along all marked areas  (dotted lines) and then start gluing together corresponding sides.


Make sure you don’t glue down the top flap of the pie box (or you won’t be able to put delicious pie inside!) Using the card stock is obviously a thicker texture than using regular printer paper, but I wanted these pie boxes to be a little more thicker and sturdier, so I decided to take some cardboard and by tracing each side of the pie box onto the cardboard with a pencil, cut out and then glued to corresponding side on the inside. Like so…


Then use top or bottom of the now triangle shaped boxes to trace triangles around each of your quotes, like so…


Cut out and glue the quotes on top of your pie boxes. I suggest using a glue stick for this part and a stronger glue for the rest.


Now, you have the option to leave as is or make them pop a little more by adding some color to them!

If you want them to pop a little more, simply take various colors of card stock paper and by measuring the length of your pie boxes, make various sized strips of paper in various colors and then play around with them to find the color combos you feel fit best with your top design. And then glue to the sides.

diy-leftover-pie-boxes-6 diy-leftover-pie-boxes-4

I feel like this method helps the boxes almost look like slices of cake! You can be creative and add even more pop to them as you like. And now you have these adorable  and funny DIY Leftover Pie Boxes for Thanksgiving!


I hope you have fun making these and are inspired to create some of your own for your guests. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I love the family getting together and of course chowing down on my grandmother’s cooking! Hope you have a great rest of your Fall!

We also created some regular take-out boxes with these fun quotes that are perfect for anything you been eyeing on the Thanksgiving table that you are dying to take home, so stay tuned!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins

Fall is really a wonderful time, with the crisp air, fall colors, clothes, food, family, etc. etc. It is a time to really remember what you have in your life and what to be thankful for. Many times we forget these things and take many for granted. During Thanksgiving, when family and friends come together, then is really when you create some special memories and makes all of Fall even better. So, this year I have created some DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins that are perfect for the meaning of Thanksgiving. These “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” napkins really help add or set the tone to your joyful feast or to even use all through Fall as a reminder of what to be thankful for around you. This was a fun DIY project and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! You can follow the steps below to make your own.




DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins:




(This post may contain some affiliate links.)


Supplies Needed:

  • Blank white cloth napkins (I got mine from here, they work good and are a great price, but I recommend these as it is better to get 100% cotton.)
  • Package of Iron-on transfer paper (These are all good for this project, as well as Michaels carries some of these.) Make sure that if you get the napkins I used above (they are polyester), you don’t get the iron-on paper that recommends only cotton fabrics.
  • Hand Iron
  • Desired design
  • Assorted Multi-Surface paints (make sure to get multi-surface or this project won’t work)



Start by, deciding what design you want to use for your napkins. If you want to use my exact “Eat, Drink & Give Thanks” design then you can take the image below and copy and paste it to a word document and size it to the desired size. The size it is now, is about the size I used.


If you want to make your own design/text, you can do this by:

  1. Opening a word or similar document on your computer and typing out the desired text that you want.
  2. Then use the different fonts to go through and play around with the lettering until you are satisfied. You can also find some nice fonts to download and add to your fonts collection at dafonts.com, make sure though that you read their policies as some of them cost, and ones that are free have some restrictions as to how you can use them. They all should have instructions on how to use them as well. If you want a design I suggest doing this with like a paint program or something better that you may have.

(This next step is for both designing your own and if you copied and pasted my design…)

Once you have your desired text all figured out, I suggest copying and pasting your design (or mine) on the same page and trying to fit as many as you can on it. The size I used compared to the napkin and how I folded it, it is actually pretty large so there is room for this to be smaller and still look great! The more you can fit on to your page the more of your iron-on transfer papers you can save. I ended up only being able to fit three onto one page.

Then, when going to print, be sure that you first mirror the page (as all text needs to be in reverse to do the iron-on transfer correctly or it will come up backwards on your napkins.)

  • If you don’t know how to do that, I know that for Windows computers or on Word document you can right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. Choose 3-D Rotation in the left pane. Change the X setting to 180. and then click OK, and Word flips the text in the text box, producing a mirror image and then you just print it out, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.
  • If you are using a Mac to do this, I know that you can select to print like you normally would, click on the third menu and select Layout. In the bottom right, place a check mark next to Flip horizontally. Confirm that it looks OK by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom left. If it looks OK to you, go ahead and Print, always checking that Flip horizontally remains enabled. This easily flips your whole page for you, BUT be sure to place only one sheet of your transfer paper in your printer and that it is positioned so that the writing comes out on the non-glossy side. Read your iron-transfer package for more directions on this.


Now, that you have your design printed out on your transfer paper, you can now take some scissors and cut out each of your texts, so that they are their own personal squares now. Then place a cut out onto one of your cloth napkins (I placed mine in the bottom middle of each napkin, so that when it is folded back up correctly, the design is right there on top.) Be sure to read the directions on your transfer paper package for more directions on how to set this all up nicely.


Then, when you are all ready, you can begin ironing your cutout design. Like the package says, make sure that you apply heat and pressure to every inch of the paper, pressing down for 20 seconds on each section, and fully lifting up the iron before moving to another section.


When you feel like you have done every inch of the paper, for a matte look when it’s hot and you can touch it, take a corner of the paper and nice, and smoothly peel of the paper showing your design now on your napkin! And for a glossy look, wait for it to cool before removing the paper to show your design.

diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-7 diy-thanksgiving-cloth-napkins_step-8

I thought that this was so fun to do. I just loved the fact that I made a design and then saw it come to life on my new napkins right before me! It really is a fun project and you could do this project with so many other designs.


My minds been flowing with more fun cloth napkin ideas I could do! But, that’s not if for these lovely napkins. You have the option to either leave the napkins like this as is with just your design on white napkins or you can spice them up a little with the extra steps I added to mine. If you want to add that extra umph to yours you can follow the steps below! Either way though you will have some awesome new DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins to enjoy for this coming Fall.


For these more colorful Thanksgiving napkins, you can follow the easy steps below!

Get all your materials out and together on a flat surface that has been covered with newspaper or another similar item to protect your surface. You’ll need: cup of water, paintbrushes, assorted multi-surface paint colors, and your cloth napkins.

*Before doing the first step, I recommend using a regular napkin to dampen and then practice mixing your colors on, so that you are sure on what you want and have had practice before doing the final colors on your cloth napkins.


The first step is to take your already made napkins from above and dampen up the area of the cloth napkin that you plan on painting. For mine, I was only doing the lower bottom part of my cloths. So, I took a foam brush and used it to dip into some water and then damped the whole desired area.  Make sure you do enough so that it stays damp while you are painting.


Start with one color and then continue to add another color at a time. I started with my light pink color first and the method to paint mine I used was starting at one corner of the damp area on the cloth and dipped my paintbrush into the paint and a little into the water and then lightly do a quick flick from the area where you want your paint to be. I also, made random dots around the cloth in each color and used my finger to help smudge and blend out the color. Your cloth being damp is what makes this possible and gives you a watercolor like feel. Continue to add a color at time, using similar methods and blending and adding in to the color before! You really want to treat this like you are painting with watercolors using your hands to make art!



Keep adding more colors as you feel needs, blending and blotting and flicking away.


Let completely dry when you are finished as it looks a little different when dry and then if you feel anything needs adjusting or more touch of color then add to it! Once satisfied, I then took my dark pink and yellow paint and used these to carefully paint the outline border of the cloth napkins. Carefully do this to not get any paint on the parts of the cloth left white and the parts that are already painted can easily be blended in if you do accidentally get paint on.


And then did the same on other napkins but using the dark pink and gold paints. I couldn’t decide which one yellow or gold to use so I decided to do both. Some with one color and some with the other. You can use whatever colors you wish don’t have to be these but with the colors used on the napkin I felt the dark pink really helped pull it all together.


Then, once again when dry, you have some beautiful Thanksgiving “Eat Drink & Give Thanks” napkins.


*Before use I suggest, taking all your painted napkins and washing them….

A wonderful colorful table setting can then be made around these napkins. You can also follow my steps to creating a matching table setting for your guests here.

I really hope you have enjoyed these DIY Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins and are inspired to make your own!! Please feel free to share with us any color combos you come up with! What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I love the family coming together and remembering what all we are thankful for. Have a great rest of your Fall!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways

Continuing on with my other DIY Emoji Straw sets, and with the Holiday season approaching us, I am sharing with you DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways. Meaning these sets and ways are all Holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) themed, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do these emojis, ultimately you can use whatever emojis you wish.  This craft is a lot of fun, especially picking out the emojis that match the desired theme or guest! There are numerous ways to have fun with these emojis, I hope you enjoy the 5 ways we have come up for you!




DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways:


Lets start with the Holiday Emojis Way Number 1: (Holiday Emoji Straws)


This is the same method as the other emoji straws I have made, you can find the how-to for them here at the part 1 and here at the part 2. These are a cute touch to any event or party, and help really liven up the party. Guest will love these fun characters, you can pick and use any emojis based on your theme.

The main items needed are: Straws, tape, cardboard, and either various acrylic paints or print outs of desired emojis in about 1 in. size.



Directions: For any emoji straws, basically you have the choice to either pick emojis out by using google images and searching emojis, copying onto a document, make to be about 1 in. and print out and glue onto a piece of cardboard and then cut out OR to take some acrylic paints and by looking at pictures of the emojis desired, paint them straight onto a piece of cardboard. Be sure to apply a nice layer of Mod Podge one the ones hand drawn. You should decide this based on your artistic abilities and timing preference. If you are good at tracing an image, painting and have some time to spare, I’d recommend painting them yourself as the ones painted have an extra personal touch. If you aren’t so artistic and/or on a time budget, I suggest printing them out. You can see both of these examples on my DIY Emoji Straws Part 1 & 2 above. If you aren’t liking how the printed ones are looking, try printing onto nicer paper, like photo paper or cardstock.


Take your emojis and your straws, and using tape, tape them to the top of your straws, leaving a nice amount for a mouth and making sure no tape is showing.



Way Number 2: (Holiday Emoji Magnets)


This is a new way, I have tried. I feel like this adds great character to your fridge, office, desk, locker, etc. wherever you can put magnets! Very easy to do and as the seasons change you can change out the magnets.


Start by, making the emojis the same way as in Way Number 1.

Then, instead of attaching to straws, you will need a roll of magnetic tape or round ceramic magnets or magnetic tacky dots. All of these have a peel and stick back, but I always add a little amount of hot glue down and then attach the magnets, for extra strength and hold.

And simply, add to your fridge or desired surface! And you are ready for the holidays. Use to hold up any Holiday pictures or cards!


Way Number 3: (Holiday Emoji Ornaments) 


This step is similar to Way Number 2, however instead of attaching to magnets, you are attaching them to either string (like ribbon or whatever you have) or ornament hooks.


Make the emojis explained the same way in Way Number 1, but maybe making them a little bigger since they will be ornaments. This is all up to you depending on what size you want. Use hot glue gun to attach either string or ornament hook to the back of your emojis, make sure when hardened that it is snug in place and will hold. Then decorate your tree!


Way Number 4: (Holiday Emoji Cupcake Toppers)


This way is much like Way Number 1, except instead of straws you are attaching your emojis onto toothpicks. It’s that simple. Make the emojis the same way in Way Number 1 (you could make them a little bigger for cupcake toppers if wanted) and then simply using tape, tape toothpicks onto the back of your emojis. These make for a fun way to serve your cupcakes or any Holiday treat!


Way Number 5: (Holiday Emoji Place Cards)

Finally, the last way to have fun with these Holiday emojis is to use them as place cards for your holiday table! Once again, very easy to do. All you have to do is make the desired emojis, same way as in Way Number 1, instead this time I highly recommend doing a much larger size than 1 in. I made mine to be about 3 in. or so. These are a fun and personable touch to your Holiday table.


I also recommend, using paint pens to then add the name of each person for their place card. Make this fun by picking ones that remind you of them or just randomly putting a name to an emoji. This way allows you to bring emojis into your holiday decorating in a very fun, expressing way.


I hope you have enjoyed all the fun ways to use these DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways and are inspired to make some of your own this Holiday season! Have fun with it, what are some of your favorite emojis and how would you incorporate them in one of these projects? Please feel free to share with us any creations you make. This could also be a fun project to do with the whole family. Who doesn’t love emojis? Everyone will have fun picking out their own or favorite. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Monsters Inc Disney Movie Night

We have had quite a few Disney Movie Nights now since my family started them back in June. We have made it to our now 8th movie and had our Monsters Inc Disney Movie Night on this past Halloween! Well, it is technically a Disney/Pixar Movie, anywho…I felt that it was the perfect timing since Monsters Inc. is a cute and fun movie for little ones with a Halloween theme. Also, today is actually the anniversary for Monsters Inc. since it came out in 2001. So, get your family together and get ready for a fun movie night that the whole family is sure to love. If you missed our previous movie nights you can check them out here. You can follow our simple steps to help you prepare your Monsters, Inc. movie night, enjoy!




Monsters Inc Disney Movie Night:



Usually, I start with the activities I planned for the kids that go with the movie…however, for this movie the kids went trick-or-treating first and then we came home and had a Monsters, Inc. Movie night! So, that was our activity. You could also print out coloring/activity pages for kids by going to Google or Pinterest and searching: Monsters Inc Coloring/Activity pages and printing out the ones you like. Some other fun activities I found from the web were this play dough, and this craft.

Let’s move on with the details to the food we had.


We always have a popcorn mix that matches the movies theme. This time we had a monster popcorn mix that consisted of popcorn and assorted gummy candies like body parts and monster faces. This mix was a mixture of Halloween and Monsters Inc. I found a lot of fun candy options at Target.


Next, we had a lot of protein and made three bowls of Monster Eyeballs a.k.a meatballs covered in Ragu sauce, Monster Fingers a.k. Chicken fries and Monster toes a.k. lil weenies. This is a perfect combo for kids and when you have a lot of hungry campers after Trick-or-treating! Easy to quickly throw together and delicious!


For an appetizer while the rest of the food was cooking we had a delicious 7 layer dip. I called it the Monster Dip, I first wanted to decorate the top to have a monster/Halloween like scene but ran out of time and just threw it together and honestly no one cared because we were so hungry. Either way though, will be fun and the whole family is sure to love this I know my family does. Simply get a baking dish and layer first refried beans (after quickly warming them up first in either the microwave or stove), chilli (same directions as beans), sour cream, taco red sauce, optional: guacamole, cheese, and olives. Really all of these are optional, you can leave out anything you like or switch in something else your family prefers.


I mentioned how delicious this is right? once everything is layered, pop into the oven for about 10 minutes or so to melt the cheese and heat everything up a little more. And enjoy!

For a dessert, we had Monster rice Krispie Treats! These were so cute and fun to make. Just make rice krispies like you normally would, cut into individual pieces and with various colored melting chocolates that you can get from Michaels, heat up each color in a separate bowl (directions on bag) and then dip the top half of the rice krispies into or use a knife to spread around, stick some candy eyeballs on and let harden. This chocolate hardens pretty fast. Use any colors you wish, it would be cool to also make them look like actual Monsters Inc characters! You can find more ideas for monster treats here!


And finally, we had a Monster Punch, inspired by Sulley that consisted of Blue Raspberry punch and frozen lemonade. And the adults had a more adult drink to celebrate the night!


All of this food was really easy to get together and fun to eat. There are many other ideas for food like this, these, and this.

Now for the details on the table decorations.


I first laid down a light green table cover and then on the wall connected to the table I attached a white table cover.

Then, I began placing all the fun items around the table and the platters to the food would be on so I know where to place everything. We had a cute Mike Walzowsky trick-or-treat bin that my niece had since this year she was BOO for Halloween! So it went perfect with our table. I just took a light green Halloween bucket turned it around and using white construction paper drew out his eyeball and mouth and colored them in and glued them on. (You can see in the picture above).

I also made, a scream canister quickly the night before out of a tube from my recycle. Took some yellow paper I had hot glued it to the tube and cut off extra paper, then quickly with sharpies used black, red and silver to draw in the details. You can google images the scream canister to get more detailed idea.


I also, printed and cut out various Monsters Inc characters and taped them around the table. You can find these images by searching in Google images as well. Or even use actually figurines your kids may have lying around.


Also, I found these squishy eyeballs from Walmart I believe and threw them all around my table. This really helped set the Monster/Halloween theme.

And Finally, I found Monster Inc doors online and printed and cut them out and made a cute little banner of doors onto the white table cover on my wall.


This movie night was lots of fun and easy to put together. Another fun decorating idea are these monster bowls! Great movie night around Halloween but really you could do this any time of the year and still enjoy!


Hope I have inspired you to have a monsters Inc Disney Movie Night with your family! Have fun with it and please feel free to share with us any Monster Inc movie nights you have! What is your favorite disney movie? Have a great rest of your Fall and stay tuned for out next Disney Movie Night which will be one of my favorites Beauty and the Beast!!!

Another fun idea for movie nights that we are slowly starting to incorporate is doing a DisneyBounding like thing where we dress as a character with normal clothes, much like the Boo Halloween outfit I showed above, or even these adorable monsters Inc. nails.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 ways

It is now Fall, a wonderful time of the year and with all the festivities, I wanted to share with you some ideas I thought of for DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 ways! You can decorate with these Polaroid pictures from Fall to Winter to anytime. I love a DIY project that is easy, fun and can be used many ways and that is exactly what this project holds. I have always loved the Polaroid picture look but never have had a Polaroid camera and this DIY allows you to create your own little Polaroid cuties yourself. If you do have a Polaroid camera yourself, you could also simply just use those Polaroids and use them in these ways. You can follow all the easy steps below for the 5 ways, I hope you enjoy!




DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 Ways:




Let’s start with making the Polaroid Pictures themselves first.

For all of the Polaroid pictures, You’ll need: 

  • Set of Reflections wooden Polaroid frames.
  • Various acrylic paints (preferably multi-purpose) in colors of choice and white.
  • Paintbrushes (I recommend various sizes for different details.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Desired photos cropped and cut to be about 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 (I saved all the pictures I wanted to use in a folder on my laptop and then used PicMonkey to crop each photo, and then copied and pasted them to a word document, resized them to be about the sizes above and then printed them out using photo paper.)


Once, you have your desired pictures printed out and cut out, following similar steps that I did above, take your wooden Polaroid frames and place one ontop of each photo and make sure the size fits. Adjust by trimming pictures a little or a lot or printing new ones out. I had to print a couple new ones out because I didn’t like how the picture fit into the frame, so I re-adjusted the whole picture, or didn’t like how the picture looked all together and printed out a new image. The choice is yours.

Then, take your white paint and begin painting all of the frames you will be using. I had to do about 2-3 layers of paint, waiting until each layer dried before doing another.

To spice up your Polaroids even more, I had some of my Polaroids in all white and then some with some color block details. I really liked how these all came out. Play with the colors and have fun with it. As you can see some of my frames had a touch of color either at the top right corner or bottom left corner. And, you could also leave them as is in the wood form if you prefer that or even completely color them all in one color, the list goes on for ways you could paint these, like even a fun rainbow frame.


You may need a couple layers of each color you paint, make sure your frames have completely dried before moving on to the next step. It is up to you if you want to paint the backside of the frames as well. I will let you know below for which ways, the backside can be seen.

Next, when all the frames have dried, turn your frames over, take your hot glue gun and carefully trace a thin line of glue all around close to the inner square and quickly and carefully (backside-up) place a photo on-top and press firmly. Let dry about 30 seconds.

And then you have some adorable little Polaroid pictures! For each of the ways below, you could also add some fun touches to your Polaroids, like a fun quote, emoji, or names.


Now let’s move on to the 5 ways you can decorate with these cuties!

Way number 1: (Marbled Clay Block Picture Holders)


For this project you will also need:

  • Oven-Baked or Air-Dry Clay (I got mine from Michaels and used a large white clay, and smaller pink and blue clays and the Craftsmart and Sculpey brand.)
  • Your hands and a Knife.


Make sure you have oven-bake or air-drying clay as non-hardening clays or modeling clays will not work for this project. Take your white clay out of it’s packaging and begin by pulling apart about 1/3 of the clay (you want to have a larger amount of white than the other colors or of whatever your main color is) and then take about 2 pieces of rectangles of each of the blue and pink clays or whatever colors you are using.

Use your hands to then knead and roll the clay, getting them to each become softer so they are easier to manage. Roll each into a long string, like so…


Place them side-by-side, and then start twisting them together, getting them to start blending with each other.


Then, flatten out and begin sculpting into a cube like shape.

For a larger cube, you want it to be around  1 in. by 1 in. or bigger if you choose and for my smaller cubes they were about 1/2 in. by 1/2 in. or so. Depending on what you want to make, take out more clay until when re-shapen to a cube it is the desired size.


After that, begin to really try to make the cube as cube as you can. Really flattening and straightening each square side. I began taking random objects I had around the home to help flatten each side and using my knife to help.


Also using the knife, use the un-jagged edge to place a slit down the middle of the cube, not going to low, about halfway through and wiggling the knife a little back and forth to make a nice slit opening. You want this slit to be wide enough to fit the Polaroid frame in, but not too wide.


Re-shape your cube a little more if needed after adding the slits, when you are satisfied you can either bake or leave to air-dry, depending on what clay you bought. Read directions on your clay package for oven directions. When hardened and cooled, add a nice layer or two of mod Podge for a clear, glossy coating and then make sure your Polaroids fit in nicely.


I hope you enjoyed this way and are inspired to make some marbled picture holders of your own! Also, depending on where you plan to place these holders once made, the back of the Polaroids may show, so you may want to paint the backsides as well.

Way number 2: (Christmas Ornaments)

This way is very easy to do after you’ve already made all of your Polaroids.

For this project you will also need:

  • Some sort of string (I used ribbon) or Ornament hooks.
  • Hot glue gun


Take your Polaroid picture and turn it to the back and a nice size of your ribbon (about 4 in. or so) or hook and your hot glue gun and use your hot glue to make a good size glue area in the middle of the top of the Polaroid and then quickly, carefully attach your ribbon or hook to it. Make sure it is in the glue well and let harden and cool. Add more glue to the top of it if you feel needs more attachment.


The above picture shows that I am giving my family the option to hang theirs on their tree or put on their refrigerator with the magnetic tape, but this way only needs the ribbon hot glued down (the magnets way you can find below). Apply to all desired Polaroids and then hang beautifully on your Christmas tree!


For these Christmas Ornaments, it would be cute to add a Christmasy quote or saying to the bottom of your Polaroids, like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays“,  “All I want for Christmas is you” etc. whatever you like and feel fits with selected picture.

**As a bonus idea around the holidays or any gift giving event, you could also make the mini polaroid pictures just like this method but instead of a ornaments make them into gift tags! Simply attach the gift ribbon through the polaroid loop and you have these adorable gift tags. Add names or leave blank, or whatever else you want.

These definitely make for adorable gift giving accessories and really personable. Share your favorite memory with your loved one, they are sure to treasure forever. Find more gift wrapping ideas, here.

Way number 3: (Thanksgiving (or any holiday) Place cards)


I really like the personal touch you can add to any Event or Holiday table with this way! Fairly easy to do. There are different ways you could go about doing this.

The first idea I had was to make the Polaroids like normal, maybe adding pictures from past thanksgivings and/or just the person whose seat it is. Then also adding a cute Thanksgiving quote or saying and their name or just their name or just a quote! “I am thankful for” and then there name is a super cute and personable thanksgiving touch for your guest or even leave a blank area for them to write what they are thankful for or something a little more funny like, “gobble til you wobble” or “I’m here for the pie”, have fun with it. you could also not add anything at all and just have your Polaroids.


Next, once you have a tablescape planned out and/or put together, take your Polaroids and then there are various small items you could use to place on top of plate or napkin to help hold up your Polaroid pictures. I used small marbled clay block holders from above, or you could use other small thanksgiving items (look around at Michaels or even Dollar Store), or  just a plate, table item itself. Be creative with it.


Or lay them flat on your plates…


And then you have adorable Polaroid place cards. I really love this personable touch and idea. Use them for Christmas time as well!

Another great idea for your table setting is to add them to the centerpiece itself as well. See pictures below and/or check out our Thanksgiving Table Setting!

diy-polaroid-pictures-5-ways_bonus diy-polaroid-pictures-5-ways_bonus-way

Way Number 4: (Magnets)


You may have seen something like this before, using way smaller Polaroid pictures, but this size is still a great size to use and of course are easier to see. Which can be used on any magnetic area you wish, fridge, strip, office, desk, locker, etc. to make a great memory.

You’ll need:


This is super easy to do. Once your Polaroids are made, take your hot glue gun and your magnetic strip and cut a piece off, then cut a thin strip from that piece, and then that piece in half, like so…


Peel off the backing to reveal the sticky side (I like to be protective and add hot glue down before placing the sticky side on the craft.) Sometimes, the regular stickiness on the magnets doesn’t hold for too long on some materials. So, attach a little glue to the back, top of your Polaroid and then place the sticky strip side down. Hold in place and then let cool and harden. Really you can apply the magnetic strip however you like, and then attach them to your fridge or desired metal area!


Another fun magnet craft you can find here on our DIY Holiday Emojis 5 Ways.

Way Number 5: (Picture collage for your wall)

This last way is a fun decorative way. Instead of all these other ways, you can just simply use these frames as frames and make a picture collage on your wall! Have some blank space on your wall and make a nice collage of pictures.


You can arrange these anyway. To attach them to your wall, I got mounting tape (can use a different like object or tape) only a small amount needed for these to attach since they are small and light.

This, This, and This are fun ways you could arrange your Polaroids.


And then you have an adorable Polaroid picture collage for your home, office, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the ways you can use these Polaroid frames and are inspired to make some of your own! These all would make great gifts for the Holidays, I am giving some away this year myself! Please feel free to share with us any DIY Polaroid Pictures 5 Ways creations you come up with.  What is your favorite time of the year? I love all seasons really but something about Winter time gets me in such a holly mood, besides the weather sometimes.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy


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Candy Piece Pumpkins

It is almost Halloween already! I can’t believe that Fall is going by so fast, feels like it was just Summer, like yesterday (hehe). Anyways, I have a last minute DIY pumpkin decorating idea. These candy piece pumpkins are an adorable way to decorate your pumpkins, and it is very easy to do so they make the perfect last minute no-carve decorating idea. It is almost Halloween so grab some small round pumpkins, paint, cardboard, and you are ready to go. You can follow the easy steps below to make some of your own. These were so fun to make and to see candy pieces come to life from a pumpkin! I hope you enjoy, and any little ones you may have would enjoy this project as well, I mean who doesn’t love candy and wouldn’t love to see a pumpkin transform into one!?




Candy Piece Pumpkins:



Supplies Needed:

  • Round pumpkins (the rounder and smoother the better)
  • Assorted acrylic paint colors (in whatever colors you want your candy to be)
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardboard
  • Roll of metallic wrapping paper (Got mine from the dollar store that had one side bright pink and the other side silver)
  • Hot glue gun



To start, take you round pumpkins and paint each one in desired color.

Then take some cardboard, I usually just go to my recycling bin and use what I can find in there like an old cereal box, etc. Preferably one that has a white inside, easier to paint over. Trace with a pen or pencil a leaf or tulip like shape to be the end of the candy pieces. Use this, this or this as a reference. Cut out and then paint in matching pumpkin colors. Make sure you measure them out to be proportional to your pumpkins. depending on their size the bigger or smaller these need to be. Before moving on to the next step, I suggest putting them up to your pumpkin and making sure they look right and adjusting the size if not. I had to do mine over a couple times to get the right size.


Now, when your pieces are all dried, take your metallic wrapping paper if using (I suggest using highly, as the texture of this wrapping paper really adds the perfect touch for these pumpkins to look like real candy wrappers) and first trace four pieces of a candy piece side you made out of cardboard and cut out.

Then using your hot glue gun glue two pieces of the metallic wrapping paper on both sides of a painted cardboard piece and then glue onto a side of your pumpkin and repeat on the other side.


Then, optionally, I feel this step is what really gives these candy piece pumpkins that candy like touch. Take your metallic wrapping paper again and this time using the inside of it so that it is showing the silver side, cut out a bunch of different shaped pieces to resemble the lighting changes in the candy wrapping. A great reference for this is this picture, you can see what I mean below, and be sure to add this touch to the pumpkin and the wrapper parts.


Then you are all done! That simple and that cute!!



Have fun with the colors and get inspiration from your favorite candy or by googling: Candy pieces.

I made mine with the stem part sticking down, you can remove your stems using a sharp knife or you can angle your pumpkins so that the stem part is holding up your pumpkins showing the bottom round side of the pumpkins. Like so…

candy-pumpkins-back-view candy-piece-pumpkins_way-2

This is a easy way you can display your new Candy Piece Pumpkins! Have a wonderful Halloween and the rest of your Fall/Autumn. Please feel free to share with us any candy piece pumpkins you decorate, we would love to see them!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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