Kids Butterfly Spring Craft

This DIY Kids Butterfly Spring Craft is a fun and super cute craft for the kiddos. They are super easy to make and there are numerous things to do with them. I love the idea of recycling and making something out of something people would usually throw away or get rid of. The items are simple and kids are sure to have fun making this craft. I made these butterflies with my nieces and nephew and their favorite part was painting them. Then seeing the egg cartons turn into butterflies filled them up with so much excitement. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy. This is a fun project, you can follow the very simple steps below to make your own and I have included different things or ways you can decorate with them.

Kids Butterfly Spring Craft


Kids Butterfly Spring Craft:


Kids Butterfly Spring Craft Main


The Supplies are Simple: (For the general butterflies)

  • Egg Carton
  • Assorted Paint Colors (Preferably Spring colors like pastels, these are one of the brands I use and through Amazon is a great deal!)
  • Paintbrushes (Pair these assorted paintbrushes with the paint colors above and they are perfect supplies for this project and many more!)
  • Craft Pipe Cleaners (I found matching pack of pastel colors from the Dollar Store.)
  • Craft Pom Poms (I used all white for each butterfly, but other colors work as well.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Gun



To start, I just took a clean egg carton from our recycle bin to make these butterflies. I recommend you doing the first step, which is to take your scissors and cut out the butterflies. Cut as many as you want out by cutting out a square of four egg slots, like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft 1

When these are all cut out, I set some newspaper down, along with a paint color for each kid and a paintbrush. Then they began painting away. Painting first all over the front, letting dry, and then painting all over the back and letting dry completely.

Jojo working on Spring butterfly craft

Once all dried, I then took an opposite matching pipe cleaner to the color painted butterflies. You can mix and match these however you like, and even make them all the same colors or however (the kids can help by picking out what color antennas they want). Cut a small piece out and make a Y shape like so…

kids butterfly spring craft 2

I then took my hot glue gun and to the back of the butterflies (which is the part that sticks out, not goes in) I attached the pipe cleaner down the middle of the top half part, like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft step 3

Let dry, and then once sturdy you can adjust the antennas however you like to give em a more realistic look.

Then finally, take your pom poms and hot glue gun. I used about five for each butterfly. Place some hot glue down and then quickly place the pom poms on the front side from the top of the middle section down to where it ends. I recommend doing a dot of glue at a time down the butterfly as the hot glue dries pretty quickly and if you don’t attach the object fast enough it dries and hardens on it’s own. Once again you can use any colors you’d or your kids would like. I decided to make all our butterflies have the same bodies and stuck with white. Let dry.

Kids butterfly Spring Craft 4

Now you are finished with the simple butterfly craft, really easy to make and kids love seeing them come to life. I loved the pastel colors and how they looked. But there are many others ways to spice up your butterflies even more and/or to decorate with them.

Kids butterfly Spring Craft step 4

Optional: We also had a roll of magnetic tape (can be found at craft stores as well as Walmart) and cut small circles to match the back sides and stuck the magnets to them so that now these cuties can hang on your refrigerator or other connecting form. Totally cute! (Below pictures I only have magnets on two of the circle spots but I suggest putting one on all four spots and using hit glue to keep them down tight not just the tape on the back of them.)

Kids Butterfly Spring Craft step 5

You can also add some silly goggly eyes, draw on your own eyes, and an even more fun technique is to cut out small circles of your kiddos head and then attach them to the top of your butterflies ( I used tape), like so…

Kids butterfly spring craft- kids faces and magnets

I thought these were totally cute and the kids absolutely loved seeing there faces on the butterflies! These would then even work out as a super cute gift to give someone like for Mother’s Day, or another Spring time event. Most mothers, grandparents, or other family members would love these as a gift from the little ones. So have fun with it and make them your own! Kids love crafts and making something out of nothing! Try working with what you have around your home before going out and buying supplies, many of these supplies could be switched out with another creative, similar object.

Kids butterfly spring craft jojos face

Another idea for these fun little creatures is to instead of connecting magnets to them you cold connect string or even a string of lights to them and then hang them up to look like they are flying around, especially if you use lights! OR even hang them on a window and these lovelies are sure to look wonderful. You can attach them to your window or sliding glass door, using removable adhesives or tape (but i’m not sure how long the tape would hold compare to their weight.) Be Creative and have fun with them.

kids butterfly spring craft 3 kids butterfly spring craft 4

And lastly a fun idea is to use these butterflies next Easter as some Easter egg holders for the little ones! You can find the how-to for some fun DIY decorative easter eggs here.

kids butterfly spring craft idea

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this fun kids butterfly spring craft and create some wonderful butterflies. You could also do things like more creative/mixed colors of the butterflies, tie dye? Rainbow? Words? make them look like your favorite butterfly, etc. there are so many different ways to do this. So whatever works best for you all. Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with.

What is your favorite butterfly? Any other favorite Spring time craft?


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop

Spring is a great time to enjoy the nature around you. When you think of Spring it usually includes the Spring flowers along other things. This simple backdrop consists around the anemone flower. I felt that they are really pretty flowers and would make a great backdrop. They are easy to make and you can adjust the colors to however you feel appropriate. Anemone comes from a Greek word meaning “daughter of the wind”, or “windflower.”  I had fun making this simple anemone flower backdrop and you should too. Makes a great backdrop for parties, Easter, to take great spring pictures, wall arrangement, decor, etc. Would even be fun to mix with other flowers? There are numerous things you could do with this DIY, so have fun and I hope you enjoy! Have a great Spring!!


Simple anemone Flower Backdrop:


Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop 2


Supplies Used:

  • Assorted color tissue paper (I used a dark pink, Light pink, and white) You could also used paper or another like material to tissue paper.
  • Black Paper
  • Push Pins
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Foam Board(s) (or desired material/platform for placing flowers on)



To start, take a color tissue paper (start with anyone). Using one piece, keep folding it in half until you are left with a nice small square(ish) rectangle shape. Then on top of the now folded tissue paper, either trace first and then cut or just go to cutting in a flower petal like shape. Do one tissue paper a smaller shape and then in the same color do another tissue paper but cut the petals a little bigger this time.

Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop step 1

Keep doing this on all the colors until you have a good amount of petals for each color. It will look like a lot, but as you go on you might find you need more so just add more as you need them. Each flower contains about 6-8 petals, to complete its look. when you are done with your petals you can then begin making the middle of the flower. Take your black paper and first trace out circles through your hole paper giving about an inch space all around each one between each of them. I used a small circle stencil to do this, if you don’t have any circle stencils try to be creative and look around your home for something that can be used to trace (bottle cap, cookie cutter, bottom of a candle holder, or bottom of other objects, etc.)

Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop step 2

Then cut each circle out with it’s extra inch space all around each one

When they are all cut out (may need to make more as you go, depending on how many flowers you are wanting to make) then take each one and quickly cut small strips from the top of the paper to the top of the circle you first traced, all around creating a fan like look.

Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop step 3

You should start to see the middle of the anemone flower coming together. If you look at what real anemone flowers look like you can start to see the similarities. When each part is cut, carefully push-up each piece and move them around giving them a crazier look, helping making them look more real-like.

Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop step 4

Then finally, you can begin putting the flowers together. Take a push pin, place through the middle of one black section, then place first four petals (of the same color) around the flower (the smaller ones), and apply more petals behind those (the larger ones) in-between each other the previous petals, like a flower looks, so you can see each petal. Move them around until you are satisfied with the look and then place onto desired platform. If you are using tissue paper, even when placed on platform (foam board, etc.) they are still adjustable, so you can still adjust them to however you like.

Simple Anemone Flower Backdrop step 5

Keep doing this with all the colors until all flowers are complete and you have a full wall/board/etc. When on board you have the option to adjust the petals even more by crinkling them up a little bit with your hands, giving it a more realistic look (optional). The end result is so pretty and there are numerous things that you can do with this project. I hope you have fun this simple anemone flower backdrop DIY and were inspired to create a backdrop of your own. Please feel free to share any creations you come up with, with us. We could love to see them. What are some of your favorite Spring flowers?

DIY flower background

You could even create a fun wall placement with these flowers like the one below. Helps create a super fun and spring filled home decoration. Do a simple letter or even make enough flowers to spell out a whole word!

simple anemone flower display

Hope you all have a wonderful spring and enjoy the nature around you!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

Spring is officially here! It’s time to start planting all those flowers and other goodies, enjoying the sun & rain and loving the nature around you. These pots are super cute and have a nice color block look to them, but still keep it’s original aspect in some areas. Since you see the painted colors and the original colors of the pot, it all really pops out and goes well together, giving you a modern look. This DIY is super easy and does not take much to do at all. You can follow the easy steps below, I hope you enjoy and are inspired to create some of your own. Have fun with it and explore other colors! These pots add a great touch to your home, or could even be great gifts to give, including for Mother’s day! Hope you enjoy!!

DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots


DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots:

DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots 2

Supplies Used:

  • Terra-Cotta Pots (I used various sizes but use any you would like.)
  • Assorted Acrylic Paints (I used a light blue, black, white, light green, and light purple all found at Walmart but can be found many places.)
  • Masking Tape
  • Assorted Paintbrushes (it is good to have various sizes to work with for different details or spaces. These ones from amazon would be perfect and ideal.)



To start, take a pot  and your masking tape and begin making designs with your tape onto the pot. I decided to do various triangle shapes around my pots to create different sections. You can do the same or do your own design. Your shapes don’t have to be perfect (although it’s not a problem if they are) for this project, it will still look just as nice with uneven shapes. But to do ones just like mine you can copy my shapes, I provided pictures for you below.

Painted Terra-Cotta Pot DIY step 1

Once you are satisfied with your tape placement, make sure around the rim of the pot that the tape is down all the way and that there aren’t any bubbles (if you do then you could get some paint in areas where you don’t want it.) Then you can begin painting it! I will start with my largest post.

Flower pot makeover step 4

I used black and white paint colors on all the pots and switched up the color paint for each pot. MY biggest one I did a nice light blue paint color. I really love the pop of colors the black and white, with the blue and the original pot color just all really pop and flow together. I painted the blue in the biggest section, the black in the next biggest section and finally the white in the smallest section. Once dried, you can then pull of the masking tape, and you should then see clean shapes of paint and clean lines of the pot.

DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots (blue)


You then have the option to further the paint colors into the pot and through the bottom. As well as, painted over the painted areas with another coat of paint, or even just doing some touch-ups.

DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots (blue2)

Continue this process on each pot, changing the colors or keeping them all the same, it is up to you. I decided to make each pot pretty much the same way just the shapes all random and not exactly in the same way and used light green paint color instead of blue. You can see below how I switched up the middle sized pot…

Painted terra-cotta pot diy step 4

…but once painted, it all still came together and looks really cool especially with the previous painted pot.

DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots (green)

And finally, the smallest pot once again made the same but with random shapes and using light purple paint. With a pot this small, really made all the different sections much smaller to work with, but it still works and looks as cute.

For a final step, you can apply a thin layer of Mod Podge for a similar varnish to each pit to give it a nice, shiny protective layer. I really hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did. I just love the look of these pots and am excited to plant different colors inside them and have them to display in my home!

diy painted pots

Are you planting and flowers or food this Spring? What is your favorite accessory in your garden? We would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy your Spring and it is filled with many flower sand sunshine!

DIY Painted terra-cotta pots 5


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Easter Photo Stands

Easter  and Spring are on their way! With these adorable DIY Easter photo stands you can be sure to decorate appropriately. Easter is always a fun time with the family, and now that I have a little family of my own I am even more excited for the holidays. I get to start all these memories, traditions, and holidays with them. These photo stands are great decoration pieces and a great way to share memories of these special holidays. Throughout the years I hope to make more of these, probably all different characters and have photos of each family member around Spring time on each one. I think that would be super cute on a mantle or somewhere else decorated in the home.

So, I hope you enjoy this fun and adorably cute spring time craft and you are inspired to create even more memories and traditions with your family.

DIY Easter Photo Stands Featured Image


  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Assorted Acrylic Paints (White, Yellow, Black, Pink, Orange)
  • Small Paintbrushes
  • Package of Card/picture Holder Picks (I finally found a 6 pc at Joann‘s for about $3)
  • Pipe Cleaners (White, Yellow, Pink)
  • Rocks (small/medium different sized rocks)
  • Hot Glue and Gun


To Start,  for this project to work just like mine, the plastic eggs need to have the holes at the top of the egg. The reason I use plastic eggs for this craft and not decorative ones is since they open up, that way we can create the photo stand and put it all together, other eggs that don’t open up, this would be impossible.

So, with your plastic eggs, let’s first take one and start with making the cute little bunny photo stand.

The length of the picture holder picks I got were a little taller than I wanted them to be, so I bent the bottom of the picks up a bit to make them smaller. But, before you do this, insert the bottom of the pick through the top of the eggs hole and the bend the bottom. Then take the bottom of the plastic egg and place some rocks inside.

Easter photo stands step 2

Play around with different rocks, connect the two egg pieces back together and move the hook around the rocks. Keep doing this until the balance of the rocks with the rest of the egg, are perfect and your egg stands up straight with the pick stick up. Like so,

Easter photo stand step 3.1

Now, you can begin decorating the egg and making it a cute bunny. First start by painting the whole egg white (yes even though the egg is already white) this helps seal the egg together and makes it easier to paint the other details on. When dry, take a small tip paint brush and begin painting on the face. I started with the bunny’s nose. I used a light pink color to do this, I tried to use a color as close to the color of the pink pipe cleaners that I could.

Easter photo stand step 4

And then continuing with the eyes, mouth, and arms all in black. It helps to paint the nose first so that you can proportionately place the mouth and eyes to the nose.

Easter photo stand step 5

Then don’t forget, the bunnies cute feet outlined in black and then filled in with pink. Like so,

Easter photo stand step 6

You can paint your bunny any way you like. It helps to look at googled images of other drawn bunnies.  Add more or less details that you wish. While all of the details are drying you can then begin working on making the bunny’s ears and tail. Let’s start with the ears. Take your white pipe cleaners first and with and end, take it and bend it and play with it until you shape perfect bunny ears in the correct size. Mine are about 2 inches long and you can again shape these however you like. Try to make both ears as close as you can, I purposely made one a little droopier than the other to give it a fun look. Cut out your ears and then take your pink pipe cleaner and measure out a smaller loop that fits right into the middle of each ear. Connect the to each other with some hot glue. Feel free to cover up any hot glue that is showing with some white or matching paint.

DIY Easter photo stand bunny ears

When all is dried, you can then attach the ears to the top of the bunny’s head with more of the hot glue. Make sure you do one at a time, holding each one in place steady to make sure it dries in place. Then finally, take what’s left of either your pink or white pipe cleaner and roll some up in a small circle and then attach to the back of the bunny with more hot glue.


And then you have an adorably cute bunny picture holder. If the adjustment of the bunny has gone off while decorating him, that’s fine, just re-adjust him around and get it balanced again.


Then you can now begin on your cute chic picture holder. This one is made close to the same, start the same way, but instead paint the whole egg first in yellow, let dry, and paint on a beak (in orange) in the middle of the face and then complete with the eyes above it, and some wings to the side in black. And finally some orange duck feet at the bottom. Add more or less details as you wish and when he is dry, finish it off with making some chic baby hairs out of the yellow pipe cleaner. This is easy just cut three small pieces pf pipe cleaner and then attach together in a bundle, making it look like hair and then attach to the top of his head.

Be sure to let them fully dry before the next step, or you could risk messing up a step. These adorable little guys are sure to brighten up your home and add some little fun. Would even be cute to give as a gift for Easter paired with your families Easter picture, etc. So have fun with this project there are many more numerous cute ways to decorate these egg picture holders. Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. What are some of your favorite Easter decorations?


kisses Jazzy

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Spring Bucket List

Spring is on it’s way!!! Spring Officially begins this year on March 20th, are you excited for all the Spring time activities?! This is a list of fun ideas and activities to try to accomplish this Spring and all other future Springs! What I love most about all of these seasonal bucket list, is that it helps me think of things to do in advance and also helps me remember all the fun stuff that I would like to do during the current season. I hope to check many of these off this Spring, and hope you do too! Hope you enjoy. What are some of your favorite things to do during the Spring? Any fun family traditions you do? We would love to hear from you!


Spring Bucket List:


Spring Bucket List

This is just a quick and fun list of ideas that you could accomplish this Spring. Did I miss any great things you love to do during Spring time? I hope everyone has a wonderful season and that it is filled with lots of flowers and love. Remember to get out and explore and try new things. Enjoy the beautiful nature around you and take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Fruit Bowl (Papier-Mache)

This DIY Fruit Bowl papier-mache is a fun but time consuming DIY craft. A balloon is used to act as a mold for this papier-mache bowl. The process of making this bowl can be used for any occasion or holiday. I chose to paint it to fit the theme for Spring time, but can be painted many other cool ways, even in simple colors or one color. Papier-mache is basically a mixture of paper and glue that hardens when it dries. A process that is a great tool and used for many things and uses. Same as the balloon, it is used for many projects and makes a great tool. I call this a fruit bowl, but can be used to really hold anything you’d like, besides liquids…eventually it would start to weaken and so fourth. So, have fun with this project and I hope you are inspired to make one of your own. I hope you enjoy! Remember it is very time consuming  and there are a lot of steps with using the papier-mache method. But, the end result is totally cute and worth it.

DIY Fruit Bowl papier-mache

DIY  Fruit Bowl (Papier-mache):

DIY fruit bowl (papier-mache) 1

Supplies Used:

  • A balloon
  • Newspaper, Optional: tissue paper
  • A Type of glue (from glue to Mod Podge, to wallpaper paste can be used) I used a crafting glue as well as mod podge.
  • Assorted paints colors (if you are making one just like mine, then pink, yellow, white and black) and paint brushes in different sizes.
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Fine-grade sandpaper
  • Scissors



To start, take your newspaper or like paper and cut some of it up into little 1-2in strips. Enough to have a good pile, you will use a lot of this to make the bowl. You can just cut out more as you need more.

Papier-mache bowl step 1

Once your newspaper is cut up, you can then get your glue ready in a small bowl, so that it is easier to use and then blow up  your balloon to make a firm base for the papier-mache.

papier-mache bowl step 2

Then take your strips and either soak them in your glue/wallpaper paste or individually begin applying some glue to the balloon and covering with newspaper, adding more glue and newspaper as you fill the balloon. Covering the layer underneath with another layer doing the same process until you have about 4-5 layers. Make sure to leave the area around the knot bare.

Papier-mache bowl step 3

Papier-mache bowl step 4

When you are done layer the balloon with the papier-mache, leave it in a warm place until it is completely dry and hardens. Using scissors, burst the balloon and remove it. I cut a hole in the top of my balloon and let the air out and it slowly starts to crack and peel off on it’s own. This is a pretty cool step, you get to see your new created shape made from a balloon that is not there anymore.

papier-mache bowl step 5

Trim the papier-mache bowl to the desired height with your scissors. This can be adjust more as you go on and realize you want to take more off.

Papier-mache bowl step 8

Take your cardboard and cut it to be a strip, around 5in wide or so. Fold it (bend it) to make it round (a ring) and measure it to the bottom of the bowl, make sure it is an appropriate size and will fit to your bowl. Adjust the size to your liking. Then about 2in down from the top, draw a line 2in down from the top of the cardboard, across the length of the cardboard and then above that line cut the cardboard into a bunch of strips or use a cardboard that has a folded flap and cut it to be 2in long and then across the whole strip, cut it up in little strips, like so.

Papier-mache bowl step 7

When ready, secure the cardboard ends together. I used hot glue gun to do this, but you can also use masking tape.

Papier-mache bowl step 9

Stand the bowl so that it stands upright with the bottom of the bowl now facing you. Center the cardboard ring over it.

Papier-mache bowl step 10

I first used my hot glue gun again to secure the ring of the cardboard to the bowl, and then bent the strips outwards and used the masking tape to attach the strips to the bowl.  Make sure it is a snug fit and that you don’t have the bowl sticking out away from the ring.

Papier-mache bowl step 9.5

Then, cover the bowl and the new part in further layers of papier-mache, around 2-3 more layers. This time, I used larger strips of newspaper to do this. Make sure to fix any touch-ups needed at this point, like pieces of newspaper sticking out or not sticking, and be sure to check on the inside of the bowl as well.

Papier-mache bowl step 11

Again leave to dry completely and harden.

Roll up a sheet of newspaper or tissue paper and twist together tightly to make rope like pieces, long enough to go around the rim and the bottom of the bowl. I first rolled up some tissue paper and then twisted it tightly to form a twisted rope. The length of one tissue paper is not long enough to go around the rim of the bowl, so two were needed for the top and about one and 1/4 were needed for the bottom.

diy fruit bowl step 17

Using masking tape, attach the ropes to the top and bottom of the bowl. Also, optional to add a rope to the bottom of the connected piece. Depending on the look you want. You could also use, a hot glue gun to do this instead, or both the masking tape and hot glue gun. After I twisted my ropes, I dipped them in the same glue I was using before, covered it with my finger. this allowed for the twisted part to stay together a bit easier and connect to the bowl a bit easier.

diy fruit bowl step 18

So, place it in the correct place and then secure it and even the lumpiness as best you can with some masking tape. It doesn’t matter the color, or what the rope looks like because it will be covered.

diy fruit bowl step 19

Cover the ropes with more layers of papier-mache and let dry.  You don’t have cover the whole bowl, just the areas where the ropes are. So, for the top go from the side, cover the rope, to the inside. Same for the bottom.

diy fruit bowl 20.1

diy fruit bowl 21

Then (optional) lightly rub down with a fine-grade sandpaper, then prime inside and outside the bowl with two coats of white paint. Allow to dry.

fruit bowl step 23

Now you can decorate the bowl inside and out with acrylic paints however you like. If you want to decorate it exactly like mine then you can further follow my steps below. If you do your own, don’t forget to finish it with a coat of  clear varnish, one such as Mod Podge or such and let dry.

If you want to decorate your bowl the same way as mine, then start by painting only the outside bowl part pink. I used a light pink paint color found at Target. I did two coats of paint. Let dry.

diy fruit bowl step 27

Once dry, then you can begin painting on different sized white flowers almost like daisy’s all over the pink area. These are easy to make, start by painting a yellow dot for the center, and then make about 5 white petals coming off of it. They don’t have to be perfect, have fun with it, make them all different sizes. I ranged from some small, some medium, and some larger. You could even make them all the same size, etc. Let dry. Once I finished making the flowers all around the bowl, I then went back and did a quick touch-up to all the flowers, making the white, whiter and the yellow darker.

DIY fruit bowl final steps

Then, you can move down to the stand of the bowl. Attach a piece of masking tape around the middle of the stem, about half the width of the original width. This way you will have three sections. You will be painting the top section above the masking tape all black, and the section below the masking tape all black. Then when done, remove the masking tape carefully and you then will have a striped section of black, white, black. You could do this part in any colors you wish, I just really like the black and white contrast with the rest of the bowl. Makes it all really pop out.

DIY fruit bowl final step

And then finally, I painted the bottom and top edges in yellow. Make any paint adjustments needed, and touch-ups. As well as, painting another layer of white paint on the inside (or desired color). And then when everything is dry just apply a nice thin layer of varnish (mod Podge) to give it a nice, shiny, protective layer.

DIY fruit bowl inside

Then you are done, and you now have a beautiful fruit bowl! Or a bowl for any need you have. I feel so excited to have my bowl , especially knowing that I made it all by hand. I just love the colors and the cute and fun aspect of it. This was a long and fun project but I hope you enjoyed it. I got the idea from an old Papercrafts & Origami book.

diy fruit bowl papier-mache

Please feel free to share any creations you come up with, we would love to see them. What do you think of papier-mache? Is the process to long for you? Have you made any other papier-mache crafts before? Hope your Spring is a great one and you create many fun projects.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Decorative Easter Eggs

When you think of Spring, you think of flowers, rain, Easter and much more. And with Easter comes all things Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Easter eggs are one of the funnest activities we get to do each year around this time. There are so many ways to decorate your Easter eggs. Whether it is for decorative purposes, gifting, Easter egg hunts, with the kids, etc. I decided to try some new ways at decorating my Easter eggs this year. They all include the same technique but are very different in look, and for different people. Below you can find all the different DIY decorative Easter eggs, we have come up with this year. They are all super easy to do, and don’t take much at all. I hope you enjoy!


DIY Decorative Easter Eggs


DIY Decorative Easter Eggs:


Supplies Needed:

  • Easter eggs (Many can be used, plastic, decorative, chalkboard, colored, etc.)
  • Mod Podge and a small paint brush
  • Cut outs of desired printable or magazine clippings (see below)
  • Optional: Clear Nail Polish (or clear varnish) and a light glittery gold nail polish (see below)



I have made three different types of decorative Easter eggs this year. The first ones, are the floral Easter eggs. These are made with cut outs of different roses/flowers. Some from magazines, some from a printable, and some from a design.

decorative easter eggs 5

We will start with the two I made all from cut outs out of magazines. You can use any magazines you want, I’d recommend obviously ones that could have many florals in it. The magazines I ended up using were the latest Cosmo magazine and the latest Better Home and Gardens magazine. This means they were both Spring issues and so they had a lot of different florals to choose from. Also, the material of the magazine paper is a thin material that is perfect for this project.  I decided to make one with a red tone theme and one with a blue tone theme.

dec eggs

Simply cut out small flowers/roses from the magazines. Then take your desired egg, place some Mod Podge on the egg where you are placing your cut outs, place the cut outs on the egg, and apply more Mod Podge on top. Keep doing this, adding more cut outs, be sure to overlap some, and fit them together as best you can. These eggs look best when there aren’t much off the egg showing. I used a white decorative egg (I got a pack of blank white decorative eggs from Walmart for about $2.) and a black chalkboard decorative egg just like the white one. Once your egg is covered to your liking, apply a nice layer of the Mod Podge all over the egg and then let dry. Depending on how smooth the egg is or not, you can then decide to do another layer of the Mod Podge or not.

These eggs were fun to make, I loved cutting out all the different flowers and making them form together to create a beautiful decorated egg. Use any theme, or colors you’d like. In the Cosmo magazine I used, I was able to find a page that had florals all over it in a big design. I ripped the page out and just began cutting out all the cool and pretty parts I thought I could use and then made an egg out of that one design.

dec eggs 2

This egg is my favorite out of the florals. The flowers are just so pretty and it all just looks so nice together as an egg. This process was the same as the two before, just in this case they consist of the same theme, instead of flowers found from all over. So, another process you could use much like this one is to find a printable/design online, print it out, and cut out the pieces like you would in the magazine and then attach them to the egg like before. If you don’t have magazines or just don’t want to use that method, you could use this similar method to make just as pretty eggs, but with more of a theme.

dec eggs 3

These two were fun, the pink one, I found this pattern through Popsugar, where they have a bunch of free wallpapers that are totally cute and would look cute for many projects including these decorative eggs. The printables are from Print out and cut out and apply them to the egg the same process as before. The yellowish design egg, I got the flowers from here. Make sure whatever printable/design you choose, if you aren’t using these, are FREE ones. If you use ones that aren’t or you aren’t giving the right to, you could get in trouble. So stick to the free ones, there are many cute ones available.

decorative easter eggs using florals

In all, I love he elegant look these all came out looking like especially with my last process, which was to apply a thin layer of this glittery gold nail polish that I had. I spread some of the nail polish on the egg and used my finger to spread it out thinly all over the egg. This gave the eggs a nice metallic gold look and just really completed these eggs. This step is optional but I believe it made them even more glamorous with this step. Once it was dried, I then applied a final 2 layers of clear nail polish to the whole egg. This gave them a shiny and finished look. Helps make them look really decorative and elegant. So, if you don’t want to do the gold nail polish part that is okay (you could also try a silver, glittery white, etc.) at least apply the clear nail polish layers, for that finished look.

easter eggs polishes

These eggs are super cute and fun to make. There are many more ways you could use this process, many other colors, looks, patterns, etc. So have fun with them and be creative.

decorative easter eggs 4

You can use this Easter egg decorating process for many other things besides florals. Our second set of decorative eggs is our girly  collection! These are made the same way as the printable ones from before, but instead of all florals, these are all different, girly, and not collaged close together.

decorative easter eggs (girly)

These Easter eggs are super cute, I can’t get enough of them. These printables were foubd from the same place as the one before on Popsugar. I also used, this one and this to make these eggs.

dec easter eggs

Two of the eggs are mixed up with a bunch of cute girl things. Another is all red lips, and the last is  mix of the red lips and pink lipstick printables. All the free printable links I gave you have super cute designs. Play around with them and have fun with this project. These decorative eggs make for some hip eggs that girls from young girls to older women who would like these. I think these would make great ideas for those young daughters of yours in that age where you aren’t sure what to give them for Easter. Put these girly eggs in her basket with some other little goodies she’d love and it is sure to be a hit.

girly easter eggs

Then finally, our final decorative eggs are our emoji collection! These are also super cute and fun to make. The same process as the ones before, but this time using emoji printouts. I mixed these emoji Easter eggs up by doing some like the process before and some I hand painted one big emoji onto the eggs. I used some plastic eggs and some chalkboard decorative eggs. These were really fun to do, so I encourage trying out both.

diy emoji easter eggs

You could find some images online through google images, or instead I screenshoted emojis I like off of my tablet (so they were a big decent size) and cropped, and printed them out. They were a perfect size and make for super cute Easter eggs. Like the girly eggs, these range from young teens to older women that would enjoy these, and make a great gift for your daughters for Easter. These emoji eggs could even be fun to make with your kids, even boys would enjoy these ones. Just use the emojis that are more appealing to them! You could also use this pdf (emojis) of mine to then just print these out, in the sizes I used. Have fun with them and use any emojis that are most appealing to you or to whomever you are giving them to. Remember to apply a nice layer or two of the mod podge over these once they have dried to give them a nice and shiny protective layer.

3 emoji eggs diy emoji easter eggs 1 emoji eggs

All of these eggs were so fun to make and and are really cute! I hope you enjoyed all of these DIY decorative Easter eggs and are inspired to make some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any cute creations you come up with! May everyone have a wonderful Spring and Easter with the ones they love. What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Hello Spring Sign

Spring is on it’s way and to be honest I am ready! I am excited for the better weather, pretty flowers, pastel colors all things Spring, and being able to go outside a little more. Spring brings so much and gets us ready for Summer. I am excited to get started on decorating my house for Spring for my first time. This DIY hello Spring sign is one of my first DIYs I have made for my Spring decorations and I love it. It is super cute and simple. It really did not cost much at all to get the items needed and it is pretty easy to make. There are also so many other ways to go about making your own hello spring sign or any other saying sign. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you like it!

DIY helloSpring sign

The transition from winter to spring is a  fun one. By then most people are sick of the cold and ready for some warmer weather. Spring in a way is like stepping into a whole different world than you’ve been in, and having some fun spring related decorations around your home can really help brighten up your days and help you with the transition.  “Nothing erases the memory of winter quite like the cheerful colors of flowers spring bulbs.” I love how cheery and bright this sign is. When I look at it, it reminds me of what’s coming, what’s around me, and just to have a good day! So, I hope you enjoy this diy project as much as I do.

hello spring sign 4


DIY Hello Spring Sign:


Hello spring sign 2


Supplies Needed:

  • One wooden pallet from Target for only $3 (already assembled, found in the dollar section when you first walk in.)
  • Acrylic Paints (assorted spring colors as well as white and black)
  • Different sized paint brushes
  • Optional: printed-out stencils to help you with writing and/or drawings.



To start, take your board and plan out what you want to do. Decide if you want to make one exactly like mine or change it up to your own liking. If you are doing it like mine, I recommend starting out by painting the board every other plank yellow and white, with an egg shape of tan paint in the middle. You can change the egg color as you wish. I wasn’t sure exactly what color I wanted for that part that would blend and fit with the other colors, so I felt this was the best fit. If you need help with tracing out a decent egg shape, simply google images Easter egg outline, find the one you like, print it out in the size desired to fit on your board and cut out and trace it with a pencil, right in the middle of your board. You may need to do more than one coat of each paint color. When this has dried you can then begin filling in the rest of the details.

Spring Sign Prt. 1

I suggest now using a pencil to lightly trace out your lettering for (hello Spring) or whatever else you want to use and all your flowers, and other Spring designs. If you aren’t the best at free hand drawing and don’t feel comfortable free hand drawing all the details I also suggest, using the method I mentioned above for the egg. Use google images to find what you are looking for and use them as stencils, or for the lettering find the fonts you like on word (or similar program) print out in correct size and trace. I decided to make mine in two different front styles with the hello a more cursive and Spring a more normal straight font. I mainly free-handed all of mine so just find what’s the most similar if you are tracing if not then just free-hand it to your best. It is easier to do the background colors first so that you can then just easily add all the details and be done. If you try to add in these components when you already have some smaller detailed components done, it will make it harder to trace the paint around them and not mess it up.

Spring sign prt. 2

Once everything is traced out and you are satisfied with how everything is placed, you can then begin filling in all the details with paints. I used all spring like colors, as well as white and black. Feel free to change up colors however you like. I started with all the flowers and then began slowly adding all the other details using different sized paint brushes to get different details done. You can find packets of different sized paintbrushes at many places (Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart, etc.) as well as acrylic paints for a reasonable price at all the same places and other craft stores as well.

Spring sign prt. 3

Here are some close-ups of the details I used in my hello Spring sign that you can follow/copy:

spring sign close-up

This one is my favorite flower out of all of them. You can do whatever flowers/style you’d like. Even do all the flowers the same but just different colors, etc. To make this one, I started by first painting a small white dot for the middle of the flower, then make all the flower parts in pink paint making almost leaf like shapes, and then taking your black paint and making a bunch of fast swipes along the rim of the white dot. Then adding a few fun green leaves around it.

spring sign close-up 2

Remember to use any colors you wish, this one is almost like an orange daisy, super easy to make, just a bunch of quick loops.

Spring sign close-up3

The rose is probably the hardest to make out of all the flowers. I used a darker pink paint, and basically made unique shapes starting from a circle center, and then the ends of the rose come in to point tip. Adding the green leaves really help bring the rose together.

spring sign close-up 4

And then finally, this flower is made a lot like the orange (daisy) flower, but in this case, you make the loops a lot smaller and tighter together, as well as some straight lines. Everything should look closer together, all around a white and black circle.

hello spring sign 3

Then you are done! That’s it, a super easy and cheap Easter DIY project. By buying the already assembled wood pallet, makes this project just so much easier, but can also be made all by hand by attaching planks of wood together. I have only seen these wood pallets at Target during this transitioning into Spring season, so if you want them for another project I suggest getting them now as you never know how long they last and if they are coming back. I will be sure to update this post within the next year, if I see that they do not continue selling these. You can also use ones like this, this, this one, or this from Michaels.

I hope you enjoyed this project and it has inspired you to create one of your own. Please feel free to share any creations you come up with. Have fun with it and be creative! Spring allows for so many ideas and creations, take advantage of the beautiful scenery around you and create something beautiful. Have a wonderful Spring!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy