DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2

It is no surprise everyone loves emojis and they are everywhere! My grandma even loves them and cannot text me without adding a ton to the end of her text! We already made a blog post for the first DIY emoji inspired straws and if you haven’t seen them you can check them out here and you can see other fun ways to enjoy these emoji crafts. These DIY emoji inspired straws part 2 are even cuter than before and are perfect for your next event or get-together whatever it may be. You can customize these straws anyway you like and really make them your own. You can follow the easy steps below, hope you enjoy!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2


DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2:


Supplies Needed:

  • Straws (any work, try to find cute ones that match the rest of your theme, these or these are fun colors to work with for a great price.)
  • Cardboard
  • Assorted paint colors and paintbrushes (This is a great paintbrush set, if you don’t have assorted ones already. The smallest ones are recommended for this project to get the small details.)
  • Pictures of emojis wanted to use for reference
  • Scissors & Tape
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start, you need to figure out what emojis you want to make. Have them as a close reference for you by either having them up on your phone, or even go to google, search them, and print out the ones desired.

Then, you need a nice piece of cardboard, can be thick or thin, and still will work fine. Don’t fuss over finding the perfect piece of cardboard, as I just grabbed a nice flat piece from my recycling bin, look around at what you have around your house. Flatten a cereal box, shoe box, etc. When all set, I then recommend using a pencil to first trace out the shape of the emojis you are going to be making.

Let’s start with my Bridal/Bachelorette set:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 2

These are adorable and just right for any wife-to-be’s and maid of honors out there. These sets includes straws inspired by emojis from both iPhone and Android. If you are good at drawing then start to lightly trace each emoji onto your cardboard. They don’t have to be perfect, can even add a little twist to them if you’d like. For the circle emojis, use something like a bottle cap or whatever you have in the size desired to trace out circles onto cardboard and then begin decorating. You can also use this as a height length for the rest of the emojis that aren’t circles. However, if you aren’t good at drawing then you could either just print the emojis wanted out in the sizes wanted for your straws, around 2in or so and then glue onto cardboard and cut out (there is a preview of this method below), OR print the emojis out and then use a paper to place on top and then to trace them out with a pencil. This method allows you to have the DIY look, and then once painted in the right colors you’d then glue it to cardboard and cut it out again. If you are drawing it right on the cardboard, I suggest, cutting out the shape you drew with your pencil and then painting it in the right colors.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_step 2

Then to attach them to your straws, you can either tape them straight to your straws, OR make a small slip out of paper, that is then glued to the back of your emoji, you can see a more detailed example of this one the part one of these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws. You also have the option to paint the backs of these emojis. I usually just paint mine all black or white, so that I am not leaving the backs showing whatever cardboard box I used.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Bridal Set 5

And then you have some adorably, easy DIY emoji inspired straws! This same method can be used to make any of the next sets of straws, just obviously customized to the emojis wanted. Also, for an even bigger personable touch to these emoji straws, you can even make the emojis, like the bride emoji to look like your bride-to-be, keep the same shape and most features just add small touches like hair, eye, skin color, or any big facial features they might have like a beauty mark, etc. Have fun with these and think of what would look and work great for you and your guests! The last optional step is to apply a nice, layer of Mod Podge over where you have painted (if you used the painted method) so you have a glossy, protective layer.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_Bridal Set 11


I also made a Father’s Day Emoji inspired Set:

However, I have included it’s pictures to show you how you can also use these inspired emojis as cupcake toppers! Made the exact same way instead for these you just tape them onto toothpicks and then insert it into a cupcake or dessert of your choice.

Emoji inspired cupcake toppers (fathersday)

Once again, customize these to your father/husband and they are sure to be a hit! I based these off of my boyfriend. His two favorite things are basketball and eating hamburgers.

emoji inspired basketball cupcake topper

Here is a close-up pf the beer emoji as well.

Emoji inspired beer cupcake topper

These are fun and could also be used for a guys birthday, which moves us onto the next set.

Emoji inspired fathers day cupcake toppers

Birthday Set:

This is a fun set, consisted of two types, inspired by two of my sisters who both have birthdays in the Summer and in August! There are so many different types of sets you can do for birthdays. Going through all the emojis and picking out the ones that really fit the birthday person’s personality and really scream birthday. So, I hope you like.

The first set was for my oldest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set5

This is a fun and typical set for a birthday, switch out the leo symbol for whatever sign needed and you’re good to go.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 3

And these can even be made to use to decorate the top of a cake for their birthday! This cake was delicious by the way and I adapted a recipe from Tortillas and Honey.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set cake toppers

And the second set is for my youngest sister:

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 1

As you can see my little sister is a lot more girly than my Oldest sister!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2_birthday set 2, 4

There are even many sets you could make for a birthday boy! Many similar to the Father’s Day ones, but there are also a lot more to choose from.

Summer Set:

Which moves us onto the Summer set I did. These cute emoji inspired straws for Summer are perfect for any party during the Summer time. These ones were a lot of fun to make and really help just get you into the Summer vibes.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set_all

I actually made two sets since there was so many cute summer ones to choose from.

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 2, 1

I hate that Summer is going by so fast, so enjoy these while you still can!

DIY Emoji Inspired Straws part 2_Summer Set 8

These were so fun to make and really make for a great accessory to any Summer Party!

I really enjoyed making all these DIY Emoji Inspired Straws Part 2. They are super cute and make a great touch for any party. You can really make a set for any event type that you may have. I hope you have enjoyed these and are inspired to make some of your own! Please feel free to share with us any creations you come up with. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to get out there and explore and try new things. If you have set ideas to share with us, please let us know! And stay tuned for our next set which will include a Fall and Winter set and more!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

We are getting ready for our trip to Disney World next May, by having Disney Movie nights with all our favorite movies. This is to help the countdown and be able to prepare the kids and get everyone excited for the big trip! Our first disney movie night was Jungle Book & Tarzan, you can follow the link for the details to that movie night, and our next one was Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night. Everyone was really excited for this movie night and it turned out a success. I have all the details to the movie night below for you to follow or adapt to have a Findging Nemo/Dory night of your own. I hope you enjoy!


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night:


Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 10

Let’s start with the activities we did to lead up to the movie night.  So, of course going to an aquarium is the perfect activity for a Finding Nemo/Dory movie. We went to the Seattle Aquarium the day before the movie night. This was lots of fun and the kids loved it. We got to see so many of the fish and some animals that are in both of the movies. This is a great way for kids to really learn about the fish in the movies and more about the water. If you are not able to make it to an aquarium another activity I recommend is going to a nearby pet/fish store. This way they can still see some real fish in person.

Aquarium collage

Another activity I had for the kids between the movies is coloring/activity pages that were Nemo/Dory themed. You can find many printable pages by either searching on Google or Pinterest and typing in: Finding Nemo/Dory coloring pages. This allows a fun activity for kids between movies because sometimes it’s hard for them to sit still even through one movie.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_coloring pages

Then finally, I made an Ocean Sensory box for the kids. This is great sensory for kids of many ages and allows them to explore sand, water, etc. where many of these animals come from. I got the edible sand idea from Fun-A-Day.                .

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_sensory ocean2

Some other great activity ideas are this fish in a bag slime, Nemo Handprint, Finding Dory Craft, and Pin Nemo on the fish bowl.

Now let’s move onto the decorated food table! We also have our table set-up and decorated in the theme of the night with decor and yummy food. This really helps set the scene for everyone and really get into even more the theme of the movie. Not only is this fun but the kids love it. It’s almost like mini-parties on our Disney Movie Nights. It is up to you how much you want to decorate and set-up for your movie nights, but I hope I provide you with enough information to take any ideas from ours that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 6

Food included:

A fun popcorn mix that had popcorn, jell-o (blue) popcorn, and Dory goldfish. This was a hit with everyone. You can find the Dory Goldfish still in stores right now, but when they stop selling them, regular goldfish will work just as well. The Dory ones just have blue and other color goldfish as well. For the Jell-o popcorn you can find similar methods to making this here. You could also add other fun “sea” like goodies to the mix that you wish.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 4 Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_popcorn

We also had, octopus Hank hotdogs. These came out super cute, and the kids loved eating them. You can find a similar how-to here. You could also add them on top of some “sea” shell pasta, or even blue dyed pasta. I just put ours on a plate and the kids dipped them into ketchup.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_octopus hank dogs

Next, we had fish sticks…Now I know that is a little weird because, “fish are friends not food” but it fit the theme and the kids really like them. We called them shark bait (ohh ahh ahh) and so the kids really didn’t quite understand it anyways. I just placed them in a bowl.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_shark bait ooh ahhahh

And finally, on the side, we had a bucket (sand pail) filled with colorful swedish fish candies. This just added a nice sweet touch to the underwater fish theme.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_bucket of fish

As for a beverage, we had “sea” water that contained Blue Hawaiian Punch, 7-up, and Whipped cream as a topping (optional). This helped it resemble sea water. Another fun beverage idea is to just have the sodas, Crush and Squirt!

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_ocean water

Some other fun food ideas are, These finding dory snacks, Crush’s turtle shell pepper, and finding dory cupcakes from Disney.

Now for the table Decor:

To go with the “sea” water, we had orange cups and a finding dory cup from the dollar store that held striped dark blue straws which I found at the Dollar Store. All these colors worked well with the rest of the theme. To some of the straws, I then added small print-out pictures of some of our favorite characters and taped them to the straws. The kids loved picking out their favorite characters.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_Straws

We also had a very cool wave background. This was really simple and easy to make and adds a great touch to the hole themed table! I loved this touch. I simply bought light and dark blue crepe streamers (got mine from Michaels), took strands of each and taped one end to the table, twisted it up and taped the top to the wall. Each end length is not the same and that helps to add the wave effect that I was going for. I then added a few print-outs of some characters from both movies that weren’t necessarily found throughout the rest of the table and just taped them in-between the waves.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 8

At the bottom of the waves where they meet the table, I then added some crunched up brown paper slabs. This added a sand floor look to the theme as well as the light yellow table cover. And on top of the table cover, I sprinkled some of the fake sand I made from the kids activity all around the table to really get the sand bottom feel.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 5

To finish up the decor, I added some print-out purple sea shells (since I couldn’t find any seashells to paint) and placed them around the popcorn bin like how dory’s parents did, as you can see above. Added some figurines around the table, dory plates, and finally our “Now Playing” sign with a Finding Dory picture attached. You can get our blank Now Playing Movie Sign here.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night_now playing sign

Another fun decor idea, that I would of loved to do is this ocean ceiling decor. We all really enjoyed this Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night, and I hope you are inspired to have one of you own! Feel free to share with us any fun theme idea you come up with. If you don’t have the finding Nemo movie, you can rent it on on demand and it is available to rent on Netflix. With the Finding Dory just coming out, it is still in theaters so, if you are having this movie night soon, that is one of your only options to watch that movie. If you are watching it later after it is out of theaters, look on-demand, Netflix, red box, etc. to find it if you don’t want to purchase it.

Finding Nemo/Dory Disney Movie Night 7

There are of course a bunch more ideas you could add to your movie night, so have fun with it. I try to keep all my ideas to a minimum for what I include because I want the movie nights to stay at fun movie night ideas for the family and not turn too much into a more themed party. Have a great rest of your Summer, get out there and explore and try new things! Stay tuned for our next Disney Movie Night which is Aladdin!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder

It is Summer time and that means it is also the perfect time to enjoy watermelon and all things watermelon! I have been needing a utensil holder for my kitchen and haven’t come across one that I liked, so I decided to try to make one of my own. Since it is Summer time, I decided on this DIY watermelon utensil holder!! It came out super cute and really is a nice, cute kitchen accessory perfect for the warm weather. This cute fruit piece isn’t just for Summer though, it can be enjoyed all year around 😉 . You can follow the very easy steps below to make one of your own, I hope you enjoy!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder


DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder:


DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 3

Supplies Needed:

  • Quaker Oats Oatmeal Tube- That has been emptied out, or when done using. (However, depending on size wanted different items can be used.)
  • Assorted Paint Colors & Paintbrushes- I recommend these paintbrushes, the assorted paintbrushes help with different details. Colors used are: Green, Light Green, Pink, Red, Black, and White.
  • Scissors & Tape
  • Optional: Mod Podge


To start, make sure that the tube is all cleaned out of oats or whatever was in it before. I didn’t want the full height of the oatmeal tube, so I used scissors to cut it down about 2-3 inches from the top. If you weren’t able to do this without having jagged or uneven edges then simply use sandpaper to even it out and/or your scissors.

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 1

Next step is to paint the entire tube with white paint. Inside and outside, I had to do about 2-3 layers of paint outside and 2 inside to cover the markings on the tube from before. Let each layer dry mostly before doing the next and make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Once everything is dry, start the first layer of the watermelon which is the green. To do this, take your tape and mark the area at the bottom of the tube where the green will go,I also lightly marked with a pencil where all the layers would go, helpful visual for when applying the tape. Like so…

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 3 DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 4

Continue to paint all the other layers, adding a thinner layer of light green next, then about the same layer of pink and finally a nice thick layer of the red. Let fully dry. You don’t have to have these exact colors as mine, but I did love how this combo came out!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder step 7

Once all layers are dry, make sure none of them need adjusting or another layer of paint before moving on to the next step. Try to get them as straight as you can.

Then, you can begin adding in some black seeds to the red area of your watermelon. I suggest using your thinest paintbrush that you have to do this. Place as many or as few as you’d like, I made quick raindrop like marks for my seeds. Again let fully dry before moving on to next step, which is to optionally apply a nice layer of Mod Podge to the whole holder. This gives it a clear and glossy protective layer, which is especially helpful for the paint since it being a utensil holder.

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 12

And then you have an adorably cute kitchen utensil holder that is just perfect for Summer or any watermelon lovers!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 14

Hope you are inspired to make one of your own. I really enjoy mine and hope you do too as well. We should be able to accessorize our kitchen for the Summer and I feel like this is a great start. Don’t forget to get out there and explore and try new things this Summer. What is your favorite Summer time activity? I love anything involving the beach and fun in the sun!

DIY Watermelon Utensil Holder 10


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July

It is the weekend before the 4th of July! So, that also means it is the perfect time for a fun weekend craft that is just right for the holiday. I have put together cute DIY mini Pinatas for 4th of July. Pinatas don’t have to be just for birthdays right? These can also be referred to as confetti poppers, or just 4th of July Pinatas. I hope you enjoy your long weekend into the holiday and celebrate the 4th of July with your loved ones. Hope you enjoy, you can follow the simple steps below to make some of your own.

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July:

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 2

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Red, White & Blue crepe streamers (paper), or tissue paper
  • Shape outlines of choice (I have a pdf of the ones I used below)
  • Mixture of confetti, candy and goodies (small size)


To start, figure out and print out the shape outlines that you wish to make. I used stars and a flag outline to make mine. You can use this pdf 4th pinata templates for the same ones or google your own images. I made mine to be about 4in big you can adjust this to your desire. I feel this was the perfect size for mini pinatas that you can still enjoy. Print out and cut out.

After that, take your cardboard, you can really use any type of cardboard. I went into my recycle box and pulled out two boxes of cake mixes that worked perfect for this project, so just use what you have around you. It can be thicker cardboard as well. Then, take a pen or pencil and trace the shape outlines that you printed out onto the cardboard.

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 1

For each shape or as many pinatas that you want to make, remember you need to have the same shape for the top and bottom of each one, so the amount is doubled that you need to trace and cut out.

When those are all cut out, I then cut out long pieces of cardboard about 1in wide. This is the part that will connect the two shape pieces. I then began taking my masking tape and connecting one side of my shapes ( say a star) to the 1 in piece all around the rim, like so…

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 3.2

Make sure to only connect one of the sides at this point, because you need to fill them first with your confetti and other mini candy and goodies. You then have the option to, take some string (any type) and make a pull string that will allow the receiver to take the mini pinata and pull the string and open up their pinata for the goodies. This makes an easy way to open them, you could also skip this step and make a hole in the overall pinata that they then shake the goodies out of, OR just let them go at it and open the pinata anyway they want. So, there are many options, I made a pull string and I did this by simply taking my twine string and taping it from a side of the shape, to the bottom and letting it hang slightly out of the shape, like so…

DIY Mini Pinatas for 4th of July step 3.1

and then place your goodies into your now box like shape.

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July step 4DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 4

When done, you can then attach the other matching shape with more masking tape to complete the pinata shape.

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July step 5

The next step is to take your red, white and blue paper (depending on whatever one you went with) and start covering one color for each star, or do a combo for the stars, or make a flag for the flag shape. I will show you a more detailed way to make the flag below. For the stars, I started by taking a color say blue and first wrapping the shape in a single layer and then for the second layer, taking pieces of the paper folding it in half and cutting fringes into it with my scissors, like so…

Star pinata steos

To make the flag mini pinata,

flag pinata steps

You also have the option to add little white stars into the blue part of your flag, it is up to you how real like you want your mini pinatas. Then you are done and have some adorable DIY mini pinatas that are perfect for the 4th of July!

DIY mini pinatas for 4th of July 8

Kids and adults will love this mini treat. You can add whatever inside to meet the likes of your guests. I hope you have enjoyed this craft and are excited for the holiday! Enjoy and don’t forget to explore and try new things! Please share with us any creations you come up with. I plan on bringing these to our 4th of July bbq with family and friends. Do you have any 4th of July traditions you have started with your family/friends?

DIY mini pinatas 4th of july

Happy 4th of July!!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar

Summer is on it’s way, and many are getting anxious for it with some nice weather that’s been happening lately, especially me. One trend that I love around summer is the love of pineapples and things pineapples. There really is just something about them, and stuff with them are just even cuter. So, I hope you enjoy this DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar and you get to decorate your home with this nice, and lovely pineapple project!

Papier-Mache is a fun technique many people use. It always you to make a shape using paper and glue basically. You can mold whatever you like with the right tools and the creativity. This project includes using a balloon as a base to make the round shape of the pineapple. It is fun and super easy to do. you can follow my steps below to make one of your own, and this project doesn’t NEED to be a cookie jar. You can do whatever you want with it. Keep it a full pineapple, make another project, etc. Hope you enjoy!


DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar


DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar: 


Supplies Used:

  • Bunch of News Paper
  • A Type of Glue- I used Mod Podge, wallpaper paste is usually used.
  • Balloon
  • Assorted Paint colors- You can decorate your pineapple however you want, I decided to stick with an elegant white look. Using regular yellow and green colors of a pineapple would look great as well, or even make some up of your own!
  • Assorted Paintbrushes- for different details in the painting process, as well as a sponge brush is used for applying the glue. This set of paintbrushes gives you the perfect range and is a great price for this project and many others.
  • Cardboard & Scissors



To start, take your bunch of newspaper and some scissors and cut it up into medium sized rectangles. no need for a perfect size or anything, just cut the newspaper up into strips basically. Then, blow up your balloon to be the size you wish your pineapple to be. I didn’t fully blow my ballon up, to get to my size. Try making or having a more oval shape than a rounder shape, if can.

When your balloon is all set, you can begin the papier-mache process. Take your sponge brush and apply a small amount of mod podge with it on your balloon. spread it evenly and then apply strips of newspaper on top and then coat the newspaper again on top with some more mod podge (or whatever glue you are using.) Keep doing this all around your balloon until it is covered.
DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 1

Let dry slightly, and then keep applying layers following this process. I ended up doing about 7 layers total. This gave the pineapple thickness, which helps it stay firm and be a great holder, like a cookie jar should be. When you are at your final layer, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. ALSO, when I was letting mine dry, since it is a ball shape, I attached a piece of string to the tied part of the balloon and let it hang freely to dry. This allowed me to be hands-free and not have to hold it, and let me put it down without ruining it or taking off some glue. Mod Podge dries fairly fast and wallpaper paste is pretty thick, so don’t typically have to worry about drippings.

Now, as your pineapple base is drying you can begin working on the top part of the pineapple (you can even begin during the different drying steps as well.) Take some extra newspaper and roll up and then twist together a nice rope. Then, cut out the top to your balloon (where it is tied), let air out and cut out a small hole at the top. Dip your newspaper rope into some glue and spread it around the whole thing, and then stick it into the hole at the top, allowing a nice small portion to stick out. Preferably the length you wish your pineapple leafs to be.

Then, start by taking a piece of cardboard, and start tracing out your pineapple leaves with a pencil. You can do this many ways. For the leaves I didn’t use that thick of cardboard, but you can use whatever you have around, like a cereal box, etc. I think drawing out a flat piece of leaves is the easiest way to do it, I wanted to try tiering some different sized leaf pieces however, so whatever way works, even your own, all will look nice. So, start by cutting out a couple large leaves and then taking a hot glue gun and gluing them around your base.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 3

I easily did this by bending a small portion of the end of the leaf and using that as the connector to the stem. Continue adding tiers until you get to the top. Think of how a pineapple looks, even pull up a picture or even look at a real one to get inspiration and ideas from. Make sure your leaves are getting smaller as you get closer to the top.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 4

Go back and add in pieces of leaves as you go, and feel need it. Filling in holes. To top off the leaves, I made a small piece that I then glued to stand straight up on the top of the stem, rather than on the side like the rest.

Then, to make the cookie jar be able to stand up straight and not roll over, take your scissors and first cut a small opening at the bottom of the pineapple. Make sure to get it as straight in the middle as possible. Then you can begin adjusting the hole and making it bigger, until you get the right/perfect balancing. Your hole can be as big as you wish, When satisfied, take another piece or cardboard, this can be any thickness, and trace the same size circle and then glue it to the rim of the bottom.

Let fully dry and make sure it is all connected well before moving further, apply more glue as needed.  Next, you need some yarn or a type of string. I grabbed what I had around the house, can be any color as it will be covered up with paint anyways.  Start making a pineapple texture by gluing your string in pieces all diagonal going one way, and then all diagonal the other way, like so…

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 5

Then you can begin painting your pineapple cookie jar however you desire. I decided to paint my pineapple all white and then paint the leaves a nice dark turquoise color. These colors really popped together. I strayed away from the normal colors, and I just loved the white pineapple. You can do this anyway! I was also thinking of painting my leaves a gold color. I think that would look really cool. So have fun with it.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 6

Once you paint the base, you should see the lines of the string pop out and show an awesome pineapple like texture.  Once again, make sure your pineapple fully dries before you move onto the next step.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar step 7

To make the opening, to have a cookie jar, use a knife to make a slit into the pineapple about 1/3 from the top, and then use scissors to cut all the way around the pineapple. This creates a top and bottom part. Try to make it as straight as possible the first time cutting it as you don’t want to keep cutting each side to get it straight because that will make the two pieces not stick well together anymore.

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar 2

Mine is not perfect, but I love it! I think this is a super cute project. this DIY paper-mache pineapple jar is just what I needed to brighten up my home for the Summer days ahead. Doesn’t even have to be used as a cookie jar, whatever is needed!

DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar 3

I also created a similar pineapple tier-stand craft!

pineapple cookie jar and pineapple tier stand

Simply, cut three different sized circles out of a foam board (doubled and glued together) You can get a foam board from the dollar store. Then I found a nice, long stick from outside, stripped it’s extra twigs off, then in the middle of all my circles, I made a hole. I started by placing the biggest circles at the bottom and evenly balanced it and applied a nice amount of hot glue to get it to keep in place. Then added the middle circles a nice distance apart and glued them in place from the middle both on top and bottom. And then finally the smallest pieces to the top, leaving a nice amount of a stem above it to attach the leaves like you did above. Make sure these are sturdy and all glues in place before moving onto the next step. If you don’t like the cut look of your foam board, edges, you can either paint over them or add some newspaper pieces around them and then paint over it the color desired. I attached some leaves just like above, except this time I painted them a nice sea foam green color. This gave the two a nice balance together.And they both look great together for your next pineapple party!

Pineapple party 5

I really hope you enjoy this project, this DIY Papier-Mache Pineapple Cookie Jar and are left with some adorable pineapple crafts. Have fun with it and please feel free to share any creations you come up with! What do you love about summer? Stay tuned for this complete guide to some fun pineapple party ideas! Have a great summer!!


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways

I love seeing pineapple stuff, especially as it is getting closer to Summer time! There are so many cute Pineapple crafts out there, and so I have been inspired to make some of my own. I first started working on a papier-mache pineapple craft and then I came up with this pineapple craft. It started as making a simple pineapple from some paint color samples, and then I thought ok, but now what to do with them? Then that is where the DIY Pineapple craft 5 ways was born! I thought of more than one way to share this craft and inspire you to give one or all a try! This project is super easy and you end up with an awesome pineapple craft and many options to do with them. So, I hope you enjoy and are inspired to make some fun pineapple crafts of your own. You can follow the easy steps below!

DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways_Main


DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways:


Supplies Needed: 

  • A booklet of paint samples/colors (or called paint chips, you can get free ones from paint stores or go to places like loews, home depot, target, etc. and collect the colors you wish) or simply just use regular colored paper instead of the paint samples.
  • Scissors & a Pencil
  • Hot Glue & Gun

These are all the main items needed, and then more based on which craft you want to make with them, you can find those supplies below on each crafts description.


Let’s start with making the pineapple first. I used one of many booklets of paint colors (paint chips) I had lying round my house. I had gotten these for free from previous Interior Design classes, but you can also get them for free by going into a store like I mentioned above. However way you decide to get your colors make sure you have enough for whatever craft you want to do with them afterwards.

When ready, I just started going through the book and picking out different colors I liked, each for the body of the pineapple and the top of the pineapple. I mainly picked different shades of yellow for the body with a few fun colors to give a nice pop, and picked various shades of green for the top of the pineapple. Play around with this part and have fun with it. This was my favorite part. I simply just picked two shades that were already next to each other and then first traced with a pencil the shape like an oval shape without a top, and then cut it out in the body shape of a pineapple. See below…

DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways step 1

And then did the same for the top of the pineapple.

DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways step 2

Once you have the first body and top cut out, I simply used those as a tracer for the rest of them. This allowed me to quickly and easily cut all the pineapples out.

DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways step 3

When finished, I used some hot glue to connect the body and tops together, it was fun mixing and matching all the pieces together and creating some adorable pineapples. You don’t need much glue at all to connect them, and make sure that the top leaf part is on top of the bottom part.

When those have dried you can then move on to making them into a craft whichever way you like, here are my top 5 ways to have fun with this craft:

  1. Pineapple Garland– This makes a cute decoration for your next party! Simply take your pineapples and a string of choice and tape them all along your string and then you have a fast and cute pineapple garland. This makes a great addition to any party, I mean how cute, right!?DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways_pineapple garland
  2. Pineapple Cupcake Toppers–  Or any other goodie you wish, these are super adorable as well and they make for a perfect decor for a Summer party, especially themed around pineapples! Super simple to make, all you need is some toothpicks and some tape. Simply tape the pineapples to a toothpick, stick them into a cupcake and you are all set! Than you can enjoy these little cuties!DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways Cupcake ToppersI really love how super cute and simple these are, really will brighten and liven up any Summer party! DIY Pineapple craft 5 ways 3
  3. Pineapple Card– These are perfect summer time cards to send to a loved one or a friend. The bright colors and the fun pineapples really all help make the card feel homey and summery. You can of course decorate and make your card anyway. I simply just took four of the pineapples I made and glued them to the front of a card (that I made from yellow cardstock paper).                                      DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways_card Then on the inside I simply printed out some fun pineapple related quotes and glued them to the inside. Have fun with this, you don’t even have to do a fun pineapple quote, you can add anything you wish. Thinking of you, good luck, get better, etc. These cards came out super cute and were really simple to make.         “If you were a tropical fruit you’d be a fine-apple!” or even try, “Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside!”pineapple card
  4. Pineapple Straws–   These are made much like the pineapple cupcake toppers, except instead of taping them to toothpicks, you tape them onto straws! Super easy, I found some bright color straws from the dollar store that have great colors. Pair these straws with a delicious pineapple drink and you are all set! I don’t think you can get any more tropical than this!DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways_Pineapple drink
  5. Pineapple Wrapping Paper– Finally, I have an easy wrapping paper, perfect to go with your pineapple card or just to wrap any gift around summer time! I simply took a bunch of my already made pineapples, laid them back side up onto my copying machine, copied them and when it printed out, I then had a nice sheet of pineapples. Like so…DIY Pineapple craft 5 ways wrapping paperYou can do this, depending on the size of your gift, add more pieces of paper by taping them together or even take your pineapples to a copying place and that way you have bigger paper options and textures that would fit even better for wrapping paper.    DIY pineapple craft 5 ways wrapping paper 4 Simply wrap your gift like you normally would wrap like a christmas gift, then decorate it up with some ribbons, tags, etc.      pineapple wrapping paper 2

All of these crafts were so easy to make and really make for some cute decorations or gifts, perfect for summer or anyone who loves pineapples! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Pineapple Craft 5 Ways and are inspired to make some fun pineapple crafts of your own. Please feel free to share any creations you come up with. Have a wonderful Summer and don’t forget to explore and try new things. You can find even more fun Pineapple and Summer ideas here at our small pineapple party!

Pineapple party 3

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Be Happy & Creative!


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