Changes to Our Blog This Year

Hello Everyone!

Creatively Jazzy hasn’t been around that long, we started as a lifestyle blog a year and a half ago and then found our niche in DIY. Since I was a little girl I have always been creative and love making stuff and that’s when I realized that my best category is obviously DIY. DIY can really be anything and well, this year we are changing things up a little bit. There are some changes to our blog this year and we are going to keep going with progressing this DIY blog but also bringing in other aspects. My family and I have always had a love for Disney, and so I am a huge Disney fan. We have made some Disney DIYs but we are going to start a shop selling Disney inspired items and other fun things. Moving our blog into a place where you can find DIY ideas or have the option to buy items you love instead of making them. So, this means we will continue to do some strictly DIYs but also give you lovely stuff to buy, and an option to DIY or Buy the same item.

I hope this makes sense and that you love what this year brings. We are super excited and can’t wait to grow and develop more into the DIY, Blogging, and Disney communities!

We already have a few amazing items lined up for our shop and will be giving more information on that shortly. You can check out Instagram for some sneak peeks.

So cheers to the new year and meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities. Like always, we love to hear from you and welcome any questions, feedback, stories, and are open for people joining our team!


Be Happy & Creative!


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Awesome Date Night Ideas

Yesterday people celebrated #NationalSpouseDay and with the month of love soon approaching us (including Valentine’s day) I wanted to share with you some awesome date night ideas, including ideas to do during the day as well. There are often times when I want to do something with my partner but don’t know what to do, or maybe we don’t think we have enough money to go do something, and sometimes we just get so carried away with what’s going on with our lives that we forget to take the time to spend together and go on a nice date. So, I made a list of date ideas that are fun, some that are cheap, different, and just good ideas for anytime (and for special occasions). When you are with the one you love, it should always be special and especially if you have a family, many times you just need an excuse to get away. I hope these date ideas inspire you to take your spouse and go do some of them or all of them and have a great night just the two of you! I have ideas anyone can find near them but my even more specific ideas are for those living in or near Seattle like me. I hope you enjoy!


Awesome Date Ideas


Awesome Date Night Ideas:


  1. Movie Night (In or Out) :

-In: Pick up a movie(s) from Redbox, make a movie night box of goodies (ie: old fashion popcorn tub filled with a movie, popcorn packets, candy, drinks, a blanket, etc.) you can a lot of these items from the Dollar Store and give it to your spouse with a card that says date night tonight at (blank), make a nice and romantic floor set-up with a bunch of pillows and blankets and goodies and then pop in a movie, grab some wine and chocolate and pop in your favorite movie(s), or even just simply put on some movies and cuddle on the couch and/or by the fire.  For at home movie night great places to find movies if you don’t have dvds is comcast on demand, netflix, and just searching/looking for movies on.

-Out: Go see a new movie out in theater (Fandango) places like Central Cinema (dine-in), Sundance Cinemas, Big Picture Seattle, Cinerama, or even Dine-In theaters , go to a drive-in movie/outdoor theater (yes there are still places that do this) Magnuson Park if you are around Seattle is a good idea. And of course dinner and a movie classic date.

2. Ice Cream Night: Either look-up popular ice cream parlors around you, go to a favorite, one you’ve always wanted to try, or even grab some tubs of your favorite ice creams (optional along with some toppings) and take them home to enjoy with your other. You could even mix this idea with some of the other ideas. For example, ice cream and movie night at home, go out for ice cream and walk to a park, make your own ice cream together, etc. (Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, and Bluebird are popular in Seattle.) You can also check out our post on our Ice cream bucket list for more ice cream shop ideas around the country.

3. Bar Night: It’s OK to occasionally go out for some fun and some drinks.  Go to a favorite bar, or a new bar in town, or look up some popular ones and just enjoy the night. (Popular ones in Seattle are Bathtub Gin & Co., Zig Zag Cafe, Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, etc.)

4. Game Night: fun night full of games. Could be board games, cards, twister, or even going to places like Dave & Busters or places like Add-a-ball or Shorty’s that are bars with games in them to play (arcade type). Or even create a game of your own.

5. Go to a park (have a picnic): This is always lovely and fun to do in the warmer weather seasons. Especially to new and fun parks. (Discovery Park, Olympic Sculpture Park, Volunteer park water tower, Carkeek Park, Colman Park, etc.)

6. Go to a spa: You can have a spa day or night, I have heard WIllows lodge is a good one. Groupon is a good place to look up deals for spas in your area. Or even to go get a couple’s massage.

7. Make dinner together: This should be a romantic and fun activity, not a ugghh I have to make dinner thing. Maybe make a favorite meal, or a romantic dinner, don’t forget dessert and maybe end the night with a movie or something a little more romantic. You could also set the table up really romantic with candles and all that good stuff to make it even more romantic and complete the atmosphere.

8. Go to a comedy club: Comedy Underground, Parlor Live Seattle I heard are good.

9. Go Ice skating/ Roller skating: Olympic View Arena, or Kingsgate Ice Arena are close places to look-up for ice skating and Lynnwood bowl & skate  or Everett Skate Deck for roller skating.

10. Jazz Night (live music): Wine & Jazz (Hearts & Wine, sampling wines, jazz, food, and wine auction at the foundry around Valentine’s day), Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, Tula’s restaurant & Jazz Club, Egan’s Ballard Jam House, Royal Room, Seamonster Lounge are all ones I want to check out some day for a great Jazz night. The Triple Door, El Norte Lounge, Sound Check Bar & Grill are on my list for Live music.

11. Wine tasting tour: I have always wanted to do this. Seattle Wine Tours, is a main one.

12. Go to a Dinner Theater: The Dinner Detective (Murder Mystery Dinner Show), Can Can (Moulin-Rouge inspired, burlesque-jazz), Rendezvous.

13. Take dance lessons: I think this would be romantic and fun. Salsa Con Todo, Salsa N’ Seattle Dance Studio, Century Ballroom.

14. Go to a game together (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.) Even the Harlem Globetrotters would be fun. For women who aren’t into sports, the games are a lot more fun to watch in person than on t.v. so give it a try your guy or spouse will love you for it. It’s a great experience.

15. Explore your city: Theo Chocolate factory tour, Pike Place Market, Ballard locks, Seattle Arboretum, Smith Tower, Seattle Center, Seattle Great Wheel, etc. And even explore around your city. There are great things to do in Kirkland, Lynnwood, Snohomish, etc.

16. Go to a local beach or lake: Golden Gardens, Alki Beach, etc. Those two are some of my favorites.

17. Bowling Night: who doesn’t love bowling. I call this a great date night or even a fun double date night (West Seattle Bowl, Garage, Lucky strike, Spin Alley.

18. Go to a museum/ art gallery: I love art, and some guys may not get it but it’s a fun experience and think of ways to make it fun for him if he isn’t into it. Art can connect you in many ways. SAM, EMP, Art Walks, Frye Art Museum, Museum of Flight, Olympic Sculpture Park, Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Garden & Glass, you can find a full list of museums, art galleries, and art walks here. There are some days during the year that museums have free entrance, so look into those if you are interested.

19. Go hiking/take a bike ride to somewhere nice. Here is where you could combine a couple of these ideas again. Take a nice bike ride to a beach, lake, or park, etc. and then just enjoy the views and/or have a picnic after the long run or bike ride. You can even take a hike and at the end have a picnic.

20. Have a water gun/Nerf gun fight: It’s OK and fun sometimes to bring out your inner kid. A water gun fight in the Summer is a fun way to cool down and a Nerf gun fight around the house is a fun way to just play around and waste some time.

21. Watch the Sunset: always romantic.

22. Try a new restaurant.

23. Go to a local fair or street event:

24. Chocolate making/tasting: Dawn’s Candy & Cake (has classes all the time (chocolate 101) and around Valentine’s they have Couples 101 Chocolate which includes intimate chocolate molding, sampling chocolates from around the world (Feb. 13 & 14 BYOwine&cheese), Chocolate Box (experience), Exploring Chocolate (Chocolate Man).

25. Burlesque Show: Can Can, Columbia City theater.

26. Go mini golfing: Family Fun Center, Flatstick Pub, NW Golf Range & Timber Falls mini golf.

27. Valentine’s Ideas: (These are ideas around Seattle, you can go to for events in your area and for each month. )

– Valentine’s day in Tacoma: Feb. 12- stroll through a romantic lit area, live music, floral displays, taste wine and chocolate at W.W. Seymour      Botanical.

– Valentine’s Day wine walk: sweetheart wine walk

– Valentine’s Day cruise: Valentine’s in Sumner, brunch or dinner cruise on the lakes.

–  Comedy of Love: Valentine’s day improv at the Market Theater.

– Hard Love (burlesque show).

–  Or simply dinner near the water or something else romantic.

28. Go kayaking or paddle boarding: The center for wooden boats (they have some free days), Ballard Kayak & Paddleboard, Alki Kayak tours, Northwest Outdoor Center.

29. Go on a walk: simple, yet can be so relaxing and much needed for some couples.

30. Go see a show at a theater: 5th Avenue Theatre is a good one or ACT Theatre, The Moore Theatre.


This is my quick list of awesome date night ideas. Hopefully, some you’ve heard of but just haven’t thought to do. Go out there and enjoy yourself and your loved one. Take some couple time and reconnect, love one another, and remember why you fell in love. Date nights or days are great for everyone no matter your situation. There are many more ideas out there. Be creative and surprise your lover. Have fun and may your year be filled with lots of love and new adventures. I will be updating this list, as I explore these ideas more with my loved one this year. Commenting on my experience and giving more ideas.

What are some of your favorite date night activities? Did I miss any great ones?


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Favorite Christmas Movies List

I LOVE watching all types of Christmas movies! Even the old cartoon classics. There are a hand full of Christmas movies I can’t let December pass by without watching and some that are just fun to watch when I can, and some movies some may not consider a Christmas movie but I like watching them around this time of year. With so much always going on around the Holidays, I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas movies list and some places where you can find them to watch them this year, so you don’t miss your favorites. More than just the movies being played on ABC Family, even though they do play a lot of good ones. I hope you enjoy and that I help you watch some of your favorites, I will be updating this list through the month as I find more places where you can watch each of these, so stay tuned.


Favorite Christmas Movies List


Favorite Christmas Movies List:


  • The Polar Express – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st
  • Elf – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 4th
  • Home Alone ( The first and second ones.) – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 7th, and is on AMC now through December.
  • A Christmas Story – Can be found on youtube.
  • The Santa Clause (And all it’s sequels.) – the first one starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 2nd, the second one starts airing on FXX on Nov. 28th, and the third starts airing on WGNA on Dec. 1st.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Is available on Netflix to stream and starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 5th
  • National Lapoon’s Christmas Vacation – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 6th
  • Scrooged – Starts airing on AMC on Dec. 4th.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas –
  • The Grinch (With Jim Carey of course!) – is On Demand for free, Starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st
  • Love Actually – Is available on Netflix to stream, and starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 7th
  • The Holiday –
  • Jingle All The Way – Starts airing on ABC Family on Nov. 25th until Nov. 30th, Then starts airing on DISNEY on the 28th, and also on AMC starting Dec. 2nd.
  • Jack Frost – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 19th
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (original one)-  Airs on CBS starting on Dec. 1st, also on youtube.
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol – Starts airing on LIFE on Nov. 26th.
  • Frosty The Snowman – On CBS starting Nov. 28th, can also be found on youtube.
  • A Christmas Carol (2009 one with Jim Carey) – Starts airing on ABC Family on Nov. 30th.
  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Is available on Netflix to stream and starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 4th
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 4th
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st
  • This Christmas – Starts airing on TBS on Nov. 30th.
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 3rd
  • Rudolph’s Shiny New Year – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 2nd
  • A Miser Brothers Christmas – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 2nd
  • The Little Drummer Boy – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 6th
  • Frosty’s Winter Wonderland – start airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas – starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st
  • While You Were Sleeping – Is available on Netflix to stream.
  • Prince of Egypt – Is available on Netflix to stream
  • Friday After Next – Starts airing on COMEDY on Nov. 29th.
  • Christmas With The Kranks – Is available on Netflix to stream as well as will be airing on FX starting Nov. 28th
  • Mickey’s Once & Twice Upon a Christmas – are available on Netflix to stream and start airing on ABC Family on Dec. 1st.
  • Disney’s Frozen – available to rent on On Demand.
  • Ice Age Movies – Continental Drift starts airing on Dec. 3rd on FX, Dawn of the Dinosaurs starts airing on ABC Family on Nov. 26th, and a mammoth Christmas Special airs on FOX on Nov. 29th.


Ones I Want To See: (Old and new ones on my list)

  • The Family Stone –
  • The Night Before- new holiday movie comedy starring Seth Rogan out now in theaters.
  • Bad Santa – Is available on Netflix to stream.
  • Arthur Christmas- On Demand for free.
  • The Family Man- starts airing on ABC Family on Dec. 11th.
  • Four Christmases –
  • Love the Coopers – family comedy out now in theaters.
  • Joy – with Jennifer Lawrence comes out Dec. 25th.


And finally some T.V. shows that are perfect around Christmas time:

  • Cake Wars: Christmas – I love watching these shows, and seeing the amazing creations. You can catch episodes you have missed on On Demand or on the Food Network App. Airs Mondays nights.
  • Holiday Baking Championship- much like cake wars, but this show has a bunch of bakers create awesome treats of all kinds. Airs Sunday nights and you can catch episodes you have missed on On-Demand and the Food network App.
  • Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown- these are always fun, airing on the CW on Nov. 24 @ 8pm
  • View more here.

You can view the full schedule for ABC Family’s Full 25 Days of Christmas Schedule Here. Go to Netflix and search Christmas and many movies will pop up that are available for viewing as well as if you go to and search a movie and click TV listings, they will let you know if that movie will be aired on TV within the next 14 days. Also, If you have Comcast especially the newest version, go to movies on demand and there are many, many movies there to watch for free and to rent. You can search your favorites and see if they are there as well. Under kids there is a new section called kids holiday and there are many to look through there. Hope all these methods have helped you to find the perfect Christmas movie this year! Enjoy, and snuggle up next to a fireplace drinking eggnog or watch them while wrapping presents or making fun Christmas crafts. However you do it, may your December and Christmas be filled with lots of cheer, joy, peace and love! Oh and of course Christmas movies, songs, eggnog, cookies, and presents!

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Do you recommend any I missed?


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Halloween Playlist

Halloween playlist picture

Each year as Fall comes along and October is here, there are so many things people start to get excited for. Around this time one thing I get excited for are Halloween time movies and of course Michael Jackson’s Thriller! The video just has to be watched continuously throughout October, that song screams Halloween time!

Well this year I wanted to make a Halloween Playlist and see what other great songs are out there that fit into this category. So I made a playlist and it is pretty fun. Filled with songs from movies, classics, kid-friendly songs, spooky songs, etc. Perfect to listen to all October long or even for a Halloween party. We will be listening to this playlist at our Halloween party coming up. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan so of course Thriller is number 1 on my playlist, and you will find more of his songs throughout the playlist that fit perfectly for the Halloween theme, including songs from his movie Michael Jackson Ghost! But also other fun and spooky songs, perfect for getting you into the spirit and ready for Halloween!

You can head over to my Youtube channel to view my Halloween Playlist here.

And/or take a look below.


What are some of your favorite Halloween songs? Did I miss some great ones?

I hope you enjoyed this playlist and it inspires you to dance the night away or even to make one of your own! Have fun and dance away to some spooky songs, “It’s close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the dark!” I hope you have a great Halloween.


Be Happy and Creative!



kisses Jazzy


P.S. check out our Favorite Halloween Time Movies List for some more Halloween fun!


Making Changes


We currently changed our name from R.E.V Lifestyles to Creatively Jazzy! We are working on making some improvements and changes. Hope you like them, we are excited to get back to bringing you great ideas and fun DIY.

Our goal is to still inspire something in you. At Creatively Jazzy, we are dedicated to being creative in a lively fashion, from DIY to traveling and all the fun stuff in-between. Thinking outside the box and loving being different and enjoying every detail.

Hope everyone is having a great October! Sorry for any inconvenience and we are hoping to share some fun Halloween and Fall inspiration with you soon! Stay Tuned.


Thank you,


kisses Jazzy



Make a Change, to Find Yourself

2015 has brought many, many changes for me. Some good, some bad, and some in-between. Being in my middle 20’s I am still trying to figure out who I really am. What difference do I want to make in this world? What do I want to do with my life? And etc. Something most people go through one way or another. Well, now I am starting to make changes for myself, to find who I am, and be able to express myself more. I have to be able to make a change, to find myself. And, I want to be able to inspire you to make a change, to find yourself. Even if it is the smallest thing. One step a time to a happier you is what will work in the end. I am not sitting around anymore watching my life pass me by, it is time to get up and get going!

I think that is one of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging. To inspire myself, while inspiring others. Like so many people, you talk and dream about doing so many things, especially on Pinterest. You pin and make boards and all that on stuff you WANT to make, or WANT to do, but never really ever get up and do it. Like myself, I used to give excuses on why, but not anymore.  Even with a 7 month old, I still find a way and time to make that DIY project or cook that delicious meal. Even though it is a lot of work, in the end I feel great that I accomplished something.

It doesn’t even have to be things like that. Take a step and make a change by changing your hair style, your whole look, your friends, your daily routine, your outlook on life, your attitude, your hobbies, the way you eat, a workout routine, to be happier, etc. Whatever you feel is holding you back or even whatever you just have always wanted to do. For awhile now, I have been wanting to do this drastic haircut where part of it involved my head being shaved. I don’t know what it was but I loved the look. The different ways it could be done. The different people who rocked that look and so on. Something in me knew I wanted it, but the rest of my just kept pushing that away. Telling myself I wouldn’t look good, or that that’s a look only for this kind of people, or whatever. Well, I finally decided to put all that behind me as the want for that haircut got stronger and stronger. I finally decided to go for. I began looking for places to go and when I finally found someone I made the arrangements. When the day came, I was so nervous but nothing was going to stop me from going through with it. I made up my mind and stuck to it. I thought to myself, “what’s the worst that could happen..” right? Hair will eventually grow back and if it really was that terrible I’ll just wear a wig for awhile (chuckle).

Now, that I have the haircut and went through with it…I feel amazing! Just knowing I went through with it and tried something way out of my element, even when some people didn’t believe I would or could even pull it off. And getting positive feedback from it and even loving the look myself just really makes all of it even more worth it. I wanted a change, stopped making excuses, went for it, and loved the results. I am not saying that those results will happen every time, but you have to weigh out the why-nots and what’s the worst that can happen.

I can’t wait to play around with my new look even more and really start expressing who I am. Not what I think others expect me to be or look like. Changes can be good for the soul. It is a way to break out of your shell, and feel like you are ready to take on the world. Like this is JASMINE, I am ME.


Basically, I say you want something then go for it. Keep striving everyday, even through the downs. Find something that can make you smile no matter what. My son Aidan is my key. He has taught me to keep smiling even when everything around me is falling apart. I may be down but as soon as I hold him and look at that face, nothing else matters and I remind myself to keep making myself a better person so that he can keep smiling and look up to me. Make changes to benefit you, and only make a change if you, yourself know that a change is needed or wanted. You will know when the time is right, it’ll keep smacking you in the face someway and/or running through your head.  A few years ago I got a tattoo that says, “Be in love with your life, every detail of it.” There was something that sparked in me, when I first came across that quote. Even if I am not really in love with every detail of my life, just the meaning behind being in love with your own life meant a lot to me. Now, a couple years later that quote makes even more sense now and fits with the whole thing about making a change to find yourself. Love YOUR life!

Just keep in mind, There is a power to knowing who you are and loving yourself. Click To Tweet I hope I have in some way made sense and sparked a little inspiration or thought in you. Even if you totally disagree! That is still knowing who you are and connecting to it.

“Don’t hide your body, and do not hide yourself.”

-Kelsey Miller


Be Happy & Radiant!


kisses Jazzy

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Getting back to loving my body

I had a baby boy about 7 months ago, so I would say that now I have that after baby body.  I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and now I seem to be staying at a weight that I have never been before. I no longer love anything about my body, I can’t stand to see myself in the mirror, and just feel nowhere near sexy anymore. Even for my boyfriend. I know a lot of women, especially after they have a baby have or do feel the same way.

Well, I am sick of feeling this way. I am sick of hiding my body, not being able to fit any of my clothes or try on new clothes. I am sick of not showing affection to my boyfriend because I am self conscious, and I am sick of not loving my body and what I look like. So, I have decided that now is the time. Time for getting back to loving my body. It is time for me to do something about it instead of complaining about it over and over.  I have many excuses, some like not having the time, especially with my little man. My goal for the next few months is to start a workout and healthier eating plan, that I can stick to and work towards getting back to where I want to be. Now, I am not starting anything crazy but reasonable and actually do-worthy workouts and meals. I love sweets like most, I have a huge sweet tooth in fact, but balancing that out with healthier eating and consistently working out will result in a healthier body. It is just all about actually doing it and sticking to it.

my body august 26 2015Now, it took a lot for me to post these pictures, but I decided to do it because it will give me the motivation to not hate what I look like and hopefully inspire someone else. I am all about loving your body, whether you are curvy or skinny. There is a difference though when you aren’t used to your body and/or just want to change something. If you feel inside you aren’t happy, then fix it. If you love how you are then leave it. I am not happy with how I look nowadays, so that’s my fuel to change it then.

my body august 26 2015. frontFor me, no more just hiding it with my clothing.  I want to get back to wearing those cute clothes and feeling cute. I let this last Summer pass me by, by not wearing a swim suit like I used to or all those cute dresses like I used to. I hid my body. Didn’t want anyone, even my boyfriend seeing me. I don’t want to live like that anymore.

my body august 26 2015 side1Starting in September, I am going to start different workouts each week until I figure out what works best for me. I will be sharing along the way my workouts and meal plans and any improvement I have made. As well as, how I am feeling about my body and inspiration. It isn’t only about doing something about it to change it, it is also about figuring out what exactly it is you aren’t happy about. Whether it be the stretch marks, the fat you’ve gained, how others see you, etc.  whatever it may be, acknowledge it and then act on it. Either learn to love it or help yourself.

my body august 26 2015. back I hope I have or will encourage others. To make a change for themselves, or to love their body more.  If you don’t love your body then make a change. For yourself and no one else. Stop making those excuses and do something about it. Find a plan or routine that works for you.  Encourage yourself to stick to it.  Print out a good quote and stick it on your fridge or somewhere you will see it everyday. Hang up a favorite outfit you can’t fit anymore, where you can see it everyday. Inspire yourself in some way.  I hope I get back to loving my body and hope you do as well.


Be happy and healthy!



kisses Jazzy

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Bringing out your inner creativeness

Ever since I was little, I have always been a pretty creative and artsy girl. I love drawing, making stuff, painting, scrap booking, etc. There are times however when I just get a block and not many creative juices are flowing. This seems to happen mainly when I haven’t been drawing lately, or get too caught up with life and don’t take the “me” time to get out my expressions and put my creativeness to work. I believe whatever your niche is, you should set time aside to really be able to enjoy it. I can go too long without giving myself my “me” time and then just get stuck when I need to be creative.

If you are an artsy person and sometimes have a similar problem then I have a few ideas that can help you get through your block and help with bringing out your inner creativeness.

art doodle love

  1.  One of my favorite things that really helps me in expressing myself is the “art doodle love” a journal of self-discovery. I found this personal journal while living in New York.  At this stage I was alone in NY, missing my family and trying to find myself in the big city.  While looking through the book store at the public library I stumbled upon this journal. It caught my eye. I started looking through it and reading the back cover.  It was so intriguing and I thought this was exactly what I need right now. I am so glad I bought it. The author Dawn DeVries did a great job at creating a journal that has a different theme on each page or instructions for you to bring out your inner creativeness and just find more of who you are. This journal allows you to draw, doodle, glue, write, quote, whatever you want. Fun pages like: Soul searching, why can’t i, creative goals, a doodle a day, my life then & now, and so on.  With so many things to do, and dig deep into yourself. This journal helps you and your inner creativeness. Even if you aren’t an amazing artist, this book is amazing at bringing whatever you got out. I started carrying this book with me everywhere and doodling whenever I could. It really started to help me and I began drawing again more and more. Now that I have a little one, I haven’t used this book in awhile, but now I am ready to get back to my creative side and continue using this book. I encourage whoever has similar feelings to give this journal a try. It really is a great, great investment for yourself.

artdoodlelove page page close-up

You can find this book on amazon and at Barnes & Noble, at about $12.

2. Get creative with your little one(s) especially if this is one reason why you feel you have slipped away from drawing (being creative) more frequently. They’ll love the crafts and you get to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Write down any creative thought you get during the day. It may be something little or a big idea. Whatever it is, write it down. It may spark something bigger later on and if you are like me, within 20 minutes or so you start to forget what you thought of. Keep a notepad lying around the house so that you can write your thoughts down easily.

drawing books4. Take at least one day out of the week if not more to just draw or get your creative juices flowing, maybe even for 30 minutes or an hour or so on the weekend. Get your drawing pad and pencil (or other favorite drawing utensil) pick a nice, relaxing spot and just draw.  Once you start doing this more and more your creativeness will start coming back more naturally.

5. Start your own art journal. Get a small blank drawing notebook that you can carry around with you. Whenever you have some down time, just feel like being creative, or find scenery to inspire you.

art supploes

6. Sign up for a class.

You can try all these ideas for whatever niche you have. Whether it be drawing, playing the guitar, music, cooking, fashion, etc. Use these methods to write or express your creative ideas and get them continuously flowing. I encourage you to try at least one of these methods for bringing out your inner creativeness. I hope one helps. What are some of your ways for bringing out your inner creativeness?


Be creative & happy!



kisses Jazzy


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