Disney Luggage Tags

I love Disney, my family loves disney, and we are planning a trip next year to go to Disney World for the first time! So, of course we are all beyond excited. Me on the other hand, I am a little more than excited, I believe my family thinks I am crazy. I have already begun excessive planning, and looking everything up etc. and now I have made some adorable disney luggage tags that are perfect for our trip and I wanted to share them with you! This is a free printable for the tags you can print them out individually or use the pdf below of all of them, including a back part of the tag. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as I do!

Disney Luggage Tag


Disney Luggage Tags:

I created luggage tags, some based on different family members favorite characters. So, they are random but come in sets of at least three from different movies. If you love these but have a favorite character(s) of your own and would like me to make them for you, just slip a comment below asking for the ones you wish and I will get working on them as soon as I can!



I first made a set of Mickey Mouse and friends character disney tags. I loved how they came out, and these are what really started the whole collection.


So, below we will start with MICKEY! I have two tags for each character. The first is a simplified, square version and the second is a more detailed version. Both, still perfect for a Disney Luggage Tag. It is your choice which one you want to use. You can either go through and pick the ones you want by saving or copying them to your computer or a word document and then printing them out. I will explain more on printing them out below. Also, you can see that Mickey has a white circle and the others don’t, this is just to show an example of where to punch a hole in each of them, also explained more below.

Disney Luggage Tag _ Mickey Mouse Disney Luggage Tag _ Mickey Mouse 2


Then we have Minnie Mouse: (there are two sets of her, one in pink and one in red!)

Disney Luggage Tag _ Minnie MouseDisney Luggage Tag _ Minnie Mouse 3


Disney Luggage Tag_Minnie Mouse Disney Luggage Tag_Minnie Mouse 2


Donald Duck:

Disney Luggage Tag_Donald Duck        Disney Luggage Tag_Donald Duck 2

Daisy Duck:

Disney Luggage Tag_Daisy Duck         Disney Luggage Tag_Daisy Duck 2


Disney Luggage Tag_Goofy   Disney Luggage Tag_Goofy 2

I forgot to make a pluto one (aahhh) so if people really want one of him, I will make one!

I then made an Aladdin set, well because my name is Jasmine and many times I believe I am Princess Jasmine (lol) and so of course it was meant to be.


First we have, Princess Jasmine:

Disney Luggage Tag_Jasmine Holford   Disney Luggage Tag_Princess Jasmine 2


Disney Luggage Tag_Aladdin      Disney Luggage Tag_Genie 2


Disney Luggage Tag_Genie      Disney Luggage Tag_Genie 2

There is no Abu, but like I said before if someone really wants more characters all you have to do is ask. Most of the rest of the sets only have three from each movie.

I then made a set from Toy Story!


So, first we have Woody:

Disney Luggage Tag_Woody Disney Luggage Tag_Woody 2


Disney Luggage Tag_Buzz Lightyear Disney Luggage Tag_Buzz

And Jessie:

Disney Luggage Tag_Jessie Disney Luggage Tag_Jessie 2

And finally many peoples favorite Frozen, starting with Elsa:

Disney Luggage Tag_Elsa    Disney Luggage Tag_Elsa 2


Disney Luggage Tag_Anna      Disney Luggage Tag_Anna 2

And Olaf:
Olaf Luggage Tag  Disney Luggage Tag_Olaf

I had a great time making these Disney tags, so I hope you get a chance to use them! My family is so excited for all of us to use ours. If you’d like you can just print all the disney luggage tags by using this pdf Disney Luggage Tags or print them individually on a word document including this backside of the tag if you wish. I recommend printing these on a thicker paper than regular printer paper. However, regular still looks fine, but I used photo paper to print these on and they came out thicker and glossier.

Disney Luggage Tag_back of luggage tags

When you have the tags you like printed out, For extra thickness, I then cut them out and glued them to another piece of photo paper (could also use a thin piece of cardboard, like a cereal box) and then got a laminating package from Target that was full page and self-seal. If you have a laminating machine already, then this will be even easier. If not, it is still very simple. Take a page of the self-seal laminating page, follow the directions and place the laminating right over your printed tags still glued on your second piece of paper or cardboard (not cut). Once you have it all in place and sealed, you can then cut your tags individually out. After that, optional to add the backing of the tag with some glue, once everything is dried, you will need a hole punch and punch a single hole in the top middle of your tag, be careful not to go too close to the top so that your hole becomes open. Finally, with the string/ribbon/etc. of your choice attach it to your tag, I used something like a running knot. OR another option is to buy these clear luggage tag cases and simply print out tags, cut and place inside!

Disney luggage tag_princess

Once again, let me know if you have any character request and I am even willing to add more details as wished to the characters above including names, etc. Hope everyone has a great summer and many travels ahead. Don’t forget to explore and have fun.


Be Happy & Creative!


kisses Jazzy

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The Best Tips for Traveling to NYC



I have always loved New York, ever since I was little. There was always just something about it that sparked in me and excited me, even when I didn’t know much about it. I didn’t actually visit New York until I was 21 and got the opportunity to take a small trip out there. But, once I did, I fell in love! I was so excited with everything and everything new and fast. I believe, this all had a bigger impact on me because at that point in my life I was bored and missing something in my life. Within a year later I was moving to New York on my own! Many people thought I was crazy for just up and leaving, but I am glad I did. It all taught me so much and got me to where I am today. I lived there for a little over a year and then decided to move back to Washington to start my family. With all that being said, New York is an amazing place. Whether it fits for you to live there or not, New York City is definitely a place I encourage everyone to visit, at least once in their lifetime.

Many people say all kinds of things about New York and New York has a huge impact on the world, but just actually being there in the middle of it all has a different and bigger impact on you. The Holidays are among us so, I wanted to give my best tips for traveling to NY, as well as some insight, especially to my favorite places and things to do while there. I hope you enjoy and this post helps make your next trip to New York even more exceptional!




The Best Tips for Traveling to NYC



New York is a lively and exciting place. Everyone knows that, but not everyone may know about some ins and outs of New York or even simple things about New York. Let’s start by what you should pack for a trip to NYC.  I am going to give you some common things that are a must that will make your trip easier.

Packing for a trip to NYC:

  • Cash (To me that is a main thing you should bring with you cash and your normal credit cards. If you aren’t used to carrying cash around with you, you should get some out for your trip, many places are cash only and/or it may come in handy when a machine isn’t working there.)
  • Camera (There is so much to see and do you are going to want to have memories to look back on, obviously but sometimes people forget.)
  • Walking Shoes (New York is known for fashion and you will see many people dressed up and many women working their heels, BUT even if you are used to heels, there is A LOT of walking around in New York City, no matter where you are unless you will be taking a cab everywhere you go and even then there is still some walking but keep in mind that would cost a lot.)
  • A small purse or backpack (In my opinion, this is ideal for exploring around in NY, especially since being a tourist in NY is noticeable and that makes you vulnerable. A small purse you can put around your chest would be best, since it will be closer to you and less easier for it to be stolen. Don’t let that scare you about going, it is just reality. There are so so many people everywhere you go.)
  • A light jacket (for any season you go, even summer, some days are crazy humid and some days it could rain.)


These are all items that are going to help you out and could be a lifesaver in some way. They are all small things, so won’t take up much space in your packing. Now, onto more tips for traveling in NY.


brooklyn bridge and manhattan


Traveling in NYC:

  • New Yorkers main way of traveling is by the subway/trains. No matter where you are in NYC you could find a train station. So, this is alsoideal for you to travel through for your trip to get to destination to destination. It might seem so scary and frustrating to do, but trust me it’s not. I figured it all out myself and got myself to where I needed to be. The first thing you need to know is that you need a Metrocard if you are going to be using the train systems. Metrocards, some places take only cash some places take both and at big train stops there are places to buy one or add more money to your card. You have the option to either put in a set amount of money, a single ride, pay for a week worth, or even a month worth unlimited. One ride is $2.50 so depending on how long your stay is the week unlimited  can be worth it as you are constantly on and off the subways getting everywhere. There are also books you can get to help you around, or you could download an app like this, this or this. Also, train conductors that hang out a window in the middle of a train are there to ask them a quick question like, does this train go to Manhattan and so and so, or even ask fellow New Yorkers around you. Not everyone is so mean and nasty like they say. There are many that will help you without a doubt.

-Keep in mind to be aware and don’t stand too close to the track. They can get pretty full and sometimes you could have a cart to    yourself. The subway can get overwhelming but there are people to help and it can be a cool experience. Some trains, mainly ones that go over a bridge have beautiful views to take in.

  • Now, even though by subway is the main way there are times when taking a cab instead is the better option. Like when you are completely lost, or in a hurry or it’s crazy snowing or raining outside, and so on. Around NYC, there are usually cabs everywhere but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to catch and that they are legit. I recommend only taking a yellow cab and not a black one as the black ones are self or small companies that sometimes rip people off especially tourist. Unless, you called for a cab and they show up then that’s best. Make sure if you call a cab, you ask ahead of time their price to get from point a to b. Taking a cab can be a little pricey depending on where you are going, the traffic, and how often you take it. Here is a good website for some info on taxi cabs and this website or Uber are good options for helping you catch a ride.
  • The buses are another option, may be a little more complicated but it is an inexpensive option and you can use Metrocards for both the buses and subways so you can transfer and use both. You can go here for more information on getting around the City.

Ahead of time, I would recommend planning your trip wisely. This means, have things in mind for each day that you want to do and see but don’t over do it. You’ll be surprised with exactly how long it takes to get to a destination, sometimes wait in line, and enjoy the destination. Your days go by fast and trying to hurry up and get everything done and see everything in one trip is really not practical. I lived there for over a year and still didn’t get around to doing or seeing everything! Do a little research (and I’ll give you some tips) and figure out what your favorite places are to visit. Some places people pay for in advance and my only tip for that would be to not pay for too many things in a day. You don’t want to waist your trip running around frantically trying to do everything and find everything in a short amount of time.


Statue of Liberty


Some of my favorite places to go in NYC:

I have a couple of favorite places in NYC, living here allowed me to experience many awesome parts of NYC that you might not be able to do on just a short visit. By giving you my favorites, I hope will help you plan around your vacation so you can experience or visit some you think you’d love as well. Of course there are many other amazing and cool things to see and do in NYC but I am only sharing some of my favorites that I think are the most worthy and that you all would enjoy.

  • The Center of New York, the first place I fell in love with when I first visited was the Empire State Building.  Everyone knows what this building is and usually is a number one tourist attraction. Even some New Yorkers though that have lived in NY their whole lives have never been up the Empire State Building, they are just used to seeing it every day and never think to check it out. They are sure missing out on an amazing view, and I mean truly amazing. The view up there is breathtaking and you just take in all of the city in a different way. You see it all differently and up there it’s just a different world in a way. I gained a new love for the city by being up there and that moment is what really pushed me over the edge to want to move to NYC.  It is a little pricey however, so keep that in mind and look up prices ahead of time. There usually are people outside and around the Empire State Building that are offering discounts and packages. Be careful in dealing with them and truly pay attention and know ahead of time what normal prices online cost. You can go here for more information on visiting.

Empire State Building

  • Another place of mine, which a lot of tourist may not know about or learn about is Brooklyn Bridge Park. I lived in Brooklyn while I was in NY and stumbled upon this place. I continued going here many, many times and each time I experienced something new.  There are many cool shops and restaurants right by it, including one of the most popular pizza shops. It is a park along the water that has views of Manhattan that are just beautiful and a lot of other fun activities for the whole family to do in this area. I definitely recommend it, you can’t go wrong. Especially during Summer time this is a great area and even the fourth of July they have a firework show right on the Brooklyn bridge and it is fantastic. You can go here for more information on it. This is also where you can get on boat rides that tour around the city. These are also great ideas for a different way of seeing the city and also it gives you an opportunity to get really close to the Statue of Liberty.  You can go here for more information on those boat rides.


  • Spring time at Central Park also became one of my favorites. Spending a day here with your loved ones is a great trip. The views are amazing, there are cherry blossoms everywhere and you feel like you are in a flower wonderland. Central Park is always a great idea and an awesome place to go to when visiting. There is a lot to see, and I mean a lot and many things and shops all around it. So during Spring time makes it even better and prettier. You can go here for more information on Central Park. Make sure you look at a map before heading into the park, it is a lot bigger than many seem to think, there are different sides and locations where you can enter the park and may take awhile to get to the other side of something you really wanted to see. Keep in mind of things like horse carriages that can help get you around. Some of my favorite places are the Turtle Pond, the Belvedere castle, and the Conservatory Garden.

Spring time in central park

  • Besides Spring time, Christmas time (holidays) is a really wonderful and magical time in the city. There are celebrations and holiday attractions and things to do everywhere and of course the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center is a continued special Christmas time tradition and many come to see it. There is a skating rink right by it and other wonderful Christmas activities. The view is really amazing and they do a great job of bringing the whole Christmas feeling together. Like any place in NYC, plan for this area and this time to be super packed and filled with many ,many people.  You can go here for more information on the Rockefeller Center.

christmas in ny


Besides, some of my favorite places to go in NYC, I also recommend really researching places and going on the bus tours that are really popular to tourist. Most New Yorkers hate these buses and think they are stupid. However, when my family visited and my boyfriend who has lived there his whole life and I tagged along they went on one of these your buses and we both really saw and learned a lot about the city that we never knew or would of knew. So it is a great idea and you can kind great prices online and in NYC. There are many different tours some do the upper side and some do the lower side, you can get a ticket that does the top or bottom first and then you switch and do the other side and so you get to see and learn a lot more.

I hope this post has helped you in planning your next trip to NYC, and has inspired you to try some new things you didn’t think of. Hope your holidays and vacations are amazing and all you wished. Happy Holidays!


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy


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Fun at the Evergreen State Fair

The Evergreen State Fair is a fun family activity for people of all ages. An exciting day filled with rides, food, games, and prizes! A great way to celebrate the ending of Summer and the Beginning of Fall. The Evergreen State Fair is located in Monroe, Washington since 1949. The fairground is also used for year-round Northwest horse shows, trade shows, swap meets, auto races and more.  Which all of that can be enjoyed while the fair is in session. This year the fair ran from August 27th-September 7th so a great Labor Day Weekend activity. You can read more about the Evergreen State Fair and how it all started on their website here.

The Fair is filled with many things to do and with an general entrance fee of $12 for adults and $8 for youth, under 5 years old are free. There is also parking that cost $10 and prices for tickets once inside. So come prepared with enough money for entrance, tickets, and food and drinks. The best deal on the tickets is to get the $30 for unlimited rides, if you are planning on spending a good time of the day there.  Below are some of my favorite things to do and eat for Fun at the Evergreen State Fair, along with a couple tips for your nest trip out there!


To start, try going on a decent weather day. Obviously in WA you never know if it is going to rain or not. When we went the sun was out just enough so that we weren’t overly hot or cold, and no rain! So it was perfect. Always bring a light jacket though if you plan on staying most of the day as the fair is open pretty late until 10 p.m. most days and can start getting chilly later on.


There are two entrances the main one which brings you into the main part of the fair and the second one brings you right into the children’s area. The children’s area is a cute area for your little ones, with many things to do just like the main part of the fair. Also, the lines for the rides here are nothing like the lines for the big rides.


In the main area of the fair, the lines for the rides are always long, however, don’t let that stray you away from not waiting in line as most of the lines move by pretty fast. The longest line for a ride is for the Freak Out ride. So, if you like to ride that, try going on it earlier than later as the line never stops growing.

One of my favorite rides there is the Ring of Fire. Lots of excitement, ups and downs, and the ride isn’t too quick. I loved that it didn’t go by in a blink of an eye, but those with an uneasy stomach I do not recommend going on it.

ESF ferriswheel3

The Ferris Wheel is always a fun activity for most in the family, as it doesn’t go fast and you get a view of the whole park from the top. My favorite time to go on this is later at night when you get to enjoy all the lights from the park.


Everything just looks so fun and magical from up there.  This fair isn’t the biggest but it definitely has enough for everyone to do and enjoy all day.


The Fun & Games area is always fun to try out. You get to play games to try to win a prize and this year definitely had some cool prizes to win. My favorite were the huge donuts! So cute, and colorful and fluffy! I recommend asking the owner of the booth though exactly what you have to do to win that size of a prize since, the often like to trick you and you walk away with a tiny prize or having to put out more money to win it.


Through out the park they always have fun vendors and entertainment for guest like a small concert, and cute things to look at like this year’s hay minion.  I wanted to take him home with me for my front porch!

Then there is food, and drinks, and yummy stuff. One of my top favorites has always been the Funnel Cakes. Just so delicious and sweet. Most things of course are a little pricey to bring enough money for it, and most things at the fair are big enough to share. So, that can save some of the costs if you think of it that way. There are also, a couple benches underneath umbrellas every few feet around the park that you can try to grab a seat to sit on and eat, as well as a sit down area in the middle of all the food vendors but it fills up quickly.


Remember tickets are probably going to be one of the most costly things, especially if you have a big family. Most rides you have to either have 5 tickets to get on or an unlimited wrist band. And at a $1 a tickets or 25 for $23, the tickets and the only will go by pretty quick. You can read more about ticket prices here.

ESF rides

In all, the Evergreen state fair is a fun experience for the whole family.  If you have really little ones, and babies the best method is to have enough people with you so that you switch of and takes turns going on rides and watching the little ones. That way everyone gets to enjoy the fun and attend to the little ones.  Strollers were also easy to navigate through the park,even with the big crowds. If you want to avoid the crazy crowds I recommend going during the week if you can and not being there later in the evening.  As long as you come well prepared with the right essentials you are sure to have a great time.

I hope this post inspired you to go to the Evergreen State Fair, this year you still have two more days to go and enjoy it.

Have fun and be safe!


kisses Jazzy

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Best Places to Explore in Fremont prt. 2

In prt. 1 of the Best Places to Explore in Fremont we talked about the Fremont Troll and the wonders found on N 34th St., well prt. 2 is about going the other way down N 34th St. to Fremont Ave. N. All in this area you will find many fun and interesting things to do and look at. To start, as you turn right down Fremont Ave. there are many places to eat including a gluten-free vegan spot called Flying Apron, that specializes in savory sweets. You can read more about them at Flying Apron.  Then, if you are into oldies you can make your way to Jive Time Records for a little trip down memory lane. You can buy, sell, and trade vinyl records, you can check out more about them at Jive Time Records.

However, for me the best stuff starts once you go towards Fremont Pi N. which then turns into N 36th St. this is where Fremont really starts to get exciting.  There are a bunch of art installations all around including the Lenin Statue considered America’s largest statue standing 16 ft. tall, you can read more about the statue at Roadside America. As you head more down N 36th St. you will begin to see many restaurants and places to grab a drink. My favorite spot however, is the Fremont Coffee Company.

The Fremont Coffee Company is basically a cafe offering many organic brews and some tasty treats inside a house. With a porch and downstairs seating, you can always find a comfy spot to rest and enjoy your time there either relaxing, catching up with friends or getting some work done. It is the cutest little place and since it is in a house, you can’t help but to feel so comfortable and welcomed since on top of all of this the staff is lovely and laid-back.

Fremont Coffee Logo

I found this gem by luck. My boyfriend and I were exploring Fremont and he decided that he wanted a cup of coffee and we saw a sign for Fremont Coffee, just thinking that it was a typical coffee shop. We were really impressed with everything on our visit. As we walked in, we were welcomed with smiles and the area was so homey and no ordinary coffee shop. Everyone there was laid-back and once you got what you needed you were free to explore the house and relax wherever.

I wasn’t in the mood for coffee so I ordered a strawberry Italian Soda, and my boyfriend got an iced coffee. After we got our drinks we headed outside towards the porch, and found a cute little table with two chairs to sit at. I downed my drink, while he took his time, and we spent quite some time there just relaxing and taking in the view. I was amazed with how freaking cute this place was. There were what seemed to be regulars both in a Cabana area downstairs and a larger seating area not far from us. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Fremont Coffee Collage

I was excited that we stumbled upon this coffee shop and whenever I am around this area I will definitely come back.  From the rose vine wall, the comfy chairs, nice drink in hand, family with me and laid-back vibe what is there not to love?! That’s why I recommend Fremont Coffee and consider it one of the best places in Fremont to explore to, especially if you haven’t been to a coffee shop quite like this. Even in the inside throughout you get an even more home feel and can find cool little hidden gems such as the cool coca-cola door handle I found.

Fremont Coffee, Coca cola door handle

In all, I can’t wait to go back an explore with them. Find my favorite spot to sit and relax, try more drinks, eat some food, take new pictures, meet new friends, etc. If you are ever in the area stop by and relax a little and feel free to share your time and stories with us. You can read more about the Fremont Coffee Company Here.

What are some of your favorite coffee shops, and/or places in this area?

Fremont Coffee Company Sign

Have fun and enjoy yourself with some great coffee from the center of the universe!


Be Happy & Creative!



kisses Jazzy

P.S. Stay tuned for more ideas on where to explore throughout Seattle and it’s neighboring cities. If you want a specific place for us to explore just let us know!